Need footage

I'm making a youtube video on the migrant crisis and i need as many HQ pictures/ videos as possible depicting muzzie atrocity. Anything that will provoke strong emotions in people will do such as
>massive hoards of people walking
>them admitting caliphate takeover
>their treatment of women
>screenshots of news articles regarding rape etc etc
basically post anything you have

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Don't we have such a video already?

Are you interested in the reason they're fleeing in the first place, Anglo?

Know what Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans, Lybians have in common?

They've all been destabilized by efforts of the US and their Arab peninsula allies.

You're gonna get arrested, m8.


Thats the definition of propaganda

How about a Rational video? The alt right has like 2 of those

Hate speach

yes i know. im going to try and emotionally convinced feminists that they are a huge danger. so need any material that is going to trigger and emotional response

You're right, Ahmed, we should have just nuked you.

I think a guy on Cred Forums made this one. He included his sources in the description.

>I need selective footage to depict a group of people badly because I dont like them
>Look at me
>I am the jew now

How else are you meant to red pill people without propaganda?

Personally I want to see a video focusing on the slutty Western women who want bbc and then focus on all the rapes and abuse, so a video about cultural enrichment.

>without propaganda

>Propaganda is information, especially of a biased nature, used to promote or publicise a particular political cause or point of view.

eeh …

do your own research you lazy neet faggot.

can't even full-ass his fascist demagoguery

search on youtube for 'calais trucks' and youll get plenty of source

I think most women are apolitical and therefore completely unaware of what is happening. They don't know the first thing about islam and how it treats women. I small proportion do want to be fucked by them yes but that is not the problem. The problem is ignorance and them living in their bubble. My aim is to fix that. (im a female so hopefully they will listen to me)


so the 1979 islamic revolt also had western support. so their inability to fight Israel is also the west's fault. so their infighting after the dissolution of the otoman empire is also the west's fault?

They destabilized themseleves because islamic culture is incompatible with modern culture. the only leader of an Islamic nation that had the right idea was Ataturk and look at Turkey now

>How else are you meant to red pill people without propaganda?


just search for images of radical lefty groups like femen, then news articles with rapes in france, sweden, and the uk and if you want beheadings, stonings and shit loke that go to bestgore. it ain't that hard

Search for "Hungarian truck driver migrant gauntlet".

We already have a perfect one Ahmed. Search for "with open gates"

feminists aren't gonna watch that though are they malaka ellinara.
Im trying to convince european women that they're in danger and need to stop their retardation.

go to 8ch archives.

The insult you posted doesn't work with what I said at all. A simple malaka would be much better.

Women are a lost cause. Don't bother. They only listen to other women they deem "superior".

Unless you can get some female celebrities or fuckboi actors and rockstars to shill your video then you're out of luck.

The damage is already done.

Good luck deporting millions of rabid shitskins who hate you.

you're wrong. tha me deis se merikous mines. aima timh palikari mou

>you're wrong

I seriously hope so

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I need footage of her sticking that lollipop in her ass

yeah there are dozens that all contain the same clips it's mostly just an avenue for retards to show off their pleb music tastes and their amateur editing ability

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Use this webm. It shows importance of boarder security.


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