You will never be looked upon by Emma Watson like this

>you will never be looked upon by Emma Watson like this
I think it's time to admit that feminists are simply more charming
Trudeau is man enough to be a feminist, are you?

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have you seen what the average feminist looks like?

>you will never be a strong right wing leader who gets to cheekily grope emmas ass

She's not even the best Emma.

wrong. she likes him because he's relatively fit and is handsome. that other pencil neck in the background is also a femmenist and none of them want his little brown dick.

get back to you know where

Fuck I thought we were done with all this shilling, do we really have to fight off another invasion? CTR is making another push, last ditch efforts

I don't actually. Care to elaborate?

>[current year]
>fighting for non issues
wew thanks for the slide thread though.

The brown faggot in the back looks like he wants Trudeau more than Emma.


Also when did you commies get Internet?

Agreed... Stone is so much hotter than Watson.

Hasn't been hot since Order of the Phoenix.
Feminism truly destroys everything that is pure and beautiful in a woman.

Emma who? Bitch known for 1 (ONE) role that thinks she is muh politician muh feminist now? No thanks lmao.

how? she looks 40

Shut your fat, lying mouth. Nobody likes commies here, unlike US, where most of the youth was going to vote for a literal commie jew.

Not everyone here is a prepubescent teenage faggot.

She's got a bit of the Irish downs syndrome look that's off putting.

Austria Cherry

If the little cunt only knew that dear Justin not only would force her into gender segregated room while visiting mosque, but he would force her to go in through the back door.

A shining example of feminism.

Well, I wouldn't want to stall him, he is sure busy selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, being champion of women rights.

This isn't CTR. This is just a normal Russian fag.

Trudeau is a good looking man. Just look at the smile from the darker fellow behind him and you see that his charms works on everything. Or maybe the guy is a feminist too.

that flinch when the carrot first penetrates

>Russian fag
>implying the russians aren't shilling for drumpf

I know someone who's known him for ages through his visits to the establishment she worked at since he came there as a child. She says he's a super nice guy, not the leader type though. He's a figurehead. They have a role though. Worked very well with recent exchanges with China. According to the Chinese press he was literally doing cartwheels for the Chinese representative he was hosting. Literally. Harper went out of his way to snub the Chinese, which is a bit stupid if you ask me, which you didn't.

Yes but he is a cuk. They deserve each other. I wonder if Emma Watson has done the illuminati initiation yet?

Justin could beat the shit out of any world leader. Even Putin.

Hell even Obama is more in shape than right wing leaders.


Putin is literally a fucking KGB agent.

Femenists are charming, Huh? I beg to differ.

>That Polish guy

New command and conquer game confirmed?

wtf is this? A new meme?


he was a desk officer in East Germany

lets not pretend he was a super sekret commando or something

Putin looks like he's done a ton of wet work in his life

>you will never be looked upon by shitskins like this

Her forehead is even BIGGER than Watson's. And bug eyes freak me out. And you know she's not going to age well. Saggy as fuck.

Did they fugg?

>you can't get laid unless you become a submissive male

>muh vagina

hes a useful idiot to her...she likes bad guys

she said english men are too shy and dated a toned white american

gee i wonder why the new generation of brit boys are cucks? feminism..and who is the one pushing it?

shes a fucking retard!

>Obama beating Putin








fat white cucks tend to never be looked at by anyone.

He smells an invasion

I would rather be a virgin for life than be like Truedeau.

There's no pussy in the world that is worth that

im pretty sure she dated an asian, i doubt she likes bad guys. Also tredeau is good looking its not just cause he's a feminist

Obama couldn't even beat the shit out of wife.

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Yeah, about that...
>Days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted a cordial meet and greet photo opportunity with young actress and immigration activist Emma Watson, who was visiting Ottawa to raise awareness for Syrian refugees by donating $3.5 million USD to Bring Them Home (an organization that seeks to increase Federal Syrian refugee quotas to over 300,000 per year), Emma has revealed during a speech to the UN that she was physically uncomfortable around the Prime Minister when the cameras were off, and that he had even "briefly fondled" her.

>These explosive allegations were part of a greater narrative that she wove around the subject of patriarchal oppression in politics.

To be fair he was pretty manly for a desk rat, in 1989 during counter-revolution in E.Germany people stormed Stazi building and went to KGB one next. He went to the crowd and told them to fuck off or else. And they did.

dude good one you almost made me kms

loser faggot

>b-b-but trudeau is a cuck!!!
Cred Forums BTFO

Really made me think.

Most world leaders would have trouble beating Michelle though desu. Those shovel hands could probably kill a grizzly bear.

Fucking lol

"Please mister prime minister, think of the children"
"Believe me, hot cakes, that's all I ever think about"

>he was a desk officer in East Germany
and bush was a desk officer in CIA



Imagine if he was fat and ugly. She wouldn't look at him for more than 5 seconds.

>Obama never worked for the agency

Like, does she fake emotions for a living yeah

I can't stand her fucking face.

Emma Watson is a man-faced dyke, if you actually crave for her attention you're a fag.

you can always tell which posters are newfags from /r/thedonald by their inability to distinguish actual slide threads from ordinary Cred Forums shitposting

you retards are the reason kek is abandoning us

>you will never be looked upon by Hajeet Ran like this
Damn, why bother living?


Nice non political discussion thread.

Did you forget your leafproxy?

>dat skin flab

Based Tones would have rekt this cunt

when I look at her now all I see is richard dawkins

I'm dispelling the fiction that Trudeau is a cuck
He's not, everyone loves him and women can't control themselves and get wet around him