When will people with Irish ancestry get gibmedats from the British?

When will people with Irish ancestry get gibmedats from the British?


That would reinforce the notion that the Irish are in fact white niggers.

Along the same lines, why are Americans giving blacks gibmedats, when it was the British who brought them here? We need reparations from the British for afflicting us with them.


But Anons we already gave you the greatest gift since fire: Civilization.

The fuck would we want that for?

We give them potatoes and high quality meat, they give us Whiskey and a buffer between us and Europe.

Everyone is happy

when will brits get it from the romans/dagos?

That pic looks pretty comfy. I want to come for a visit.

already did.
We gabeitto'em good and proper


>why do people travel on vacation

Ireland seems so homey and comfy in pics and movies.

It is, but don't live up to the stereotype of you here.

Grand for a visit, but its not like the american "Top O' the mornin' to ya" films

You get the vibe if you go to the Western coast though. Much more rural there. Eastern side may as well be Britain in terms of culture, architecture and everything else.

How many pints does it take before the leprechauns come out and show you where their pot of gold is hidden?


wouldn't it be "shhhiiiiiiiitttteeeeeeeeeee"?

when will we deal with the irish question once and for all?

Never! We are better than the kikes and niggers! We can handle ourselves.

>How many pints
all of them

ireland seems boring and depressing

yay some cool castles and guinness... so the fuck what

The green landscape, rolling hills, friendly people. Seems like it would be really relaxing.


Sounds like the North of England to me.

Ireland has quite a craggy landscape. Still appealing though.