ITT: We name the worst groups of people in our countries and why we hate them

ITT: We name the worst groups of people in our countries and why we hate them.

>Abos- Pretty much the niggers of Australia but they all live in the desert so never met one.

>Lebanese- Bulk, racist fuckers that roam in packs and cause trouble.

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Romanians - Thieves and liars

What are gypsies like?

Over here the groups are called Liars, Perverts, Thieves, and Murderers. Never met one that wasn't terrible

I think this one is gonna stem to a lot of western European countries 2bh

I live in the East of England so no Muslims or blacks, BUT plenty of Romanians.
Though I'd say the absolute worst of the worst in our country is pikeys (British Isles gypsies that aren't necessarily of Romani heritage, but still could be).

Individually, pikeys are worse than Muslims, it's just that they don't have any organisational skills or any real fervour for anything, so they could never be quite as damaging as a whole. But there is not an English, Scottish or Welsh person alive who doesn't hate pikeys to some extent.

>Sandniggers, agessiv fuckes wich simply refuse to "funktion" in german society.
>Neonazis, fucking morons and idiots.

I live in western germany,
most blacks and slav's are pretty good people. Can't say much negativ things about them.

But most Sandnigger groups are just fucked.

Niggers no question. Wonder how much better things would be if they were never brought over here

Somalians - Violent criminals
Arabs - Violent criminals
Albanians - Violent criminals
Gypsies - Criminals
Iranians - Violent criminals
Serbs - Violent criminals
Croats - Violent criminals
Bosniaks - Violent criminals
Parliament - Traitors
Danes - The Eternal Enemy

Hates someone for being racist.
Uses the term "niggers".

I often wonder how things would be if whitey left the Natives alone too.

If it weren't for the Jews that you imported, Nigs wouldn't be a problem.

Niggers - There is no more violent and thieving a creature than the Americanized dindu. It is entirely a different breed from even the feralest of dindus in Africa, which look down upon the American dindu. Nothing else can compare, they are simply the worst quasi-humans to walk the planet

Spics - they fucking steal everything, murder people in a savage way, breed like rabbits, destroy once-white towns with garbage everywhere and taco stands and refuse to learn English

In no particular order

Bangladeshis (we call em Bangla)

Dirty, and rude people.

Niggers. They burn our neighborhoods to the ground because one of them got shot trying to burn someone's house down and still get white people to apologize for the whole affair...

You have GOT to be the most disgusting human-being

I highly doubt a nigger could type coherent sentences.

Go to fucking bed Alicia

kill yourself nigger

worthless human scum that take advantage of the system with our tex money by letting their kids go to our schools even when they here illegally. are outside every subway entries and every food store begging for money and cuck sweds are stupid enough to give it to them.

asshole tribes people that cheat and steal every chance they get. i only meet one Romani that was kind nice but he was a thief and would brag about it.

Spics can be decent but they have their fair share of fuck ups. Niggers are the fucking worst though.

Not a country but an American state, Minnesota:


where do you think you are?

gypis also go into trains and beg. ironically, they avoid arabs and blacks but always go to white people.

Fuck off nigger

We Hate everyone

Not the first time I've heard a Minnesotans say that.

The thing that surprises me the most are those serbian criminals in Sweden.

They tried that shit in Serbia, but there are some serious players there that don't allow idiots into organised crime. Then these pussies went to fucking Sweden to cause trouble. Should be hanged all of them.

But Serbs here in Norway are awesome. Apparently they can't come to Norway without some special documents, so the ones who come are academics.

White native Germans- pathetic feminized scum. Deserve to be put out of their misery.

thug life black people
nu males

desu some hood nigs are pretty cool if youre not a sperg autist same with the beans. Sjws of any race are the main cause of western degeneration.

Protip: Most niggers in Germany are also sandniggers

Liberals. You can't persuade these motherfuckers. There's too many, so they often try to win by numbers alone, and literally any site where you can challenge them is moderated by their ilk.

heres what they look like over here

gopniks and commies
never saw in the first in real life but the image they make up of us is terrible. commies for obvious reasons

1 and 2's not bad.

Would smash the chunker on the left.

Natives. We don't have a homegrown nigger problem like the US, and our immigration rules are relatively strict, but we do have the goddamn natives.

Spot the chink

>Abos- Pretty much the niggers of Australia but they all live in the desert so never met one.

Black fella here and I basically agree.

>plains natives
They live on reserves, get drunk on booze, high and gasoline, complain about white people and whine about wanting to be primitive again. Pretty much like Aussie abos except they're just defeatists and not retarded

>Torontonians, Vancouverites, and Montrealers
Liberal shithole melting pot. Pretty much Canada's Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

They refuse to pay taxes and live in run down shacks in the arctic, they despise white people and they'd rather go out and club seals everyday instead of go to a store. Pretty much anti-white modern hunters and gatherers and they only thing they're good at is riding dog sleds. Fuck em.

Annoying cunts who use their French heritage to feign ignorance about the rest of Canada despite 96% of them being bilingual. They also brag about how nationalist they are or how unique their culture is when they're the most liberal province in Canada and their culture is essentially "America 2: French Edition". Expect these faggots to break traffic laws regularly and respond to police with "I don't speaka da englaish :DDD" or "IN DA QUEBEC DA TRAFFIC LAW A DIFFERENT YA?"

muslims and nigger
why i hate them ? come on...


Always drunk or on drugs.

Always asking for spare change or smokes.

Always asking for some sort of handout and will steal your shit if you're not careful.

I get that as a group of people they've been expirenced a lot of subjugation over the years, but holy hell, it's like they've all collectively decided to give up. Honestly, it's more sad than anything. I feel more sorry for them than I am angry for having to put up with their shit. How can an entire group of people give up likeep that?

Gypsies and somalis, for obvious reasons.

Also Antifa-brand of leftists who are just extremely obnoxious and like to put their retarded stickers everywhere.

Clean up Australia. Bash a Leb today.

Been too long since these wog faggots have had a proper beat down. When we getting Cronulla 2.0 lads?

Tories - usually posh cunts, no idea what an honest days work actually entails, has no morals or empathy for his fellow countrymen.

Kippers - blame everything on immigration and the EU. You can better believe if there's a problem in your life they'll somehow be able to trace it down to the EU. Never spoke to a muslim in their life, timid as fuck compared to how they act online.

Chavs - underclass, usually vote ukip or bnp, should be gassed tbqh

True romanians are ok, I had a romanian gf some years ago and she was a qt devout catholic.
Gypsies on the other hand are disgusting.

pic is her.

Their culture is dead. They don't have an identity anymore. They gave up and whatever identity they have now is built around defeatism. It's quite sad, desu.

The only natives left in Canada that still actively hunt are all 50+ year old men, you can see documentaries about them talking about how nobody young wants to hunt anymore and how the youth are turning to crime and not learning native culture, these hunters sound really fucking sad when they talk about their youth.

Gypsies - stealing, ugly, bad smelling, mentally disabled scum from romania

Somalians - dont know math, dont know the alphabet, completly retarded, smells bad, ugly, steals shit, start fights, rapes people

do you have actual gyppos? like brown stealing white babies, living in hats made of tires gyppos?
my grandma said she was happy hitler killed them here

You got to realize its nothing racial more reactionary. Hard not to notice the stand out groups hanging around railways and some such drinking and yelling abuse.

Ive two 1/4 cast neices and nefus but soades a spade.

>>labourboo detected

I was too young for the riots. Remember watching them on the news with dad and laughing our asses off though.

Parasites on civilization. They beg, steal, occupy, vandalize, contaminate, and shit everywhere they go. Only the craziest of the SJWs defend them.

>not violent criminals

Native germans

>entitled as fuck
>working all day even though they could get money for doing literally nothing

Plus theyre all gays

japs and chinks

they all look like this.

are they still a thing?

Jews by far, descendants of soviet Bolsheviks who are literally all subversive scum who share the same exact opinions and actively work against whatever is best for you

mmm mmm mmmm


did she steal from you?

>pic related

Hindus- don't poo in loo

B-But wasn't Iran was bro-tier?

They're everywhere, their numbers are only multiplying.

>Gypsys: Get free money from government while paying 2€ rent and still sell bootleg shit (clothes, etc) they try their hardest to scare everyone into doin what they want and it mostly works.......

Shouldn't you be fighting pajeet? Seriously though, what's the situation over there?

Yes, my heart.
Nah, I moved to the south.
And I regret it now since my current gf is becoming a harcorde feminist

Oh it's fine mate, I'm already a mix breed. My wife is white, and I'll be making sure my kids won't be hooking up with any blacks.

I fully intend to see all the abo fucked out my descendants until it's nothing more than genetic background noise.

Sorry for racemixing Cred Forums, but it's for a good cause.

gyppos=lawbreaking seemingly untouchable gibsmedat taking numerous offspring having illegally building niggers of Europe


>Blacks - Race terrorism literally just go into whites houses to "rob" them and shoot someone on the way out for no reason, rudeness from 95% of males, passive aggressive even in incredibly inappropriate circumstances like waiter, tour guide. Idiotic about it to the point they will actually be cruel to white children. Black-specific 100% lethal bioterror has become a personal fantasy of mine.

>Philipinos - Exist only to export the GNP of the US to the Philippines and cannot be trusted unless they are a redpilled male. Never, ever, EVER touch a female one, you will literally bleed money if you even look at her.

>SJW - They are the rebirth of Soviet Union philosopher king bullshit, they are generally identifiable in person to me, I have actually been denied a job and fired from another by SJW for being a white male - one actually told me I don't need a job when my family is lower middle class and I had no job and they were telling me every day to get a job because I have to

All Slovenians are gypsies. Or did your turko albanian admixture got way over your head so you think you're better than them?

>is becoming a harcorde feminist
How does that even happen?

I show my gf things I see on Cred Forums and she's admitted to being ashamed of being a female.

-Arab Muslims. Violent. Lazy. Entitled. Fanatics.

-African Muslims. Violent. Lazy.

-Gypsies. Thiefs, beggars, liars. Can be violent in group.

-Bangladeshi. Tries to scam you.

-African Christians. Generally alright people. They still shouldn't be here.

-Leftsist. Traitors. Enablers.

-Native Jews. Masterminds. Sephardic Jews are slightly better, mostly just trashy.

sure thing, ethnically cleansed shitstain manlet, whatever you say

The one on the left has some dildo stabbing plans about the girl on the right

M8 come in Itay. You will see blacks being docile as sheep, their crime rates are much lower than native italians, they stick to themselves and their kids go to italian schools and speak italian.
I went to NY last year, i was shocked by how uppity your local niggers were

>ctrl+f polish

There you go, another anally devastated slovenoshit. Your girls get rammed by Mario's cock on the regular during August, next week i'm going to Lubjana and you can be sure i'm going to give my contribution in outbreeding you rats.

Yeah dude, but wait till these Ethiopian uncle toms get indoctrinated by sjws to seek reparations about their families being gassed to death by Mussolini

No, it's niggers and spics, he just said. dur.

The oven dodging Jews here from "Poland" are really terrible, but I've yet to meet a Jew that isn't terrible

I remember my first experience with a kike in college who gave a speech on "white privilege" prefaced with "us whites need to recognize" and later found out she founded a club for Jews

>Polys- fat, lazy, low-IQ wannabe niggers that bludge off welfare, rob dairies and make using Auckland public transport a nightmare.

>to seek reparations about their families being gassed

Yeah, they're getting a nice pair of concrete shoes if they even think about it

She's studying biology, which means 75% of her female friends are lesbians.
Anyway at least she admitted abortion is wrong (it's easier when she knows about biology and stuff)

-Arab Muslims. Violent. Lazy. Entitled. Fanatics.

-African Muslims. Violent. Lazy.

-Gypsies. Thiefs, beggars, liars. Can be violent in group.

-Leftsist. Traitors. Enablers.

-Native Jews. Masterminds. Sephardic Jews are slightly better, mostly just trashy.

-Surinamese, often violent, lazy.

- Antilleans, Violent, lazy

Most common groups are Moroccans followed by Surinamese.

they will eventually arrest you for picking up middle school chicks even though your height might fool them at first the ruse won't last once you open your feminine piehole

ditto, it's actually funny how I get to fuck your prudish catholic girls when they go on a vacation and you get none of that at your earthquake stricken premises

Italians are oviously the niggers of Europe

Our niggers are literally the worst.



>White trash

Most UK nigs are pretty based so I let them off

A stern warning from the wise, old village gypsy


t. British nigger

The first and only time I ever went to the UK I was mugged at knife point by a nigger

I'd say gypsies are the most problematic. They commit quite a lot of thievery, have mastered the art of gibmedat and are often seen travelling in large groups of up to 15 people in a single, unlicensed family van (they give the expression a whole new meaning).

We have very few blacks or any other ethnic groups for that matter and they're all pretty much very friendly and not problematic at all.

Also: lol'd @ Italians calling Slovenes gypsies.

Crime is up 13% in Victoria due to the influx of African scum

consider yourself lucky it's only 13%, every single city with a nig population over 20% here happens to be the top 100 cities in crime with places like camden and east st louis being more dangerous than even Honduras or Africa

Crime is up 13% in Victoria because it's not multicultural enough.

Aboriginals are objectively the worst race of human beings in the world. Your niggers may dindu nuffin, but they come at least close to normal human sentience. Aboriginals can barely be regarded as human beings. They're incredibly stupid, especially full blooded ones, which is why they are segregated from normal people.


I grew up in north London and have no idea what my fellow bong is talking about. Niggers came here from the countries they ruined and ruin everything they touch once they arrive. They're the absolute worst.

>gypsies: criminal scum who live on gibsmedats and way less of them assimilate than googles in the US
>jews: they are still strong in the media and the political left

That's all. Our nigger population is insignificant and because we don't give them free shit they behave relatively well (other than making a few coalburner single-mothers), same about arabs/turks (minus the single mother part).

We also have a lot of chinks/gooks, who tend to work and don't really cause troubles (except some gooks growing weed and shit), though they are great at tax evasion. Then again, even our locals are great at evading taxes.

I forgot to t. It
>t. World traveller and eugenecist

>which is why they are segregated from normal people.

Hardly the worst outcome considering we are expected to live with lebs.

Southeners from Andalucia and gyppos were used to be the vermin of our country but africans are the worst for a simple reason: people haven't realized yet.

You see a gyppo and you immideately don't relax but you see a nigger and you think of the guys that are on the streets selling cheap shit and you're like "ok I don't want any sunglasses or anything" but then you get raped or assaulted or even beat the crap out of you if you're old.
Southeners are similar to gyppos in the sense that they look short of spanish but sound dumb and goofy so people laugh but all of a sudden 5 of them gang rape a teenager in a party and it's like wtf.

If abos were extinct when your ancestors arrived they'd have been considered a missing link in the evolution of modern homo sapiens and fully archaic

I remember trying to communicate with some abo in Australia and what it spoke was ape like and it didn't understand anything, it was more like visiting a zoo than speaking to a human being

Then my tourist leader called me a bigot just for talking to one clearly trying to hide the fact they are subhuman from outsiders

Caucasus people (hachi) - niggerish behavior, often involved into organized crime, huge gibsmedats to Chechnya.

Central Asians (churki) - flooding all the major cities and taking over the low-quality jobs. Despised by Russians, but not much of a problem, desu. Especially after the rouble collapsed.

Gypsies - do the same shit as everywhere else (fraud, pickpocketing, illegal settlements), the most annoying group on everyday level, should be shot at sight.

I know. I've met francophone blacks who are like, humans, with feelings and a normal-sized ego. But it's very clear our black cultural problem is not going to go away, they're determined to keep it around at all costs, the parents openly teach their children to hate whites and laugh about it. They've abandoned the Ghandi-derived MLK tactics that made us give them rights in favor of Only Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panther Vaugely Jihadi Party. Even if you assume the worst and cast them as genetically 20% dumber that doesn't automatically make them like this, no, this is intentional and pronounced and the fact they Can But Won't is exactly what makes it so disgusting. Every once in a while you see the black kid who just wants to be left alone to watch anime and play pokemon. What do his fellows do? Treat him as if he's white. No, these people have to go.

Oh and they all have this ridiculous fantasy that we went over to Africa and chased them down and kidnapped them when the fact is we just fucking bought them on the cheap from their own cultural enemies who were just selling prisoners of war because whynot.jpg. If you bring this up it becomes the moon landing conspiracy - "that's white history" "we're really Egyptian" and so forth. Meanwhile they're the first minority to arrive here yet the only one to not integrate - something is so obviously wrong the deniers look like a saturday morning cartoon. The outliers aren't worth the reality.

Gypos, no reason to explain


Fucking Chuukese

Pretty much this. I relaxed near sandniggers, because well, they're everywhere. Those fuckers were waiting to see me alone and tried to rob me.
One of them even punched my grandpa in the back and stole his goods last year.

I don't relax anymore and i always carry some weapon with me. fuck them, niggers, gippos, arabs, all of them.


When visiting various grandparents and other people who remember war perfectly, I've noticed that opinions on jews were varied. Sometimes they hated some individuals, sometimes they loved all of them sometimes they hate all. In general the loss of jewish minority in Holocaust was quite a shock for the country.

However, what few people mention is that gyppos were the second worst subhumans after jews and tons of them died in deathcamps. The reason why people generally ignore them is that even most buttblasted liberals and jews hate those people. If somebody would start genocide them again nobody would bat an eye, you'd get congratulation letter from ADF and Israeli government while woman's studies' professors would show that person as an example of do-gooder.

that kid in school that wore nothing but plain sweaters, only knew how to draw cars and dragons(very well) and his dad only listened to ac/dc.

i fucking hate them.

Usually only towards each other. I'm fine with that.

Not in my experience.

i'm lebanese. i have a ss commodore with a "love it or leave it" decal on the rear windshield and a southern cross on the quarter panel.

anyway it's true, we're racist as fuck. it's hilarious when we're used as an example of multiculturalism.

but that said, i'm equally racist towards lebanese. there's plenty of hardworking and professional lebanese in this country but the gangs and drug dealers always get the most press

>chinks and japs are the worst of your country
>in the country filled with niggers, indians, paki's and more niggers

Floridian here. Gotta say that Haitians are annoying as fuck and ask for hand-outs 24/7 and always use the "Mah home be rubble." Then there are the typical niggers in Sanford and Pine Hills. These are hood rats that chimp out all the time and constant shootings. Most spics here are alright as long as they are legal. Legals here absolutely despise the illegals and get into a lot of shit.

woah. Holy shit you guys are racis. Fuck dere og jeg håper at dere vokser opp



Pretty much this.
Where u about fellow Dutchbro?
Leave the randstad, it can't be saved!

Liberals. They always do stupid shit like cede control of the net just because a few third world countries complained.

Somalians. Even other blacks absolutely despise them.

Romanians (both regulars and gypos): literally scum
Terroni: true plague of this country

While I'd like to say Abbos the only ones I've met are 1/9000 whites in it for the free gibs.
So i'm gonna say Mudslimes and Greens voters

Anyone who's not white - subhuman, off to the ovens.

Anyone who's white but doesn't speak Dutch - annoying faggots who should learn Dutch. And I don't think it's funny, cool or flattering when they're like "I love kroketten" or something else shallow about my country. Of course you do. Why do you think people eat them? It's not some acquired taste haute cuisine thing, so just eat them and shut the fuck up about it.

Anyone who's ethnic Dutch and retarded - off to the ovens.

Moroccans: Street "children" who are literally only here to rape, steal and get away with it.

>10% of London
>commit 90% of gun violence

Pakistanis, certainly, disgusting inbred freaks
Gypsies/Romanians, pretty much same as above

Tronders and Bodoværinger desu. absolute fuckEN mongoloids.

>t. Ostfold hællæ

dumb bitch don't hold a auto pipette sideways REEEEEEE

>mfw they getting beat up by football hooligans and other gangs
>Swedish media losing its shit over it.

Well you know how to use a keyboard so at least you're smarter than 98% of abbos

Why u hate Danes? Because you are jelly?

no contest


>Alete Alete stop being Nazis

Almere. White women with black boyfriends everywhere, bitter people and violent shitskins in general. But I got to wait a while before I can finally move.

hee ik woon ook in Almere
in welke wijk woon je?


Niggers of EU.

I have yet to meet a Gypsy i wouldnt get into an argument or a fight with if ever forced to interact with them.

Somalis - scum of the earth, smelly, dumb, lazy, ugly google skittles, only good at getting more gibsmedats than they legally should.

Gypsies - drug-pushing nuisance, camping out in public areas and making an Africa-tier mess.

"Native" gyppos, romanian gyppos, sudacas, maghrebis and blacks.

>hates japs and chinks most
>says they all look like qt3.14 in pic
>completely ignores the fact that country is being ruined by brown people


They are the niggers of Europe.

Albanians. They are worse than the jew.

>money for doing literally nothing
Not really, the social system is a joke, only if you migrate illegal you get literally money for doing nothing besides destroying our country.

What I hate most are the Arabs and young Turkish guys, they're the most aggressive. Most older Turkish people are very nice, not all of them though.
Oh and Romas ofc, although this problem is very small atm.

You recieved the worst lebs, while France received the best

jews, then niggers, then the other shades of shit, then americans

>not africans
>not muslims
>but poles who work hard

t. Ahmed

lmao fuck off jacek

wow, it's like your first experience with blacks or something.

>They are the niggers of Europe.
Its funny since you got actual niggers now everywhere

Moroccans - They hang around in groups while causing trouble for almost everyone around them

Somalians/Eritreans/Afghans/Pakis - Scum of the earth. I've never met one who was a functioning member of society.

SJW's - The worst of them all. Too indoctrinated by the Jew to see the problems within society that certain groups cause while blaming white people for everything and crying racism when someone goes against them

You multiply like flies.

Amerindians Brown shits
They are short and smell bad
They're the most propence group to be in cartels and otters criminal groups
Brown people in general.
Also the commies in Ciudad de México

northern africans != actual niggers

They are way worse, sandniggers.

Danes. They're short and fat.

They sound awful.


>dat image


Turks/Kurds (no, there is actually no difference).
They live in their own parallel society, don't integrate and the third generation of them still can't speak German properly.

kek saved

Berber moroccans

I dare someone to be inside a room for a day with this playing on repeat.

Holy shit, she's pretty

the asian immigrant "natives" were savages and needed to be subjugated


Come here, fuck shit up, don't put anything back in to the system, lie and steal.

Crazy religious child rapists, do i need to say more?

They cuck our country out to anyone who wants it.

They vote the politicians in even though their children are at this very moment being raped by the refugee they are housing

Well, now, hold on there, OP.

I think the worst group of people in your country is actually just Australians.

Here in Chile we are pretty much mixed up but the pure full blooded mapuches are pure cancer. Its like African Congress

They literally murdered a couple of old german descent because they were white and had a farm. They burned the house too.

They burn trucks and small depots on the Araucania on almost a daily basis and drop pamphlets asking for the liberation of literally all jailed inmates because "muh presos politicos"

Leftists of course are not doing a thing and are acting on their favour.

Fucking niggers Mapuche genocide when

>Literally everyone that is not czech - they ar enot czech

>true finns
Uneducated lowest class scum

I don't even bother...

Whiny idiots

>centre party
Rural hillbillies

Not sure what you mean by blacks...

The Natives from where I'm from are generally pretty chill and will leave you alone once you tell them you don't have any change or smokes. 99% of my physical interactions are like this and its usually just some middle aged guy stumbling around the city by himself trying to get even more fucked up.

There's a subset of younger native men who've adopted nigger culture and act like niggers. They'll be the ones who jump you.

In my job I have to occasionally provide over the phone support to Natives living in small isolated communities. Jesus fucking Christ, those people like thier liquor. Trying to have an over the phone conversation is impossible. They'll usually be drunk and irate.

About 1000 years of enmity is not easily forgotten, Preben.

You are the enemy. Always has been, always will be.
It's no longer any political or religious or economic cause. It is how it must be, until the end of the world.

Nuummiut, most annoying shits I've ever met.
Tunumiut, almost the same level as Nuummiut, but even more hopeless.

Central belt scots, all drug users or nu-males and feminists.

Highlanders are based as fuck though and their woman are hot as fuck.

maronites aren't too bad ;)

I think I read or heard a long piece on the Somali problem in Minnesota. How are they even getting out there?


Ausbros get in here


"Communist" niggers who wish to turn SA into Zimbabwe 2.0

You know shit is bad when muslims are seen as the sensible ones.

>your height might fool them

nigger im like 6,2 and im still growing
the fuck are you on

>still growing


Negros - Loud, they steal, they cause violence

from least worst to worst
>Vietnamese: basically spics with a better cultural and racial work ethic
>Illegal spics: leeches, criminals, and cultural wastes but we can get rid of them
>Legal spics: like illegal spics but we can't get rid of them
>Niggers: No explanation needed

Stay strong swedebro, time of reckoning is at hand.