Gay marriage illegal

>Gay marriage illegal
>Natives kept in isolated poor as fuck communities
>Refugees kept in island detention centres in sub human conditions and no support
Australia confirmed most redpilled country in the Western World

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too bad they sold off so much land to the chinese before they regained some sense

Subtle gif, I like it.

fuck the gooks tbqh

r.i.p. your redpill

>Natives kept in isolated poor as fuck communities

it's a shame some of them leak out into the good parts of the country.

enrichment/information for non aussies:

even the aboriginees have their moments

Straya is pretty Shit not gonna lie

This is why you germanics need to be exterminated

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we have a shitload of guns from before the laws, because like EVERYONE in rural areas owned at least a few. Almost all of them are in the hands of white biker gangs, white farmers, and a few dodgy mudslimes in the suburbs

Not to many gun crimes though, looking at America

excuse me but what about all the cheap breaded shrimp? that makes up for everything.

Yeah you aren't fooling anyone straya, we know you have been swamped with asians too. Your women politicians are more based than you.

we can still get guns under some circumstances

exactly, because the people who have the guns either actually want to use them for legitimate reasons OR only kill other criminals and not random civillians like tyrones do. The only gun violence I've ever heard of in my area was by a big group of abos living in state-funded commission down the road. They managed to get some shitty pistol from a dude and got pounded down pretty quick

>government is thinking of making gay marriage legal without a vote
>poll of the people said 49% of people support a muslim ban (40% are against), government doesn't care and thinks it's their responsibility to defend the weak minorities and they shouldn't be pandering to far-right ideas
Not really.

Get the fuck out then cunt.

What other countries have you visited that you would prefer to live in?

Such as deciding we want them. Because only a criminal or a half-wit on par with the average septic would be incapable of obtaining licenses.

Did you not read the comment you responded to? There isn't gun crime because its only white people that have guns, not the gun law itself.

49% for banning muslims is pretty fucking good by white first world standards though. Imagine that same poll in the US or sweden

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In 5 years you'll be like the rest of us so wtf are you on about.

Yeah that part's good, the fact the government doesn't give a fuck and wants to defend the weak wittle muslims is bad.
Just think about that, they're saying 49% of the people can get fucked, they clearly don't support us.

Also, it's pretty fucking funny the lefty that took the poll had to take it twice (same result each time) because he got triggered by the result.

marriage is a pagan tradition.

polygamy is the real thing.

Nah, few nations are as keen to shoot themselves in the foot as you Far North-West Melbourne chaps.

> half the people in the background are white

Every time any aborigine does anything of note they are suspiciously 1/500th native, or more likely once swam in water than contains the memory of an aborigine.

More mate, more.

If you have no more then clinton wins.

i miss tony

I agree with you, but the ones in that pic are pretty well full force coon.
Also, most of that is because you only need an "elder" to sign off you being part of his "people", and you're legally a kaffir in the eyes of the government, with all the benefits that brings.

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>>Refugees kept in island detention centres in sub human conditions and no support

How it should be done, discourage other scroungers

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>entire state loses power for several hours
We're 4th world m8

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I just got back from a medschool lecture where they were teaching us about how making migrants wait so long for citizenship was abuse because it caused them to have anxiety disorders and disrupted their PTSD. Also they don't steal jobs because they don't have jobs pre-arranged before they come, so its not stealing.

Also all migrants are young men like you so you so be sympathetic.

Don't worry, our country is breeding a generation to encourage them as much as possible.

Good thing no one gives a fuck about South Australia. It's the white Northern Territory.

tfw americans ruin all the good australia threads so we do it to them but everyone thinks we are just motiveless shitposters

Did they at all mention why anyone should care about them?

It's off track, but it's an improvement.

Americans made the 20th century great, and they'll make the 21st century terrible.

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That part is always left out, remember its a given that migrants enrich us and we owe it to them to help them. The argument is how much can we help them without the evil right getting in the way.

Also the fact that they were overwhelmingly young men was used as a reason to sympathize. Obviously the irony of stating how much PTSD they have but also how all the women and children must be left behind was lost on the rest of the year.

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I'm also confused about this being in a med school setting. Would it be too ruinous for you to ask (understandable if yes) next time it comes up why you have to care. Try and throw in about charity starting at home, too.

Like she's actually doing any work

Australia has plain pack cigarettes, and it is illegal to not wear a safety helmet when riding a bicycle. It's a nanny state socialist shithole.

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>Did they at all mention why anyone should care about them?

Wow, are you saying you DON'T care about random, fighting aged males getting to freely live in your infinitely better country just for existing?

Why would you look out for your own when you can look out for some guy that doesn't speak your language, doesn't know anything about your country, your culture, your history and generally has no loyalty to the Australian land?

the shit-poster extraordinaires even have their own caricature of fascism!

Is this a game you really want to play, Motherland? Because the cigarettes thing is good, the helmet thing is just like a seatbelt, since we have socialised healthcare, and we're free to buy whatever knives we like.


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I didn't even realise Pauline Hanson was still around until recently.

I remember her from the late 90's. She was a fucking joke and got made fun of in the media all the time.

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I know, absolutely barmy of me. But still would love to hear an answer some time. Just applied for Uni myself, so I assume there will be a similar chat in store.

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The medschool go hard on global citizenship, migrant health, all those things. An iraqi lecturer once received dozens of complaints because even though he spent half his lessons shilling how much damage the west had done to iraq, he once mentioned that it was important for girls to have a hymen and deviated from his intended role.

I know im probably flagged up anyway due to openly campaigning for brexit and criticizing islam online, so im not going to risk my career going stormfront in a lecture.

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at least you have a quality country with quality shitpost banter. cheers cunts, i love straya.

and she was right

Ask yourself this, how has America benefited our country compared with China?

You don't go out much do you. Most people are degenerate, stupid, and cultureless


pic related, average Sydney primary school

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>I know im probably flagged up anyway due to openly campaigning for brexit and criticizing islam online

Both of these things are good things, Brexit allows greater control of immigration and brings decision making back to our own lands, and as for criticising islam, we have freedom to criticise religion in this country, to criticise islam or any religion is completely okay and should be encouraged.

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My friend is 1/8th native.

He looks 100% white.

He still classifies himself as native american in government and application forms and does not have to pay tax.

I would too if I could.

Too bad its a nogunz nanny state where you might get thrown in jail for looking at an adult women with A cup breasts.

I could deal with the wild life as its less dangerous than all the angry negroes out there but the other parts of their politics make it a no go.

All of you anti gay marraige-ers are gay as fuck for caring

laughing IRL holy fuck

inb4 reported to centrelink


by pol standards theyre still black

Why do Americans think this? My rural town has a higher concentration of gun ownership than all of NY.

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