Eurasia and Eurasian union is red pill


Shitty slide threads.


>b b but I said "le red pill"

Oh look. Ruskies shill for panslavism 2.0.

>open border with China
>open border with the middle-east
>open border with India

holy shit, this would absolutely fucking butcher the west.

Well, I think that Croatians might be equal to turkroaches and poo-in-loos, but don't drag white people into this bullshit. China will be our greatest ally in fighting mudslims though.

but Indians don't populate European countries other than the UK, they're hanging around just with their master-race

Freedom of movement with 3B people
Eurasia will basically be a supercontinent sized malaysia

Better solution, let's keep out the mudslimes, nignogs and chinks. I can handle slavshit if necessary and I need those resources. Annex and purge turkey so we get the aegean sea and entire black sea.

Dugin pls leave

With imminent demise of the petrodollar, it may be the rational choice for many countries

>various stans are included

Doesn't hurt, farm land and clay. No retarded ideologies or religions there.

aren't most of those regions islamic though?

the stans are known for being based on islam
turkey is a shit idea tho

Turkey without Turks would be a great geopolitical advantage for such a union

I thought they were orthodox christians, okay remove the stans. Though you could still purge them, I don't think they have dense populations.

>Union with chinks, gooks, poo in loos, and sand niggers.
>red pilled.


i like it

Fuck off Malaysian subhuman footstool


>no retarded ideologies or religions there

>Turkey still in
>sees flag

Op is a faggot


Spoiler:Trump won't make your country white even if he wins the election