Why do white people try so hard to be nice...

Why do white people try so hard to be nice? It seems like a bad trait to have when you are surrounded by people who aren't nice

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dogs are good people.

dogies like white peple

we have cultivated that relationship since the beginning by being nice to them, and they are nice back.

dogs are more civilized than sand/niggers in this regard.

Because they go through 15 years or so of public education which shames them into thinking they're constantly being judged. The only way to not be in the villainized group is to be constantly signalling and never stop. Either that or they're just sincerely good people

It's very destructive. My parents took a long time to learn they need to say no to some things and set boundaries. They've been taken advantage of a lot.

White people can be some of the worst jackasses imaginable if you slight them enough.

We're just not by default, uncivilized apes who shit on everything.

>Not just a mama dog, but a papa dog and their puppy as well
Why wouldn't you be kind towards them? They're man's best friend.

Those poor puppies :(

We survived tough winters by huddling together in shelter for warmth. Anyone who couldn't make friends got pushed out of the shelter to die.

It's genetic.
This sort of behavior needs to be removed from the gene pool.


Americans are nice people, particularly those who have a farming background. Agrarian communities produce the hardest working and most altruistic people. They are routinely exploited and demoralized by "civilized" people who thrive in cities.

Cities produce psychopaths totally removed from anything natural or human. They live in an abstract world and are dominated by the drive to seek immediate pleasures and a vaguely tribal form of status.

>if you care for a dog and treat it well, it will never betray you
>the same is not true for humans

Dogs really are man best friend. I'd go even further and say they are man's only friend.

Because we have empathy to an extent. We have had thousands of years of being masters over things because of the kindness we offer develops trust. However once this trust is betrayed we show force to it.

The term "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" exists for this reason

You bite the hand of a white and you will feel retribution for it.

lol sounds like you are talking about Britain

Always extend a good hand to strangers.
If they respond well, all is good, you keep being polite.
If they don't respond well, wreck them so hard that they don't think about doing bad to you, again.
If they keep shitting on you, shit back harder.
If they stop shitting on you, go back to being good to them.
White people can afford to forgive because they know they can wreck everyone else if they wanted to.

Yep. Urban environments dehumanize people. I'm always amazed by how calm and nice people from the countryside can be

Empathy is one hell of a feeling

why do you think the white race is going extinct?

nice guys finish last.

America is basically an extension of British culture on a much larger continent.

Because we're better, and the better path is rarely the easiest.

> why are you nice and civilised?
> why don't you act like animals?
> ya white folks acting craaaazy!
Are you a nigger or just stupid?

>an extension of British culture

nuh uh. When was the last time 1400 girls raped by """""""refugees""""""

I agree my mother is like that but my father on the other hand I have mad respect
My dad is like the godfather when it comes to friendships


We were surrounded by whites for thousands of years, it's in our nature to be nice when we aren't actively at war.

Rotherham wasn't """"refugees"""", mate. Those pakis were here perfectly legally, which is worse as the government let them in.

>for whatever reason
Another day, another kek

>It seems like a bad trait to have when you are surrounded by people who aren't nice
Right on the nose.


Westerners practice suicidal altruism.

well in that case you should take in more refugees, since they arent the threat

No. Rapefugees, nogs, pakis, all of them need to fuck off.

Altruism to your own group is still great though.

White man's burden. Collectively, white men see a group not doing so well, and they feel a moral imperative to help that group at their own expense, just because it's the "right" thing to do. Then the group they helped, instead of being grateful and one day passing on the help to another weak group, continuing the cycle for human improvement and progression, instead turns around and sticks its hand out and demands more. It's on an equal footing now but it still wants the special benefits and privileges that accompany being unequal and weak. Minorities, women, gays--it just keeps happening.

Christian values are losing their influence, women are more independent and we live in an highly liberal economy where consumerism triumphs, despite high unemployment (aka social status and acceptance by the hoarding of certain things despite scarcity and low wages).

Selfishness is the order of the day. In these dark times its hard to display any form of altruism simply because nobody returns the favor.

I don't think many people try to be nice these days, regardless of skin color. This board is the very proof of that.

Its a shitty time to live in.

>leaving your child alone
>leaving your daughter alone with an adult man from a region where women are less than dirt

I feel like having kids or adopting every time I see or read this pathetic shit. I know I can at least do better than that.

>white people try so hard to be nice

maybe only in the last 50 years? you guys are guilt tripping yourselves to extinction

dogs are smarter than niggers

Reminds me how I used to smile at strangers I walked past, butt they always give awkward looks. Just couldn't help it, maybe it's just autism

Same reason why whites went this far in the first place: they grouped as societies, strong together, to achieve greater things.

Others struggle with that.

It was supposed to be a good joke but I fucked it up. Just... just leave me be.

>Why do white people try so hard to be nice?
It's why they'll always be second best to us Jews

I have four dogs and I am not white

>Leaving your kids with muds
>Relaxing around them

These leftist cucks deserved it.

Losing a hand is pretty minor compared to the shit non-whites do

Chop off all of your limbs with machetes and chainsaws, soil your corpse and leave it somewhere public

Light you on fire until you burn to death

See: Unit 731, Vietnam, ect

The problem with westerners is they don't practice altruism at all. There are some extreme people who will kiss the feet of the men who rape their daughters, but mostly it is white people sacrificing OTHER white people so that they can APPEAR altruistic. When they say throw the doors wide open they know that the chances of them personally being affected by the eventual terrorist attack is slim. All unfairness and cruelty to their white neighbors just proves how Not-Racist they are. They live in gated communities to tell their poor neighbors about the dangers of gates.

>Why wouldn't you be kind towards them?
Mudslimes hate dogs. Their religion says dogs are unclean animals.

>it paid off
be good, to good things...

>during the war soldiers, took in strays, treated them for flead and fed them

>those dogs, hate locals. who throw rocks and kick them every chance. muhammad taught them to hate dogs.

>they are great for pulling security, and warn you when mudslime smell is coming near

Always distrust anyone who doesn't like dogs.
One of my friends used to dislike dogs. He was pretty fucked up in the head. Years of therapy changed him, and recently I found out he's quite fond of dogss and works as a doctor. He literally evolved.

whites are like that fat autistic kid from school thats gets heckled constantly but wreaks havoc if pushed over the edge

>stray dogs are put down
>with an injection no less
What's so horrifying about this? They're fucking stray dogs.

Only people i've met who dislike dogs or cats have been brown.

I love doggos but dislike cats, what does that make me? I mean, I can pet them and all, I find them cute and interesting but I dislike them with how ungrateful they are. I've literally seen people feed cats only for them to lunge their claws into their hands and bite them.

>I'd go even further and say they are man's only friend.
No truer words have been spoken

It's genetic. We have been civilized for thousands of years.

That's understandable. Dogs are the most trustable animal, the ones who will always remember whose hand gave them bread and a pat. It makes sensee that you'd prefer creatures that love to show empathy to the ones that can but don't.
But a person who despises the symbol of empathy, mankind's oldest ally, is a person who rejects empathy itself.

It makes you unworthy of Keks glory. Cats were worshipped in Keks homeland.

what the absolute fuck is wrong with leftists? my mother would have never left me with a stranger, especially not a foreign "refugee" who comes from a violent shit hole.

God damn it, poor fucking kids. These kinds of people shouldn't be allowed to have kids.

Its called the cuck gene, we need to remove it from the genepool or else we have no futue.
inb4 hurr durr empathy = intelligence, that's bollocks, look at jews and chinks.

>ultra-allergic to doggos
>will never have a dogbro

That injection is battery acid m8

Oh come the fuck on Sweden. I don't care how "tolerant" you are, you can't be fucking serious. Leaving your kid with a stranger from a violent 3rd world country. Fuck off.

We like animals more than we like other people

Might be because Keks homeland was a snake-filled desert so you actually needed cats to kill the pricks.

Nicely put, can't wait to get a bigger place and get a pupper.

Eat well doggos

And we know that's why (((they))) keep pushing for people to live in cities.

Because it said so in the video description? Why the FUCK would you inject something as pointless as battery acid into dogs to kill them, when you can take a fucking axe or shovel and hit them on the head? You can kill the puppies by throwing them against rocks. How would injecting the acid even kill the dog that fast?
For fuck's sake user. People like you are why there's a migrant crisis going on in Europe.

>You bite the hand of a white and you will feel retribution for it.
50 years ago maybe. Now we are cucks.

The only good thing that can come from this migrant crisis is white people hardening the fuck up again. No more Political Correctness and zero tolerance.

The child is one that was harmed and she certainly doin't deserve to die because her parents idiocy.

Seriously I feel sorry for people with leftists/cuck parents. It's no good for a developing child.


my mistake

You hear that shrieking. Battery acid burns their blood vessels and organs up over the span of an hour or more until they die an extremely painful death. They could shoot or gas the dogs and it'd be more humane. They do this because it's torturous.

see They want the puppers to suffer before dying.

It's a position you have to take "consciously". It is what makes complex civilization function.

So white people are both too nice and racist lone gun men?

I always hear complains from expats,tourists etc about how rude and unsocial we are.Most migrants leave within 2 years

Well, we're selectively nice. We're nice to people/animals that can appreciate it.

That's a misleading figure.
That was the figure in one small town in the North of Britain.
The actual figure is higher by a figure that would change the fabric of Britain.

This post done fucked me up

The killer was Eritrean. The family were also Eritrean.

Makes no sense and you have no evidence for it. Kindly fuck off, retard.
>You hear that shrieking.
Ever heard an afraid panicked dog? That's the fucking sound they make, fucknut.
As I said, retarded, emotionally driven people like you are why we're stuck with the migration crisis in the West. You buy into every piece of bullshit peddled to you and you think of nothing critically.

Why did you sperg out at that poster? I don't even know why you're arguing.

France - Germany - Sweden - Wallonie are fucked, rest is alright.

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You are the kind of person that hurts our image here

And nobody was talking to you. So why do you suddenly jump in like this to bring attention to yourself, whilst contributing absolutely nothing with your post?
>I don't even know
Are you a woman?

This. What makes it even better, is how even the most docile doggo scares the fuck out of sandniggers.

And doggo's definitely hate sandniggers, so it's win win

When our countries used to only be white people we didn't have to learn to be tolerant of all the diversity. We could afford to be nice to everybody because we didn't have to worry about getting knockout gamed and mugged by a pack of Google's. When the current left turns right in a few years we're not going to be so nice though. Their the ones who are OK with genocide and oppression. We're the ones who are OK with doing dirty messy work and when we all get on the same page god help the non whites. Shame keeps conservative white people in check and status keeps the liberal White people in check. When the liberals start loosing status they will stop shaming the conservatives for trying to defend ourselves. Then you are going to see some shit. I think this most of all is why (((they))) want us as poor and decided as possible as fast as possible. What (((they))) don't seem to understand is that the harder the times they make for us the harder the men will be that will be made from it.

Are you retarded? The dog doesn't shriek until after the injection enters it's system. It's yelling in pain not fear. Anyone that's owned dogs knows the difference in tone.

Are you a "refugee" that got lost on the way for your gibs?

chinks skin them alive, so why should this be unbelievable?

Nah I was just scrolling the thread and I just happened to see you sperging out over a dog getting injected with shit. Sorry for interrupting your daily melt down.

IIRC the host family were third worlders too, from the same country.


He (the killer) was from Eritrea, and the girl he killed was from a family from Eritrea too. Can you find Eritrea on a map? No, because you guys are stupid fucks.

No one cares about some nigger nation

give me the antidepressives and kys, amerifat

Your asian genes are flaring up again.

To be fair, Canadian education is pretty bad as well. Your cucked laws are what keep me from ever visiting though.

>you touched the tip of the iceberg of what (((they))) have been doing

Because you would'nt like it when white people stop trying to be nice.

>Can you find Eritrea on a map? No, because you guys are stupid fucks.

Or maybe it's because Eritrea has done absolutely nothing for humanity in the course of its entire history and is therefore so insignificant most people have never even heard of it, let alone know it is in Africa

I don't know. Look at this shithole of a world. Someones gotta do it.

>Are you retarded? The dog doesn't shriek until after the injection enters it's system
Because before that it was simply held in place. The injection hurt it and made it clear to the dog that it's being attacked and harmed. That's why it changes its tune to a more paniced and frantic tone. It also stops making noise and slowly starts falling asleep, almost as if the guy is a vet injecting an overdose of whatever.
>Are you a "refugee" that got lost on the way for your gibs?
No. Finland's got lots of gibs though, they just don't like how much we hate them and how cold it is. Why come to Finland when when you're passing through Sweden.

Maximum efficiency, combined with low creativity. Injecting battery acid just because, is everything but efficient. Why would you even fucking bother?

Whatever you say sweetie.

>Lose a hand.
>Literally the entirety of africa chops off limbs.

It's necessary to form relationships with people. So you're nice to them and a symbiotic relationship is formed. Makes life a LOT more enjoyable and fulfilling. Now stop being fucking autistic and learn to survive.

Holly shit this is fucking stupid

Italian Eritrea though. Is Canadian education as bad as American?

This. Whites have already colonized and conquered half the world. There's no need to be spiteful, but whites are also ready to strike in case of the great race war.

They're not niggers, get your facts straight. They're more closer to sand niggers.

who even argues about sleep injections on Cred Forums let alone the internet lmaooo

They're a disgusting mix of niggers and sandniggers.

because we actually have souls and humanity.

>chinese hits toddler

NO ONE stops to help, they just walk past.

>i dont like stupid Muh Feelz
but i dont want to surpass chin ese-gingers in having no souls

Pretty sure that's paki culture

>NO ONE stops to help, they just walk past.
Because China has no good samaritan laws and people who help the injured are often held accountable in some way or form.

>The death of Wang Yue was caused when the toddler was run over by two vehicles. The entire incident was caught on a video, which shows eighteen people seeing the child but refusing to help. In a November 2011 survey, a majority, 71%, thought that the people who passed the child without helping were afraid of getting into trouble themselves.[15]

>According to China Daily, "at least 10 Party and government departments and organizations in Guangdong, including the province's commission on politics and law, the women's federation, the Academy of Social Sciences, and the Communist Youth League, have started discussions on punishing those who refuse to help people who clearly need it."[16] Officials of Guangdong province, along with many lawyers and social workers, also held three days of meetings in the provincial capital of Guangzhou to discuss the case. It was reported that various lawmakers of the province are drafting a good Samaritan law, which would "penalize people who fail to help in a situation of this type and indemnify them from lawsuits if their efforts are in vain."[17] Legal experts and the public are debating the idea ahead of discussions and a legislative push.[18] On 1 August 2013, the nation's first good Samaritan law went into effect in Shenzhen.[19]

But I can find Eritrea on a map. It's right next to Djibouti

I think it was Belgium that did that 2bh
>literally who - the country
nobody cares what colour of people live in that shithole or where it is

It's a worthless country on the Horn of Africa near the Arabian peninsula. There's no real reason to know about it and I'm only familiar with it because I collect maps and flags. Geographical trivia has nothing to do with stupidity or intelligence, leaving your daughter with a stranger does.


they believe if they are bitten they become unclean, and won't go to heaven.

>taliban cave fortifications, drop snakes in air vents. towels run in panic seting of their own bobie traps

Christianity ruined them

I smile at old people.

>heard about it, but good post
what I mean to say, here it could be a criminal offence to help... and 18 amerifats would NOT walk past.

the hive mind has gotten two strong there

>they are great for pulling security, and warn you when mudslime smell is coming near

Same for gypsies, dogs hate those fuckers with a passion.

Hahaha, even better, have doggos guarding the entrance/exit points, so when the sandniggers that survive the snakes/booby traps make it out, they run straight back inside because of said doggos.



I want to strangle all 3 "adults" here with their own intestines!

>Good night user-bros
1:30am alaska time, got engineering work tomorrow. MEME strong to make the world a red-pill place

I'm not nice, fuck you all, you niggerfaggot cunt wagons.

fuck normies, and fuck you

When White people are nice to me, i'm nice back to them and they get really creeped out.

Why do White people get creeped out when I reciprocate their niceness?

This is a dog thread now.
Post your doggos

Fix that door, mate.

It depends but there's a glass wall between "being nice" and being overly friendly, so either you're coming on too strong or they're just not used to a Chinese person behaving like a civilized human being. I would say it's basically an issue of whether they feel you are being inappropriately intimate instead of just being nice, and like I said it might have more to do with their past experiences with Chinese people than anything you're doing yourself.

Also, were they expats? Expats are a little different behavior-wise than white people at home.

>I love doggos but dislike cats, what does that make me?

A man.


Same person posting from phone

because we are used to non reciprocal kindness.

they have no pity or souls in china. just animals

Because whites reached the pinnacle of human civilisation, it was meant to end in a blaze of atomic hellfire in 1946 but sadly we endured.

Yes, I've played Total War games.

Its not the good dogs that get in trouble. Those look like semi-domesticated animals that probably only carry relatively harmless diseases. Hell, they could be some contractor's pets and actually have their shots Probably alright to to what that soldier is doing.

But even the best communities attract niggers, and doggy communities are no different. Rabies is a very real threat in third world countries. The last soldier who died from rabies was trying to save a good dog like from getting the shit kicked out of it by some garbage dog from the city. Ended up that the nigger garbage dogs was carrying rabies which killed the soldier trying to save his friend.

Just don't be an idiot around dogs in third world countries. That guy who got killed by rabies lacked the common sense to spot a sick dog.

It's because we're lazy. Pic very related.

Can't you have one of those hairless eldritch abominations?

It's the main reason why I'm not a white supremacist. Whites are by far the most naive population group on the planet.

This is satire, isn't it?

It's called 'Being a good person', maybe you should try it sometime OP.

lol i know arab nations and those fucks are at sunni vs shia level, imagine catholics and protestants fought in germany today, or orthodox and catholics

Because for most of our history, we were surrounded by other white people, who reciprocated our altruism, this building a close-knit society. Back then, however, people were able to draw a distinction between 'us' and the 'other'. Liberalism/Marxism has erased that in-group/out-group distinction, leading to the crises of today.

I've always thought our constitution was the epitome of white western values.

The vast majority of it is just prohibitions on what the government can fuck with.

A small section is devoted to domestic issues that the government can actually fuck with. The rest of the document deals directly with war.

As no surprise, the vast majority of our budget goes to defense, because that's its chief focus.

It makes sense because every person is responsible for their own actions, regardless of race. His community is expected to help and police him. If it becomes a problem that individuals and communities cannot fix, than Uncle Sam is going to shove his big green dick into it until its not a problem anymore.


Post more cute duggies!!!

Although my family is not particularly religious, I was raised in a home where Judeo-Christian 'turn the other cheek values' dominated. This lead to my being bullied and being taken advantage of during middle and high school. As if this weren't enough, whenever my parents got word of this, they (in complete contradiction to the values they raised me with) would mostly blame me.

At 21, I've learned to be nice only to my group and animals.

I didn't come here to feel, dammit.

I've noticed the white people on this website are super nice.


this is only an american white thing, it's so disingenuous too, it's all pleases and thank yous and sirs and ma'ams until you make a faux pas and then they'll relish ostracizing you for it then talk about what a piece of shit you are behind your back, only time I've felt unironically racist in my life was when having to live with white americans

Because for thousands of years, they were surrounded by people who WERE nice. People who understood the value of community.

It's only a problem now because our population has expanded to the point where you don't know every one of your neighbors. Where it is futile to try and establish working relationships with people who inherently hate you for superficial reasons.

Suicidal altruism. I like that phrase.

Fuck off paki.

>until you make a faux pas and then they'll relish ostracizing you for it then talk about what a piece of shit you are behind your back

So you don't actually have proof this was happening, but it was mean ol' whiteys fault anyway?

Sorry your stay wasn't better in our country, Jamal. Maybe thinking the worst of people for literally no reason is why it was so miserable.

ya that's why they spend those thousands of years slaughtering each other in bloody wars

are you familiar at all with European history? orrrrrrr nah

I would spend the rest of my life in prison but fuck it,i would kill all those three people if given chance.

>ya that's why they spend those thousands of years slaughtering each other in bloody wars
Those weren't their neighbors. When horse-drawn carriage was the norm, Paris and Berlin were weeks away from one another. Chances you would even meet someone from another country in your life was slim to none unless you were in the army.

Do YOU know anything about European history? Or Nahhhh. Fuck off Leaf. You're pretending that Europe's violent history was not the result of technological expansion on a resource-limited continent.

Or that most people didn't spend their lives almost entirely in small communities of less than a few hundred people.

Furthermore, since you showed your hand and proved to everyone how stupid you are: you're also pretending that every single continent on Earth that was not undergoing technological advancement during the same time was not equally if not more bloody of a history than Europe.

I bet you think East Asia and Africa was all sunshine and roses about this time, too. Didn't you, Leaf?

I am kind to people who pass the visual benefit of the doubt test; further kindness is based on merit from conversation. Most white ppl are nice bacuase of some PC fear or because they try to espouse "Christian values". Subhumans are unkind because they still heavily operate on machismo and tribal values.

Also, my tiny doggo is calmer around firearms than most people.

You do know chopping off hands, selling your own brothers into slavery and invicting physical abuse are common African traits, don't you?

Only white people can appreciate nature and nature's creatures.

Meanwhile non-whites love torturing animals, fucking them and mutilating them for no reason.