Should I join the CIA?

American expat here.

Give me the pros and cons of working for big brudda. Only asking cause I don't think I'll have much job prospects after college(international relations major). Only real experience I have is being a sales intern. Give it to me Cred Forums.


What would you do? Analyst?

My buddy was going to get a job at the nsa as am analyst but he failed the lie detector.

Gov jobs are comfy, you can work flexible schedules/work from home. (I work for the dept of Commerce)

I have a communication degree and soon international relations ,gonna apply for jobs in the foregin ministry, definitely go for CIA, wish I could

I was thinking either military analyst, or something in clandestine services.

I'm about to be an Army reserve officer too so I think it would pair well.

My uncle works for the FDA tho and fucking hates it. Giving out food stamps basically.

I'd imagine giving out gibs all day would be fucking terrible.

I have no idea about the jobs outside of the bean counter ones, or how you'd even apply. They'd probably pay for you to get your masters in anything if that interests you (one of the biggest pluses about the gov).

I don't think you'll be brining Dr. Pavel's friends on board or anything excited without a few years experience chained to a desk.

>Working for the FDA
Daily reminder they got cucked by an SJW Driven add campaign.
Unless you're an anarchist or whatever government jobs aren't so bad.

Note, you'll want to have Chinese or Russian skills and at least some kind of shitty accounting cert.

A lot the IC does is just translating things and sifting through folders.

Don't assume you can just get in for having an IR degree. Same with State Dept.

I had a similar degree, and I taught English in China for a couple years to kill time. Now I'm a RN.


Nurse. In the US nurses can have more responsibilities and specialties than most European medical systems. It's nice knowing I can get a job almost anywhere, and working in a more specialized type of care helps a lot.

Yea it made him right wing real fast(used to be a moderate) Sadly he doesn't want to MAGA. Has a decent amount of good stories about dealing with Googles.

I'm hesitant to MAGA, trump might actually make me do work at work.

I'd do it if I'd have an US citizenship. I'd get to fly pic related.

>Chinese skills
Thats why I'm in China lol.

What's a better idea? Using my bio degree and physics/chem background to become an NP or go straight to working as a patent examiner at USPTO?

Ya thats why I was initially hesitant about it. It takes a while to apply. Interesting how you went from IR, to teaching english here to being an RN

pls tell me you aren't actually in China and posting about this

You're living in China for an extended period of time?
The chances of you getting hired because of that are about .02% now

How are you posting from China? I thought Google, and thus captcha, was blocked there? Do you have a Cred Forums pass?

My gut feeling is there are way, way too many NPs graduating right now. We're getting flooded. PA school can still be a good way to go. I don't know shit about being a patent examiner.

I have VPN bruv don worry

Hahaha only faggots are nurses. Get a real job son

Where did you get it from? Is it free or paid?
And how does it work even? If the VPN is in China shouldn't Google still get blocked, since your connection is routed through China?

I was mostly interested in doing FS with the State Department, then I met a few of them and realized it wasn't the kind of place I'd ever enjoy working. Not to mention competitive as hell. Nursing isn't glamorous but it's reliable. The English teaching I'd call more accurately glorified babysitting, but if you do eventually go for a teaching degree you can make a serious good paying career out of teaching abroad (International Schools in particular), assuming you're a native English speaker and you're white.

>Give me the pros and cons of working for big brudda. Give it to me Cred Forums.
Get to throw people out of planes
Might have your plane crashed with no survivors

Got it online, a family friend who lives here told me the best one to get. I pay for it but its worth it. Usually routes to Hong Kong, Japan, and Indonesia

I was asking what RN stood for you brick

When I was in China I used free vpn to get around the memewall.
Also, google is not blocked, only restricted.

What do you need it for? Other than posting with a gommie flag

Maybe in Bongland. Decent to great pay and good prospects here, and very futureproof.

What branch did you get? MI would be real helpful for a CIA job since you'll already have that sweet tsi.

>maybe in bongland
>coming from a shartburger

Yeah probably. In the long run it's probably better for the world. If Hillary wins, maybe not.

Well you said you're an expat, so an expat where? If it's anyone outside NATO essentially you're fucked

A good friend's brother got a job at the state dept. doing things that couldn't be talked about.
When they did a background check, they came and spoke to the family, friends, nneighbors, even high and grade school teachers.
So if you've got anything in your closet they're going to find it.
But not for nothing, I always thought the kid was kind of simple, but he got the job.

Interesting. Both my roommates here are full time english teachers. They love it.
Normiebook, instagram and tinder
Ya I'm going MI
China bruh

They're responsible for drugs running across the country, they employ economic hit men to currupt small country leaders in order to get them into debt with the us and force them to be a certain way or they blackmail or kill them.

>China bruh
I thought you said it was a VPN? Like I said, you're fucked if you're living in China

Nice, I'm the same but I'm trying to go DIA not CIA.

It goes through Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia
Were you in the 2017 accessions?

Oh durrr nvm rape my faggot face.
I actually AM a Google and nobody in my family wants to hang out with other Googles. Father totally cut off his entire family.

Not sure how to convince my brothers not to marry whites though, but that's a concern for later.

Thanks feminism for giving me more time to figure this out.

You don't "join" CIA, you either are CIA or you will forever be a small guy. Someone get this hothead out of here.

Which VPNs do you recommend? Doesn't have to be yours but gimme a top 5 list or something. I was trying to find some earlier but too many people undecided on it. Someone recommends one VPN, another person says its not secured, etc.

I have Express for my phone and Lantern for my comp. I've had no problems with Lantern but a decent amount with express.

>Aspires to be a CIA agent
>Becomes a male nurse

Well, that's quite a fall in ambitions.

Awesome will give it a try