*WARNING* Reddit cuckmods planning honeypot attack tomorrow

This is just an early warning that Reddit is planning an attack on Trump tomorrow via Cred Forums and /r/the_donald. They are making a honeypot thread where nigger """scientists""" are going to bait everyone with WE WUZ shit and WE NEED MO REPARATIONS TO SCIENCE N SHEET.

It is very important that you do not go there or respond to this thread once it goes live. The mainstream media and the internet media already have prewritten stories that will be released on Friday. Your comments will be posted alongside the fake comments that SJWs will be posting in the thread. All of this will be used as an "alt right" hit piece.

Just warning you to stay away. You can only make yourself mad and hurt yourself. They're going to cap your posts and use them against you and if you're British they'll be getting you thrown in jail if you're not proxied. No one will see your post anyways as every post that doesn't agree with the """scientists""" will be deleted.


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Thanks for the warning. Was thinking about shitting there.

Bump this. I say we have a day of big nigger facts here, just to quell the urge to go drop knowledge on these fucking hug box faggots

Literally nothing will happen. CTR have failed, Reddit has failed mutple times, tumblr have failed, 9gag has failed. MSM have failed.

>implying niggers haven't been doing that since day one

Every fucking day losers from every corner of the internet shitpost here. Mods need to step up their game


Its alright, we will blame ebaum

I don't give a fuck


Bippity boopity bump

oh wow you mean people are gonna be shitposting on Cred Forums thanks for the warning we never would have made it without you

We all need to ask them uncomfortable questions.

Couldn't they just shitpost themselves and pin it on us

Doesn't matter

What about dropping civilized subtle truth bombs (more like truth landmines) that undermine their "diversity" and "equality" narrative?

I refuse to believe that any true scientist that believes in evolution would genuinely think that people from across the planet in different climates surrounded by completely different cultures for thousands of years wouldn't have differences in temperament or intelligence passed genetically.

>Mods need to step up their game
This isn't a hug box, newfaggot. If you don't like something that is posted, use your hate as a stimulus towards the production of new OC. Don't whinge about it and expect anyone to care.

>warning to stay away from leddit



>going on reddit
>caring about reddit

damn thanks for the insight. nothing would give me more pleasure than for THEM to view that thread as an utter failure

If I care enough, I'll go to a random cyber and shitpost away. You guys should do the same if you intend to disrupt.
Also, stick to posting links to studies. No stupid insults or muh jew.

>true scientists
>on Reddit
Dream on. It's gonna be faggots with PhD in sociology trying to proclaim things they have no clue about.

How Can Racism Be Real If Race Is Not Real


I hope Cred Forums is returning back to it's glory days of raiding.



It only makes sense that we go there and post happy positive things about black people. Like their increased chance to make creative music expressing their fight against oppression. And just post gangster rap about killing cops and doing drugs. We wuz chemists n sheeit

Did someone say 'raid'?

Get to work already, Smith. The sidewalks are too dry.


Would be a shame if we started to ask really tough questions


What would you ask, were you to go to this very professional thread?
Quite the thought-provoking topic. really makes my tick-tock twirl.

>We all need to ask them uncomfortable questions.
wats with the afro picture

Why are SJWs obsessed with anecdotes? Who cares if your "experts" have dealt with "them" in their personal lives. That's not how science works, that's not how a scientist looks for biases. In fact that is the opposite of how good science is done people who have personally experienced a phenomena are going to be less able to objectively judge the prevalence of that phenomena.

>It is very important that you do not go there or respond to this thread once it goes live.
Who are you to tell an user what to do. I'm going to spam the shit out of those threads with racist slurs never seen on rabies before

Because anecdotes (often false) are all they have. Their bullcrap doesn't survive even the slightest amount of scrutiny.

>the responses to that question

I really do hope those reddit admins are put in jail. Of course they would just be replaced by something even worse.



>As for those who would reject a difficult conversation (rejecting others is always easier than looking at your own behavior), I would caution that we will not tolerate racist, rude or otherwise unacceptable behavior. One can disagree without being disagreeable.

>(rejecting others is always easier than looking at your own behavior)
>we will not tolerate racist behavior

>One can disagree without being disagreeable.

What the fuck am I reading?

Shut the fuck up

/r/science is one of the reasons I abandoned my career as a scientist

When I swallowed the red pill that the basic physical sciences are compromised completely and totally, I walked away and have never looked back

Fuck these people
Fuck their political agenda

Also you'll be completely raped because you're ignorant kids in your contrarian phases who have swallowed shallow propaganda wholesale put forth by the middle aged losers who began to spam Cred Forums when we raided Hal and they became aware of us.
And those dimwitted spammers whom you parrot are not well educated which is why they tout flawed snake oil salesmen like Rushton who in several on his works cites sources that directly contradict his points (like when he discusses cranial size).

That subreddit is full of actual scientists.

They'll stomp the fuck all over you with ease.

yeah yeh yea

we are all the same race and shiiieet
until theres talk about blood transfusion and organ transplants

>tell the {{scientists}} to shoot up a couple vials of sub-saharan blood

I have a big folder of gore webms that I can't wait to post.

>actual scientists
>on reddit
>"""scientists""" who think blacks contribution to science is equal to 0 because of "da evil white man"

kek, a fucking leaf at it again

>n-no p-please fall for our bait Cred Forums...
>it took us f-five months to plan this

How does it feel to be a worse anglo than """white"""" USA?

Let's raid reddit everyday until the end of the election

Me too

what animu was this again?

sort of remember watching the series and it felt incomplete

This calls for a preemptive strike faggeronis

what the hell are you guys doing in Australia?

Guys, don't just rush in there calling them cucks and fags. We need to drop actual scientific articles about race and shit like that. Stuff about the heritability of IQ for example.

Source? Guessing some cartel shit

This. Let's just post scientific data about the inferiority of googles. This way we can redpill the masses

This need a story.

I work in a lab, race has zero impications. If you do your work, you are good. I will say I hate koreans. I fucking hate koreans. Learn our fucking language.

was thinking they just cut the body or something
but he is still alive
shit, poor fuck

No. No it isn't. Would be nice though.

If you want to try and organize one go here discord.gg/cJjyz

Always keep a racist science folder.

lets just spam hot bimbos instead

View deleted comments here- ceddit.com/r/science/comments/54zkvi/tomorrow_were_going_to_talk_about_racism_in/

Hmm, i wonder what thats like

Cartel shit, I have the one with audio but can't post it here. Not sure the whole story but rival gang member blah blah muh cocaine blah blah blah mexicans are peaceful some bullshit

I agree with this guy, just spam hot bimbos.

>that picture

That creeps me out more than the faceless man desu

We have ID here you newfag.

Wtf tb_h turns into desu


>A dedicated shitpostathon
>OP doesn't want us to play

Not sure if reverse psychology or just faggot

What happens to the CTR shills who're trying to ruin Trumpers lives if Trump wins?

don't listen to this guy

keep posting hot bimbos

I thought this stef video was really interesting

science is so fucked now


The racism on this board is a big part of what keeps black Americans in lower socio-economic status, predisposing them to violence and crime.

It fuels the hate that fills other communities, and will not lead to a better world.

Do the world a favor and stop browsing this board.

Okay I will keep posting hot bimbos.

I own a 51k pro trump group on kikebook am I safe? It's hidden. So it's invite only but we've seen clinton bots since the debates.

if you generally have a habit of replying to troll threads, kill yourself immediately

Black Americans being dumb as fuck is what keeps them in lower socio-economic status, predisposing them to violence and crime. No white man in the past 50 years put a gun to a black man's head and told him he couldn't get a decent job.


>are going to bait everyone with WE WUZ shit
So just another normal day on Cred Forums?

People in lower-socio economic status have less access to education, and their upbringing has an unbelievable effect on how their lives will turn out.

Your argument is that they're "dumb as fuck" because they're "dumb as fuck". No. It's because years ago whites enslaved their race, gave them every disadvantage, then expected those disadvantaged individuals to raise good children.

Bait and shitposting threads are against the rules you cuck

>Implying 12 year olds won't just spam WE WUZ KANGZ everywhere

good luck, this is like someone on Tumblr saying "Hey guys, Cred Forums is coming her tomorrow to try and get reactions out of us by saying there are only 2 genders, please dont sperg out and make us look bad"

I'm only here for the bimbos

Also, no mention of Cred Forums

Kill yourself OP

Poor whites SAT scores are better than rich black SAT scores. It's genetic.

No, they have had generations to get their shit together. Meanwhile some slob from India or Vietnam could come to the US and open a fucking grocery store and the next generation will be doctors and engineers. Black Americans are dumb as fuck and they will continue to be DUMB AS FUCK because faggots like you coddle them and they remain in a permanent victimhood culture who are afraid to take decent jobs like becoming a policeman or joining the army. FUCK OFF and enjoy deeze tits.

Its also cultural. Where are our black baby adopted by poor white people statistics? That would give us a decent insight

mfw Cred Forums is actually behind this.

The Taming of the Redditor

He must have dogged the boys

you came to the right place

where are the naked hot bembos damnit?

We should post thousands of unity and love memes, cap them, let them release a spin job, then we meme the uncensored caps to destroy the little cred they still have.

oh you want em nekkid? here's the woman trump called miss piggy when she was younger

Mexico needs vaporizing with 100 nukes. Forget the wall - why would you need a wall when there is no Mexico any more,

Who is dis?

I can see why with those oinkers.

my waifu, no one can know who she is. only I can cum to her pictures.

those 60 pounds she gained didn't all go to her stomach


I can definitely see that woman putting on 20 lbs within a month of that photo shoot and looking like a pig.

Justified IMO


Who we raidin' and what with?

thanks for the warning


God I love bimbos


Is this CTRs new strategy?

they are best in life

Even if it was, who can complain about more pictures of bimbos?

Well obviously we should just pose as democrats asking innocuous questions on what we can do as white people to help solve the problem of black crime, and we cite FBI statistics. More importantly, only cite the murder statistic since murder is the best indicator for violent crime since there's a dead body and you can't explain that away with systemic racism.

That's literally all you need to do, cite black perpetrated murder statistics (which are like 50% of all murders even though they are 13% of the population) There's no excuse for that, i can't think of an economic of sociological argument to justify murder can you? Even if you have to rob in order to eat and survive, even if you need to sell drugs to get your kid through school cos you can't get a job cos whitey is raycis, you cannot excuse murder.

What a hack job the surgeon did on her ass.

bimbos are for looking and maybe touching so it is all good


hack this

>obligatory pic

they know they cant actually shitpost without getting banned so this is like the pg-13 version of their shitposting
it started today and people have already notice and filtered most of the image tags

Have we started the fire brother?

Could you lurk moar before posting? Thanks

This creeps me out so fucking much, Christ.

was that girl infested with giant mango worms?

what kind of fag filters out these delicious rare bimbos i am giving away for free?

եbh fϼm

Me too senpai

I wanted to type something about tinfoil but i just looked through catalog and holy mother fuck you right

either this guy here is fucking bored or skypes are on the fire today with thier shilling

This guy is literally the worst human being ever to run for office, it's almost cartoonish how evil and stupid and horrible he is.

Washington Post, Huffington Post, Vox, Salon and New York Times totally expose him over and over with these amazing articles, it boggles my mind that Hillary isn't leading by 20 points when this guy is one step away from becoming Hitler, and just goes to show how many old racist bigots there still are in this country. The sooner these people die off and we young progressive millennials take over, the better. It's clear that all the smart and intelligent people in the media are against Trump, and are using facts and logic to prove why we must put Hillary in power.

Trump is the first candidate that if I found out someone supported him, I would try everything to distance myself personally from that person and would view them as a lesser person. Nobody with any self respect or shred of decency should vote Trump, everyone has a moral duty to vote Hillary at this point and be on the right side of history.

those are tissues

Just ask them why Asians are exponentially over represented in the medical/scientific/engineering fields when they're only 5% of the population and enjoy ZERO racial preference on college applications (literally the opposite, actually).

Watch their heads spin and their REEE engines spool up. The SJW'S still have no rebuttal as to why Asians often grow up in abject poverty and then work to become incredibly successful. So successful that they earn more than whites.

fuck CTR shills

there's worse out there

I'm posting delicious cookie recipes...

and piss porn.

you're tin foiling pretty hard, there can't be more than 5 threads with delicious bimbos and none of them say anything remotely pro-hillary

comments are actually quite balanced, I'm surprised

I think this should be the strategy.

They want to bait people into saying that blacks are genetically unintelligent, so let's simply flip the tables and not talk about blacks directly at all.

Simply bombard them with questions as to why Asians are so over represented at universities and in career fields that require extremely high IQs. They can't "white privilege" their way out of it, because Asians are incredibly marginalised.

looks like krokodil, a drug cocktail popular in russia which causes necrosis of the tissues

Not to mention welfare, quotas, scholarships and all of the money sunk into dem programz

Also, present data from these studies:


For example:
>Very poor Whites are comparably intelligent to very wealthy blacks.

>Racial ingroup bias is natural

The meme fire rises

I don't care what you say. I'm going to bring hard facts to this. Things such as racial/gendered IQ, for example,
>Avg. IQ of a physicist is 130 meaning it is already in the 0.00x% of human beings
>men are 9:1 more likely to have an IQ of 130 or higher than women
>white men are x00:1 more likely than blacks to have an IQ of 130
>for some reason we need to have 50% women and 13% blacks in every field.




>the truth
>a psy-ops

Damn this is a tough one.

Doesn't even matter since they're just going to make their own racist replies anyways.


It's not possible to attack trump through pol and these shitposters will just be piss in a sea of piss.

Who cares if it is a set up? Just don't post "nigger" fifty times.

> ugh, masturbate instead of fighting back against anti-white activism!

Back in the oven, Weinstein.

Aussies and leafs have been doing this for years

I think it would be a good time to do the standard info dump on jews.

Damn that's a lot of hair.

That's because it's Tenjou Tenge. It, like all the other Oh!Great adaptations, stopped at an arbitrary point in the plot because people only watch/read for the tits and action and the manga wasn't done yet.

Manga's bretty gud though.

I think a history lesson by a black professor will be in order: youtube.com/watch?v=Uu0vQrZbhQo#t=9m0s

(skip to 9 minutes)

read the removed ones in red, they are trashing 90% of the posts


For what? Talking about race on plebbit?!

No where does it say they are coming here.

Op is baiting faggot

Why not spam hot traps?

the media
'miss clinton you have said and done some very evil racists things in your life, we won't focus on any of those things. none of the things you said or did are your fault and we don't expect you to take responsibility for them and we will not ask you about them or talk about them at all.'

'Mr. literal hitler, err trump, some people in the world are racist, so you are worse than hitler, we hate you because someone said nigger at some point in time. this is clearly all your fault, why are you such a scum bag racists?'

>mmmm shill pasta

I think i heard Raid

Care to elaborate?

Just slide, sage, and report as usual.

Even if no Cred Forumsack participates, they'd post RAYCIS stuff anyways. Then blame Cred Forums. Might be useful to use this time to "infiltrate" their sites.

Perhaps begin adding them to the botnet in those threads. You know most of the Redditards and (((MSM))) are technologically illiterate, as all they know is use Twitter and Facebook and such. It wouldn't be too difficult to exploit their inexperience.

FBI 2015 crime stats

Mothua fucker we run the internet!

Yeah, I'm curious about that furry/skeleton pic

And yet they prevail. So instead of bitching to mods who want this place closed, like the spineless bootlicker you are, flood shit threads with pictures like this. Turn a shit thread into an informative thread.

Jesus i dont wana be on reddit that long

There's no mention of Cred Forums in ops pic or the link.

This is PA request


This is the perfect opportunity to sell the Google meme to the public

How the fuck can the physical sciences be compromised? The shit is experimental and empirical.

t. science undergrad

Oh no he said the "r" word!

God help us all.



The questions have begun. I've already noticed two comments being removed. The first cited a study about women being preferred hires in STEM and asked how to fix that bias, and the other said 55% of science graduates were women and how to make it more even.
Those fucks.



Sometimes extermination Is the only choice

Fuck man, thanks for triggering me