What does Cred Forums think of this man?

Was he the best fascist?

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He was the best, before he sold out to Hitler.

He gave vatican city to the Jesuits.

brety gudd :DDDDD

Hitler admired him. That's all you need to know.

He cost Germany world war 2 and broke the pact of steel

Was he the best fascist?

Was he the best fascist?

the best? no
the most important? yes

this is the only correct answer

He forced the Italian mafia to move to the US.

I have mixed feelings about him. He was a badass on one hand, and incompetent in the other. Like others said, he cost Germany the war.

Jeeeeez what the fuck is up with all the mussolini threads lately

A retarded manlet with a shitty army. If we had just invaded them we would've been better off.

We kicked his ass so bad, it still hurts.
10/10 would kick his ass again.

Imagine a fascist Europe without socialists coming along and fucking it all up for everyone.

"muh trains" -benito spaghetti

Why dont you all move to your favorite commie country of choice of you love fascism so much?

a fag.

I prefer him

Italy was all talk but no game. They stupidly invaded Greece and lost and opened a backdoor through which the Allies poured in. Think about all the unnecessary manpower the Germans had to invest into Italy Africa Greece and Slavia in order to clean up the Italians' stupid mistakes. They brought it on themselves. Italy was shit-tier.

post rare mosleys

he never betrayed hitler, it was the monarchy

Real best italian fascist coming through

You guys seriously think Italy was the reason the Axis lost?
Germany, Italy and Japan against the whole world, not even a miracle could have let us win the war.

If Italy never joined the war we may have Fascism today seen with some degree of respect still. Ya blew it Benito

The Axis lost because of traitors like Admiral Canaris actively working to sabotage the war effort through diverting munitions and other military-related shipments at crucial times during the Ostfront campaign which allowed the Russian winter to destroy the Germans in a way that the Russians were immune to.

Funny story is that he was apparently given intel by the British intelligence agencies about the soviet defenses prior to Barbarossa, they hated the commies too

Memes, germans were shitting in their pants when mussolini sent 4 divisions near the alps to stop his dreams of annexation. That's why they chosed another way.

Those british supplies Sure helped

i bet that no one here can guess what his favourite pasta dish was

You're wrong.

>can't tell me why
butthurt favella communist confirmed


America is fascist as fuck tough, just in favor of the lefty.

This, desu. Mussolini wasn't a bad leader, but suffered greatly from Hubris.

Also, the previous suggestions of Mosley or Cordreanu.

he was good

Comrade of fascists.

they had a very good chance of winning, if italy had been able to lock down the mediterranean without babysitting hitler might have made the push into russia.

with russia gone britain would surely surrender and america would make a white peace

You realize Allies had "endless" waves of manpower and resources? And nukes?

the germans failed in north africa too, and the "babysitting" part is just a meme

they retreated first from el alamein without warning the italians still on the frontline, leaving them surrounded by the brits

people only remember him for his going full retard in the war period, but he was in charge of Italy for a pretty long time before that

anyway, he was the kind of leader that appears very rarely, especially in a pathetic nation like ours
the way "we"(or rather some of us) barbarically killed him is yet another example of the kind of people who inhabit this abort of a nation

Also at that point America was ruled by jews, there's no way they would have made peace, they wanted their revenge against Germay.

I prefer not to argue with extremely dumb people.


manpower yes, but axis captured and denied the allies quite a bit of useful resources, and would have controlled much more if the mediterranean was seized.
yeah but hitler had to worry about yugoslavia instead of being able to focus on russia, might have made the difference considering how close they were to winning there already
true but how? without britain there is no real force projection onto europe, and britain was on the verge of surrender because it relied on its colonies so much

The Mussolini of his time.

Is it true that the Savoys where satanists?

Let's just ignore the nukes part.

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i am glad axis lost. Ideology about master race was evil and totaly out o my grasp, i rly cant wrap my head about someone being so racist that he thinks someone else lifes is less only becuase of skin colour. I mean we have historical evidence that white people were mad at black people becuase of their large penises and that white women prefer them for that. but only because we are not as good lovers doest justify our hatred towards blacks.


he was a swinging guy

Actually Italy not fucking up and bringing greece/UK into the game at this location would have made a major difference on the eastern front, i.e. bye bye moscow. Since moscow was a railway central hub, getting supplies/troops from behind the urals to the front and producing a reasonable defence/offence at this place would have been very difficult.

Nukes are relevant yes, but you forget that you still have to deliver them. No eastern front for germany would have meant huge defenses in the west and maybe even surrender for britain. From where would the nukes fly in then? Unlike the Japs, we would have send figher planes to intercept to US bombers. Delivering that would have been no easy feat.

thanks to this jackass we were involved in WWII
thanks italy

You fucking retard. The subhuman and ubermensch stuff is about moral high ground, creating a society with high moral values. The additional racial policy was for germany only keeping their genes clean. Hence japanese, french and british people were seen as the same. Hitler even changed his views about the poles and said they were one of the most formidable races in Europe.

Of course all this racial superiority actually makes sense when you look at africa. They are completely retarded down there with average IQs going from 70-90.

Attacking Greece was a huge mistake, that's undeniable, but I'm still sure the final outcome of the war would have been the same.


learn to betray

If nothing else, I admire his commitment to exercise.

this was the best fascist, for real.


he was a great speaker, political leader and also the only fascist leader to be a fantastic soldier (received highest wermacht honor, even acknowledge by the soviets)

He was the best fascist.

That said, I think he was a far better philosopher than dictator.

No he didnt, you are really delusional if you thing Italy costed germany ww2

Fuck Italians told germany that they need time for build up and prepare. But shithead Hitler didnt listen. Also krauts got what they asked for when slav rapetrain arrived to Germany.