Tfw too intelligent to fall into the left vs right dichotomy

>tfw too intelligent to fall into the left vs right dichotomy

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You're still doing it wrong. The "too" is supposed to be with one o.

>tfw too intelligent to be smart


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>tfw to inteligent too support a racist demagogue

False as you're still dumb enough to post here.

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good for you OP, moderate is best where you can be, don't fall for stormcuck propaganda that you must be antisemitic or racist, if you will not stand for BLM, LGTP and SJW crap and marry a white girl you are doing more for our race than edgy 15-year-old stormcucks who are virgins and never make any white babies for the advancement of our race either way

>Pretending to mix up to and too

I thought you Dundee niggers were clever

Cred Forums has been taken over by the "alt-right", whatever the fuck that means. To most Americans, everything is bipolar. Cred Forums is the epitome of that extreme bipolar disorder.

You won't find any stimulating political discussions on here.

>tfw smart enough to feel superior to normies, but not smart enough to be as happy as them


>too alt for the alt-right

>it's this thread again
Inb4 pol gets baited

You're wrong. I believe since the fact that literally almost anyone with an internet connection can visit this site, and given this sites notoriousness, lots of people visit the site of varying intellects and stimulating political discussions can occur.

>"If I do nothing, I can't lose."

Link me to one such active thread in the catalog.

Fuck I hate this guy. I don't mean to make this a personal blog post but I fucking loath the nu-male faggot in this picture.

>tfw too hegelian to realize every dipshit in the culture thinks they've 'transcended the system'

Zimbabwe, apparently.

I COMPLETELY AGREE with you. The left vs right dichotomy is a FALSE dichotomy because BOTH the left AND the right are systems of control. Not only that, but they are systems of control that meet each other if you take them far enough.

There is nothing inherently wrong with nationalism and there is nothing inherently wrong with globalism. Globalism could be good if everyone was civilised - but we don't live in a perfect world, so the version of globalism that we're getting right now is one that is planned to end Western Civilisation and cause the extinction of the white race. This is obviously unjust, so we ought to adopt nationalist principles to prevent this globalist plan from succeeding even while REMEMBERING who and what we REALLY ARE - Pure Consciousness (which is INFINITE AND ETERNAL) having an experience in a temporary human form. You can do ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO and you can be ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE. There's only one of us here. If you hit yourself on the head with a baseball bat, they'll put you in a mental hospital yet that's EXACTLY what people are doing on a global scale. You can call Pure Consciousness 'God' if you want, but I don't because the word 'God' has religious connotations that I would rather avoid. Religion is the McDonald's of spirituality.
What we need is to raise our level of consciousness, both individually and collectively. If even one person raises his or her level of consciousness, it has a ripple effect that benefits EVERYONE ELSE, even if they don't believe any of this stuff - and this is because 'reality' itself is HOLOGRAPHIC in nature. One of the ways that they have manipulated us so deeply for so long is by suppressing our sense of the possible. What we call 'reality' is COMPLETELY ILLUSORY and thus MALLEABLE - and they KNOW THIS, while most other people do NOT. EVERYTHING IS ILLUSORY, EXCEPT PURE CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF. NOTHING is impossible in a universe that is ILLUSORY to begin with. We have the power to transform this prison illusion into a PARADISE ILLUSION, so let's USE that power.

We're all one - and the beauty of this is that we don't have to be cucks despite this fact (and it IS a fact). We can STILL protect Western Civilisation and save the white race from extinction. We're all actors in a cosmic movie and I think of people like the Rothschilds as playing the role of villains and ourselves as playing the role of heroes (when we're not being dicks).

we all hate faggots user

>tfw too Nietzschean to buy into Hegel and think history and society are on an inevitable dialectic toward the Absolute/Truth and not as a post-hoc Enlightenment narrative

i kid i kid


Only read the first few sentences due to poor presentation? Why would ending the white race be unjust? If it gave way to some sort of reasonable, happy, stable, peaceful society that most people would agree upon then why would that be wrong? I personally don't believe those two sentiments go hand in hand but what do you think?

>presents self as smartest person in the room
>not a millionaire because... well... didn't really want it anyway.
>in denial until midlife
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Gotta keep that record corrected, huh? :)

This is not even far off from the truth, and I am honestly pretty enlightened.

I don't want to save the white race I want to save purity. We're all one in the sense that all matter behaves based on observed universal laws but declining the significance of the individuality it has spawned is foolish.

Furthermore, suggesting that people give up personal values based on the idea that we're all just weed dude is retarded.



I am not declining the significance of the individuality it has spawned. On the contrary, I am amplifying the significance of the individuality it has spawned by pointing out that we are SIMULTANEOUSLY one yet different in our oneness in much the same way that the waves of an ocean are one with that ocean but are also unique in and of themselves in that each wave has its own shape, speed and size.

>suggesting that people give up personal values based on the idea that we're all just weed dude is retarded.

I never suggested that.

>Globalism could be good if everyone was civilised.
If it could be good, why does it always leads to general unhappiness, nihilism, depression and destructive behaviour, especially among "civilized" people?

If something is anti-human nature, I'd say that it's inherently wrong.

>Religion is the McDonald's of spirituality.
>"I am smart and special, so I can be spiritual and not religious, unlike those other plebs"


>"I am smart and special, so I can be spiritual and not religious, unlike those other plebs"

I don't think of myself as better than anyone else. I really don't. There is ONLY ONE PERSON that I'm trying to be better than and that's the person I was yesterday. :)

But pretty much all actually smart people are anticapitalist leftists.

t. thinks Jon Stewart and Jon Oliver are gods

sometimes smart people are the dumbest of all

But they like capitalism, just want it neutered a bit. Thats just liberalism, they are dumb. Im talking about Marxists and the like, not Bernie- social democrats.

probably because leftist stuff really makes you think... so much

Yes, national socialism and fascism are the "third way".

Hail victory!

>implying your country doesn't have the most based political system in existence
Quit being a cuck

Post grades. People always say they're so smart on here but never prove it.


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