>Insert bullshit map from google

How, when, who

Australia vs Norway you fucking cunt

Come at me brah

you're are fucking retarded

>Eastern Europe
>siding with Russia
>Geopolitics: how do they work?

Hear that everyone?

That's the sound of a fucking pristine toilet bowl.

You're fucking retarded.

>bothering to colour cuba red
>implying the us wouldn't glass them in a heartbeat if they tried anything

Is it not implied by the colors that Eastern Europe has been occupied?


Sure, come here abbo. You can't beat us snowniggers up north!

I think if the war broke out in the near future, Hungary the Czech and Slovakia would try to stay out of it, our armies are shit, we have relatively good relations with Russia and we just want to be left alone and don't die for the West who fucked us over for centuries and threw us to the Soviets.

If the main Russian advance is from the northeast (Poland, Baltics) and they are not planning to land from the Adriatic sea and advance towards Austria, it could work. If they want to reach Vienna from there though, the best way leads through Hungary.

>You can't beat us snowniggers up north!

I don't need to beat you. Just need to go on welfare and fuck your women while you pay me for it.

sorry boys i'm a chinese sleep cell. looks like australia just went red.

It will be Russia against the whole world with China waiting for the right moment, even BelaRuse will probably betray us. In the end it doesnt matter, because if we're talking bout REAL WW3 - then its ashes and fire for everyone


Nah, Cred Forums has your back. Putin pays us well for it.

No wont happen like that.

>Russia allies with Turkey
>Turkey takes over northern Syria, killing Kurd camps
>Russia pulls off oil duct deal
>Eurasian Union is formed by China Russia Turkey Iran Syria Egypt Lybia Iraq and Yemen + Russian south, Belarus and Mongolia

>Indonesia joins BRICs

>Brazil continues to incite political instability within Venezuela
>Venezuela breaks into armed conflict, Petrobras secures oil contracts from rebels. Effectively taking it before anyone else can.
>The combination of Iran`s Iraq`s and Venezuelan as well as Indonesian oil becomes a more powerful market than OPEP. Which soon is dissolved

>``World Conference`` happens

The USA and Western Europe is not invited, however, even Canada shows up. A country that is already technically inside the BRICs bank.

>North Korea`s leadership changes. They will shut down their nuclear program and join BRICks as well as the Eurasian Union.

>Tigers absolutely Furious

>Japan wants neutrality since there is no longer a threat

>Massive anti-korean propaganda, however they thrive under the new bank`s investments

>Europe keeps on suffering from the refugee crisis, Iran, now free to do as it pleases under the cover of the Eurasian Union starts inciting hatred and creating supply lines for Terror using the help of the KGB (*Which is underrated even though it seems to be inflated*)

>Terror attacks heavily increase as does national instability

>Insults come from NATO over the Crimean anexation, rulling it unlawful
>no war

>More challenges come from the USA about Assad`s Syria murdering rebels
>no war

>Challenges from the USA appear as Mexico turns over to UNASUR, effectively aligning itself with Brazil
>no war

>African investment Crisis
>no war

>Placement of Russian nukes within Turkey
>no war

>Iran`s nuclear program revealed
>no war

>Brazil`s nuclear program revealed
>no war

>China`s Missile defense system revealed
>no war

>Indonesian-Chinese reanexation of South Korea

well you anyway. And not just here.

>Russia allies with Turkey

>Tfw your first action is allying countries that despise each other and shoot each others' shit

>Brazil`s Pivot happens, securing the unity of latin america under UNASUR

>Brazil Russia and Iran crash the oil market mid Korean war

>MASSIVE shortage within Europe and the USA

>Saudi Arabia declares war on Iran, Yemen and Iraq

>NATO+Jordan+Israel join war on SA`s side

>Eurasian union joins from the other side

>USA pulls its fleets, moving them both to either the pacific or Arabia

>Haitian missile Crisis (country is effectively under Brazilian control

If you believe that, then you know shit about international politics


Australia's stance in a world war these days would be difficult.

Do I side with the US and loose nearly everything because most of our shit comes from china,


Do we side with China in which case our country gets completely fucked up by bombing raids???

Best to stay neutral and not get involved I think

>New zealand
>not existing
>this is why we will win

Read, paco

Australia is more partnered with China, just because we have a US military base here doesn't mean we will straight up kiss their ass if they decided to go into another pointless war and also China is one of our best trade partners too


If Brazil gets involved, in which country I will die on?

I hope it is on some winter wonderland just like the japs and chinks forced to fight for the red army

>Can't fucking read the thread before replying

For the 100th time I just copypasted a fucking map off of google to have something there, please disregard abbo

I'll have to defect, because I will not support a war against the Orthodox sphere.

>partnered with China

you're going to die a traitor's death one day, you disgusting fucking faggot

Eastern europe siding with russia and china.

Hahahaha well memed friend.


Poor fella just wanted to have a WW3 hypothetical scenario and gets shitposted into oblivion over a fucking map from nigger images.

M-m-my post desu :^(

>poland on the same side as russia
full retard

Everyone would probably forget to nuke your irrelevant islands

>indonesia doing ANYTHING
they got so many internal problems, it just wont happen.

t. Chang

Mainland Chinks will always, and forever be dirty soulless rodents.

You now realize that without Europe the US is alone vs the entire planet

this is how it will turn out

is everyone just waiting for yellowstone to blow us up so they can continue with national socialism

>Argentinians in charge of Geo-Politics

Blowing Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming off the map doesn't help national socialism too much.

It will start with sectarian violence within Europe European govs rig elections against right wing nationalist parties. Start jailing party leaders for "hate speech" and whatnot. Demonstrations. Crack downs by police. Turns into pitched battles throughout Europe's large cities like what we saw in Kiev. Spreading anarchy provides the excuse for Russia to move troops in to "restore order". America does the same. Proxy wars throughout europe Middle east sees that western democracies are preoccupied and strongmen throughout move to consolidate power. Saudis and iranians waring with neighbors. Violence provides excuse for israel to invade neighbors to create buffer states. War throughout the middle east. Chinks see western powers occupied and move military into the south china sea to permanently take the islands. Philippines declares war. USA declares war.

:DDD u did good mang :D u did good