When are the refugees going back?

When are the refugees going back?

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Hopefully they won't be unless Assad is removed.

When the "guest workers" go back.

Protip: You have to make like a Serb

Oh naive child.

"Refugees" never return home.

Jokes on you. They'll never go back.

Why doesn't Europe just destroy ISIS? I thought Europe cared about human rights. Wouldn't crushing ISIS solve everyone's problems on both sides of the fence? What say you, eurofags?


the meme to end all memes.

When we figure out what is going on.

Until then Trump doesn't trust them with planes.

So never, because government is incompetent.

Cmon Britain, wouldn't it feel good to carpet bomb the fuck out of ISIS? Why not do it and have Europe kissing your ass for the rest of its days? You'd be the smuggest Pepes ever. You could gloat like farage. I'd love it.


because in order to do that they would need to kill people who work in the cia. europeans are not that brave

quintessentially never

Im serious. ISIS is so fucking evil that if you can't muster the balls to destroy it, then you're just... forfeited your claim to being global leaders.

The EU has the political incentive, the moral justification and the military firepower to cut through ISIS like a hot knife through butter. So why doesn't it? If Hitler were alive today, would the EU give him a free pass, too?

All of those international treaties they made in the UN which they thought would keep Russia in line is backfiring massively. The war in Syria is classified as a civil war, meaning Europe's not allowed to stick their dicks in it by the very agreements they set up.

What you mean?

They are the new europeans

The old ones that are going away

>going back

it's like having kids that you have to take care of for 60 years

When the war is over.

Pro-tip: War is never over in the sandlands.

50% of "our" refugees has already gone, and even trying to sue Lihunia becouse no benefits and shiet.

Europe won't do anything against Israel's Mossad.

>mfw feeling not but disgust for you

>When are the refugees going back?

>When are the refugees going back?
Is the war in Syria over?
When the war is over we can legally send them back to Sandland, but before that we're just gonna have to assist them with going to Sweden instead.

What does it matter for Britain? Those sandniggers you have, aren't refugees

Any day now

>Why doesn't Europe just fix America's mess?
Plenty of europoors are already helping out.
My own government have promised to help the US train "moderate rebels" starting next year.

Telling refugees to go back and fix their home country is racist!

>there's the typical European blaming all their issues in the USA

You guys are kind of pathetic now

Sandniggers in England are the worst kind of sandnigger, trust me

Im glad those fuckers left the union = less dirty people

Because globalists WANT this.

Wow! That's what I call bait!

It's literally all your fault burger-kun