South Carolina poll: Clinton trails Trump by 4 points

>b-but Trump will flip tradiotnally blue states!!!

Kek, it's the other way around. I can't wait for election night. Trump will be slaughtered.

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Holy shit, if Hillary is only behind by 4 in SC, then you can bet she's equal to or ahead of Trump in places like Arizona, Georgia and even Texas.

It's ogre. Hillary has already won.

Denial is not a river in Egypt.

>among 475 likely voters
>among 475 likely voters
>among 475 likely voters
>among 475 likely voters
>among 475 likely voters

>NBC/Winthrop poll

>475 sample size

That poll is so shitty that even 4 under he's still in the margin of error

Thank you for correcting the record!

You've had a busy morning


>it took them 8 days to poll 475 people

Why are Americunts the laziest shits on the planet? Is it all the rampant obesity?

CTR punches in at about 8am eastern

These polls are retread primary tactics. Trump fucking crushed SC.

Trafalgar poll had Trump up 15 not even two weeks ago.

His support collapsed post debate.

People not realising that being behind still 4 points in south carolina, but not getting ahead more nationally is not a good thing for clinton.

Just like people here posting WOW TRUMP IS GETTING CLOSE TO HER in - insert random safe blue state- .

Thats not good news, except when the candidate obliterates the other nationally by huge numbers.

For all i matter clinton gets close to him in alabama, nebraska, alaska aswell.

No, this poll is shitty as fuck.

Right, but the online clickbait ""polls"" which showed Trump winning the debate are perfectly fine?

>Winthrop. It's probably the most liberal institution of higher learning in the state. They likely over sampled effeminate blacks and liberal women because those are the majority of the students at that college.

True but there have only been 3 and the other 2 before had Trump at +4 and +2.

It's because only 40% of Americans still have landline phones, and getting cell phone numbers is difficult thanks to the no call list. On top of that, many people don't answer calls from unknown numbers.

Strawman. Try again.

RCP kek



>We already have clear winner
no we don't , October is just beginning and they both have ammo. And no, Trump isn't clearly winning yet either.

>Online polls that anyone, of any age, from anywhere in the world can access and can do so multiple times

Well done Canada. You're officially bigger shitposters than us.

Which states will Hillary flip lads? I really want her to win Indiana just to embarrass that idiot Mike Pence.

All of the anti-Hillary attacks have been worn out at this point. They're nothing knew. However, Trump writes Democrat attack ads for them as he can't stop shooting himself in the foot everyday.

>implying they have not used all their ammo on trump and are rehashing bad words and meanie quotes over and over again
>Implying anyone has talked about her anti feminist views
>implying this wont be the focus of the next debates wont focus on this
>implying mayor Giuliani literally dident get upset how much trump held back on the attack this time around and himself could of torn her to shreds in his own quotes
>implying this is not the first debate of three culminating in the first time Hillary has been on stage in a general where someone can freely attack her without media bias and cutting people off on live air

lol shes done.

>They're nothing knew

Wew, Mohammad. Brush up on your English before you start shilling, it's just too obvious and desperate at this point.

And we have threads in the archive for every single one of those polls

Nope. Unlike Trump, Hillary actually prepares for these debates, because she is preparing to be PRESIDENT. She knows every trick in Trump's book.

Ah yes, pointing out typos is always the clearest sign that one has lost the argument.

>Ah yes, pointing out typos is always the clearest sign that one has lost the argument.

What argument? You're not making any.

Actually it is. The saying is
"Denial isn't JUST a river in Egypt".

When you are completely and utterly retarded

We're just pointing out that Trump is doing miserably on the polls. If he's ahead by only 4 in South Carolina of all places, then he screwed. Simple as that.

Not an argument. :^)

Yea m8 that addresses anything I have said lol

got any hope and change quotes as well?

I cant wait to see Hillary shut the fuck down again like the beta bitch she is when big done raises his voice like daddy and puts her in her place like the last debate she sure prepared for that.

They needed run a shit ton of polls before they were finally able get results that were as favorable to Hillary as possible.

Obama’s Conflict Tanked the Clinton E-mail Investigation — As Predicted

No Followup After Huma Abedin Caught in Falsehood

Clinton campaign in ‘panic mode’ over Florida black voters


You didn't say anything of value. You just made dumb assertions of what you think will happen, not what is actually happening.

Can't wait for Texas to turn blue this November ;^)

I'm sorry, but did Hillary Clinton already lose? Oh, that's right. The debates aren't even over yet. In fact, only a number of Trump lock states have reported. Does not having the lead at this point count as a loss? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong. Why would you make this topic when the debates are still on? Hillary Clinton is still winning states right now and has lead in the national polls for how many weeks now? She's up against the worst racist President in the history of America, who just happens to be losing because he's not self aware about things that he said in the first debate... But you know what? She's still the best. Donald Trump is one of the worst fucking politicians in the US, he lies all the time. and crushed Cruz only because Cruz is even more racist than Drumpf. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded topics like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when Hillary Clinton wins and someone bumps this topic. Oh look at that, Trump just lost a future debate to Hillary. Are you a fucking drunk? Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You all are a fucking idiots and you should never make a topic on this board again and I'm fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you're the only guy making all these anti-Hillary topics because you're a faggot hater who doesn't like Hillary because she's successful. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll this candidate on the board, like I give a fuck. It's so easy to spot out your threads now, you're a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don't you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a topic like this. That's just you, you're always right at getting it wrong. Fuck you. You are nothing..

Can't wait for an Emu fo fuck your ass back to New Zealand!

> Texas to turn blue this November
Australians making Canada-tier shitposts, SAD!

not true. you're extrapolating based on standard republican/democrat voting

Trump is neither traditional republican nor democrat.. i fully expect Clinton to do better against Trump in Red states than, say, a Romney would have done. but Trump will do even better in blue states against Clinton, than Clinton will do in Red states against Trump

this is no ordinary election where you can extrapolate like how you're doing. Trump is going to get large portions of that 50% of the population who have never voted in their entire l lives.


Also, former question phoner here, polls are a waste of time and pieces of shit, many people refuse to answer, many give wrong answers, most are never even called.

Don't trust the polls you morons, not even the ones we rig ourselves

she prepared for the debate by thinking of this fresh zinger

You are literally ignoring that your candidate and media has been repeating the same attack for over a year on trump and it has failed yet trump has just gotten started and Hillary is for the first time in her career on a general election stage where she can be attacked and the cameras cant be cut the person can not be cut off and there can be no live spin. This is why she clams up like a good little women in the kitchen when daddy starts raising his voice.


Fuck off Milo

nice sample size
475 people are definitely indicative of how the entire state will vote

>trump leads a poll

>hillary leads a poll

>475 people are definitely indicative of how the entire state will vote
Yes that's generally right, lrn how statistics work and scientific polling

No that's just what a man is to a women when he raises his voice
he is their daddy, we all watched her revert to a child when she tried to interrupt him and got btfo.

Its called winning despite a rigged poll.

>what is a representative sample?

how many years left until you graduate high school kiddo?


you are proving my point.


wtf does she even mean? is she saying women should do less than a man and receive the same income? or is she that retarded rofl

If my government is going to fuck me over, I like for them to at least be really good at it

The polls are rigged which are simply fact due to methodology
so when trump is up he's way up
wen he's down he is most likely still wining

pretty simple/


Why not texting ? People will text back a survey question a lot sooner than pick up a phone call

Briefly, the implication is that women don't do as good a job as men normally and must be checked to make sure they reach that "male" standard.

>scientific polling

Was, is, and always will be a joke.

yes, we get it, you are 15 years old.


Clinton doesn't like controversy. Under her, the compounded problems will continue to seep through

Denali isnt a GM product

but...what if Cred Forums riggs polls so Trump wins?

>difference between actual result and final poll
>4, 3, and 1%

how does this support your point in any way?

do you know what happned during this election?

But then saying it has she has is reinforcing this concept as objectively doing the same job is objectively doing the same job.

What you jus said is tantamount of
>we all really know when some one says we need diversity that diversity means anit-white

which normies dont follow

Nice way to handle being blown the fuck out

So you admit Trump's lead is actually +8 (or more) and not +4?

Romney won south carolina

Yes, this one is almost a carbon-copy of that one, with some minor differences.

Agreed. Trump has no momentum going for him after the debates and most people are starting to pull away from the "man". Meanwhile, far more Americans are scared of a potential Trump presidency, so it's only natural that they will vote for the strongest opposition to him in the elections.
Hillary will win in a landslide, or as close to a landslide as she can get without the fly-over and bible-belt states.

>475 voters
what the absolute fuck is this bullshit? What a pathetic sample size

I don't think you expressed your point very well, whatever it is.

I agree with Trump that women often don't perform as well as men do for the same job, but that's not something you say aloud--not just for P.C. reasons, but also because there are women who bust their asses and work twice as hard as any man would in the same position.

I was just explaining the meaning behind her comment, since you asked.

She has a really good chance at flipping Indiana because no one likes Pence there, funnily enough. Trump will lose his VP's own home state because the state knows Pence's follies far too well.
don't worry the polls, are skewed. Trump will win!

>literally turned away as many people from his last rally post debate than Hillary has had since july

you have zero source to show this and just wrote your feeling m8. Prepare for a landslide.

>475 sample size
yes this poll is shit you fucking shitposter

>nigger women's college
>meaning anything

Sc has a huge % of blacks and cucky local Republican politicians

Yea if you have to explain it obscure sjw tier narratives the normal people wont see it that way and see it as it reads.

>poll one nigger infested area
you are both beyond fucking retarded

unless i am misunderstanding, your pic demonstrates that the final polls were only 4/3/1 % points off the actual result. doesnt that directly refute what you just said?

>Prepare for a landslide.

you have zero source to show this and just wrote your feeling m8

What I see is a businessman who wasn't supposed to win the primaries beating a career (and popular, somehow) politician who has the support of SJWs/feminists and mainstream media.

Brings a smile to my face, faggot.

Public rallies only attract the diehard, so most of his rally goers are people who've been to more than one event because they like Trump. Meanwhile, most people have jobs to go to and can't spend time going to rallies, only unemployed people can make it to those events.
A lot of unemployed people, from the looks of things. That says something about Trump supporters, doesn't it.

Obama btfo!

>That says something about Trump supporters, doesn't it.

Yes. Most of them could buy you and your whole dirt-poor nigger family.

it was all the registered voters in this state

You just keep repeating that the polls are rigged with nothing to back it up. Just because you are too stupid and lazy to understand basic statistics doesn't mean the polls are rigged. I am assuming you are 15 because one can only assume you havent gotten far enough along your math courses in high school.

grow up and get a job faggot.

That is exactly what she's saying. According to her and the SJW/liberal narrative, women are poor, oppressed goddesses treated worse than slaves, and this should be compensated for by legally requiring employers to give all women who apply an executive position with a multi-million dollar salary.

And yes, libcucks, that last bit was sarcasm. You'd know that if you had use of anything in your brain required for doing anything more complicated than breathing.

Yea I did but the source of Hillary having no energy among her support is fact and trump did turn away that amount of people.



Also, in the state of South Carolina a 500 sample of voters has a margin of error of what around 3-4%?

>haha i could totally buy you with my daddys money

get a job

I'll ask again: does that mean you admit Trump is at least 4 points ahead of what the polls currently show? Or do you think polls are a joke that cannot be relied on?

So the fact nigger and shit skins have the highest unemployment and are supposed to be energized even remotely as they were for Obama should mean she would pack the stadiums based on your own logic?

We do have evidence to back it up. Look at the sample sizes and demographics for the polls that Hillary is winning.

Wait, why am I even bothering, you'll just ignore my point and call me a racist, inbred retard living in backwater Alabama like you always do.

Over samples democrats and under sample independents its that simple m8

no denying.

They're mostly unemployed, undereducated dredges of society. That chart makes absolutely ZERO sense. Where did they take that survey? How many people did they take it with? What's the margin of error? Who published such stark lies?
That picture so so filled with lies and inaccuracies that it makes Trump look honest.

I am working right now m8 lol I am a manager at Comcast.

>Trump supports EARN more than Shillary's
>haha daddy's money

Get back to school, nigger. Maybe if you hadn't flunked out of middle-school, you wouldn't be shilling for 10 cents per post so you don't starve.

>using only 1 poll instead of poll averages.
>using only 1 election

>nigger and shit skins have the highest unemployment
Racism aside, whites actually have a higher unemployed population by race in America. There are far more unemployed white people than any other race.

Good morning CTR! Have you had your morning coffee yet? I've noticed because you always get to working a little after 9am EST.

How about the weather on the east coast lately? Its been cooling down, feels pretty nice desu

Trump didn't say that though. He said people should be paid in accordance to how they work. In this quote, Clinton clearly demonstrates she has a problem with the idea that pay should be based on merit.

>They're mostly unemployed, undereducated dredges of society

>has hard data staring him right in the face

Your average Hillary-voting dirt-poor subhuman, everybody. Face it, Tyrone, no more gibs for you after the 8th of November.

It's from 538, btw, and Nate is a massive Hillary fanboy. If even he admits Hillary voters are starving subhumans, you know it's true.

>what is per capita
Again m8 there are more shit skins all together voting for Hilary than whites for trump so again per capita having the higher unemployment rate would mean they should be able to spend their energized time going to her rallies no?

It's not from Nate's website, I just checked. Nice try though.

More than 4%. The poll talked to 0.011875% of the population of South Carolina. That kind of sample size would be laughed at and thrown out in any legitimate discussion.

>I just checked

No you didn't, nigger. It is from Nate's site. Have fun earning 15k a year, even I in Serbia earn more than that. That's pretty pathetic, you're literally lower than an animal.

>They're mostly unemployed, undereducated dredges of society.

if you make that comparison the people showing up at hillary rallies are damaged losers and bootlickers.

Most people go to neither rally of the candidates.

>sample 44% democrats and 32% republicans


they amount of republicans sampled in these polls has been steadily going down.

The polling companies are just as bad as CNN for the most part

He is tied in my home state of Minnesota. They havery only voted Republican 3 times in their entire existence. Reagan post by 3 point. If Clinton can't even properly lead in the most traditional blue state in america it shows the media is very out of touch with the American voters. There is literally no excuse for her not to be up by 20 points.

Gee, I wonder why Trump has SO MANY supporters from these Baltic and Slavic regions...
I'll PUTIN my two cents and say that some foreign government is funding your shitposts.

kek, this fucking assblast

>Polls v Voter Turn Out.
Nice, how's brexit going for you?

>Predicting shit this early

Bitch the polls got Brexit wrong the same fucking day as the election.

You're right - it isn't from his site. It's from a little-known college with just over 6,000 students.

No you dumb nigger.

under 2 million voted in 2012.

SC has a pop of over 4 million.

Btw retards Minnesota is one of the highest educated states in america so the narrative that she is winning educated Americans is totally wrong. I have many doctor friends and I myself a state delegate that are traditionally democrat voting for trump this year. So shut the fuck up with the over sampled polls.

>they amount of republicans sampled in these polls has been steadily going down.
Because the number of registered Rethuglicans have been steadily decreasing over the last 16 years. There are roughly 5 Democrats to every 3 Republican'ts in 2016. The polling is very much reflective of todays political society.

>moving goalposts this hard

How does it feel being so poor you're on the verge of starvation? I can honestly say I've never been hungry in my life, and I live in a poor shithole of a country. You live in the US and you still can't secure basic necessities for yourself.

You truly are subhuman waste, lower than the lowest parasite. In other words, an average Hillary voter.

i can only tell you the view of an american soldier stationed in germany, so maybe its not the whole picture. but here trump has absoluetly tanked after the debate. everybody realized that this guy is completely without substance and nobody here supports him anymore. there is even an atmosphere of shame when you talk to people who used to support him. it would very much surprise me if clinton doesn't landslide it.

Do you know what a margin of error even means, you mongoloid?

It could also mean that Hillary is tied with Trump.

You know what I say?

Who gives a shit about polls until election day?

Let Trump and his campaign team worry about that stuff. There is so much conflicting information that there's no point worrying about it.

>oversample Democrats

Toothpaste, you are legally retarded. Come back when you somehow jump some 30 IQ points and stop being a brown shit stain.

there is not a single poll not showing a massive clinton gain. no conflicting information here.

My guess is they don't want a war with us if Hillary is elected

I report you everytime; because, everytime there is a political thread. (((You))) shill for clinton. No fucking real Serbian gives a shit about America none the less actively shill for the wife of a man who wrongfully invaded your country.

>There is so much conflicting information that there's no point worrying about it.
Pretty much every single poll shows Clinton leading by several points as a direct result of the debates. She's won that fight and is almost 95% of the way to the White House. Trump has very little chance of catching up; most people only tune into the first debate and ignore the subsequent ones, so there is a very little chance that Trump's number can ever recover.

So I plugged in 4 million and a sample size of 475, and as the confidence is unspecified in the image, I left it as the default. Result was 5%, which, by conventional mathematics, is greater than 4%.

In scientific studies, a sample size of less than 0.1% of the population is generally disregarded as being too small. But let's go ahead and assume that the poll was talking about only the county that the university was located in: York, with a population of 245,346 estimated in 2014. That gives us a sample size of just under 0.2% of the population of York, which would be considered acceptable by most people. However, the image claims that the poll is representative of the entirety of South Carolina - not just York county.

Go back to the class on idioms you missed you retard

My god your one hell of a try hard, hope your being payed well for your wasted time on here trying to convince a trump stronghold that he's going to loose to hillary.

>la times

keep trying

Fair point actually. I put the confidence as 80.

You're right we need to wait for polls that actually sample at least 1000

>(((You))) shill for clinton.

What in the ever-loving fuck are you talking about, you fucking moronic piece of shit? Read all of my fucking posts in this thread, goddamn imbecile.

>burger education

LA times the polls that accurately predicted Obama winning. Funded by la times the most liberal news paper in america. They haven't changed their poll methods from the start unlike every other polling. And desu polling doesn't matter what does is whow comes out to vote.

If trump is leading in any poll that means he's winnning by 10 more points

Shut the fuck up, Serb. You're a paid CTR shill. Just look at your post history on this forum.

Get the fuck out

>shills are now bragging about being behind
Wew lad

Follow the discussion m8 I agree with la times and they are left

>forgets completely about obamas debate with romney

Oh shit! We White House, boyz!

>Trump will be slaughtered.
Only a madmen will say otherwise.

la times poll lags by a week. i guarantee you 5 days from now she will be leading there.

FiveThirtyEight is showing Trump crashing so hard that he's putting the Republican Senate in jeopardy...

lol @ the fucking shithole serb losing it because his fucking putin cocksucker candidate will be completely smashed in november.

>nobody will take trump seriously!
>trump will never make it through the primaries!
>they won't select him at the RNC!
>he's so far behind in these polls! BTFO!
>he's tied with Clinton in these polls! BTFO!
>he's only beating Clinton by a little in these polls! BTFO!
Wew lads

>germoney calling anyone else a cocksucker

Don't forget to pay your taxes, Hans. You wouldn't want Ahmed and his thirteen "teenage" brothers to be wanting, right?

>he's putting the Republican Senate in jeopardy
The GOP was fucked either way in this election. This adds delicious cream on top of the cake that is the disasterous Trump candidacy.

Not really. I only see one of their polls on rcp in 2012 and they seem to be well within the poll averages during the time but underestimated him more.

Now in 2016, it's completely off the poll averages.

ignore this piece of sht paid CTR shill
i dont give a shit about US domestic policies, I just dont want Hillary Neocon Clinton in the office, who has supported every US war and every invasion in the past 30 decades including yes Serbia 1999.
Trump doesnt seem as obviously pro-Albanian either.

Wow, this is the first time I've seen a #Mentallyhill complain about an NBC poll.

>paying taxes is for stupid people huehueheuhe

top shithole mentality you got there, mate!

user don't make conversation with the enemy. I live in the gulf coast (florida fag) and god I am loving this weather

What are you talking about

By the end of the week they'll be turning on each other again.

>Trump should resign the candidacy for Kasich
>Trump must be doing this to capitalize a new media outlet
>I don't need the Republican establishment and they should be quite
>If I don't win Pennsylvania the election will have been rigged

SC went by 10 points to the republican candidate the last 2 elections. 16-17 points in the two elections before that. If Clinton ends up losing SC by only 4 points it'll be a non-trivial change in the electoral map, a once sure-red state goes into the swing state pool. 9 EVs isn't exactly a sea change but its enough to take seriously.

Also, you're completely turned around with your concern for national polls. Outside of landslide conditions, national polls dont matter so much as the swing state polling. Think of it this way, it doesn't matter if solid-red states are going to vote 80% for Trump or 90% for Trump, the excess doesn't give him more EVs. That excess can skew national polling while meaning little in the very states that do matter.

(Now there does tend to be a correlation between nationwide results and state results, if a candidate tanks in the nationwides its likely from something that will likely drag them down in specific states. But its not a 1:1 correlation at all. it simply does not matter how much TX is going red or CA is going blue when looking at how close the FL results will be.

Trump never had a chance at securing Pennsylvania with Philly in the picture. Anything he says in regards to "voter rigging" should be dismissed entirely, since this is a man that Russia clearly wants to usher into the White House and is willing to wage cyber warfare against the US government to make sure that happens. Any state that Trump wins in (or even gets within spitting distance of Hillary) should immediately be subject to investigations to check for voter rigging from the Russians. There is no way he should be able to carry key battle-ground states.

Oh it's this post again