Obama administration officials have begun considering tougher responses to the Russian-backed Syrian government assault...

>Obama administration officials have begun considering tougher responses to the Russian-backed Syrian government assault on Aleppo, including military options, as rising tensions with Moscow diminish hopes for diplomatic solutions from the Middle East to Ukraine and cyberspace, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

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Obama is a faggot he will never wage war. He knows Putin has enough firepower to level every US city. He will impose more sanctions.

Its time, start operation backstab NATO

It's not this. Obama is just scared because he has always said that he won't put boots on the ground, and that this strategy wouldn't work.

Clinton has backed the president up by telling people that Obama is correct and there's no need to put boots on the ground.

If Obama put boots on the ground, then it'd hurt Hillary's chances of winning.


There will never be war Putin will fire ICBMs if he attacked Russia. 50m dead in a few hours and vice versa.


This is a good video on what's going on in Syria.

How many of those are deployed in Syria anyway?

>Trump gets elected
>Obama still president in lame duck period
>Just goes fuck it and bombs the shit out of Assad

>government of Syria try to return Syrian city
>Americunts are disagree
>illegally bomb Syria without permission of the UN Security council and Syrian government
>nobody understand what really Americunts do in Syria
>don't allow government of other country to fight terrorists on its soil
>threaten to bomb military of another country in Syria despite this country allowed to be on Syrian territory by Syrian government
>Americunt still recognize current Syrian government as legal

WHAT. THE. FUCK. It's fucking flagrantly. Any civilized country should hate the US.

there are two aa battalions comprised of s-400, s-300fm, s-200ve, pantsir-s1, krasuha and based buk. additionally, brigade worth of anti-air equipment can be airlifted and deployed in latakia or damascus within hours

Can they stop incoming artillery fire? because they are deployed in Turkish artillery range.

pantsir can. but drawing a nato member into the operation would escalate whole thing to a quite different level

Some of us are trying to fix it, but the jews have been here way too long.

I don't think Turkey will miss the chance to strike at Russian forces in Syria, if US gets involved.

Hold on a second,

What's Aleppo?

Hey faggots. Remember that Russia has a modern military. They aren't sand niggers with AK47s. Military conflict will not go over well for either country. Keep this in mind if your retarded asses are still considering voting for crooked Hillary. Her (((handlers))) are desperately pushing for a US-Russia conflict.

They laughed at me at first. Who is laughing now?

Its a city in Kurdistan.

Irrelevant shithole. It has no importance in the life of the average westerner in any way shape or form.


Where we are going, its so bright - you don't need eyes!

what most people dont realize is syria is the most important geopolitical prize in the world right now, oil and gas pipeline through syria from the middle east up no europe via turkey would mean the end of russia as we know it. this is the big one

Current event coinciding so well with numerous prophesies really got me excited for Ragnarök

>The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
>Isaiah 17:1

There are so many prophets saying so many vague things, that sort of "consensus" between a few of them is not statistically unlikely to occur.
Still though, troubled times.

>Vanga said the last president of the USA will be a black man

yessss goyim, fight for us

By Zeus I pray that Trump wins so there can be detente with Russia.

She also said we'd be in WWIII dy now

Well, she was old, forgive her some mistakes.
Declaimer: I don't believe any prophets or prophecies, even though what Vanga personally told me literally happened.

i like this image

good post

What did she tell you?

If ww3 does start over Syria next year it will go down in history as starting now or even a few years ago.

That I will live surrounded by a crowd of people and still feel alone, because I look down on them and prefer to stare inside myself or some such.
Also that the horrible swelling above my eye would pass if I wash with holy water, which I did and it did go away, though I imagine prescription drugs did most of the work there.
And also that of all the people in the village I sweat the most, which I can't confirm or deny, but I was hella sweaty when we met and she held my hand. She said it means good health, which again I can't confirm.

She said it'd start in 2010 and end before 2015

>Hillary looking like she losing the election
>start a fucking war with russia anyway.
Can we fucking call for civil war before this shit hits the fan?

probably with iraq, the us only destabilized syria because they failed in iraq and syria is the only option left

lmao, jesus.

The first one is generic as fuck
The second one is negligible if you were using prescription drugs as well
The third one, like you said, isn't provable, she was probably just mentioning it because you were fucking sweaty.

Honestly. I do hate the united states. I also hate my own country for being lapdogs for the united states.

I hate how my prime minister thinks we deserve any seat on the security council even though we don't even live up to our NATO commitment of military spending and that our navy is crippled by a lack of ships and helicopters and our airforce is filled with aging aircraft with no set replacement.

All he wants to do is be another yes man for america to give america more leeway.

the US is a joke. but what can i do about it.

I know, I am not a believer in such things. I used to be, because of that meeting I had with her, and did read up a lot on prophets, which cured me of my delusion.
Though I wasn't on drugs then, since we hadn't the money. I think while my grandpa was taking me to Vanga and to bathe in the mineral warm baths there, my dad was traveling to sell stolen scrap metal and buy drugs for me. At that point in time Bulgaria was a failed state for several months as the bubble formed by loans after leaving communism exploded in all its glory.

Basically Vanga is for me like free will, I know it aint there, but I sometimes catch myself thinking and acting as if it were.

Thanks for reminding me to filter your shitty flag.


What's that?

>Trump wins in November
>Obama starts WW3
>Trump has to clean up the fucking mess

I support this if you remove kraut and kebab once and for all.

>complaining that the US intercedes into other peoples business
let me assure you: you guys are worse.

>that asuka cosplay

That's what it's looking like to me. It's almost like he's trying to create the biggest mess he can before he leaves office.

I'm not exactly huge on the whole prophecy thing either, but the president thing could still technically be true, even if Trump or Hillary get elected. Could be that who ever wins goes on to create more of an empire or the nation fully crumbles and they just aren't remembered as actually being a president.

>1 post by this Putin

>Not providing a link/source

Those are interesting. I wish I just lived in normal times. I can't take too much more of these happenings. I just want to grow my flowers in my garden, watch some tv and relax. Looks like the future is telling me things are going to get really interesting.

>Obama starts WW3
>wins another Nobel peace prize
Really overclocks my CPU.

most of these predictions are obvious.

islam taking control of europe and losing control of it soon after has already happened before.

i definitely want to see a climate change weapon used.


a conflict between the US and russia would look like a conflict between the US and saddam's iraq, especially in the middle east.

there is no getting around the fact that the US will rape it's opponents in any form of formal war.

>most of these predictions are obvious.

Most were made 30 years ago. She died 20 years ago.
Like I said, I don't believe it, but I can respect the guesswork.

Its just that Russian antiair technology is top notch. Nothing else in world can compare to that. Its even admitted by western military analyst. Also Russia is ahead of everyone else on antinaval missiles. Its huge risk to move any navies close to Russian shorelines.

Link faggot

>i definitely want to see a climate change weapon used.
Its all ready being used. California being the most obvious example

/sg/ alone could take down the entire US army at this point

Keep in mind, my burger friend, that she was illiterate and had no notion of politics. And most of the shit she predicted was decades before anyone would actually see the signs it might happen.

We'll see if king nigger will have the balls to do it.

ok then but compare this

I'd love to see the F35 finally getting obliterated by the S300 and the S400 and the Americans realizing that they don't have military control over the world, but instead that their control was economic and diplomatic.

No it won't. I was deployed in the Baltics and its an open secret that Russia would fuck up everything we have there within days if not even hours. You're lucky that Russia only sent military to Crimea and only sent advisers and support to the East. Your country would surrender within hours.

with this

russia sucks at conducting offensive military operations.

>50m dead in a few hours

I don't think you understand how US SIOP works.

Every military strategist, including Russians, agrees that there would no longer exist a single living Russian anywhere on Earth outside of the most reinforced doomsday bunker if Russia uses a nuclear weapon on a US city. The damage to the US could be anywhere from 50m to total death, there will exist not a single living Russian anywhere on this planet afterward.

see this



hurry up and nuke the fuckers....

>a conflict between the US and russia would look like a conflict between the US and saddam's iraq, especially in the middle east.
>there is no getting around the fact that the US will rape it's opponents in any form of formal war.
This isn't true though, the US relies heavily on its air power and Russia has by far the best missile systems in the world.

Not to mention the fact that a huge part of the US goes towards maintaining a fleet of outdated carriers that will be as relevant in ww3 as battleships during ww2. Guided missiles are to carriers what torpedo and diver bombers where to battleships during ww2.

But if your number one concern is about bullying third world nations then carriers are fucking great.

some greasy middle eastern cunt who gets glassed at the club for grabbin ya sheilas arse

You're an idiot if you think that the Ruskies didn't get any better and you are lucky your country is intact. Especially since they took Crimea without firing a shot.

>jim beam can

Never saw that before. Is it beer or whiskey?

And what is a leppo?

Russia succeceed in their operation in 5 days with whole Georgian army routing in all fronts. If they wanted they could have taken capital in 1-2 days. Were you even adult when that happened? It was fucking rout georgian military stealing civilian cars to escape Russians. When Russians managed to get enough troops that single tunnel. Only part of Georgian military that managed to escape unscathed was self-propelled artillery. Which our fucking military still does not understands and focuses towed artillery.

>spend twice as long fighting sandgoogles than it took to win the biggest war in history
>still not successful

The Ukraine will be one big battleground in WW3 and you have yourselves to blame

>Every military strategist, including Russians, agrees that there would no longer exist a single living Russian anywhere on Earth outside of the most reinforced doomsday bunker if Russia uses a nuclear weapon on a US city. The damage to the US could be anywhere from 50m to total death, there will exist not a single living Russian anywhere on this planet afterward.
Nukes are strong but not that strong.

Why would the US or Russia waste ICBM's on deleting small suburbs and communities out in the middle of nowhere?

>a conflict between the US and russia would look like a conflict between the US and saddam's iraq

You're retarded.

Why would all russians die but not all americans in your scenario? When Russia has less people per square kilometer and has larger nuclear arsenal?

>What are silos.

You're asking the wrong person, i am thinking the same as you.

us and russia fighting over
some desert shithole?

Nice source, faggot.

Are you implying that every one in the US and Russia lives within 5km of a silo?

>If they wanted they could have taken capital in 1-2 days.

interesting do you not see the arrow headed towards the capital? they wanted to take the capital, but the US activating its bases in turkey and sending the uss ronald reagon with an escort fleet into the black sea.

it was obvious that putin wanted to make georgia a puppet, but alas he was not quick enough(maybe by installing a dictator, we will never know).

>Guided missiles are to carriers what torpedo and diver bombers where to battleships during ww2

Yea, if US Battleships in WW2 had CIWS

most likely.
Would you like to buy one?


>Oregon completely safe

pre-mixed jim beam and coke

why is the demarcation line the same as was before the last conflict?

and back then, medvedev was running the show

You know you can't send aircraft carriers through the Bosphorus right? That's why we only sent destroyers through there.

russia fears US carriers also, given that it gave up in georgia.

also given that the future of anti missile tech are lasers, the carriers will become all the more useful(as apposed to missiles) because they would be able to drop bombs that would have shielding and what not.

my bad.

>Yea, if US Battleships in WW2 had CIWS
Do you think that it makes them impervious? Its like thinking that battleships are safe from air attacks because they had guns or that the b17 was safe from attack planes because it has lots of guns.

>most likely.
>Would you like to buy one?

You understand that CIWS are last desperate attempt to stop incoming missiles with quite low succeed %.

your hate blind your brain

>You know you can't send aircraft carriers through the Bosphorus right?

why not?

Gold, Oil, Dollars

Most people are like you and only want to live in peace. But the rich and powerful have other plans and the wars will continue. To the point of total destruction.

You know that that arrow represent reconaince units that pushed forwar to set perimeter? Even those small reconaince units routed numerous Georgian roadblocks. There wasnt in any point big push after they took Gori and Georgian army was routed. You are confirmed to not been adult when this happened.

>russia fears US carriers also, given that it gave up in georgia.
Ofc they do, it got a ton of firepower and you can't kill one without starting ww3 for sure.

Pretty sure there are little villages in Siberia that would take weeks to notice.

Why do they rape Florida, but leave California relatively untouched?

Is it because NASA, or do they just have silos there?

Because in peacetime it would trigger a huge diplomatic crisis (Russia would never allow it) and in wartime it would be absolute suicide.

There are some very important gas pipes in Syria that USA and Russia want to control.

Syria is unfortunate enough to get in middle of very difficult power struggle between US, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey.

I do believe it would straight up trigger war.

Just like if russia started positioning nuclear subs in the east and west coast would.

There is diplomatic agreement what kind military ships can pass Bosphorus straits.


>USS Ronald Reagan
I was on that ship for three years.

ok you mean its diplomatically/tactically impossible- that makes sense

comparing carriers to battleships is like comparing apples to oranges

carriers can launch aircraft that are capable of SEAD, and just because there are measures put into place to counter something, i.e. missiles for destroying seafaring ships doesn't make the ships obsolete.

You niggers dont know your shit
All it takes is a couple of nukes on the stratosphere to make the whole world go dark and society to crumble
Only people unaffected would be some African villagers living in huts
>ok we coming through
>pls dont nuke us ok

t'is a good ship.

Oy vey Russia, stop interfering with the great ISIS villain we created.

tfw all f35s get BTFO but the savior of the USAF becomes the remain half dozen or so operational F22s

>Ukrainian Education

Because Western powers do so well in prolonged Asian landwars.

My reference to SEAD was in regards to someone else saying something along the lines of planes being useless due to AAA

Yes but it makes it extreamly risky to use against nations like Russia. Who can use swarm missile tactics against them. Ecspesially when they have so good anti-ship missile technology. It would more likely to end in that Carriers are not used in way they could be effective because it means too big risk. So even if carrier is not actually destroyed its already countered by much much cheaper missiles.

>Bismarck, North Dakota
>not even important enough to nuke in a "use every missile and bomb you have" scenario

I fucken lolled

>He think the USA will do shit to Russia

K.. Keep me M.A.D

>Smells like Ace Combat

Russians are actually proud of defending shit skins???

If shit does go down Ausbros you better make it know to Cuckbull that he wont be sending any Ausfags to shitpost in that hellhole. I live right next to the largest military base in Aus and i don't wanna get tactical nuked

Because most people (even Russians) agree that the Russian subs would be sunk before they fired, Russian planes wouldn't make it to US mainland, and only the last couple generations of Russian ICBMs will be able to hit the US.

in b4 "nuh uh that's wrong"

Go do some research.

The majority of the west, minus California, are lest mostly alone. This is a good sign for me.

>not understanding what formal war is
>not understanding what an occupation is

hehehe I would not expect less from an aussie.

You could literally have guys on shore firing old rpg-7 at the ship and it would be impossible to hit. Ofc it wouldn't do any serious damage to a carrier but if they turned on the CIWS it would get saturated and deplete all its ammo fairly quickly and then it would be vulnerable to attack from small boats etc.

It would be pretty funny to watch desu.

They are outdated and only relevant if you want to bully third world nations.

>battleships can launch aircraft that are capable of scouting, and just because there are measures put into place to counter something, i.e. torpedo bomber for destroying seafaring ships doesn't make the ships obsolete.
t. some idiot admiral that where ready to fight another ww1 in ww2.

The us is screwed here, they should have bit the bullet for their globalist masters on Syria years ago, now the pesky Russians have all their hardware deployed it will be impossible to defeat Assad militarily. The US backed insurgents are complete fuckwits too which didn't really help with the bankers ambitions.

I am pretty sure Dead Hand has some ICBMs pointed at Yellowstone
>inb4 Dead Hand is a Soviet meme

Do you feel lucky punk?

Enlighten us burgers on how to project power globally without a navy, sven.

There would be no winners lol Two nuclear powers going to full scale war with modern ships,jets,and bombs. Cred Forums's wet dream

How the fuck did you know. I was even tempted to say YF22 holy shit

>and only the last couple generations of Russian ICBMs will be able to hit the US.
How fortune then that you only need one to shut down all civilian electricity in the US and a couple more to turn every major city on the east coast into a smoking pile of rubble.

>They're outdated because i said so

>incomprehensible gibberish

>Meanwhile half of Russia has been a smoking pile of rubble for the past 50 years

It's the overturned Saudi veto. They will attempt to create an open military conflict with Russia right before the vote to justify Hillary's Saudi support and smear Trump's intentions to stabilize relations with Russia.

Have you not heard of the YU-71?

We have nothing to compete with it.

Has Obama given up on HRC? The "accidental" strike, the reports of tougher responses. It seems they're going to going after Russia and Syrian forces and let Trump clean their mess.

Thats their advantage

Read the entire comment
>But if your number one concern is about bullying third world nations then carriers are fucking great.

>implying modern warfare is comparable to any asian landwars involving the west.

>inb4 muh vietnam

There wouldn't be any trouble though, Americans are likely to remain calm and resolute if an attack took out their power grid.

>They're relevant because MURRRRRICA

Honestly more worried about those stealth diesel submarines that the Chinese are making fleets of, and yes diesel stealth submarine does sound like an oxymoron doesnt it?

I love Murrica
But I also want happening
[spoiler]Oh Kek hear my prayers, let it happen, [/spoiler]

topkek, classic straya

The people I know would cry like babies and think that Uncle Sam has a plan other than the elite hiding in a bunker until it's all over.

Kek does no grant wishes to people who cant into /spoiler I see

russian are like cat

they are simple creatures. generally let them be and be nice to them and they love

but keep stopping them for retarded reasons and they scratch and bite even if they know yuou hit back

Oh look, a defense contrarian. Do you masturbate to a signed picture of Pierre Sprey?

>the future of anti missile tech are lasers
lrn2optics. Lasers won't be replacing any long-range system, they'll be a CIWS replacement at best.

CIWS is a pile of shit. Multiple layers of AMRAAM-toting fighters, SM-2/6, ESSM, RAM, and then CIWS as the final backup is what a CSG is toting for cruise missile defense.

again formally the US will win, whether that victory is pyrrhic or not will be up to the historians to decide.

Meh, you can talk all you want.

Can you even imagine the logistics it takes to cover a city of some millions basic needs?
People will be killing eachother over an Uncle Bens Beans can in a matter of days

Not sure if i can warrant even calling that a strawman, but alight.

I like the comparison between Russia and an animal, but for another reason.
Russia's defensive reaction, like that of many beasts, is to attack. When threatened, it will seek to defend itself with a display of power, and a quick strike.

Kinda shitty system these days though, when public opinion is so relevant to politics.

Two words: Dead Hand.

> public opinion is so relevant to politics.

Dude, public opinion is made py politicians and doesnt matter

>Obama saber rattling just to promote the idea that Russia is our enemy to help Clinton

mmm, food

Now all Russia needs is a Metal Gear to tote that YU-17 around though

You never implemented it and it wasn't a true "Dead Hand" system as the normie public thinks of them anyway

>they'll be a CIWS replacement at best.
I was thinking of naval warfare in that comment so that is what I meant.

Not really, plenty of counter-culture out there, especially in the USA. Independent media is at an all time high as well.

They've always disliked each other. The most internationally spiteful thing he did against her and her interests was securing the iran deal. The fact that his admin backed away from brinkmanship in late 2013 was payback for the mess she helped make in Libya, while the iran thing that followed shortly after was tying up loose ends as far as his message of 'fuck you' to her.

Is this still relevant?

But how would we stop those Metal Gears once they're built? Snake died on that tanker two years ago.

Pretty much this, vast majority of us citizens aren't prepared for infrastructure failure or even war.

You got rations, fuel, weaponry and such in case of emergency?
>No, of course not user, you are a fucking crazy piece of shit, that will never happen, now shut the fuck up while I check my facebook feed.
Fucking retards...

>Independent media

It's independent as long as it's irrelevent
No like seriously everything is either controlled or streamrolled into irrelevancy

I'm glad he didn't completely cave to her and the rest of the State Dept & CIA punks on the matter of Syria

If the globalists really are going to lose, they will want to destroy the two main nationalist powers. They've been setting up the false conflict since WWII just to make sure they never ally

Well in that case they're hardly "the future of anti missile tech".

Russia has no independent media, and everyone is eating government propaganda, so I find it hard to explain.
In Bulgaria for example every single view is represented in some media, and has cheerleaders spreading it. This leads to great divide, but its impossible for public opinion to be shaped or molded, since people never agree on anything ever.

They're atleast supporting christian shitskins.

Our fucked up government is openly equipping ISIS... (wahabi mooslem shitskins)

No reason to, easier to accept the fact that war means mutual destruction and live your life normally. Same way people live life not afraid of death, because being afraid of an inevitability is never in anyone's best self interest.

>ho 229 v3.7691
>freefall bombs only

That's wrong, but please continue to talk about my country.

>you aren't russian, thus you can't possibly be right about anything relating to Russia
>I won't make any arguments myself though, because I am russian, thus automatically correct

I disagree.

I guess thats because there's no need control your media because of your irrelevancy, as I said. Your opinions do not matter hence no need to control them.
It was made that way so you wont know where's truth as youself pointed out. Just check who are the owners or donators of any respected media to get a batter idea who is sponsorring them.

So many people think war is so fucking cool. (Granted the science behind it all is fascinating) I for /one/ don't want to have hundreds of people dying and nuclear bombs flying over my head while I'm trying to build a good life with a wife and my daughter. The fact that so many people are so adamant to go into total crisis and kill unscaled amount of people because it's "sick d00d" is unnerving and terrifying. No country really wins, but we all suffer a great loss.

Another insult based on nationality rather than argument.
I already stated independent media is very strong in the USA. Is the USA irrelevant?
There are huge divides there as well, based on different media groups covering the same situations differently.
The state tries, and fails, to control media to push its agenda. Only in Russia it is somewhat successful.

now that complaint is purely semantic,and arguing semantics on/pol/ would be fruitless.


Basically. You don't know shit about Russia and parrot what your media tells you about us.

oh shit I'm at the place the first nuke will hit here.
Damn better get going into the mountains then, and shitpost from there.
>Damnit just a few years ago I could have bought a big mountain bunker, self sustained with everything own hydro and shit.

Today you can't fucking get a real proper "flat" for that price if you want live near the cities where there still are jobs.

Not only did you not make an actual argument, but you also admitted to him that he was correct in regards to the government's control of media in your country.

Are Russians this retarded? Maybe i'm right to listen to the anti-Russia propagandists

Dismissing an argument because the person who proposed it isn't russian is a very russian thing to do, and the backbone of why I am indeed correct.

Please reconsider.


It's not insult - its basic understanding of how capital works. If it's important someone owns it, if it's not important no one would want to own this.

>independent media is very strong in the USA

How strong is anti-LGBT in USA, does major media cover anti-white propoganda or the problem of muslims not assimilating? I mean common major media and INDEPENDANT media are same everwhere - they tell what there buyers say.
Or are doomed into obscurity

So, tell us about your well appreciated, low-restriction independent media outlets

Honestly there's so many paid Russian shills here on Cred Forums and infinitychan that it's nearly impossible to talk about Russia without bias.

I like Russians but I won't pretend Russia is innocent, Russia is far from having an innocent history. They will definitely bully the Baltics if they think they can get away with it and subjugate every single Eastern European all over again. And Russia has been running commie subversion on the West for decades now. Like I said, not entirely innocent themselves.

Not only that but Moscow is full of Muslims now, they're pretty much heading in the same direction as Western Europe. Putin doesn't give a fuck about ethnic Russians, his daughter is married to a chink.

I should also add that even though I'm voting for Trump, there is undoubtedly something between his campaign and Russia. I accept that and hope for the best because I believe it's better than Hillary and Saudi Arabia. But just don't delude yourself into thinking there aren't ulterior motives on BOTH sides.

Anyways, the whole system is fucked. Either way it is rigged for foreign influence by outside forces. The West is no longer in control of the West anymore.

You could point where you think I was wrong - instead you made 3 sentences with a "No U" argument

>begun considering tougher responses
>its happening

>implying this thing could get anywhere close to a carrier fleet.

No it's not my dude. Independent media is a joke in America. Normies aren't memes. If you discuss a topic from an angle outside the mainstream level of coverage, you will get marginalized. Muh tinfoil, muh conspiracy theory, muh that's crazy talk.

We have state media in the US, only, it's not called that. But we basically have six masters for the hundreds of tv channels. There's a reason why embedded journalists were a thing in gulf war 2, and it wasn't for safety.

>Anyone who doesn't agree with me is shill

Nothing will happen. The Syrian civil war will be Trump's problem for the next 8 years.

Obama is considering more troops in Iraq to take Mosul this month. Of course "non-combat" troops.

he’s trying to get to you that controlled media = bad
I agree that controlled media can have benefits. It’s certainly easier to push things through. Democratic ways usually just stall everything.

If your definition of strong independent media is to have the non-independent media support it, you have a problem.
No, major mainstream media talks about Y and X, but all the independent niche media does, and there is so much of it, and its so popular, that this is enough.

People aren't driving around cars talking into a microphone and shooting radio waves to another dozen guys who listen, there are tens of independent media sources that reach millions of people daily, and these people share on social media and to their friends. This is a new development, and you aren't taking it into account.
Not everything that the CNN skipped is invisible and unknown anymore.

'm' is metric for 'meters'
'M' is metric for 'mega' (million)

Don't assume malice where incompetence is a perfectly adequate explanation.
These people aren't shills or spies, they are just uninformed or biased. Talk to them, explain yourself, some will listen to reason.

It's probably because many don't have anything or much to live for and would be better off in some state of anarchy where everyone is pretty much equal.

Once Putin is gone out of office, Russia will go full cuck like the West

Well, my point is there's no "uncontrolled" important media. Since if it's important - someone owns it - and its parroting their view. Every media is free while its small and unimportant, once it becomes important and can target large audiences - it will get controlled.
Thats the basic stuff. Nowdays there's that more important stuff of not controlling content but creating context. Funny how MGS2 saw that 10 years ago.

we’re not a in physics class though

"You could point where you think I was wrong"
Wrong? You didn't say anything "wrong", what you did was give a terrible attempt at a deflection while at the same time admitting that you were wrong, which counter intuitively made your deflection needless. It's like you're talking in circles and the only thing you can coherently do is post image macros

>from Bulgaria
>says Russia has no independent media

Fucking leaves

i dont think thats going to happen, its war one way or another

>creating context

can you elaborate?

My point is here

Well the large ones - the important are controlled - but thats how everyone does it nowdays.

We have tons of small and independent radios and tv stations. What's your point?

I hate to say this, but you are all dumb as stones.

If you're from Egypt how can you think the sky here in America is blue, or that America is even on Earth where you were taught it was? Or that America is even real? How do you know Americans are human if you're not from America?

With Russia taking the US' role, naturally.

Your wife is cucking u and I'll have your daughter as soon as she's 18 cuz ur a fag

There no such thing called independent media, everyone is paid to lick his master's balls and attack his enemies. Look at the mainstream media in the US and how they ALL helping hillaty and covering her crimes while attacking Trump all the time.

Twiiter, facebook, etc - the digital info sphere
Bots trending news that are important and downvote that are not. Bots creating big news out of irrelevent stuff so people would lose the big picture. It's all around us. The digital age brought so much infromation its easy to loose people in there and show only that whats irrelevant.

>more insults based on flags

Not an argument.

My theory is that the Jews are getting ready to abandon the US. I think the US will be used as a banana republic of sorts. And perhaps they will stay in Europe. But I believe they are moving their operations to Russia and China and possibly even Africa where they can start over again.

You see the Jews work in a cycle - civilization gets built, they come to it, infiltrate it, work to steer it, bring about a booming economy with banking, then their ponzi scheme of debt catches up to them, their self destructive social justice movements corrupt society, and then by the time the population realizes what's happening, the civilization destroys itself while the Jews jump ship like a bunch of rats.

I don't know how long it will be. But I think it will happen before the end of the century that they start anew somewhere else.

okay, that makes more sense.
That i can agree with

However, i'm pretty sure the thing people are talking about in regards to news/reporting and television (media) is the government's seizure of private assets and remaking them in the government's desired image.

We all know this is what's happeing, Russians know that it's happening, Russians here on Cred Forums don't even come close to representing anything close to the majority of Russian people, same goes for the rest of us and our respective nationalities.

>"Who else could wade through the sea of garbage you people produce?"

yeah, sure sweetheart, whatever you say.

Exactly. To this day I cannot belive those dudes got everything so right. It's trully frightening.

my point is there is no independent media, putin is as much democratic as hillary, obama or bush is. He just happens to be smarter and bolder and most of all he is not a degenerate cuck like they are.

What is it like being occupied?

Based Hideo and Kojima

I like how you want the flems but not the walloons. Even the french don't want them

It's easy when you don't have to hide the megalomaniac that you are

My point is that the internet exists. You should know, you clearly have it. Plenty of anti-government media gets tons of views and track.

luckily I am nowhere near being occupied, and I doubt I would ever be, unless russia launches an offensive from belarus.

Very well

Muh Afghanistan
Muh Chechnya 1.0
Muh Abkhazia 1993
Muh Iraq 2005-16
Muh Yemen
Muh Phillipines 2001-2016 (why do we ignore this?)
Muh Somalia (Africa I know but the same occupation will)
Muh Thailand anti terror
Muh East Timor

Fucking prolonged Asian wars are an impossible win, and in the event that we do successfully invade and conquer Russia what then? Northern/Central Asia would be a gargantuan power vacuum, that we would literally have to devote hundreds of years to keeping stable/finding/creating a new equilibrium.

In addition, historically an unstable/open north Asia is the invitation for the end of civilization. Muscovy knew that which is why it bothered to subjugate the Sibir khanate, and then proceeded to go all the way to the pacific, because a tribe of fucking southern Evenki ended up destroying the last EthnicChinese Dynasty AT THE SAME TIME.

You call Russians Mongols, evil disrupters, Tatars, but honestly, if Russia was eliminated by us, do you honestly think Centeral Asia would stay stable? The Caucasus? Tatarstan even? Do you think Wahabism wouldn't be the strongest ideology to fill the gap? Assuming America doesn't want to construct a new Disneyland Russia that would cost trillions of dollars and be killing an entire generation of men fighting a gorilla warfare with Uralians and Siberians? What the fuck would even be the point of doing that for us, that would only lead to death and probably the general collapse of at least our country as well.

I have no idea why you think it's such a terrific idea to ignore the geopolitical realities that Ukraine borders Russia and will thus, have to trade with and deal with Russia. If we cut off trade with Mexico, or Leafistan, we'd honestly lose more of our economy than if we cut trade with China or Europe. That's just geographic reality. And yet you view us as some sort of substitute for your economy and defense, or some sort of alternative. It's just not possible.

>Phillipines 2001-2016


It's same shit every 100-200 years. They always come back when they have no money in the end.

caмoyбий ce, oлигoфpeн


I refuse to kill Christians and any other whites to advance Jewish interests.

t. Militarybro

>caмoyбий ce, oлигoфpeн

>tons of views, plenty of track

Deluded fucking normie.

Leaf, uh... I really love Watson, I'm a big fan.
He does not have the knowledge of ISIS and all these people like pic related, that I do. I basically know many of these fuckers by now.

Well this was swallowing propaganda raw from several side.

But a lot of what was stated here is very true, I am not denying that, just you have to be able to filter out the propaganda.

The obvious one important to us right now;
>Where are these tapes, proofs!
If it's true fuck me... We'll figure if they are false if we only get our hands on them, there are audioengineers here even I'm not that kinda engineer but I can use shit too, it's just a 1d range of numbers, sample at a rate and uhm "altitutede"(I dunno if this is what you say in enginering anglo) depending on com device, bitrate if you will in user speak

so obongo mad at russia for not returning to the ceasefire he broke?

a radio signal is a radio signal, but it get sampled I mean. You know this.. yawn... sometimes I wonder what I type my self these days

I can't tell if >american education or shitposting gary johnson

I've been on this site too long

How the fuck do you nerds know so much shit about military capabilities and hardware? What a waste of fucking time, it's not like any of you will ever handle the shit or actually be in a war.

If wars happening your best chance of survival is actually joining the military

>you posses knowledge that I do not, thus you are lesser to me


>If wars happening your best chance of survival is actually joining the military

Lolno, civilian casualties are a lower percentage compared to military casualties in pretty much any conflict.

Educate yourself


tfw too shitty health to re-enlist for ww3

>blockade iraq
>children die of starvation

Unicef is clearly biased, and it clearly refers to the kind of conflict that none of us will be on the receiving end of.
If for no other reason, simply because 15 years ago we grew all of our food, and had enough left over to sell.

>Unicef is biased
>my opinion is the right one



Stay mad ;)

Did you read the article you linked?
Did you compare it to my post?
Are you aware what Unicef is, and what they do, and some of their other reports and appeals to the public?

Yes, they are biased, heavily anti-military, pacifist, anti-conflict, and make a business of inflating civilian casualties. Come on, lad.

Woah, woah, chill dude, I said ok


>going from "ur rong" to "ur mad"
Wrong direction, turn around.

If you join 20 years before the conflict and manage to climb high then perhaps.


Do you live in pripyat?

>massive cluster of detonations between Wyoming and Colorado
>Montana and ND too
Why, exactly?

Cheyenne mountain underground complex. The other two are nuclear facilities.

I had Cheyenne complex in mind but I thought it was further south. Guess I was wrong.

The US has been taking an active part in "combating" Muslim insurgents in the South Phillipines for 15 years. It was part of the war on terror started in 2001 because the rebels swore alligence to al-queada allegedly. To be blunt, it's a stagnation that kills maybe 10 of our soldiers every year, at least before we took the advisory role, now it's the Phillipinos that die, but we train them to die. We still haven't ended the insurgency though.

>Trump wants to start a war with Russia


which is pretty pointless since the thing is nuke proof

Yeah, look at Google maps, you're correct actually, Cheyenne complex is below Denver.

This is west of Cheyenne: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_E._Warren_Air_Force_Base

So i don't get why they would turn the area east of Cheyenne into a gigantic crater.

If you nuked the entire area that much you would just have bunch of top brass faggots sitting in a hole and wanking without any means of contacting the rest of the country.

Repairs on the surface would also be pretty hard to do because of radiation the first few weeks.

You understand that isnt any official soviet/russian where we put our nukes map right?

>So i don't get why they would turn the area east of Cheyenne into a gigantic crater.
Doesn't railroads from all over the US connect at that area? Could be a good idea to nuke those if you want to totally destroy your enemies ability to wage war against you.

A bunch of Minuteman silos in that area (controlled by Warren AFB)

There are bunker buster nuclear missiles. They basically melt the entire facility.

The only safe underground complexes are the ones so secretive no one knows about it.



You're an idiot.

we built a road system 4-8 lanes wide all across the united states specifically for miitary mobilisation if our rail lines were taken out

>defending middle easterners

F22 is pretty good, close to the Sukhoi 4th gen. But the pilots are a shit.

Would never be used against the Russians


no such thing

Pretty sure your country would destroy Russia. There is literally no worry over that. They never retaliated against you guys shooting their plane down which showed weakness and your president probably noticed that.