Pence is going to need some of our meme magic to Kream Kaine in the VP Debate, folks.
Let's give him some MEME power.

Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Waukesha WI 9/29/16
>Trump on ORLY 9/29/16
>Pence Rally in Leetonia OH 9/28/16
>Trump Rally in Council Bluffs IA 9/28/16
>Trump meets Pol American Cong Chicago IL 9/28/16

>Trump Rally in Melbourne FL 9/27/16
>Trump TH at Miami Dade College FL 9/27/16
>Trump stops at Miami Diner 9/27/16
>First Presidential Debate 9/26/16
>Pence Rally at Milford, NH 9/26/16
>Trump Rally in Roanoke VA 9/24/16

>Trump on F&F 9/27/16
>Trump/Hannity Post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/Bloomberg post debate 9/26/16
>Trump on Full Measure 9/25/16

>The Lion
>Trump Ad: Movement]
>Deplorables Unite]
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero

Other urls found in this thread: paid to lie&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari

Ayy, fill this one up first:

I can't believe we have come this far.

This truly is the best timeline.

I'm glad I'm alive for this

Serbia is a shitty nasty little country

what is adl and why should anyone listen to those crazies?


>Pence looks like Race Bannan

>Kaine looks like a child molester

It think Pence will do just fine.



And you shouldn't.



Pence will do just fine since people see Kaine as the beta boy since he follows Hillary.

It's a bunch of Jews kvetching over nothing more than their own paranoid delusions. Literally that's it.



Serbia you forget to put on the proxy

You think the media realizes they are acting the same way German media acted in the Weimer republic?

Trump is doing well in the LA Times tracking poll.

Now, how can both these be true?

1) Hillary consistently polling +3 to +5

2) Trump will get a monster 70 million vote

The polls suggest Hillary will match or exceed Obama's win over Romney. My gut feeling tells me that isn't right

What gives?




The comfiest rallies are Pence Rallies.

It's not a debate, it's pence baking us fresh cookies while a fat Yid loses his shit outside.

Why are they so cute together?

>yfw current year man poses with an actual terrorist

I wake up every day wishing we had 80's/90's Trump running for president.

Jews who decide what pictures offend people

>judging a beauty pageant contestant on the content of her character and not her looks
wew lad

Pence is honestly a beautiful man, no homo.



>newt gingrich is fat
wew lad, hes not in a beauty contest

>mfw all this tight anime pussy for trump and kek

I'm sorry I ever doubted the choice. He was a great pick for VP.



How many illegals do you know irl?

How happy will you be when they are deported?

did he smoke some PCP?

Wow morning cuck is even worse than I remembered

>Is gaining weight a problem
>Be thin as fuck

I used to work with 2 illegals at a pizza place.

They were pretty cool desu desu

go harder

>Fight bodyshaming with bodyshaming!
>Fight fascism with fascism!
>Fight racism with racism!
The 2010's are weird.


So when's the VP debate?

Man they really btfo King Leaf there

fucking a had to turn off mornigjew, too much cuck

what was that ad

Oct 4

Not an argument

I knew a few at school, they weren't obnoxious cholo's or beaners, mostly quiet and reserved.

They still need to go.

>tfw you will never find a good wife and raise kids to be great people

he'll make it into a capital offense and I'm looking forward to my beheading

I know one, he's a nice guy, but he needs to go back.

Gotta have my morning Joe folks! :)

Trump isn't going to win

>this episode of morning kuck

>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump victories every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump interviews every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to read trump tweets from @POTUS every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will post in a President Trump General every day
>tfw trump will repair america in your lifetime
>tfw america won't turn into mexico because trump will deport 15 million and the wall will prevent any more from coming in
>tfw the political spectrum will move right, and every future president will be somewhere between a trumpublican and a white nationalist
>tfw guns and other rights will be preserved because trump will appoint at least 3 supreme court justices, tilting the supreme court conservative for your lifetime
>tfw america will rise again, and destroy china and its allies
>tfw america will forever be the most powerful nation on earth, while europe will be cucked beyond repair
>tfw the white race will finally win the war against international jewry and preserve western civilization forever.

>tfw you never had a father as good as Pence
Hurts just as bad.

Why do you faggots watch Morning Joe when you just complain about it?

Lol why the fuck would you watch that filthy kike programme and not fox and friends


the more I learn about pence, the more repulsed I am.
this guy is an establishment neocon

My cousin is staying in Canada illegally, but who cares its a fucking leaf.

i'll cum for your last post then


Simple! Gotta have my morning Joe!

Stockholm Syndrome


fox and friends is literally retarded, ainsley a cute, but they are pretty stupid

A few. They're all great people so I'll be pretty pissed.

For the luz


Better than fuelling the anti trump Jew machine every day

Why do you want europe to get cucked user? I also support Trump and people like him in our country.


post proof

If you're ONLY hope is to steal the election then you had better fix the polls too. If Hillary was down 15 pts and then mysteriously won, all hell would break loose.

Right now, their ONLY hope is to rig the vote.

>almost as many people are leaving back to Mexico as are coming here from Mexico
Where do liberals get this absurd idea?



All polls are (((adjusted))) based on 2012 voter turnout. We aren't getting 2012 voter turnout. Simple as that


>i understand the anger and frustration
I want to pop Steve Case in the face each time he says that. That is not an answer

The same place they get this idea that Obama created millions of jobs when they're all part time jobs

from dayli bordercrossings maybe?

Holy fuck boys.

Call me a noob, but I just heard a pundit talking about how he thought about voting Trump but he never gave any clear policies, still hasn't, he's too unstable

>Tfw he's given multiple policy speeches with detail
>Tfw he met with the president of Mexico
>Tfw he gave speeches on
>Foreign policy
>National security

Today I realized that the pundits in media really are paid shills.

I don't mean they get paid and lean a certain way, I mean they get paid to outright lie and they know it

They get told what to say and how to argue it

Jesus Christ...

Even if it was true, what kind of argument is that anyway?
>Oh shit, I constantly have burglars coming into my house, I better lock the door
>But look, some burglars leave your house again, so why would you secure it in the first place?

Where is Steven "the Killer" Miller at? I haven't seen him in a long time.

>A new report claims Trump's company violated the US trade embargo against Cuba -- details from @kurteichenwald


yeah we need europe's help to turn back the tides and cleanse the source

Didn't you post this in the last thread?

Despair is addicting and fun to share with everyone

especially when F&F is much more /comfy/.

He speechwriter now

He's been delegated to 'chief policy advisor' and speechwriter

last I heard he was behind the scenes working on some kind of solution?

yes he is a shill working for online gambling bucks

>July 28, 2016

It's nothing

i'm only alive because i feel an obligation to not kill myself like my brother did so if i can die for something retarded like my co/l/lection that would be great

The assumption is that they're clinging to 2012 levels of support for each party, whereas the turnout is likely going to be totally different this time around.

Look at the margins Obama WON by and compare them to states today

>ME - 15%
>WA - 15%
>OR - 12%
>NM - 10%
>ME(2) - 9%
>MN - 8%
>WI - 7%
>NH - 6%
>IA - 6%
>NV - 6%
>PA - 5%
>CO - 5%
>VI - 4%
>OH - 3%
>FL - 1%

G-guys .... Trump fell 0% in the LA times poll.

Trump has been stumped.

It's over.

A Jeb! surge is our only hope at this point.

Thank you. I think we can cooperate while maintaining the best interests of our western civilization. People are getting sick of governments and EUs shit over here, anti-globalist parties are getting more and more support.
I just hope Hofer wins the elections in Austria.

This got me thinking. Trump supporters like you and me do it for free. A lot of us even post in enemy territory for free. Hillary needs to pay people to post about her positively online. Isn't that sad?

Nobody gives a fuck about Cuba. Never did.

Statue of limitations on any crime that might have occurred is long over by their own admission.
Its a shitty hit piece.
Hell, given how desperate they are, and how far back they say it happened, it might not even be true. I would not put it past the media to now be making up outright fabricated stories to try and stop Trump.
This one is clearly aimed at the Cuban dispora in Florida which are not voting for illary at all.
They would do anything to reverse that, even lie.

A final solution I hope

Can Trump really win?

I mean Hillary has so many famous politicians campaigning for her in all swing states right now. Trump only has Pence. Trump/Pence ould have to do 4 rallies everyday to compete against them.

I think it's time to realise that it's over

>implying the EU won't rigg it again
Unless the amount of people votes overwhelmingly for Hofer like people voted for brexit nothing will happen.

I would never have expected that Jeb! would be the one to stump the Trump.

Even our guy Joe said earlier Trump is way above the level of support Romney is getting

I never understood how polling works by using an obsolete data.

Putin pays me in hot pockets

We used to shame all the scum that bum illegally in other countries. We call them TNT - tago ng tago, always in hiding. It's kinda become a non-issue with the surge of labor exportation making most of them legal work visa holders/permanent residents/citizens.

>Christopher Hitchen's article about #BillsRapes


Wish he paid me in hot pockets.
I only get one plate of chicken tendies a week. Its criminal.



This is what I dont get about the trump campaign, hes the highest polling republican ever yet all these polls have him losing? like that doesn't really add up

Oh Sweden.

shut up and post lolis

Does anyone have vids of protesters getting btfo at trump rallies? The cameras never move when there's a protester and I hear them all the time but never get to see them getting rekt


I can't believe they didn't scrap that bullshit postal voting. I hope maybe more people will go to the election now that they've seen how far are jews willing to go.

>extraordinary inefficiency within a Trump campaign
I'm a #AllepoFellow now

How can Hillary and Trump win, when Gary Johnson is the only one talking about Aleppo? He will get 100% of the Syrian vote

Pence will soundly trounce that beta-cuck Kaine.

I was, but the mod said I wasn't allowed to anymore.



We surrender our country to the muslims for the greater good so you other folks can see how bad multiculturalism is.

You should be thankful

Nigga was fully gray haired in his 20s


i love you

Holy fuck Im with her now.

inconvenient nerds

(((PPP))) post-debate polls are too bad for us, folks.

Clinton +2 in FL and NC, +6 in PA, VA and CO

FL: C+3
NC: C+4
PA: C+5
VA: C+6
CO: C+7

Boehner for president?

Pic related

that image tho

tired of old farts being president at 70


Goodbye America

Trump should have been more prepared, you just can't show up like it's an normal highschool debate. This is tough business. You need to rehearse together with master advisors. You need to have all answers in your head and just repeat them in the debate like an autist

Jesus johnson is getting fucking roasted

That's one of my favorite awoos.

Trump supporters...

Do you endorse this dangerous behavior?

Was it necessary to press charges also?

>tfw kaine does so badly he costs shilldog the election

It's over boys.

Time to pack up

I met a couple. One is a polish guy, he went legal five years ago or so, he's a swole dude.
The other is a Chilean spic who has to go back and die in his shithole. I'll be happy if he gets deported and drowns on the way back

Who else /quittingandgoingonthehillarydole/ if Trump loses? I literally see no reason to keep working and caring about life if Hillary wins. I'm just going to say fuck it and become a parasite draining the system. Probably gain 300 pounds and force the government to pay for my medical shit, too. I'll be the biggest asshole possible.

i really love this pic.

Holy shit look at that view count.

Look at that like count.

Are we looking at the next president?

If only I could read the language of river bathing barbarian's, oh well.

Consider my record (((corrected))) etc., etc.

>6 trillion
oy vey

absolutely not. I can't support Trump any longer after seeing that

A very subtle shill
here, have an extra 0,05




I'm seeing that American Pride ad a lot on sites.

Posting bestiality here

>low amps

God if I was the owner I'll raise the amps and kill the liberals.

Here's to hoping that libs don't care and Hofer landslides it.

That's a good idea actually. I think I'll do the same.

Where will you be when Kaine winks, touches Pence's hand and does other uncomfortably gay things at the debate and seals it for Trump?

Hahaha fag got what he deserved

Whens the VP debates?

Fuck yes
In my times, that thief would have his hands cut out

Well yes, if white men can't satisfy their women, their women are going to fuck animals

Owner should countersue with tresspassing and attempted theft or vandalism.



I'm he won the debate undoubtedly so obviously this is shilling from the PPP people. Notice how it's one letter off from a certain TPP bill. They though we wouldn't notice.

You're looking at the next Emperor.

Clinton is dull compared to Obama

Romney is dull compared to Trump

+ the data from Dem/GOP primaries, plus anecdotal evidence of huge rallies for one vs the other

That's WHY I can believe the flawed polling method theory

It's more likely to me that -at best- Hillary is +2 in a neutral sample + shy Trump voters + Hillary is on a relative high

I look for a value bet and Trump Popular Vote is what I'm mulling over

My heart & head say Trump outperforms Romney and Hillary MIGHT match Obama '12 if the turnout is high but even that may not be enough for her


Jesus Christ lads I just saw this ad clipped down on MSNBC-

It's fucking 8 months old

>and what is ______?
What did he say Trump Gen?

Your post is now reported to the FBI

Go away, Hans.


>SC turning blue for Clinton
MJ living in fantasy land again

Second season never.

Obamacare is dying
>When Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey announced recently that it’s $46 million in debt and shutting down, it became the 17th failed ObamaCare co-op since the Affordable Care Act launched three years ago.

>Those failures – just six of the original 23 co-ops remain – have left hundreds of thousands of people scrambling for coverage.

>niggers in charge of anything

Oh fuck that CO poll

>35 D
>36 R
>29 I

i-is it over?

did you really want to see MC make out with the blonde in front of berry loli?


Hillary is going to flip Texas and Georgia this year lmao, you Trumpniggers better get those nooses ready come election night

If Hillary wins there's literally no reason not to an hero.

was the pill tough to swallow?

Don't give them replies.

Let them starve.

Now apply that same template of knowledge to everything. If everyone lies to push their own agenda how do you separate the truth?

> Why, oh why, didn't I take the blue pill?

Wow can't even blame rigged polls this time.

Looks like its over.


Okay, you have a point. Good things in excess are also bad.

user paid to lie&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari

we always have our memories

>posting jewgle links
You know better than this, senpai.


I'm almost tempted to rewatch Henneko, it was comfy as hell.



Isn't Trump like 100000 votes ahead in florida in early voting?


its literally a joke how bad they are


How can anyone believe that Trump can win? He's not backed by the establishment, the media and the celebrities.

He doesn't have the money. To win you need MONEY


And Trump doesn't have that. Even if he begins to spend, Hillary will spend 6000000 times more money on ads

No, ballots from Republicans have come in at that rate.

I'm not surprised, Al Eppo's voter base is leaving him in droves, considering that by sheer coincidence he's gone full retard now that Hillary's losing. FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS, ISN'T IT

you know they ask if they voted obama or romney in 2012

remember we literally said this exact thing was going to happen, all is going according to plan

You're right...Former Trump supporter here...I bought all his hats and went to all his rallies but me and my fellow MAGA's agree that Trump is stumped and it's time to get serious, that is why I am now endorsing Hillary Clinton for president

Colorado voter party affiliation is perfectly split.

Shut up and look at it.

>money solves everything
Yeah just ask the Republican Candidate, Jeb!


>anti semetic frog endorses hillary

sounds about right

There isn't one single instance of polling in the whole election where Jeb! or HRC can actually point at a case of ads having any effect whatsoever. She's outspending him by some outlandish amount and still losing bigly.




Wait what are these PPP polls, Trump was up the other day?

you're just a big whore for (You)'s

c'mere bby i'll give you what you want

America doesn't like the Bush family anymore. Jeb would have needed to spend 1000000000000 million to win

But money is everything. You can't let Hillary run anti-Trump without having any anti-Hillary ads, that's suicide

Has anyone considered that they could just lie?

"oh yeah we totally ran this poll goys"

I polled 879 people this week, results:

Clinton 58%
Trump 10%

sample: 55% Republican 45% Democrat 5% independent

>he number of absentee ballots cast by Florida Republicans in 2008 beat the Democratic number by some 15 points, this year that gap narrowed dramatically to fewer than 5 points. In fact, the total number of absentee ballots cast in Florida so far is more than 2 million, up 8.7% from 2008. That brings the early-voting total in Florida (in-person and absentee ballots) to almost 4.5 million — more than in 2008. (In 2008, Florida had 11.2 million registered voters; this year it’s 11.5 million, so the total early-voter share of the state electorate is still about the same, around 38%.) In all, Democrats have cast almost 250,000 more early votes than Republicans have, and that number could climb when all the outstanding absentee ballots have come in. Obama likely ends up with an early-vote lead in Florida of about 5 points.

>take poll
>start writing in democraps and independents
>numbers even out but clinton leads

its so easy a caveman can do it

It worked the entire primaries

Hillary is going to go up for a little while. Once the second and third debates happen I think trump will have it in the bag. Remember he left so much on the table at the first debate where as she blew her whole load in one go.

Also a lot of these are states where she should be a minimum of 10+ points ahead.

Yes, that's why about a 46% of the people thought they were seeing Trump ads while none were airing in the media
Money doesn't solve everything anymore

The guy who removed the papers from Hillary's podium has been identified as George Lewis, ex NBC employee.

His wife was killed in an unexplained car accident exactly 2 weeks before the debate.

*as independents

suspicious isn't it

Goddam pochaco is a fucking blimp. Bet you could drawn in all that titty

seeHe does more than just remove the papers.

wtf man

You just know the papers had the questions Lester Holt was going to ask and her prepared response.

I hate this world so goddamn much.

No, I stopped trusting media a while ago. I just thought they were leaning and pushing their side, I never realized it was outright intentional lies. Huge difference.

What makes me sad is the normies buy it as actual opinion and information, the media completely controls the narrative.

Most people know "Ah, you know, it's the media, they spin things but the story is generally true" -- They don't know the depth of the subversion.

There is only one obvious answer here user, and it is what I am attempting do, and what I wish everyone was trying to do -- is to find it for yourself.

I'm honestly only just now being redpilled on media. Whatever they decide to talk about, is what people talk about and the focus of how they see things.

It only makes me respect Trump more and how he's beating them.

its easy to pull shit like this when its so easy to cover it up and have the media cover it up aswell as not breathing down your neck

what was his security clearance


What if I told you this was nothing new?

Welcome to the club Tod

the Rasmussen of the left. total shit polls, and I'm a liberal.

>responding to Sweden


As much as I want to agree, PPP has been okay this year desu.

what if trump instead of handshaking (((lester))) he smacked his hand into his ear and ripped out the earpiece like he was Mike Tyson himself.

PPP is a democrat firm.

Pochaco is not only titty user

brothers, remember to post that all polls are rigged when shills post evidence of a post-debate Hillary surge!

that is much more MAGA than admitting that he did a shitty job and white women are once again flocking back to Hillary.

don't be tempted by reality! keep the delusion strong! kek wills it!

literally jews

Here they come like I and many others predicted. The unexplainable massive drop in MSM polls following the debate. Don't trust the polls, ever.

Kill yourself.

Would have been funnier if he had gone over to illary's podium, picked up her notes and started absently flicking through them, then taken them over to Holt and dropped them on his desk before shaking his hand.
And he never says anything about what was in them, or what they were, to anyone at all.

That would have been based.


Nice try, CTR.

Give it a rest lad.

How can we complain about it if we don't watch it?

Nobody cares about the VP debates.

I would believe you, and it only makes it that much harder to talk to normal people.

I don't have any cool "redpilled my friend" stories because I literally don't even know where to begin.

I almost lost a couple of friends the other night because they started talked about BLM.

I shit you not, granted I was drunk, I immediately revealed my powerlevel and instantly started talking about how the general I.Q of Africa is 70, we took our slaves from there, Africa is Africa, why would we expect any different from them?

I was able to back my way out of it, but holy fuck I can't even talk to people anymore without triggering them.

roll the dice, pay the price, that cocksmoke knew what he was doing.

What's funny to me is he's grieving and crying I'm sure, but no doubt he suspects something between the Clinton Foundation and her death only to lie and attempt to convince himself it was truly an accident. He's going to live with that for the rest of his life.

Is he ok?

I'm sick of this anime shit and /awoo/
I've let it slide for slave year at this point but I can't handle it, why the hell is the Cred Forums atmosphere filled with anime bitches in Maga hats. Fucking weak shit, go to one of the other dozen boards for anime and post trump shit, spread the word, but keep foreign cartoons tf outta here, 35% import tax.

he's fine


Anyone watching Maria on Fox Business? What's this about FED execs contributing to Clinton's campaign?

>How it feels to chew 5 gum

there is no rest for the wicked

if only we could mass redpill idiots like Hitler did




Why didn't you start out with George Soros giving those nogs money to trash cities and shoot police?

Joe is Joe

found the most cancerous thing I've ever seen:

the tweets in this are just 100% concentrated shitlib

doc said to take some paracetamol and call him in the morning

Its debate time, dahnald

Nice digits.

Does morning joe like restart at 8 or something? I feel like I've heard this already

>if only we could mass redpill idiots like Hitler did
This is why Trump must win.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Is this the year of Clownposting?

only until 830, then they wrap up

Ok goyim, red pill me about Florida absentee ballots.

Currently registered GOP has 117% of the requested votes of Dems. 43.6 to 37.3


>We note that in Florida there is a notable partisan divide on absentee voting. Registered Republicans in Florida are likely to use this form of convenience voting much more than their Democratic counterparts, and in the 2008 General Election Republicans had a 10.8 percent lead
over Democrats voting absentee ballots through Election Day. Forty-seven percent of those who voted absentee were
Republicans and 36 percent were Democrats.

Not even upset

It's probably coming desu, not to be cringe but "The Lion" video isn't exactly wrong.

>Until one day, that lion gets up and tears the shit out of everyone

It's not going to be pretty as long as this shit keeps up, they're forcing an ugly situation

user I was wasted, I wanted to just get to the heart of the issue asap with no fucks given and redpill some people. Maybe it's just me, but when I'm drunk my empathy/sympathy/tolerance/patience go out the window.

I become a walking/talking redpill of the harshest possible version. This is why I don't get wasted in public anymore.

bullshit ballots being mailed in from overseas that were supposed to go our military overseas. Obama kept it to himself in 2012 and hes doing it again.

google it


October surprise time

falling barbell kills him

It's time for getting DuMB w Dr. Q!

Hillary is a Trump plant.

what's the analysis on the morning consult poll showing hillary with a 4 point debate bounce from (((politico)))?

Dangerous shit, man. I hope Julian knows what he is doing.

Of course, it could just be some shit related to his legal case.

Did more digging, and I'm increasingly worried about Florida

>Thirty percent (30%) of those who voted early in the 2008 general election were registered Republicans, while 52% were registered Democrats. Forty-
seven percent of those who voted absentee were Republicans, while 36% were Democrats. The trend noted above in 2006 continued in the 2008 general election —
overall more Democrats took advantage of early voting, while more Republicans took advantage of absentee voting.

Jesus Christ. Why is this shit happening? WHO THE FUCK IS VOTING FOR THAT CUNT???

What day is that? What day is the next debate?

Not to mention
>(((Soros))) to normies
>inevitably leads to the Jewish question
>trying to redpill normies on Jews when they don't even understand that niggers are gonna nig.

Naming the Jew is the ultimate redpill, starting with niggers is a baby step

>user I was wasted
I remember the details, the topic was BLM then you started raving about some skinnies in Africa to a bunch of know-nothings. If I was in the same room, with about the same level of comprehension as you, I'd still be taken back by that jump in logic.

Get your shit sorted out.

Next debate is 5th October.

Did that yesterday, my family all agreed that I was right after they did a little research

probably because
>manufactured bounce we've been expecting for weeks

Trump will lose, he fucked up with the debate.

FFS the polls are looking awful.

I've been a Trump supporter through thick and thin. I bought all his books and highlighted all my favourite quotes in neon yellow highlighter. I watched every season of The Apprentice, and I took a selfie with my wife's son in front of Trump Tower, but this was the final straw.

Trump is stumped.

After his disgraceful comments on climate change, and the later flip flopping, I can no longer support him. He has proven to be a liberal, a pseudo-conservative, a homophobe, a right winger, a racist, a misogynist, a cry baby, and an untrustworthy, back-flipping demagogue.

I am now a #HillaryArtillary


It's funny how the LA Times polls show no change from the debates; last time Trump tanked, so did this poll. Now however, it's still way ahead. :^)



Hey normies. What makes you think Hillary intends to win?

She doesn't. Trust me. I'm a Dr.


Tuesday is the 4th, is it happening?

I kekd

You're fired, DuMB Dr

538 now has Florida in Hillary's column by like 0.2%. Also laughing how we end up with polls "corrections" like this.

what does ''correction'' mean in this case?

Trump really shit the bed at the debates. What the hell happened?


It's apart of the plan

did Bill dick Ms Piggy?

We'll see if the other polls hold up to this trend or if it's just a waiver in the polls.

Dilbert Man said to expect some slight wavering in the polls; he's still predicting a landslide for Trump though

Someone bake a bread

Last bread baker went to bed

Long term plan.

3 debates.

Hes gonna unleash fury in the 2nd one, then in the final one he will be very presidential, therefore people will compare final debate Trump to 1st debate Trump rather than comparing him to Hillary.

Its DITF method all over again.

Trump is just playing chess

he rubs his head in frustration and for every hair that falls on the keyboard determines the amount Clinton will lead by

Sure is convenient he adjusts polls in Trump's direction 0% of the time no matter what.

Don't worry guys, voter fraud is a meme, it never happens

>skinnies in Africa
>there's a difference
>What is Africa is Africa and has never changed

Africa isn't Africa because the people that live there are completely competent and as capable as the people in the West.

The people coming from Africa aren't victims of their environment -- They have created and sustained that environment for thousands of years, why in the fuck do you think changing geographic location would change who they are?

My argument was 100% valid.

Its Nate "Hillary is losing this poll? No, she's at +4 ((adjusted))" Diaminomaleonitrile.
Take anything he puts up with a grain of salt.

wtf i feel demoralized now.

Migrate Legally

That seems highly unlikely. He looked genuinely rattled, and intentionally throwing a debate is very unwise with so many people watching; to much of a gamble with little chance of positive returns.

I get that we want to keep morale as high as possible, but I also don't want us to get stupid and deluded like the Sanders supporters.

Jesus you're a sperg, next time just asses the conversation before opening your mouth, take a deep breathe and start out with the easiest and most basic materials a norm can handle.

As I've offered already, George Soros.

Bill's ideal sexual partner is anything with a hole to fuck. What do you think?