Why was the symbol of German nationalism stolen from India?

Why was the symbol of German nationalism stolen from India?

Does it have to do with the fact that white people are uncultured cucks?

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Actually, the swasdika was used by allmost all recorded European civilisations as a symbol of the sun.

It's a very European symbol.
Also, considering a long time ago, India and even the Middle East was populated by whites, it's a generally white symbol.

Thanks for correcting the record. (You) are the reason Hillary will lose.

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That's not a swastika

Even the term "Aryan" came from India. Hitler was Indian. All that white supremacy shit is bluepill bullshit.

That isn't a swasitka... Just because a bunch of lines are bendy doesn't make it a swastika. Try again whitefag

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Anglo Saxon Brooch, dating 1000 years.


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>he doesnt know about indoeuropeans and north indians being the pregenitors of white civilization and culture

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The Swastika was very much a part of European culture before Christianity came on the scene.

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Literally an argument used by high schoolers

It's a seemingly Indo-European solar symbol, it's not particularly Indian.
Pic related was found at Troy, which by the that time would've been likely ruled by Aryan speaking folks.

Not stolen from India you dumb shit. Many cultures around the world use the swastika as a symbol of balance due to its symmetry. Was used by ancient Europeans too.

the same things can be invented separately by cultures not in contact with each other. why are you so dumb?

Because Germans traced back Aryan roots to India. Also it is a symbol of the Black Sun

The hindus were not putting it to good use.

>tfw I live near a neolithic standing stone circle which has a swastika on one of the stones
>Tfw it has been chiseled away by lefties and destroyed a piece of art that has stood for over 4000 years

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Didn't Hitler see a swastika on the wall of a monastery when he was a child or something like that?

those are chinese characters related to buddhism and are everywhere in buddhist temple

卐 卍

dated 6th century CE
meanwhile swastikas have been found as far back as 2nd century BCE

and especially if the different people are actually the same people

>that Hindu

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it was a taoist symbol in china, representing eternity
carl sagan has an interesting take on it, see the wiki page for it
the word swastika comes from sanskrit btw

>Why was the symbol of German nationalism stolen from India?
>Does it have to do with the fact that white people are uncultured cucks?

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Sounds to me like your question is quite contradictory.
First of all, disregarding that this is some pretty low energy bait, germans have a pretty damned rich culture.
And second, if whites appropriate parts of other cultures would this not be white culture then?
The ignorance of people saying whites dont have any culture is pretty funny though.
Maybe if every fucking history class throughout my entire education wasn't learning about kombucha khan the poor african slave, or khan khan the poor hindu dust seller, people would get to learn more about white culture and history.

the "star of david" is also an indo-european symbol that the jews co-opted, it's very present in India, China and Japan

I suppose we shouldnt eat ice cream or use gunpowder because theyre from China? Everything is derivative but European whites are the best at incorporating various aspects of other cultures. Besides, even the Vikings had swastikas, it is a symbol attributed to Thor

Kike star represents Saturn, the duality of the Sun, which is what the (((swastika))) represents.

>not God tier

I was drawing a swastika in Solidworks and discovered all kinds of interesting symmetry I never thought about before.

not just India, every culture knew the black sun before the great cultural washout of our plane known as multiculturalism

why did nazis attack commies?
they were both socialists, right?

>Hindu symbol
>Nazism at the center of Jewish dominance

Was Hitler part of the Jewish conspiracy?

>INDO-european peoples
>making this abhorrent post

>Hitler took control of the Marxist party, turned it anti Marxist and put it to good work instead of allowing it to become self destructive to the nation via trigger warnings and safe spaces and affirmative action
Now there's an idea..

Eat this, ADL.


Communist was never socialism until USSR started then they picked up parts of socialism.

It's an easy symbol to create, it attracts the eye, and it seems to have been used for countless cultures.

>Nazi party
>funded by Ludendorff

Hitler made the party marxist and stray away from the neo-pagan anti christian roots.

he destroyed the marxist party.

It's a very unique symbol, unique in it's 4 right angles, each at 90 degrees, adding up to 360. It represents the Sun as God, which has been long forgotten.

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It's a relatively ancient symbol that appears throughout many cultural groups and in all of them it is something positive. Even the Nazi's used it as a symbol of positivity it's only modern kikes that have subverted it to be negative.

Wonder why....

he destroy all marxism partys all of them even the ones that liked him.


>4 right angles
>each at 90 degrees

How is it unique? It's probably been doodled in the dirt with a stick since the beginning of man. How is a few right angles possibly unique to you? It's no coincidence that so many cultures with no familiarity to each other used it, it was easy to think up, create, and it looks attractive.

newfigs don't know about the Aryan race and the origin of euro-aryans. Not understanding Aryan originates from Sanskrit.

>doesn't understand its a symbol in many beliefs.

plate from Sumeria

National Socialists are different to Globalist Imperial Socialists.

Imagine destroying all the marxist parties feminism black bloc and communists and alt-left and alt-right too.

Imagine a world without politics, it's easy I'd you try. Imagine all the people.


>a symbol of the sun.

Thats just Vatican myths to deceive you.

Its actually the symbol of the galaxy.

swastikas on a Roman scutum (corners of the square design)

Make India Great Again

>stolen from india

tons of cultures use it in various forms


seriously cant believe the shit people believe sometimes. Even whites people have a retard demographic beyond all comprehension.

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>muh solar symbol

>muh symmetry


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>muh eternity

This user's post shows it best. The Ancients were depicting the Milkyway galaxy. Those fish which you seen in that Sumerian tablet is symbolizing the age of Pisces. This disinfo about being a (((solar symbol))) is just a myth to fit the Judeo-Christian- Islamic narrative over the past thousand years

are you sure it's saturn?
it's a magic sigil, two triangles for duality
as above, so below

swastika is the sun though

>not NSDAP
>that bit about volkswagens

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>A thread full of people bitching about who is right about a symbol a second grader has probably created today in school bored doodling on his math test.

Fernie, BC, Canada

1922 Women's hockey team

or the fact that blacks and beaners wish they were white.

>the symbol of German nationalism stolen from India
Is this bait? If not, why is it so hard, especially for leftists on Cred Forums, to do very basic research and answer their own questions.

>Thanks for correcting the record
OPs post isn't about the election...starting to wonder if people using this meme are just bots...

Not an argument.

This has to be baitu.


>dating 1000 years

Snowniggers and LARPagans will choose any religion over Christianity.

Swastika was the symbol of tge aryan tribe.

Hindus retained loyalty to the aryan tribe even after thousands of years.

>The Ancients were depicting the Milkyway galaxy.

some say they're drawing the plasma tentacles that extended from the sun from the last extinction level event where people survived in caves

The difference between whites making historical claims, and shitskins, is that we actually were all the things we claimed, and can prove it. Shitskins just copy our history and claim it was theirs. The same way you dumb fucks think hooting "WE WUZ LEL AMIRITE" means the meme works for you; imitation isn't authenticity, get it through your chimp brain.

>Does it have to do with the fact that white people are uncultured cucks?


>stolen from india

Aryan tribes are from anatolia iran europr and india.


ITT ancient rare memes

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oh shit the middle forms the sigil of the process church of final judgement

For the same reason Sunnis and Shiites blow each other up despite both being Muslim.

this looks like geometric greek

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Hitlers choice

hitler talked about how people in urss were treated like shit. They were starving and being killed, it only made the life of everyone there worst, they fooled everyone in russia, while nazis actually cared about their own people and made their lifes better.
He also talked on how jews were rich on urss while everyone else was starving, and now they would make propaganda of urss in europe, but who would win would be the jews, not the regular people, who would suffer
could not find the video sadly, communism is a jewish shit to force people into being their slaves.

>Why was the symbol of German nationalism stolen from India?
Cause believe it or not, (going by historical linguistic traces) white people originated near india and conquered europe and the north of india.

Otherwise Euros would look like basques or black Irish (basically black haired, white skin)

>Doesn't know about Central European etruscans
>Doesn't know about Aryans
...lurk mor faggit

>white people originated near india and conquered europe and the north of india.
that's pretty vague unless you contextualize what you mean by "white people"
white looking caucasians(white, blonde and blue eyed) it seems were already inhabiting Scandinavia in the mesolithic
if you are talking about the original IE speaking folks, they seemingly inhabited modern Ukraine and were quite swarthy of complexion, although they'd look Europid in skull

were the romans white?

First thing, Hubble doesn't exist, your pic is a composite made by some scam artist working at NASA.
second, there is no such thing as a milky way galaxy, your cosmology is shit and ancients certainly would have laughed at you.
It is named milky way because it was made from a drop of milk that came from one of Nut breast. A poetic way to say this is the path taken by souls from/to the source.
the only disinfo here is you, shill. With you in the neighborhood, who needs a television?
finally it IS a solar symbol amongst many other things, as for every occult symbol it contains much more that meets the eye. The key behind that symbol is the number 4, 4 cardinal points, 4 seasons, 4 corners of the Earth etc..
see pic related for an example.

germans come from india. lots of germans are swarthy, this is why they try to destroy europe and like scatporn.

It's an Aryan symbol - Aryans did really exist, academics call them Proto Indo-Europeans and they originated in Ukraine around 5000 BC. The deepest oldest roots of Hinduism (the Vedas) are a corrupted form of the Aryan (Proto Indo-European) religion and mythology

"aryan" was stolen from sanskrit too

> (the Vedas) are a corrupted form of the Aryan (Proto Indo-European) religion and mythology
the vedas are the Aryan religion

because a version of a swastika (fylfot) was used in northern europe and hitler thought germans were descended from the aryans of iran



Your the retard those were the Indo-Aryans, not the Proto Indo-Europeans


He used the symbol referring to the rebirth of the German nation.

as in did they use his nationalist desires to pin genocide on him and remove all shreds of intelligent ideas from society? Yes, Hitler was part of the jewish conspiracy.

What? What shit is this?

It's the handle of the big dipper pointing to the north star. The big dipper rotates around the star and the image depicts that.

You can't see any galaxies with the naked eye you twits.

Hinduism and Sandscrit was brought to India by a tribe on Aryans you uneducated fuck.

the irony must have been when they discovered that the true aryans are the r1a's (aka most slavs). like im not even kidding, poles = literal aryans by nazi metrics.

Maybe I'm wrong about seeing the galaxy without a telescope but yeah.