Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Waukesha WI 9/29/16
>Trump on ORLY 9/29/16
>Pence Rally in Leetonia OH 9/28/16
>Trump Rally in Council Bluffs IA 9/28/16
>Trump meets Pol American Cong Chicago IL 9/28/16

>Trump Rally in Melbourne FL 9/27/16
>Trump TH at Miami Dade College FL 9/27/16
>Trump stops at Miami Diner 9/27/16
>First Presidential Debate 9/26/16
>Pence Rally at Milford, NH 9/26/16
>Trump Rally in Roanoke VA 9/24/16

>Trump on F&F 9/27/16
>Trump/Hannity Post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/Bloomberg post debate 9/26/16
>Trump on Full Measure 9/25/16

>The Lion
>Trump Ad: Movement]
>Deplorables Unite]
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero

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t... thanks, OP...

>Trump supporters want to deport this

Guys.... it's over. Just admit it.

>Pepe is a hate symbol.

>The Taliban endorsed Hillary.

>Trump STILL hasn't disavowed America.

>Trump threatens Shillary
>introduce Gary Johnson to take away Trumps votes
>plan backfires MASSIVELY, stealing all #Her votes
>go full damage control


Member the rising priesthood?

Environmental impact statements are a joke I agree with trump


You seriously keep looking dry in every single thread, have some water.

I told you guys about this shit

That's right. Want to deport criminals.

What's your backup plan once trump doesn't get elected and the internet is gone?

>Scott Adams rationalizing why he doesn't have children
fuck this shit lads im going fishing

She broke the law. She has to go back.

Trump has fewer absentee ballots in Florida than McCain did! Wow....

Thanks lad, I feel great now.

Do you feel it too?

Vote for these questions

Have other people vote for them

Meme this shit to the top



>Not Trump Water
I disavow this user

Look what I've fountd about Justin "Dude Weeed" Trudeau:

>before the final tally
what low energy shilling is this

Color me surprised

Leech off the system

I always do my friend.

The concept of "the polls" is hilarious.

>primaries show significant reduction in turnout for democrats, significant turnout increase for republicans
>trump is incredibly charismatic, while even leftists will admit that hillary has no charisma
>hillary's campaign platform is, across the board, the polar opposite of what a large portion of the democratic party wanted (bernie)
>trump rallies draw 10x-100x more people than hillary rallies
>early ballot requests indicate a significant increase in republican enthusiasm, reduction in democrat enthusiasm
>models that do not involve polls (primary model, 13 keys, etc...), which are historically more accurate than poll-based models, point to a trump landslide

All logic says that Trump is leading by an enormous margin, and yet "the polls" indicate otherwise. When we see strange results in private industry, we don't just throw up our hands and say, "welp, the data is always right!" No, a result that defies logic warrants investigation. The data is worthless if you can't explain it.

I'm still looking for a leftist to explain why "the polls" are correct despite defying all logic. In previous elections, the polls lined up with logic. Why is this election different?

Yes, the vast majority of leftists are amazingly dumb, dumb enough to think that buzzfeed is a journalistic publication, but I would think that there would be SOMEONE who could offer a logical explanation to validate the poll results. All they can do is say, "well, that's just the hard data, man", "the polls are the polls", "you're just mad that trump is losing", "nate silver can predict the future today since he has hillary leading". Those explanations are only good enough for idiot leftist cattle.




What you fishing for?


Cmon god emperor, not long to go now!

grab my spoon and start living in a woods.

At this point in 2008 he had more than Trump. Not final tally.


Nothing in particular, just going out with my dad

Trump is right. HillShills have no heart. At least Bernouts cared.


This is what Bill promised her on the tarmac. Give hillary a pass an we'll make you a surpreme court judge


Didn't know this was a thing. Sorry dry-user.

It's over.

this is literally to be expected, clinton gets a bump because they want to correct the record that she for sure won, gets cocky. strokes out, shits herself, trump wins.

Bets on this train crash being le religion of peace again?


Probably just a mechanical malfunction.

It's over.
>trump losing in NC and Florida
>Trump leading absentee ballots by only 7% (while McCain won by 10%)
>Clinton leads by at least 5% in Virginia / Pennsylvania / Wisconsin / Michigan
>Colorado polls are at best tied for Trump
>Clinton won 1st debate

Unless Trump fucking murders her in the next 2 debates, there is no path to victory for him.

Could be a coverup.

Polls are easily manipulated. The following things are not:
-Primary turnout
-Rally attendance
-Social media engagement
-Campaign efficiency (dollars per vote)
-Free media coverage
The dems are crapping their pants


sounded like a bomb

Why does she develop teeth when she's angry?

>we need to protect the environment
>so, let's stop producing energy here, and just buy it from China and Russia who will produce the same thing but it a more harmful way to the environment
>were the good guys

Environmental protection is only possible under a one world government police state, and even then, we'd have to kill off billions of people to accommodate the loss of production

What does /trumpgen/ thinks of this?

Worker on Fox now saying he heard a bomb sound

Also reports that the train made no attempt to slow down

CO tho

more R than D

It'll be a white guy with a MAGA hat whose social media pages are nothing but pro-fascist and Pepe memes.

Depends. If the crazy happens and civil war breaks out for some reason, I'll pick the right side and die fighting.

Otherwise I'll start happily leeching off the system until someone better comes along.

That or play vidya.

It's over.
>trump losing in NC and Florida
>Trump leading absentee ballots by only 7% (while McCain won by 10%)
>Clinton leads by at least 5% in Virginia / Pennsylvania / Wisconsin / Michigan
>Colorado polls are at best tied for Trump
>Clinton won 1st debate

Unless Trump fucking murders her in the next 2 debates, there is no path to victory for him.



All the happenings are a psychological warfare against Trump.

The recent train crash is a message for Trump Train.

Trump kicked ass in early voting in FL and NC. Maybe another user has the pics because I am on mobile. Shoo shoo shill

The train was heard shouting "Allah Ackbar!" right before it crashed into the station, but its motives at this time remain unclear.

>Trump has fewer absentee ballots in Florida than McCain did! Wow....
>It's over.

you again?

These are getting old

you could at LEAST try to fake the time zone

Post proofs or leave.

Let's look at the party breakdown sample FL+8 D, NC+9 D, PA+8 D, VA+5 D. Ridiculous!

The first debate was underwhelming. Donald J. Trump came with a lot of momentum into this and he wasted a rare opportunity to beat down Hillary in front of a huge audience.

How do we make sure that Roger Stone will be the one doing the prepping for the next presidential debates? It's clear that Donald needs someone to teach him how to turn those debates in his unique manner.

>Trump needs to stop being a conformist!
>Trump needs to be not PC again
>Trump needs to own all the stuff he said (because Hillary needs to be the only liar)
>Trump needs to teach her how a fucking business works and what profits and wages are

He needs Roger Stone.

Niggers and spics don't go to rallies and they don't vote in the primaries.
Dude weed hippies don't watch the news or follow politics, they just vote Democrat.

Republicans are much more active voters.

With that said, I think Trump is winning by 10% and the polls are rigged.

It's pretty accurate. The train certainly crashed.


He's still higher in early voting which is a huge fucking deal for a Republican. Also Obama only won Florida by a slim margin of 70k votes in 2012. Against a boring unlikable candidate who disappeared by this point in the race, who also alienated gun owners and evangelicals, two huge demographics in Florida. Two demographics which Trump has embraced, and they've embraced him. Between the two, that's millions of votes in Florida alone that Romney didn't get. Also Trump has the general turnout advantage on his side, after 2 terms of Democrats in power.

Hillary only had 20k more votes in the primary, and she only had one competitor. Trump had 3 or 4 at the time. She's absorbed maybe half of Bernie's voters, if she's lucky, while Trump has absorbed 90% of Ted Cruz', Marco's, and Sleepy Ben's voters in Florida.

Florida is pretty much a lock.

>3% discrepancy

Reminder for people who didn't see it last night. Trump supporter was chased and beat in el cajon.

wtf i love fake katy tur now

Terribly forced

>the nigger who said "speeding is only a crime if the cop says so"
>given the highest judicial authority in the country

I doubt it, but who knows


You gotta feel somewhat bad for the Bernouts. They genuinely felt like Bernie had some sort of chance against a corrupt bitch like Clinton. Sadly it was never meant to be.

You are the same person that said "this is the end of trumps campaign" during the primary phase.

fuck off, this entire campaign defies logic.

How does this differ from normal water?

Crumbling infrastructure. With the $6 trillion Crooked Hillary spent in the Middle East we could've rebuilt our country twice.

That cute girl, with those big tits. Why do you do this american? I'm gonna cum.

And now this.

>Bernie unironically telling people to stand up to special interests by supporting Hillary

Daily reminder.

>Trump supporter was chased and beat in el cajon.
Jesus Christ, why doesn't this happen MORE OFTEN. This guy was asking for it the entire time, just like the vast majority of you Trumplets. It should be mandatory to beat the hats off of these provocative white assholes.

Drumpftards are the only ones who defy logic.

>el cajon
am I supposed to act surprised?

build the wall

Surely this is bait, not even Hillary could be dumb enough to make something like this public. This only further solidifies her as an "insider" and "more of the same" or Obama's 3rd term.



It's over
>Jeb! losing in Iowa and New Hampshire
>Jeb! leading over Gilmore only by a 1%
>Trump leads at least by 20% in Florida/Pennsylvania/California/Indiana
>South Carolina polls are at best tied for CruTrump won all the debates
Unless Jeb! keeps spending 50 millions per turtle in the next months, there is no path to victory for him

Americans of Trump General

What is your honest opinion of us european Trump supporters hanging in these threads?

You gotta say "Awoo" when you do senpai

It was just announced on Fox Business, Varney and Company.

Drumpf? I don't get it, are you making fun of his family being immigrants?

Yeah I member!

Because most of us have guns and shoot back. Leftists are cowards and only attack Trump supporters when they have a numbers advantage, in an area with strict gun control.

eh, don't know.

Could hurt him with Cubans

Based iron mike

>FL +8D
The turnout for 2012 was 35D-33R. Obama won by less than a percentage point. There is absolutely no way this wasn't done deliberately.

But it also means Trump is likely crushing it in Florida


The more the merrier. Europe needs a nationalist revolution more than we do. Hopefully we can be your catalyst.

shitpost bros

you're helping us prop trump up, good enough

>unironically using the word Trumplet on Cred Forums


Because the molecules of H20 are charged with HIGH ENERGY

Fuck off

England started this movement, Trump is carrying the torch, and once we win, we'll move on to uncucking Sweden and Germany.

Yeah, it looks fake now that I looked it up. But the thought of it made me rage something fierce.

Oh don't think I forgot about that user, but I meant the Bernouts, not Col. Cuck-a-Doodle Sanders.

Humbled that the movement is worldwide

Also feel a sense of solidarity because I know you're counting on us to win for Europe as well as our country

>Unironically using the term Drumpftard on Cred Forums

I wish hillary never blew up this whole alt right thing, our shill levels would be like 95% lower by now


Just like women, amirite?

it reinforces my american exceptionalist attitude

The same way I feel about Americans. You're welcome to post here as long as you contribute to discussion.

A liberal Muslim homosexual ACLU lawyer professor and abortion doctor was teaching a class on Hillary Clinton, known Woman.

“Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and vote Hillary and accept that she was the most highly-evolved being the world has ever known, even greater than Ronald Reagan!”

At this moment, a brave, patriotic, professional who had served 1500 tours of duty and understood the necessity of war and fully supported all military decision made by the United States stood up and held up a birth certificate.
“Where was Barack Obama born?”

The arrogant professor smirked quite Jewishly and smugly replied “Hawaii, you stupid Cuckservative”

“Wrong. If as you say Obama was born in Hawaii, then why does this birth certificate say he was a Gay Muslim Mexican Communist born in Kenya?"

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his chalk and framed picture of Hillary Clinton. He stormed out of the room crying those liberal crocodile tears.

The students applauded and all registered Republican that day and accepted Trump as their lord and savior. An eagle named “Pepe” flew into the room and perched atop the American Flag and shed a tear on the chalk. The pledge of allegiance was read several times, and Qin Shi-Haungdi himself showed up and built a wall across the Mexican border.

The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He was shot by Bill Clinton for knowing too much about Whitewater and was tossed into the lake of fire for all eternity.

Can't stump the Trump!


Honestly, what is the point of "Drumpf"?

>Leftists are cowards and only attack Trump supporters when they have a numbers advantage
You expect us to drive around shooting up white neighborhoods? The last thing we need is to make the police look even remotely relate-able and justified. We'll stick to the public shaming and beatings, thank you.


Fits everyone here.

Alllll right, who's ready to lose the FUCK out of this election?

And she would look remotely sane to the normies and be an actual threat.

Sounds like you're being a little racists towards germans there m8

so does mydicklol

>Allllllt right

Good article

Also, Turn Out for Hillary is going to be shit compared to Obongo

They're deliberatly oversampling Dems to give her a narrative of debate win

When will Trump disavow Aleppo?

>You expect us to drive around shooting up white neighborhoods?
That's what you got from reading my post? Calm down you fucking psychopath.

Just doublethinking.

And that patriot was Albert Einstein.

*claps* heh, nice moves, kid

Shitposting tip: use an American timezone.

Their liberal media told them it was an insult, so they start using it like the strong independent thinkers they are.

An attempt to trigger us.

It fails, but that doesn't stop them from trying.

>2014 + 2
>people still responding to shills

I think it was John Oliver that started that right?

Eh, maybe, maybe not. I think they understand that not voting for Trump will give Hillary an edge and they don't want to live in another Communist country


you guys are fucking pathetic. Rig the polls to declare victory. Accuse the real pollsters are rigging the real polls because you can't accept people outside your basement actually support her. Can't wait until November when you accuse her of rigging the election too. FUCKING


Yeah. Make Donald Drumpf Again or some shit like that.

By this time next year user most of them will be under indictment for violating RICO.

She looks so fucking high here.

>The cyber
Donald confirmed to be on the spectrum?

>Being racist towards legal immigrants

>real pollsters
Wew lad

Can't Stumpf the Drumpf


Nothing else going on.
The only "controversy" is targeted at ex-Cubans in Florida because illary is losing the state badly.
Can't really play that against posters here.
So its shilling and trolling time.

Not an argument. Come back when you have real arguments.

>Voting in an online poll is somehow rigging it
> Oversampling a demographic is somehow real polling

>not knowing about the cyber
should probably kys tb.h pham

Wow, xenophobic much? Smh, and in the current year of all times.


He even tried selling hats that looked like MAGA hats. Which is retarded because any red hat with white lettering is going to look like a Trump hat unless you're looking at it up close.

I wasn't arguing I was LAUGHING AT YOU.

p a t h e t i c

what's the cuban controversy?

Wait, is Barron the real life version of Lain?

damn im thinking really really fast right now .. damn still thinking wow

how is it that some people are seeing a problem here?

I have only ever seen solutions from this man

Thanks, it will take time tho

Sweden is like Minnesota
Germany is like New England (East Germany is more based than the rest, you can compare it with New Hampshire or Maine CD2)

When is Australia going to disavow Hitler? Is this how the country of Mozart ends?!

What about the oversight committee asking comes about the investigation into trumps campaign negotiations with Russia to lift sanctions which is a violation of the Logan act.
They are gonna wreck trump just like he got wrecked in the debate.

Oh god guys, look at this....Hillary has higher odds of winning than Trump....

I think it's over...

I s-shill for hill now....

>a policy of body-shaming

What does that even mean


Fat chicks make up about a quarter of Burgerland's population

Shillary's latest attempt to win Florida back.

He was doing business with Castro to get a hotel. Federal crime.


>Trump saying that he's smart for not paying taxes
>Trump bragging that he didn't pay small businesses
>Trump admitting that the economic crash helped him
Did he overdose on redpills or something ? You don't say shit like that when you are running for president ?

He fucking fell for all of Hillary's traps, he should just say "I followed the law at all times" and be done with it.

So I'm not too deep into American politics, I just catch the debates when they occur and jump on news that presents itself.

Am I correct in the understanding that Trump lost the first debate? Like, did the polls reflect his loss?

Is the dream dead?

a few of his executives played golf in cuba...and he went and saved people from flooding there. that asshole saving people

>Greece giving advice on paying taxes and debnts

Yeah I'm a trump supporter and everyone has accepted he did very poorly against Hillary.

Now i see why the dems are making this a controversy.

Honestly, I really took offense to Drumfps comments about 400 pound hackers. I have really been trying to cut down on my weight lately, and this comment makes me so discouraged. The fight against obscenity is not a joke Donald, I haven't had a tendie in hours. Have you read the constitution??

If you vote for Trump you do not truly support the internet community.

b-but (((eichenwald))) said this story would end drumpf

Trump confirmed for browsing /fit/?

so the leftist hate Cuba now? I thought Obama was so brave and smart for going to Cuba?

That's too bad. Is he so far gone that he can't come back, or is there still a sliver of hope?

Yep. I was at a concert in San Francisco and a guy got punched for wearing a Make America Rage Again hat. The triggered guy thought it was a normal MAGA hat.

>if you say even anything remotely bad about Trump, you're shilling
Can you retards fuck off to r/thedonald or something ?

You're mentally retarded if you think the debate went well for Trump, he made tons of mistakes.


He did great, he was just against a biased Uncle Tom.

Straya? I want an AU Falcon ute

Anyone have this without the unfunny text?

He lost bigly and all the polls on the cyber show that

>I'm a trump supporter

>and is kind of stupid
Stopped reading right there.

Underrated post.

He made up 14 points in 3 weeks. He's within the margin of error in all the states he needs, and that is using 2012 turnout models, which are biased against him. He's still got a very good chance.

Nah it's pretty much over. She's retaken a substantial lead in all the important states.

>I'm a Trump supporter

Now that he made rude comments about Gold Star Hackers I can no longer support him which is why #ImWithHer now!

jeb for city council

Don't listen to him Norway user. We've been getting brigaded by Shills all morning. They're trying to destabalize our confidence in Trump.

>Hillary's master plan


How many times has it been now that this guy has tried to stump the Trump? How long before he releases an 8-page article where Trump didn't leave a tip one time in 1983?


I'm glad you finally found a job, but go shill somewhere else.

We don't have any confidence left to destabilize.

The media makes a lot of money when normies think its a close race. It was never ever going to be close it always hinges on voter turnout.

guys, i was a yuge trump supporter, but then i got sick. how can we trust a man who hasn't pledged to eradicate the common cold? looks like i'm #FeelingTheStein now

I know right user? The CTR Shills are brigading hard.

Obama went to Cuba and watched a baseball game with Castro.

What will Trump do to stop the sexual predator epidemic?

Especially the use of social media apps?

You're talking to a shill. He didn't knock it out of the park, but he was fine. Most people agree he won the first half, lost the second, even with the moderator shilling hard against him. Polls are tipping against him slightly but it's all gaslighting. He'll be back on top in 2 weeks

>the ~100 people here "rigged polls"
yeah nothing compared to Times clicking a button to magically add 300,000 votes to Illary in an instant


It feels so weird not seeing a dick from shadman

It didn't change dick all. This election is far too polarizing. To a trump supporter he slammed hillary in the areas that makes her a shit candidate. To the retarded imwithher people, trump looks manic and unpolished.

Undecideds were far happier with trump slamming hillary on her corruption and being a garbage candidate, all hillary did was drop some corney fucking 1 liners like the robot she is.

Trump won the soundbyte war post-debate, live was a mess for trump because he stammered and rambled.

Something tells me you're from Facepunch. Just harboring a guess.

This is the second "big story" against Trump. I've been spamming him with a few different accounts on Twitter asking how his story is going to end Trumps campaign when nobody even reads Newsweek unless they're at the doctor's office.

Hillary had psychologists advising her and knew that attacking his father and business sense would trigger him

Kek the man is a pro-troll, one of us. Top bants.

What has that got to do with a company doing business 20 years ago when it was a federal crime to do so?


>mfw some of the ctr shills will be waterboarded in gitmo

I don't know. Ask the German.


>Cred Forums x filters those who reply to shills too

Lol there's a month left and hes ahead of Shillary by almost 200,000 votes.

It makes me think that maybe not all Euros are elitist cunts that haven't the slightest clue about America and its culture despite constantly acting like political scholars. But then I leave /tg/ and see that I'm sorely mistaken.

>mfw Hillary shuts down Cred Forums

is that really what he fucking looks like?

holy fuck

Amen my brother!


Fuck off. Fuck right off. I had fucking enough of you retards.

Can't you see it ? Are you blind ? Trump is getting destroyed. The world isn't like your hugbox in Cred Forums, the vast majority of people hate Trump. All my neighbours love Hillary and will vote for her and I see like 20 times more Hillary signs than Trump signs, and I live in fucking Texas.

Trump FUCKING BLEW IT. He has no chance to win the elections, hillary is unstoppable at the moment and he can't get into a winning position again, unless he destroys her in the next 2 debates.

Even burnouts weren't this delusional.
Trump is losing HARD right now, so get it in your head or else you will be really disappointed on November 8.

I support Trump but it's obvious that he is losing right now.

>yfw Trump spent 68% of the debate yelling about his autistic son who can use a mac mini while Hillary was talking about thing things that matter to Americans.

I know who I'm voting for this November!

She can't even figure out pgp, how the hell will she shut down Cred Forums?

>MFW hillary dies before the election

He looks like a Pozzed out version of Geert Wilder.

Yeah. Guy's a head case, yet carried a gun in DC with no repercussions.

Go to bed, Joe.

>inb4 she wins anyway


Harambe!!! I'd post my cock but I don't like Hillary

I thought you were a "Trump supporter"?

Why did you lie user?

they are not even trying, are the poo in the loos or something?
>Thank you come again

Commies like you should be thrown from helicopters.


what, her corpse?

Dear polls-are-wrong idiots who know nothing about how polls are weighted and analyzed, there are betting markets out there ready to take your money.

They certainly did a hell of a lot of deflecting in that hearing to get the topic away from why Comey gave immunity to people (through the DoJ) to get evidence instead of just subpoenaing them like a normal person and why IT guy got immunity for destruction of evidence in addition to incriminating himself, and if the FBI knew about the evidence that has come to light in advance.
The dems really, really don't want this dug into any further.
Maybe the committee needs to offer Comey an immunity deal to get him to tell the truth finally?
But I guess a businessman going to Russia to talk to Russian businessmen who are under sanction (which is not a crime) about something - the senators involved have no way of knowing what was even said - is really important use of their time too.
If the businessman did violate the logan act - isn't this the second time they have tried this in Trump? I'm surprised they didn't try it with his meeting with al Sisi - then the individual is responsible, and while it reflects badly on Trump to be associated with him, he can be replaced and memory holed like Manafort.
Keep hoping you'll find something that sticks somewhere. Maybe he said a bad word as a teen? You can run that breaking story next.

Typical drumpftard response to an argument: Just kill them!

>All my neighbors love Hillary

yes. is that even a remote possibility?

t. manipulated Google results


>Trump won the debate


Once you leave your basement you'll see that too. Real life isn't Cred Forums.

Why is the lead singer of SLIPKNOT retweeting this shit? This is decidedly UNMETAL as fuck.

Please take Nate's shoelaces on the 9th.

is there a version of related pic with Clinton instead of Merkel?

no, because she's going to lose.

voter fraud will be punished severly.

and even if hill somehow cheated her way to presidency, the military and police are on trump's side. they won't recognize her, and a civil war will start

Probably doesn't know about IDs yet


Florida early voting doesn't start until late October shill

Uh oh, Drumpf is in freefall !

How will his supporters justify this ?


kek, germany is so fucking dead

Shut up cunt
> I have a son. He’s 10 years old. He has computers. He is so good with these computers, it’s unbelievable. The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough. And maybe it’s hardly doable.


Did that user knew?

Rigging online polls and claiming she cheated during the debates.

They're fucking


>CTR unironically attacking Trump on cyber security


I don't put much trust in fivethirtyeight, it was created by Nate Silver, a jew.

Somebody got B.T.F.O.

Where's a dancing happy Pepe when you need one?

we're going to need a new baker of breads famalam

>ISIS backs trump knowing their "backing" is obviously going to have a negative effect on the candidate
>effectively backing hillary
>america is too dumb to understand this
>tfw we deserve what's coming

>betting markets


Trump General has kinda outlived its usefulness it only attracts shills and shits up the board. We should just let it die.

Furry please kys
Nah just couldn't be fucked replying to that essay you wrote.


This desu senpai

Its ok that you conceded.
Post "Drumpf" a few times. You'll feel better.

They admitted they watched the debate and prefer Hillary.

>I'm a trump supporter

>thousands of polls conducted
>google 2016 election polls
>click on probably the first one
>almost certainly one on the first page
wonder what the results will be :^)

>18 posts by this ID KEK


How's trump doing in the polls guys?
Anything new, I haven't been on since the debates.

Looks depressed not happy d esu

This, their really fucking stupid.

Queen Hillary will have an easy task on November 8th.

>inb4 shill
I support Trump.

Just look through the thread dude.

Not good he's falling off a cliff atm.

Best I can do.

As expected.

>knot getting the reference to Clinton's "security expert" who was a furfag asking reddit for advice


I'm just happy a bunch of people here are coming to their senses.

>20 posts by this ID and also replying to fucking retarded shills in /tg/ today

But I want trump to win and i voted for Pauline.
Am I not entitled to shit post here?

21 posts by that ID
what do you think?


Be proud of thinking for yourself. You're the smart one.

Who are you quoting?


Shills are so desperate for (you)s that they reply to each other

>Queen Hillary
Do they make you say that? Is it contractual?
Its everywhere in her shit, from notices to the fucking audience instruction signs at her rallies.
>When Queen Hillary comes out
>Applaud for Queen Hillary
Must be maddening. .

It's a hard morning attack, but they aren't going to beat us by screaming Drumpf over and over.

ah yeah, all smiles user!

Kys pony fag furry drumpftard

I don't believe the poll bullshit considering LA Times remains pretty normal.

The only DRUMPF BTFO poll is the PPP one, which it typically pro-Hillary.

No I'm not i support trump fully

>I support Trump.

what do i have to do special to filter by ID?

pic related doesn't even work

It's the most accurate one though.

>not visiting /mlp/ from time to time

The problem is that the media memed the debate loss enough to demoralize the campaign.

> pretending to be a trump supporter

Are they going with this tactic again?



Seems they have added the instruction now that when called out they have to respond that they are Trump supporters.
Nice to see some adaption for once.

They've been at it all morning pretty much.


One of the biggest finnish news media interviewed me why I support Trump. I threw some redpills and tommorrow they're taking s picture of me. What should I do? I was thinking about doing this pose with MAGA hat

To be fair, I think Greece is just having some fun.

The other one seems to be serious.

There sure are a bounty of shills here this morning. I'm usually on here at night, have all mornings since the debates been this bad?

I'd say just chill and pose as yourself.



The consensus is he started strong and finished weak, but given that he was debating both Hillary and the moderator, most honest people will tell you he won.

Shave your head and stencil some SS, Nazi symbols, celtic crosses and Pepes on your body and face, then do the photoshoot topless while flexing.

That's good. If they're taking multiple pictures, do some Trump style double thumbs up with the hat on.

mornings are always packed because the old Hillary supports and shills go to bed at 5pm low energy like their candidate

shills aren't even trying anymore, I think they know how this will end one way or another

pic related

Not that I've seen. Last afternoon/evening was pretty much fine. Just this morning the ratio of CTR Shills to legit Trump Supporters rose a bit.

Do the double thumbs up.

Night time is the right time. Yes they are in full panic mode. Hillary losing all demographics and hemorrhaging black votes. She tied debate at best and knows the shit storm of the next 2 is coming fast.

They're leadership must be afraid of what they saw in Waukesha last night. Thousands of energized Trump supporters.

So this is how trumpgen dies

they might as well just follow the rest

Not really, but now they're trying to meme the PPP shill polls into a DRUMPF BTFO moment

Most likely because they are all living in india

Shilling here has to be the worst assignment one can draw. Low on the shill totem pole get's tasked with coming here. We just laugh at their weak flailing attacks that have ZERO effect.. Please send more into the black hole of Cred Forums !

I find it funny that mlp has been brought up twice this election.
First when Ted Cruz said his favorite pony was Applejack and 2nd when one of Trump's team compared a Clinton speech to be as generic as a pony friendship quote

its almost like they are targeting a specific entity?

they have all been clouded though.



YEAH I'm hoping to get promoted to a leaf proxy soon

>This is Cred Forums we're talking about.

>cruz' favorite pony is orange
deeperest lore

also honestly its probably because he has two daughters who are somehow super cute despite being reptile spawn

>clearly joked about having an aleppo moment
>still couldn't name a foreign leader

why a leaf proxy that is the worst thing to do


Lol is a groundhog sitting on her hair wtf is that

man, fake shilling to hillary supporters about johnson sounds way more fun than pretending to support hillary herself here, thanks

Nah it's all good.

Just keep MAGAing on.

More (you) s is more money
CTR looks after leafs very well

Dumb drumpf fag

Caroline a cutie.


i find it funny when i cut my teeth in the Cred Forums pony meme wars back in the good days.

the sun goddess took notice and we made history.

Its so uncool, I seriously hope nobody made their voting decisions based on this thread, thatd be fucking sad, yet the way people rage on here you'd think that they seriously believe this.

Either people just use this as a barrel to fish from with dynamite or people seriously think they can do anything by buying assholes to try to get Hillary supporters converted in this thread.

This should just be a fun place where we gather to share Trump info not share stories about our fake grandmothers who think Trump lost the debate. WTF

His two daughters escape to Equestria every time they have to escape the reality of their father strangling, beating and fucking them in all holes

It's the only way they know how to survive


The new thread has already been posted. It's embedded in the OP image.

Good luck, shills.


I hope Cruz is treating them well. He's such a slimy rat, those poor girls are going to end up growing up absolutely twisted.


Lol those tiny hands

They are just making a shit attempt to demoralize us and lessen the dank memes that leak to the normies. It only adds fuel to the fire though

Lol ikr drumpf tiny hands I hope she brings them up in the next debate


>tfw no double bacon whataburger with cheese, pickles, jalapeños, and yellow mustard


how likely is this outcome bros?

Unlikely he'll win Ohio nc and florida


Is this the red scare all over again?

No one gives a rats ass about the Cuban embargo. Even the Cubans in Florida stopped caring when the first ones that left died off.


Really? I think the most unlikely one he wins here is Colorado, which he needs.

I think he has a much better chance in the larger states... and as important as they are, all states are important for him because my scenario is probably his best bet.

Losing NV or CO would be the end for him.

Here you go dumbfucks