Are there any actual leftists on this board, or just immature children pretending to be leftists?

Are there any actual leftists on this board, or just immature children pretending to be leftists?

Being a leftist is useless until the Democrats are defeated.

I'm leftist and I'm 7 does that mean I'm a kid

leftist here, ama.

Nazi's think I'm a liberal but liberals think I'm a nazi.

Say what you want but Im an ancom and I visit this browse sometimes.


Im an economical leftist, a welfare state creates a richer society.

In everything else like immigration, laws etc I'm right wing.

>immature children
what's the difference?

I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. I'm voting for Hillary in November. Not sure if that makes me a leftist. I agreed with many of Bernie's policies but I vote for the Democratic Party candidate.

i'm a white leftist. i believe in a left that caters to the needs of whites also

I need my own party to die so a more libertarian left can rise again

>Im an economical leftist, a welfare state creates a richer society.

This desu. All the evidence seems to show that reductions in income inequality produce a safer and happier society. Its just that it all falls apart once you stray too far from monoculturism.

So your a nazi? Nice.

Insecure fashies false flagging as leftists to try and make their ideology look less retarded

>immature children pretending

There's that one philosophy student s*rb, but I can't think of any other actual leftists around here

I was in the UK some weeks ago, god the amount of tory neoliberalism everywhere was noticeable. Roads, buildings and other stuff that looked haven't been renovated for decades because of "no nanny state!!!!!!”.


Isn't Uk a despotic nanny state?

Yes this is Tory nannying, however Tory's says higher taxes and state funding is a "nanny state".

It is pretty depressing how much Cameron's try to make everyone "ideal citizens" with forced school uniforms, ads telling you to throw your gum in the bin, extreme amount of surveillance cameras, no beers after 22 o clock etc but they never succeed.

Pretty much. I was stopped a frisked not long ago and found with a fork on me, I was questioned for about 30 minutes in a police car, the fork was taken from me and the took my details. I don't really mind though as it was my fault anyway for walking around with it on my possesion.

Lefty here, though what that means in todays cultural climate is beyond me.

Enjoy ur ban lmao



My wife's son, who showed me this website, it's pretty leftist

I have some leftist views along with some right wing views. . . actually by Cred Forums standards I'd probably considered a flamming liberal jewish socialist hippy so yeah there are a few of us

Former left anarchist here. Nietzsche and Stirner destroyed that for me. I'm not left or right wing now. Not really sure what I am and generalized, universalist political ideals hold little appeal to me. One thing I know for sure, though: equality is a false god.

> implying there is a difference between leftists and immature children

I think this is the most common current on this board, socialistic policies to hold back the market from ravaging society but coupled with a strong nativist/nationalist bent.

I'm farther left than the hivemind on this board, but farther right than most of my liberal friends. I would probably vote Republican if they didn't go full-on tea party in recent years. There are too many religious nutjobs trying to force their beliefs into law for me to vote Republican now.

Dunno I'm definitely very liberal when it comes to immigration and middle class jazz but very nationalistic too so wtf does that even make me?

literally textbook 1984

not a nationalist in the true sense of the word

look up post left anarchism bro

I'm a Marxist-Leninist

Yeah I like some of that stuff, Bob Black and the like. I am just not sure of the utility of the whole tradition anymore or of any existing political tradition really. PLA is a move in the right direction theoretically I suppose but it lacks any project, any goals other than critiquing the corpse of left anarchism. Fun though that may be, it offers me nothing in the way of praxis and I am no longer interested in LARPing revolutionary, and nor do I think revolution, insurrection or dressing in black clothes to overturn newspaper boxes are worthwhile aims or activities.

I mostly just come here to shitpost and occasionally bait the stormfags

>Are there any actual Cred Forumsitical discourse on this board, or just immature children pretending to be edgy?

I'm a Centrist
(read: Fascist)

Is this an exercise in knowing your enemy, or merely a source of entertainment?

Are there any decent threads posted this morning, or only the usual roundup of mass and advanced faggotry masquerading as innocent questions or shocking revelations?

Like there's a difference between leftists and children

All leftists are immature children so it's a difference without a distinction really.

It's too triggering for a pure leftist. A true lefty won't survive a day here.

No agism here, kiddo.

I'm a leftie

Came to say this.

found the leftist

Nah. Only soft hearted liberal fucks get triggered

Hey OP. Where is that pic from? I need it. For research purposes.

im in favor of social welfare. but i swing right culturally.

>welfare makes a wealthy society

>Voting for party

You are part of the problem faggot

I'm a communist.
At least, I'm a communist in the sense that I think Marxism is the most correct philosophy of how human societies work.
There's this constant idea being forced down people's throats that everyone who understands economics is right wing, but truthfully, supply side economics is a very unpopular viewpoint amongst academics. Leftist economic theories are rigorous and incredibly rational.
Anyway, since there is no impending socialist revolution anytime soon or communist party of any significance, I just support whoever I think is the most practical and best for the country.

For instance, I supported Bernie, but now I support Trump over Shillary.
And even though I do not support capitalism or the concept of a market economy, I am in school studying marketing.
This "immature leftist" meme is just a meme. Just like how you guys get unfairly portrayed by tumblr and whatnot, you do the same thing back. Basic tribal behavior.

Depends are we talking American liberalism or actually liberalism?

Multi culturalism is obviously the right thing.

Hate is the bane of our society

Not that guy but neoliberalism is a cancer.
Libertarians at least address the problems, even if I don't agree with the solutions they provide they are leagues ahead of the mainstream left just for that.
Also I'm a traditionalist which the modern left rejects outright.

All liberalism is cancer. It's the ideology of the ruling class. The capitalists, bourgeoisie, the rich, whatever you call them. It was good at destroying feudalism but times have changed.

Communism is the only solution.

If you're patriotic just call yourself national socialist.

It was classic liberal leftists that are the left pillar of the ALT RIGHT.

-Atheism is Unstoppable.
-Karen Straughan.
-Dave Rubin.
-Sam Harris.
-Richard Dawkins.
-Chris Hitchens.
- And many many more liberals that value honest discussion and reality.

Before Milo was cool... these revolutionaries were kicking ass and taking names. These were the people that exposed the Feminist Social Justice Warrior Phenomenon.

The Alt Right is a united front of leftwingers and rightwingers against feminist, religious, government, and corporate authoritarianism. Fuck these institutions.

Do you do physical labour for a job?
I think most people just hate retarded university students who fail to realise they would be the first to go in a communist revolution.
I have communist friends that normies would think are literally Hitler because they think half the population belongs in a gulag.

There's Nationalist View.

I hope you do realize that most people believe this board is filled with immature children pretending to be right wing

You don't have to do physical labour. Mental labour is still work. Automation will ease the burden of all.

Violence isn't good for the sake of it, it should be directed at the capitalists. Those with private property.

>actual leftists
>immature children pretending

Look if you're gonna give me two options they're supposed to be different.

What's that called - a patriotic commie - oh yeah, a national socialist.


Communism is good for countries because it gets shit done and doesn't bother with unnecessary stuff.
So all the artists and middlemen and so on are fucked.
When half your population is up shit creek without a paddle they tend to get violent. We can't have that so you need to violently subjugate them first.
Life in a communist state is pretty shit, it could get better as long as revolutionaries don't start looking for further flung lands to "liberate".
Pretty much communism is a great way to fix a broken country where life is already shit but after things improve or if things are already good it's putting the cart before the horse.

I don't currently and I do not have any desire to. I'd rather find an easier job obviously. But I have done construction work in the past and might do it again.

Commie fuck


isn't that a bit redundant?

Among "normies" Id be considered pretty damn right wing. But pretty much anytime I disagree with prevailing orthodoxy here (hating LGBQTQs, racism against anyone non white, thinking every stupid think Drumpf says is hilarious, etc), people jump all over me "HURR DURR LEAF". So you really need to put into context, do you mean actual lefties or "4 chan lefties" (ie, basically as right wing as you can get, just not a full on Nazi)

Anybody who jumps on either political bandwagon is a degenerate retard that should suicide and do the world a favor.

The world needs less people who can't think for themselves.

Like why should the right to bear arms, and gay rights be mutually exclusive? They have nothing to fucking do with each other.

>Like why should the right to bear arms, and gay rights be mutually exclusive

Communists support gun ownership for the workers. Marx and Engels were staunchly against gun control.