We counted: Donald Trump lied at least 58 times during the first presidential debate


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but they can't account for 30k emails

>Hillary can count

>but they can't account for 30k emails

Ok but what about all those emails Colin Powell deleted?


> hillaryclinton.com


How many times did Hillary lie?





We like to be lied to tho that is why we kept her husband in office after he blew his load all over that hots sluts face.

>How many times did Hillary lie?

3 times, compared to the 60 something times Trump did.

Oh gosh well fair is fair, hang them both

WTF. I am a hillary supporter now.

>We like to be lied to tho

Oh course, because Trump voters are sheeple who like to be herded towards the slaughter.

Man, I hate Trump now. #ImWithHer

Crazy level ironing. I assume satire.

>Trump voters are sheeple

Being this retarded politics and lying about shit comes hand and hand.

Implying fucking eurocucks politicians don't promise them shit that never happens to get votes.


didnt even open

Full quote


Hillary Clinton apologized twice; once for calling black males violent and once for committing treason.

Thanks for such amazing insight.
>I'mwithher! now


>pic related
Do leftists ever argue the full merit of the shit they're against?

>en espanol

Also, "we" counted.

Who is "we?" You work for the Clinton campaign?

Clinton wants to war with Russia, though, and people like you are first to get tossed into the meat grinder.

Are they subjective lies or are they fraudulent statements?

As in trump says the sky is blue is false and hillary says its black and red and its mostly true?

>wants to war with Russia

Well honestly you guys are massive pieces of shits.

This website proves why blacks are inferior


wtf i cant wait to go to war with russia now!

>He posted a meme with watermark
Welp, I guess I am finished.

Damn nice, is that the website that will teach me how to defeat ISIS?

man, i swear people dont even care about this 'fact checking' nonsense anymore

it's like the working class says 'hey you are fucking us over' then the polly elite comes out and says 'um no we fact checked that and you've actually been getting better for the last 8 years'

the people can see what is going on

the people have woken up and there is no going back

>He posted a meme with watermark

insulting Harold the best fucking meme ever this is the type or shit i am talking about.

Why don't you fix your roads instead of being butt hurt over the cold war.

I did not insult Harold though. Learn how to read first instead of talking about whatever came out of your ass for no reason.



Insult me leave Harold out of this mother fucker

Nigga please... You don't even know anyone from Russia.

>Delete your presidential campaign :^)

>Insult me
Okay, you're a cunt.

>You don't even know anyone from Russia.


Harold is a big


>implying he lied under oath



She doesn't want war with Russia she just wants a scapegoat to bitch about every time she fucks up. Thats what presidency will be like...she'll fuck up blame someone else(Russia, China, alt-right, pepe) and nothing of use will get done. Goddamn I hate the left.

This might be worst post ever

i don't know if you just like lying enough to do it yourself but I think we can all agree that Monica Lewinsky was a 6/10 in the prime of her fucking life.

>s-see he's just as bad as me!
This cunt is so desperate

I have a thing for brunettes

Colin already said he knew not to use sensitive stuff through his email account. Plus the technology when he was in office vs Hilary is night & day. Yet he used his emails more responsibility.

Yeah. Invite them to the US as refugees.

Colin powell is not running for president.

>misquote someone
>claim they're lying


Isn't this the same website that has an FAQ about neonazi frog cartoons?

killary has been lieing for 30 years...

She dodged that super predator comment and said nothing. What are you talking about?

How do you respond to normies IRL who tell you that 'politco found that trump said 58 lies during the debate'?

This normie is convertable, I can feel it, but I'm struggling to refute this one.

That it relies on misquotations ('global warming', not 'climate change') and a misuse of quotations like the cherrypicked completely passive Iraq comment.

Its extremely hard to lie when you say nothing of substance. If all you do is bobble your head and grin like the Joker youll be ok.


I don't know, I was pretty fucked up watching the debate. I'm pretty sure she acknowledged she said it and said she was wrong. Got a transcript?

Wow i can't believe trump lied literally 158 times during the debates. You really think after his 214th lie we would have caught on but i guess we were all just so distracted by how beautiful Hillary was in that dress that another 350 lies for 794 total lies would go unnoticed.

Really makes you think

I've definitely got that Iraq one covered. He was not in support of the war despite the media's insistence that he was. But aren't climate change and global warming interchangeable terms?

politifact frequently makes no division between manmade or natural, in order to decide who's lying or not


They base most of their false assumptions on minor mistakes in syntax and minor misquotes. Most people cant rattle off exact facts out of the blue.

With that being said he should have came more prepared with said facts for his talking points. In the debate He didnt have shit ready on that notepad. Just some bs chicken scratch.

Hillary had paragraphs of talking points. Thats why that slimey snake went in right after the debate to take her notes away.

>We determine what are lies and what are not
They even said the B52 isn't outdated when I actually heard that being said in the GOP debates.


No, climate change is any change in climate and an indisputable phenomenon.

Global warming is the idea the world is getting warmer. There is growing evidence nowadays to suggest the world is actually getting cooler, and regardless the data is incredibly inconsistent for the hypothesis that the world is warming. The measurements are constantly adjusted and in flux, and the IPCC often excludes data to its reports and collections that don't fit the trend.

Thanks anons.

Yeah, I was surprised he didn't pounce on Hillary on some things more than he did during the debate eg. slam her for being unreliable for cybersecurity, say he will do more to protect Americans against terrorism by reducing illegal immigration and building the wall.

He is a 5D space chess grandmaster though. He may have something up his sleeve that we're not aware of in the next debate.

The fuck i'm triggered now, what about Nahuatl speakers? Is this some kind of favoritism with mexican European/Natives people? Fuck this shit!

When are they going to learn that NOBODY CARES about Trump's """""lies"""""?

As long as your frame of reference is rigid enough, everything eventually becomes a lie anyway. It's just like the press operates. They interpret what Trump says in the most literal or simplified way possible, some time passes, suddenly they realize that what Trump said and reality don't match anymore, "hurr he lied!"

>She doesn't want war with Russia
But she keeps blaming Russia for her email leaks and has literally said that she would use military force against Russia for that reason.


Lie #1
>he said he isn't bigot
>he is

I went through this they tried to repeat shit like tax returns and iraq but rephrasing it.

I was able to cut it down to 18 things that were actual lies

>media shill for hillary
>business shills for hillary
>journalists aren't even pretending that they're objective anymore and shill for hillary
>celebrities shill for hillary
>hah those sheepish DRUMPF fags!

Obama’s Conflict Tanked the Clinton E-mail Investigation — As Predicted


No Followup After Huma Abedin Caught in Falsehood


Clinton campaign in ‘panic mode’ over Florida black voters



He missed a golden opportunity
>Hillary, I emailed you my tax returns already. I'm not sending them again.

Trump lied when he denied praising Russian president Vladimir Putin. ok
Trump lied when he claimed Hillary created the birther movement. It was created during her campaign X
Trump lied when he denied calling climate change a Chinese hoax. ok
Trump lied about his support for the Iraq War. (At least three times.) half true he never expressly supported it
Trump lied when he said New York City’s unconstitutional “stop and frisk” policy caused a decrease in crime. ok
Trump lied when he said ISIS formed under Hillary and President Obama’s watch. it was X
Trump lied when he denied saying pregnancy is an inconvenience. Pregnancy is an inconvience for employers but ok
Trump lied when he denied saying women don’t deserve equal pay. He didn't he said they should get paid based off of merit X
Trump lied when he said Hillary has no plan to create jobs. ok
Trump lied when he said you can’t release your tax returns during an audit. He said his lawyers were telling him not to while he's under audit X
Trump lied about the United States paying Iran more than $1 billion as part of the Iran nuclear deal. this is true X
Trump lied about his company’s debt—saying $650 million in debt is not a lot. for a multi billionare company not really X
Trump lied about how many companies are leaving the United States, especially when he said they are “leaving in bigger numbers than ever.” ok
Trump lied when he said that he was quoted in Esquire magazine about not supporting the Iraq War. ok
Trump lied when he said his father gave him “a very small loan.” Compared to what he has now yes it was
Trump lied when he claimed credit for NATO opening a terrorism division. ok
Trump lied when he said he’s developed good relationships with African Americans. (Polls show “little-to-no African-American support for Donald Trump.”) It's gone up X

Trump lied when he said he and Hillary agree on child care (they agree it’s necessary—but Hillary, and most independent experts, disagrees with Trump’s plan). semantics
Trump lied when he said Hillary doesn’t want to use the words “law and order.” And yet she didn't X
Trump lied when he said he didn’t pay small businesses and contractors for their work because they didn’t do a good enough job. He said maybe they didn't do a good job and he used the laws that are in place X
Trump lied when he said Hillary put out the rumor that he supported the Iraq War. it was the media and her camp doing it X
Trump lied when he said he doesn’t mind releasing his tax returns. ok
Trump lied when he said other people don’t get audited. (he was saying he knows other people that don't ever get auditied) X
Trump lied when he said he has “much less” than $650 billion in debt. lol X
Trump lied when he said he told Howard Stern “I don’t know, maybe” about the Iraq War. He did X
Trump lied when he said Iran has “total power” over North Korea. half
Trump lied when he said Iran was ready to fall under sanctions before the Iran deal. ok
Trump lied when he said ISIS has a lot of the oil in Libya. they do X
Trump lied when he said Hillary has only recently started talking about trade. ok
Trump lied when he said you can learn more from a financial disclosure than tax returns. opinion based X
Trump lied when he said no one cared about the birther issue until recently. This is true it was in the past and they brought it up again for deflamation X
Trump lied when he said nobody knows it was Russia that hacked the DNC. This is true, libs going full red scare X
Trump lied when he said nobody wants to call Sean Hannity to confirm he was against the Iraq war. They won't take his word X
Trump lied when he said Hillary could have defeated ISIS by never having it get going in the first place. Her under the obama administration created the enviroment X

Trump lied when he claimed Hillary was unable to produce President Obama’s birth certificate (note: she didn’t try—because she didn’t believe it was necessary). This was already used X
Trump lied when he said Hillary’s created so many bad deals. X
Trump lied when he said B-52 bombers are outdated. Compared to other countries advancments hes right X
Trump lied when he said Hillary’s very cavalier in the way she talks about various countries. ok
Trump lied when he said Sid Blumenthal sent a reporter to investigate President Obama’s birth certificate. he did X
Trump lied when he said his tax plan will create millions of new jobs. opinion X
Trump lied when he said Hillary changed his position on TPP after he came out against it. half true political climate told her back off
Trump lied when he said Hillary is just beginning to think about job creation. ok
Trump lied when he said he only filed for bankruptcy four times. ok
Trump lied when he said his contractors were paid a lot even if they didn’t get paid everything they were owed. they were payed enough to cover costs X
Trump lied when he said Hillary hasn’t created jobs in 30 years. ok
Trump lied when he said we have no leadership in bringing jobs back (apparently, he’s not counting the 15 million jobs created under President Obama). opinion
Trump lied when he said you don’t learn much from tax returns. already covered X
Trump lied when he said Hillary has no trade plan. ok

Trump lied when he said the Federal Reserve is doing political things by keeping interest rates down. they do X
Trump lied when he said Hillary called TPP the finest deal she’s ever seen. she did X
Trump lied when he said Hillary treated President Obama with terrible disrespect during the debates. she did, read quotes of obama on hillary X
Trump lied when he said she wants to approve TPP. she does but political backlash prevented her X
Trump lied when he said Hillary’s regulations will kill jobs. he said drive out businesses with taxes he's right X
Trump lied when he said you’re telling the enemy everything you want to do. ok
Trump lied when he said New York City’s old stop and frisk policy wasn’t ruled unconstitutional. ok
Trump lied when he said Hillary’s been “fighting ISIS her entire adult life.” Only since the early 90s X
Trump lied when he said the Iran deal is a mess. it is X
Trump lied when he called his lies “facts.” fuck off X

>Trump lied when he said B-52 bombers are outdated.
They aren't outdated when it comes to performance but the airframes are old and beaten to death.

That being said they're already flying longer than they were intended to be.

This election is so fucking stupid, we have a loudmouth asshole who called a model fat VS the architect of Arab spring that got thousands killed, someone who demolished the middle east with Islamic fundamentalist proxy war (because that worked out so well last time), birthed ISIS and created the migrant crisis in Europe (possibly to keep USA no 1 superpower unopposed) leading to Brexit the death of the left and future civil war and economic collapse.
Oh and don't forget the director of the FBI giving her a pass on massive negligence because she is sooo fucking stupid ("unsophisticated")
Oh and democrats say to the black sheep "your fucked because of systematic racism" and do FUCKING NOTHING for 8 years to improve the lives of black people but remove the jobs they need to get out of poverty and send them to china and Pablo.
Oh and you can be the ambassador to France if your only qualification is having 3 million dollars..
Yeah at this point if Trump loses, if it is even close I hope every HAM-ERICAN starts shooting till there is nothing left

>Sarah Underwood

FUCK, that would have been savage bantz if it had happened live.

Straya dropping truth bombs


Hillary Clinton has not withheld evidence, and has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Your post has been added to the lie count.

My favourite
>Trump lied when he said Hillary’s created so many bad deals.

It's like they aren't even trying now.

She destroyed evidence and not presecuting due to lack of evidence != cleared of wrongdoing.

the real question is how many times has she ever told the truth?

Wow, you apparently can't read, which isn't surprising

good work user

Is colin Powell running for president?

Not clicking that shit.

Presidential as fuck.


>Clintonot wants war with Russia
>Trump wants war with ISIS
I'm going with the faggot who doesn't want WW3.

>One politician calls another a liar The Thread

>politi jew fact checking


>outburst of rage

>politi jew fact checking

>ad hominem

Gee, thank you for correcting the record.

Capitalists do nothing but lying, from Trump to Hillary to Merkel. People will elect Trump, because they wish to escape Mexican floods and whatnot Muslims, but will Trump really build the wall? Since the debate kind of missed that most important part. Don't allow Trump to shill his way out of building the wall. Has to be big and long, not some garden fence.

I love black people bro

Yes we will.


>I committed treason and I'm sorry for it.

Hillary supporters are fucking stupid


Judy realized there was a kid on the couch. Did he kill her and did they catch the animal?

She probably deserved it. She was attracted to a gangsta bad man and stole his drugs or some shit.

I feel sorry for the little girl. And wonder if she will grow up attracted to the dangerous alpha black man? Or is this her red pill?

>I committed a crime and tried to hide it
>sorry guys
Next time I catch a thief I'll forgive him when he says sorry.

no idea but I do know that it was from a burglary and he locked her in a closet afterward

I think this might be unironically a CTR thread



>I think this might be unironically a CTR thread

You think?

Nice one burger



this does, check dem sources brah

It's amazing how those parasites just sit there and mind their own business without trying to help. Total degeneracy.

>I did x
>but this guy did x too
>therefore it's fine

have none to give
they probably didn't have one either

>Hillary Clinton.com

You must be either extremely gullible or deliberatly trolling.

do you have the original one with georgia?

How can they recover?

what the fuck joe biden is a pedophile?



Holy shit he is creepy. How the fuck has no one called him out.

Niggers can't count.

he's the vp mane he does what he wants



i think we have had enough of liberal "facts"


From what I can tell (I don't know if this is worth it) but Trevor Noah's sources claimed that Clinton lied 10% of the time while Trump lied 65% of the time.

Gotta correct the record here, that's inner city babysitting.

>Trevor Noah
> sources


Maybe she should spend more time accounting for her own lies, many under oath before bemoaning the lies of others.



>Citing your own site as source.
Just Clinton things.

Even if that were true, which it's not, I'm still voting for him.

>CTR telling people to drink bleach

Things must not be going well for you guys

Nigger I ain't reading that shit.

Give me a TL;DR

No she just nodded her and and looked retarded. She must have lost points with blacks for that. She also completely blew off the fact that her people rigged the primary, and didn't deny it. Because her people admitted it and every one knows it's true. Hard to believe people actually don't believe the debate was rigged. A huge point of the DNC leak was that they were pulling strings of the media to make Bernie look bad and spread false rumors.

>I'm sorry for comitting treason. Please let me off the hook.

>Clinton campaign fact checking her opponent isn't a conflict of interest

The hearing yesterday on hrc emails was great! HRC team throw her under the bus.

We are slowly converting them over to the dark side by spending so much time here.


Can someone please answer this? I want an answer from someone who believes the debate wasn't rigged in favor of Hillary.

>Coming from shillary killton website

Yeah, ok. Keep going

Is there a highlight reel?

OP I watched the same debate and Hillary lied far more. In fact I don't think the Don lied at all

It's nice you have to use her own propaganda site, to correct and set the narrative in your favor.

Everything in her opening statement was a lie and that's all I could muster of this sad shame of a "debate"

This fucking bantz!

They both lied. Trump was just way more blatant about it. Her biggest lies were about the TPP and NYC murder rates.


>Trying this hard

I wonder how many times Hillary lied over the course of maybe the past 12 hours.

You might want to learn a little about lies etc....

What? He was right on both of those dipshit


He was right on both of those.



>58 vs 33,000


Learn how to read.

>presenting facts

Pick one.