Cred Forums blown the fuck out

Cred Forums blown the fuck out.

when we find a way to separate all the cities, and infrastructure and achievements of our civilization from the soil in north america. Once we move all our cities out you can have your barbarian wilderness back.

Settlers aren't immigrants

you sold it to us for beads, bitch

you want it you can buy it back, but the price has gone up substantially

wtf i love illegal immigration now

When do we leave where? If you can answer this I'll leave.

they're not immigrants, they're conquerers. those filthy rapefugees are colonizing withouth fight, thanks to cuckservatives and the left wing

Who will write the welfare checks without us around?
We have a responsibility to provide poor victims of white violence(c) with gibs, after all.

why are you equating hostile conquest and immigration

Was it not a bit more conquering than immigrating?

You know how in Mardis gras women will show you their tits if you give them some beads? It's like that, except with thousands of miles of terrain.

conquerors =/= immigrants

Conquerors take by force and impose their own culture onto the people they conquer, immigrants in theory blend into society, adopting the culture of the people that took them in.

isn't it now?


if you move to a land with no laws and a dispersed group of tribes competing against one another for resources then you are no different then just another one of those tribes.

If your tribe sets out to expand and build a country. The strongest country in the world then i'm sorry but if your tribe is in the way its gunna have to go.

The Native americans raped and murdered and worshiped imaginary gods just like the rest of us. This reimagining of them as these peaceful, sincere, noble, morally righteous savages is just emotional liberal wordplay.


slavs are equivalent to russia how negros are to america

brought in as slaves by the Rus, only to be sold to the muslim buyers

Have always stayed as slaves till Alexander the 2nd, and rightfully resumed their status as such during the coming of communism

slavs should fuck off back to khazar shared kiev imho

Why is the red man red?

Why does he ask you How?

When did he first day ugh?

doesnt seem to be that way

if immigrants islamise then they conquer

Natives didnt believe in ownership of land, soooo we never stole anything that was anyones, it was literally up for grabs.

And we took it since no one else could stop us from claiming it

Is this a misquote?
How am I claiming that natives were peaceful?

Are you sure about this, friend?

I don't think you understand his comment...

>Natives didnt believe in ownership of land
This is an oft repeated myth. Plus it ignores the reasons for clashes between indian/indian and indian/white settlers.

>Not giving an ETA on the barbarian wilderness
no value add

This comes up atleast once a week

Guys, it's a simple picture reply.

Just post this then report and hide.

When will they?

No he misses the point. There was no country here to conquer to begin with just roaming packs of savages across an undeveloped landscape.

We came. We roamed better. We built this. Not them.

These people had no national identity. Fucking 2 miles over they were at war with the other ones.

We sold to them what they believed their land to be worth. I don't shed a fucking tear.