Daily reminder if you don't like boobs you're not white

Daily reminder if you don't like boobs you're not white.

Are slavs white?

Whiter than we ever truly knew

>not comparing general weight alongside


Fatter people=bigger boobs.

Since when is Greenland bigger than AFRICA?

>D cup

Didn't anybody ever tell you that being fat is cheating?

I'm a permavirgin my preferences literally mean nothing, a blind mans favorite colour is more important.

yeah now try finding d+ not on an absolutely disgusting fucking cow

Unless obese people and babushkas count, that pic is bullshit.
By and large, Easter Yuro girls are flat af, especially when compared to Germans and Mediterraneans.

>russia is fat
>russia is starving

If that was true Mexico and Indonesia would be doing better.

Fashion is really important to me though and large breasts make some clothes look silly, are impractical, and they sag when women starts aging.

Flat & Acup master race

I was specifically talking to straight men though

I honestly don't mind either, just average kind of person you know

Fugg you are homo ;_;

Meds have small tits, they're not at all like Germans.

But I am white

Yeah cant deny those tiddies


>all of East Asia and SEA has A-cups
Best taste.

You guys have some nice women, shame most of them end up being porn stars or getting their faces stomped on by abusive mental midget Russians.

Pedophiles are still straight

I love looking at big tits but, in a partner, I look for smaller. I feel like that's weird.

Man I miss my ex's big ol titties, they were massive.


whatever, faggot (literally)

btw huge tits lover

Face > Tits > hip/shoulder ratio > ass >

Women in those D-Cup countries are disgusting giantesses.

Naturally petite women can make an A-Cup look right tasty

The choice of colors for that chart is fucking awful. White to pink to grey to dark grey to red? There's no logic in it whatsoever.

Legs should be near the top of that list.

Also, pussy.