Now that the dust has settled, who won?

now that the dust has settled, who won?

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Trump is still the winner. Nice try though.

Hillary got Trump to admit that not only does he not pay taxes, but that he's proud of it.
Trump got btfo

First 30 minutes Trump. After that, he got triggered so hard he started having a trumper tantrum and couldn't recover from looking like an asshole after it. I am still voting for him but he needs to get his shit together.

Chyna. Look, Chyna won. Chyna won yuuge. Very yuuge

>Taliban leaders followed the U.S. presidential debate. The leaders watched Monday's televised debate from a secret location in Afghanistan

>Taliban leaders considered Trump a "non-serious" candidate who said "anything that comes to his tongue," the spokesman said.

Christ, even the Taliban is btfo'ing Trump and they didn't even need a suicide vest.


These repeating digits

(Praise kek)

Trump didn't hit her hard enough, but anyone who says she won is either delusional or a shill.

it was a tie, which is really a big win for hillary because we thought Trump was going to rek her shit and she would have a stroke and die on live tv.

this user is very wise

lol these comments are becoming schizophrenic af

Clinton didn't give undecideds any reason to vote for her. I don't think she gave a detail about any of her policies even once.
Even when Trump tried to get her to explain her economic plan, all she could say was "It's in my book".

Which nobody bought or read. Which is funny because its 5$ for digital and 10$ for paperback.

For how well she does in the polls I haven't seen that much support for her.

No income tax. The old Romney trick. Are Americans stupid enough to fall for it again?

I live in a good sized city. I've seen 2 signs.

The majority of Americans think she won.

Lestor Holt won, his wife gets to keep living since he was brought to heel.

really made me think

Trump was somewhat weak in his execution but he won with actually talking about issues that matter.

Hillary won, but not enough to change anyone's mind.

So it evened out. Trump was unprepared, but people expected he would, and normies were disappointed that Hillary didn't mop the floor with him.

Nobody "won." Hillary certainly lost, though, by very virtue of having to be on the same stage as Trump.

And, it's fine to think Trump "won," but he and his supporters need to be moving forward like he lost. That's why I think it's wise for his staff to concede in small doses.

Then again, I find I should be more patient and not have Trump "peaking too early," as Nixon would say. I mean, there's a reason October surprises are so notorious. They're incredibly effective.

Florida here.

I've only seen signs off I-4. I've seen one hillary bumper sticker and it was on a car with a california license plate.
I think you mean MSM. I know plenty of independence who think trump won that debate. Of course the one hillary supporter I know keeps parroting the chapter 11 "joke".

Being completely unbiased, the only thing Hillary did well was seem like slightly less of a robot. But Trump floundered towards the end. Trump had higher highs and lower lows, but Hillary remained consistently average.

He got her back with her flip flopping of TPP.

He didn't even understand what he was talking about.

Lester Holt

He was allowed to survive at the end of it for being #ArtilleryForHillary

The real question is who at the IRS gave Hillary the information he pays no taxes. Why don't they just leak them and have Comey give the patsy immunity?

srsly why would any sane person vote for him?

Most experts agree that Business skills (if you chose to believe that he got those) doesn't translate well into politics and he seems to have no sense of international relations.

His platform and plans are weak and incomplete at best.

His "winning temprament" looks childish and simple-hearted to anyone who hasn't been a vivid supporter.

Why would you want him to represent your country?

>crowd cheers for trump
>"Now this is a presidential debate we need to be quiet guys".
>crowd "cheers" for Clinton

Pic related pretty much sums up everything.

This is what most people I've talked to bring up first, he should've said something along the lines of knowing the loopholes to close or what have you but he just conceded to her. I think Jon Lovitz had said in an interview that everyone can use the same tax breaks, it's just lower class people don't really know about it.

He fucking let her sweep the email thing under the rug and walk away from it. Why not question the integrity of the FBI, Comey basically said anyone else would be facing felony charges. He missed so many opportunities to identify with the working class, and it's not even like he took the high road and was going to flip it on her by staying clean. There were so many pointless, classless interruptions by him that he looked like the buffoon everyone's been making him out to be.
I get that he saved his ammunition but how is he supposed to shovel all this dirt on her in a very controlled, potentially rigged debate environment? He's not allowed to go on a tangent for an hour and a half, he needs to nail the topics as they come.

It's disheartening, he's supposed to be bulletproof. I can't vote for Hillary, there's a lot of people in dire straits who can't afford to vote for her either but I don't think it's a majority of Americans. A lot of people don't understand the course this country will take if she wins.

I hope that first 30 minutes really resonates with people, after Trump called the country a third world country my Chinese immigrant wife started laughing because "it's true." Which it is.
It looked a lot less like 5D chess and more like he's a Hillary plant, he went on the news the next day to say more garbage about his fat Miss America contestants, whether you can rationalize the statement or not most people aren't going to.
I dunno man, I've felt crushed by him twice before and he managed to bounce back so I'm not going to give up now but this is ugly. Hopefully rallying nonstop helps, actions speak louder than words kind of thing.

It doesn't matter what Cred Forums thinks, the debate was to make undecided voters or 3rd party votes pick a candidates among these two.

Trump started really well but just lost it towards the end. His admission of not paying any tax and profiting off of depression likely won't win him any middle class votes.

This is becoming a bernie sanders 2.0 if Cred Forums keeps pampering trump with stupid online polls which won't matter in long term. Bernie took a soft stance against clinton's corruption and lost, trump is currently taking a soft stance and history will repeat itself.

Believe me.

Pepe won

It's about the Supreme Court pick really. I can deal with a shitty president for 4 years, but I don't want to deal with 50 years of unconstitutional decisions being made by the highest court in the land


So Trump obviously lost, but what really killed him was at the end when he shouts, "Well, if I really wanted to win, I wouldn't have held back!" Embarrassing. What a fucking cuck.

So you're voting for Shilldawg then?

According out our media Hillary completely blew Trump out of the water and looked like a real politician.
Do I need to mention Bulgaria is corrupt shithole with no laws for the ruling elites?

It's funny every time I see a picture of trump and Hillary trump is always looking aggressive while Hillary looks innocent or scared.

Propaganda at it's finest.


The blue marks on the right look like a man with a huge nose kek

>maybe if I pretend he said something it will become true

Cred Forums is on full damage control, but Hillary definitely won.

>I'm gonna bring back stop-and-frisk!
>That was ruled unconstitutional, Donald.
>N-No it wasn't!

What a shitshow.