A dark brown man covered in body hair. The first thing you notice is his smell. Curry and poo. He has a skinny frame...

A dark brown man covered in body hair. The first thing you notice is his smell. Curry and poo. He has a skinny frame, oily skin and hair. Slimy. Oozing curry and poo from his pours. A thin pathetic moustache. Pitiful.

He pulls down his pants to reveal a small penis surrounded by a mane of smelly greasy pubic hair. He turns around and I see his buttocks smiling at me. His butt is covered in more coarse hair, black. Small cheeks. He bends over and parts his cheeks. A waft of pure poo fills the air. The black hair is thickest here, with a brown hue. Dangle berries can be found. Yesterday's shit clinging on to life. The poo is a light brown, like pumpkin soup. He uses his hands to part the mattered poo hair to reveal a little brown butthole. Caked in poo. Disgusting. The epicentre of filth. An ugly crater. A dirty yet prolific anus.

The Indian.

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Why are you looking at indian mans penis and anus?

Nice Pork thread.



On a serious matter ive just met this indian girl whos really interested in me. But i cant get past the poo in loo meme. What should i do?

lol kek shadilay praise, death to poo in loo

kek wtf ameriburger

Get past the poo in the loo meme

Fuck you.

I hate this fucking place.

I never want to return to this horrible site.

But I will anyway. And whats left of my rotten soul will continue to whither away.



>get past the poo in loo meme
virtually impossible




>A waft of pure poo








does it have a loo tho?


Why he's pulling down his pants, no one really knows. Probably cuz he's Indian.

(still dying)

this is great

How do you think? It is pretty obvious to me.

How the hell did he get so deformed?

>6 bedrooms
>6 million dollars USD

Wtf you could find way better for less here in the US

He didn't poo in loo


streetshitters are scum

hopefully they get nuked by the pakis, who in return get nuked by the streetshitters


I've taken this poo in loo meme for granted, because of course I know from living on Earth that Indians all bathe in that shitty river and there are tons of people there who live in make-shift shacks with no plumbing.

But, is it more than a poverty thing? Do even the poor there have access to toilets but simply prefer not to use them because of some deeper cultural or biological thing?


Cum in her a few times then suddenly fuck off.
She will fall mad in love with your dick.







Wtf they're practically sitting in their own shit

wtf man why are indians so infatuated with shit that they literally bathe in it?

Is it some Hindu thing?

If so, what's the point?







How many fucking poo in the loo memes do you have?
Toilets have nothing to do with it

And what's funny that is true, was in media a few months ago



I am getting to the end

>clogged toilet

Story falls apart there, bro - we all know there aren't any toilets in India!





hey poolack, go post these in the nuclear happening thread




I only glanced at these, but these seem to just suggest that the people haven't been using toilets for so long that now that they have access to them, they're resistant to switching over.

Basically it just suggests that it's a poverty thing like I said.

But, some of these images in this thread indicate something deeper than that. I mean there are people literally wallowing in and eating shit happily.

I was shocked to see that this post didn't have an Australian flag next to it.


Shit made me gag

Why don't they have bubonic plague there yet?

Their immune systems must be harder than steel


Indians are subhumanoid inbreds with 1000 baffling superstitions and anyone in a multinational that has ever had to work with them wished to curb stomp their species.

Muh holy spirits muh holy day i can't talk to women but i can go ruin my boss's work and send it encrypted for some reason so no one can open it and have to wait again for it to send it because retards gonna retard.

Why do indians get STEM education when they're bad with numbers,reason and creativity?

Also,their diarrhea,rotting rivers are considered holy.

Good thing most of India is an isolated POOland or else diseases would spread from there.

the paki shills are out in droves today on pol


I see Polish Butthurt fag who got replaced by Indian. And posting shit memes on the internet.

Fucking kek.

> shit memes

Well yeah, he's posting about india

Exactly. Our gypsies live like this and motherfuckers do not die from all those diseases that we would catch immediately.

> And posting shit memes on the internet

Shit is the key word here

ok this is last one i got

>tfw half pooinloo

It's ok to be butthurt Pol boy. I hope your Kurwas suck that replaced Poo's shit dick.

What is it with shit countries and mustaches? Why do they grow these? They'd look better if they shaved them off. Same with Mexilards. That pube stache is pathetic. Just shave it off.

KYS you piece of shit

>in all honesty...
from 1 bengali and 1 indian roomate.

you can smell the curry, please stop using it so much.
whatever you add it it to, just tastes like curry...

>Their immune systems must be harder than steel

A big chunk of the world's antibiotics are made in India.
A majority of the world's counterfeit antibiotics are made in India.

Indians eat them like candies.For everything.Expect the first super-bacteria to come from there.

The products they make are even worse than chinese trash,that is a really low standard to beat in quality.

That's where it came from. They are immune against everything.


desu m8 he stole this from one of me lads

Fuck yourself feminised cuckold. Get a dildo and ram your own ass like a sissy that you are.

Actually, one more. And this is probably the best

Stay buttmad jayesh

Its also Gujarati pooinloo

I remember my fellow Aussie posting this the first time.

Filth. I love it.

Haha oh wow

white australian. indians are fine.

>you piece of shit
Jealous much?

>Get a dildo and ram your own ass like a sissy that you are.
>Indian priests are known to frequently buttfuck each other/insert objects in their anus

Your mustache is nothing but a dirty sanchez.

>Fuck yourself feminised cuckold. Get a dildo and ram your own ass like a sissy that you are.
Holy fucking shit someone is projecting

wtf greece

>reading all posts by poo in loos in your head with a thick Indian accent

Thank you come again


>tfw actually eating pumpkin soup while reading this
fuck u

Shit in her mouth


Get back on tech support Raj

Pure kino

Yep. Copypasta. Posted many times. And still no one has noticed that pores is spelt wrong.

Oh wow, based Pajeet bringing the bants. What are you? 5'/4" tall? Parents just wealthy enough to teach you english so you can move to Canada and work at Subway?

kek I love seeing Indian people comment on stuff. It's so fucking cringey.

indians just poop everywhere because they season their foods with nutritionally superior spices like turmeric and ginger, making their poop a healthy orange glow which fertilizes the ground for new life more effectively than any other fertilizer known to man

holy mother of god

where do you think the pakis and indians poo while they toil in the fields here? in the fucking loo?

worse is the fact that we actually have both migrating here. on the other hand, they hate each other so much, they do actually end up attacking each other over various issues. thankfully that is all they do thus far.


can someone explain why india floods our countries with human garbage like pic related

Is he covered in potatoes?

The fuck is wrong with you?