White student wearing gorilla mask interrupts BLM, hands out bananas


Arrested for Civil Rights Intimidation

>I identify as a gorilla

Whatever happened to mu free speech?

Tristan Rettke was charged with civil rights intimidation by the Johnson City Police Department

He was recorded on video wearing overalls and a gorilla mask while walking around barefoot at East Tennessee State University

Rettke handed out noose-wrapped bananas from a burlap sack at a peaceful Black Lives Matters rally on campus

He's been placed on interim suspension as his actions 'go against the values' of the school

Rettke told police he went to the Black Lives Matter event 'in attempt to provoke the protesters'
The leftists always seem to work around the laws protecting personal freedom, at least when it is in their interest.

>I bet a Kike invented "Civil Rights Intimidation" laws.


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Hate speech is not free speech stupid faggot, fuck Trump and fuck all white people


Why even have free speech if only good and nice speech is safe? Is it even free speech if it's not all free?


Eat shit. How much have you donated to bail him out/get a lawyer? ZERO

>white people - divided we fall.

original story comments are dank


>Land of the free
>Cant put on a gorilla mask and give out bananas without getting arrested

Hate speech IS free speech.

Niggers are allowed to shut down freeways and burn down gas stations during their protests, but this kid can't even hand out bananas without getting arrested.

Is this the motherfucking Twilight Zone?

That's impressive, this guy has some big balls.
Not only for the fact that liberals will destroy his life and he would not be able to get a job in the future, but also because the nogs could have chimped out on him in any moment and kill him.

No, it's the calm before the storm.

What is the point of this stupid "protest" ?

Personally he just lost everything and got his life destroyed by SJW who got to see his face.

On a general level, this is just ammunition for the BLM to say "See?? Whites think we gorillas!!"

What is the point?



Is this supposed to be funny?

What a fucking retard.

It's pretty funny though.

>Tristan Rettke was charged with civil rights intimidation by the Johnson City Police Department

wtf is civil rights intimidation?

Where's the GoFundMe? I tried to help those hero cops, and I'd like to help him, as long as they don't pull them for no reason.

Its funny that he probably triggered a shitload of people by wearing a mask, but "HURR DURR NIGGERS ARE APES" is a 200 year old joke.

Its stale as fuck.

How much have you donated to his cause, cuck?

Pro tip: posting in 75 EBIN THREDZ about him isnt helping him.

I know right? Literally 1984.

Lol fuck these niggers blm is a fucking terrorist organization. I am going to hang some niggers off my porch in Pinellas County Florida , all good boys are welcome to join.

The point is to no longer let niggers and their jews intimidate you.

Yes it is you stupid fucking google. Goddamn shills GTFO off our board.

Also, this will be dropped.

(b) A person commits the offense of intimidating others from exercising civil rights who:

(1) Injures or threatens to injure or coerces another person with the intent to unlawfully intimidate another from the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured by the constitution or laws of the state of Tennessee;

(2) Injures or threatens to injure or coerces another person with the intent to unlawfully intimidate another because that other exercised any right or privilege secured by the constitution or laws of the United States or the constitution or laws of the state of Tennessee;

(3) Damages, destroys or defaces any real or personal property of another person with the intent to unlawfully intimidate another from the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured by the constitution or laws of the state of Tennessee; or

(4) Damages, destroys or defaces any real or personal property of another person with the intent to unlawfully intimidate another because that other exercised any right or privilege secured by the constitution or laws of the United States or the constitution or laws of the state of Tennessee.

(c) It is an offense for a person to wear a mask or disguise with the intent to violate subsection (b).

No way that charge holds up unless he accepts a plea bargain.

who much have you donated?

>hate speech

No such thing
Fucking dropped


lel all the eyes on us again, be prepared.

So what I'm hearing is race war.

i thought blm hated police?

cool burlap sack i think ill buy one

>charged with civil rights intimidation

that's not even a real crime

t. Zambiqi Maguboo

>comes to a protest to harass protesters
>does it while intentionally being racist i.e. wearing gorilla mask(equating blacks to gorillas) and handing out bananas(also equating blacks to gorillas)
>expects to not get in trouble

>Jews and THEIR Niggers.

Consider the record Corrected Kiddo.

It's actually funny , so fuck you faggot.

Only when they don't need the police themselves.
C'mon, you know this.

Im going to slaughter your family like pigs and bathe in the blood mother fucker
Your race doesn't even know how to mill guns. One little push and you will get slaughtered who the fuck is going to stop us

>Arrested for Civil Rights Intimidation

Oh shit, he delivered! Based gorillabro.

a free society does not criminalize opinion

imo blacks are dull and primitive and their presence is obtrusive and aggravating.

look at how they call him boy and threaten him with violence.

>equating blacks to gorillas
Did he ever say "blacks are gorillas"? If not, its you yourself who is making that connection, thus its you who is being racist, not necessarily him.


Let me get this straight
Guy was walking around with a gorilla mask giving people fruit and got arrested?

Where the fuck is your freedom US?
He wasn't running around screaming "I'AM A FILTHY NIGGER I EAT BANANAS"
What the fuck?

BLM is a terrorist organization fuck their feelings. This kid should be a fucking senator . You should go to a blm rally and suck some black cock you faggot.


You shouldn't get in trouble
Faggots can walk around in assless chaps sucking on dildos in public
Empowered free independent women can get naked in public and paint a canvas with period blood as it comes out
Niggers can block roads and loot buildings
But this kid can't do this
Fuck you faggot

>Is this supposed to be funny?
It was funny up until the crowd finally got courageous after the cops stepped in.

He admitted to inciting, which is against the law. Not sure about that civil rights bullshit

>put on festive humorous costume
>attempt to give free food to hungry protesters
>get arrested

It's not illegal to be racist.

>admitting to anything
Yeah ok he's a retard

its pretty damn funny.
Shut the fuck up. Niggers are apes

If he was smart he woulda had a hajab under the mask, they wouldn't be able to make him take it off

>kek smiles on based gorillaman

I ran into some BLM after a rally in Lima, OH.
>Ask them about BLM
>Ask them where Soros is
>Tell them about Soros i.e. international criminal, collapses countries etc.
>If they're using a megaphone, yell louder then it over them, this pisses them off

Nice digits.
> free speech
That's where it gets messy. He was actively disturbing a peaceful protest. The laws exist from the 60-70's when people beat protesters.
Kid could get off with a smart lawyer, but they had to charge him to prevent a pavement ape freak out. Bad business if blm trucks in 4 semis full of nogs looting, which they still might do.

Freedom of speech means the government won't stop you from expressing your opinion. They also have the responsibility to keep people from shiting on your free speech.

Interesting to see how this one plays out, but he isn't going to any college in that state.

The bananas were on nooses as well. However, it takes two to tango in the instance and the protesters would have had to recognize that he wasn't simply a person in a gorilla mask but that niggers are in fact equated with monkeys and that was his intent. I don't get butthurt when people call me a fag because I know that I'm not gay and I'm secure in that. What does it say about these protesters that get angry about this? Are they not secure in their belief that they're not subhuman?

>practices right to protest
>gets arrested for civil rights violation

>bananas now trigger black people so much it is intimidation

they have niggers in Austria?

he was just tryin to fit in

RAV v St Paul says you're wrong, nigger.

we do think they're gorillas. they are

No, you're wrong, it's funny.

All of it.

Well, he did seem autistic as fuck in the video.

>Why even have free speech if only good and nice speech is safe?

Because it is better than nothing. No country on this Earth is truly free.

>dress up as a silly gorilla and hand out bananas
>sent to Rykers for "intimidation"

I wonder how many normies will get red pilled after hearing about this bollocks.

Have Blacks evolved beyond acting like apes?

I beg to differ


>"noose-tied banana"
So just a banana on a rope? What the fuck? Where did they get noose from?


First post, worst post.


>fuck white people
>fuck hate speech
hahaha the irony.

1/10 got me to reply

>Is this the motherfucking Twilight Zone?
no, it's the future your grandparents chose.

>just lost everything and got his life destroyed by SJW
>implying he had anything worth keeping

He's gonna get a degree that drowns him in debt, applying for jobs that less qualified applicants will receive, and if he's lucky he can marry a woman who basically owns him from a legal standpoint and have kids that the state can abduct if he doesn't let them become trannies or coal burners.

What exactly has this man lost?

What exactly has this man gained?
Freedom and bantz.

>Arrested for Civil Rights Intimidation
The fuck is that lol?

You are free to say all the things you are allowed to say. Isnt that enough, user?

i think we all know whos behind this

clearly his intention was to incite violence from them by dressing in a gorilla mask while handing out bananas, stop dodging the obvious.

What's his name Cred Forums?

His sign read "lives matter" so he could be protesting for animal rights. Like, the ultimate activist he is.

Someone contact the guy who upped the HiV drug cost. He might pay this guy a lawyer.

feeding the animals and tapping on the glass.

I hope they sue the crap out of the local government. You can't arrest someone for making others angry in a public space.

Can't they just leave Harambe alone?

this. preach on


have you ever seen a noose in your life, boy?

False Flag.

Like predicted, Shills will provoke people pretending to be Trump Supporters or that the Climate has changed so much that "RASSIS" can run freely around.

No i dont say Hillary send this retarded to do that, he can be a Cuck coming up with this Bananaz idea.

Absolute madman.

So what's his sentence?

Tristan Rettke

serious question, was he supposed to be gay?

>fuck all white people
This is too many laiers of irony.
>b-but whites profited from slvery
Tell this to my realtive who were small land owner farmers and before the end of feudalism peasants.

He committed a misdemeanor I guess so probably just a fine

unless he contests it in court

a: Don't talk to police
b: don't "explain" what ur trying to do because you are just making the case against urself
c: don't take off the mask while negros are filming

>fuck the police
>I need the police
>thank you police

Isn't BLM an example of "Civil Right Intimidation"?

It's 2016 OP, white people don't have rights anymore. Hell a google has every right to take extreme violence against a white person if they feel like it with zero consequences. Someone post the webm of the white kid yawning and getting punched out by a google while other googles laugh.

>Is it even free speech if it's not all free?

no. lefties are fucking Nazis and they need to consume tons of prozac to hide it from themselves.


Goddammit, burgers like you give us all a bad name. L2read asshat. You don't even have to read the whole article. It's right in the link.

There's evidence he did gay porn or something.

Dunno if it's legitimate. This is late 90's rumors.

Can't flin flan the tristan

You guys are gonna get white skin marked as a hate symbol.

>Rettke told police he went to the Black Lives Matter event 'in attempt to provoke the protesters'
This sounds like an outright lie.

>Hate speech is not free speech

Stopped reading right there

That would be an improvement. Right now white skin is marked as a target for hate symbol.
I'd rather whites be the actual aggressors instead of just being blamed for it while getting shat on.

That's how liberals already think of whites anyway. It won't change anything just because some stupid club makes it official.

Holy shit



Might as well say: fuck all arabs, chinese, japs, jews, latinos, because no people in the world like your disgusting race. Kys, nigger.

I meant on the show, I didn't really watch it. I know he was the nerd, but sometimes that's TV code for gay, and I figured they were pushing some kind of diversity thing so....

>black lives matter fuck the police!!!!
>police help dey is bein rayciss!!!!

Burgers realising too late that they should've done a better job of culling the niggers. This is what you get for your ancestors not finishing the job.

Calm down, Junior South Africa.

>hate speech
>calls someone a faggot

If liberals had their way you'd be taken out back and shot, even though you were defending their bull shit beliefs.

The guy was an idiot though, but he still has every right to be an idiot. Who gets to decide what is and isn't hate speech anyways?

> where the fuck is your freedom US?

Slowly decaying until Trump enters office.

Daily reminder to NOT give (you)s to shills

He's straight in the show but gay IRL.

Haha this kid fucked up his life trying to be edgy

He was a pretty sought after hockey prospect too.

Good luck faggot

The cull themselves Aussie bro.

Because of easy access to abortion 12% of the country has more than 50% of procedures. Their population has remained a statistical constant for more than 50 years

We could always do better though.

It's always fucking hilarious when someone tries to Cred Forums irl. I honestly can't chuckle enough at events like this.

>Who gets to decide what is and isn't hate speech anyways?
The kikes.

typical google


>BLM protests
>Call for the murder of cops
>BLM terrorists murder cops
>BLM blames white people
>Get away Scott free

Tristan 'Free bananas' Rettke
Tristan 'coons and baboons' Rettke
Tristan 'Giving the blacks what they've been missan' Rettke
Tristan ' Using free speech to make monkies screech' Rettke

Pretty sure that was Cred Forums

Is this cause they shoot themselves too? Gotta admit getting them fucked up on drugs was jewish-tier puppeteering.

>TFW You can just become a internet celebrity over night doing something deemed racist.

inb4 a reality TV show about some pol-tards shit post.

>hand out noose-wrapped bananas at a BLM protest
>expect not to get in hot water
This is the country that arrests little kids for chewing toaster pastries into the shape of guns. I'm a near-absolutist when it comes to free expression but this is beginning to push the envelope.

It was true 200 years ago and it is true even today. A classic joke ages like a good wine

This made me laugh harder than I should've.

>>Rettke told police he went to the Black Lives Matter event 'in attempt to provoke the protesters'

If he did that (tell the police, that is), he's stupid. NEVER say that you want to provoke someone, it makes you immediately guilty of whatever happens. Say you wanted to make a (political or social) statement, hold a mirror to society - something like this. NOTHING ELSE.

lol, what are you talking about? I do Cred Forums shit all the time in real life.
>Thanks for your application, Tyrone.
>We'll be in touch for sure.
>*pic related*

This. If we don't have freedom for ideas we despise, we don't have it at all.

>vandals don't get arrested

It's weird that you would be named Tyrone. At least you get to do some jolly LARPing while you remain unemployment and dedicated to shitposting.

Fookin Legend

I'll seriously donate 200$ to him right now if he has a good fun me or something. No joke.

Anyone know own if he does?

Go fund me*

What I like about it is the heavyhandedness.

Unrelated I ordered a gorilla suit yesterday and this is my captcha

>t. assblasted shitskin

Wait what, why was he arrested, hes literally just wearing an ape mask, handing out bananas, and supporting them, he even had a sign.

This will be thrown out of court by any reputable judge.


Come on, so me rage, I want tears damn you!

Why are you doging your obvious repressed racism?

>dress like a thug
>talks and acts like a thug
>expects to not get in trouble
You find it strange that black people are pulled over?

Can you stop this shitty forced meme you reddit faggot?

My great grampa a ww2 vet is staying with us
I got really mad and showed him this story and said "good going kike lover is this what you and your buddies fought and died for"
Old faggot stared crying
Five minutes later my mom comes in and says I should find a place of my own, WTF?

Tristan will come out on top just look at Westboro Baptist Church, one of their main sources of money generation is law suits, against people violating their ability to rightfully protest. Tristan probably going have a pay day in his future of roughly 20,000-50,000 USD in his future.

Those niggers in Baltimore got pardoned by a faggot judge.

Charged =/= convicted. Unless this guy is an utter retard, he'll get off with a lawyer.

Intimidation charges require that you do something threatening, like damage property, beat up someone, or make a material threat.

Dressing up like a monkey doesn't qualify as any of these.

is that worth being hunted by niggers and cucks for life?

dude has some balls

Oh shit, now I get what he was up too.

"Lives matter" as in "I am a gorilla and my life matter" as in "Harambe"

he admitted to race baiting

he probably won't get a lawyer

I don't understand why they didn't just eat the bananas.

That would've made him look foolish for giving out free bananas.

Instead they cry to the police about "muh feelings"

>Hate speech is not free speech
Sure, it's not; except it is.

I'd take it.


I hope that faggot never gets a good job because of this.


I don't know what's worse. Arresting someone in a gorilla costume or thinking someone in a gorilla costume handing bananas is hate speech. It was probably just ironically just to see what would happen. So fucking sad

What do we want?
Dead cops
When do we want them?
is less harmful than bananas and a halloween mask

race baiting isn't threatening, damaging property, beating someone up, or making a material threat.

>that skin color

>told police he went to the Black Lives Matter event 'in attempt to provoke the protesters'
Dumb, dumb, dumb.
Land of the free lel

This guy is crazy. Now the masses will know he's a heretic and nonbeliever.

well you know cops, they'll throw charges to see if any stick

or at least they do that up here

That just means he will get more money in damages

>mfw a little nigger falls into my cage and then I hear the zookeeper cocking a gun

You seem to know what you're talking about. Do you know if this charge gets the same 1st Amendment defense as IIED claims get in tort law? If so then this kid is untouchable from a legal standpoint.

they just charged him with something so they had the ability to take him away to prevent a chimp out.

they arrested him to prevent him from being beaten to death by angry gorillas offended that he appropriated their culture.

>no, it's the future your grandparents chose.
true the baby boomers really fucked us by turning our country into the meeminng pot

Depends on what your goals are if Tristan goals where to show the hypocrisy around BLM as a group advocating violence, then I think he got his message out. If his goals were to ruffle some jimmies and push the administration/police to violate his first amendment right, he won.

I think more people should be edgy like this around liberal campuses because it will cause them to go bankrupt with all the people suing them for violating their first amendment rights. I mean liberals are so easy to trigger and we always talk about hating them, so here's away that allows you to shut them down and make $$$. This is so cynically genius, it's literally taking a page out of Westboro Baptist Church.

Boomers didnt pass the 65 immigration act

He's the victim. lol
You go try it and see what happens to you.

This might've been the only chance to do something of value to people in his entire life. Respect for this act.

This is correct. Strong defense in the First Amendment would be cake for any attorney out there.

They're more like Chimps, behaviorally and socially. Gorillas are actually relatively peaceful.

go to a black neighbourhood and call them niggers and see what happens.

makes sense

i think he's dumb for admitting to anything but nothing serious will happen

Put me in the screencap.

End yourself

Are American posters the new Aussies? Except the shitposting is not banter it is just annoying

I vote to ban them

This men deserve a medal.

i hate smug niggers, i love the humble ones though.

smug niggers complain and repeat what they say over and over as if repeating a line increases its value

Looks part slav

Yep, good old Westboro BC helped outline this one;kid was in a public place making a politic point. He is free from all criminal and civil claims as they relate to his actions/speech barring any other statutory violations. Probably more of a police attempt to remove him from the situation so he didn't get hurt.

bu... BUT i thought you should be allowed to wear anyhting at least thats the retard argument from brain damaged sjw when talking about hijab?! what now stupid sjw?!

Now this is racial intimidation


>Probably more of a police attempt to remove him from the situation so he didn't get hurt.
Then he wasn't the one that should have been arrested. Stop making excuses for something that is blatantly wrong.


kek.. civil rights intimidation... what the fuck ever. But either way, it takes balls to do this.

But seriously though, it is pretty funny.


One with a name "zurra hall" or some shit like that.


One with a name "zurra hall" or some shit like that.


One with a name "zurra hall" or some shit like that.

You fucking shill kys

Fucking nigger boi


Freeze peach cucks can fuck off. I hope the racist dies screaming in prison.

>freeze peach
whatever you say cuck, countries were overthrown for less

That wasn't an excuse, but the police were actually well within their right to detain given the circumstances. It's not an ideal option, but one that can be pursued if the ultimate end result is a net positive for public safety. Arresting them all wasn't an option as they too are protected by that right, and even assuming that werent true, the resources expended rounding up and arresting them all would have severely inhibited the forces ability to protect the community during the period of arrest. Then they would have to expend the resources booking hundreds of people, or at least dozens, and provide them with public defense as I doubt many could afford an attorney. Of course this is irrelevant as they were all protected by the iron clad defense of the constitution.

All that aside, at what point in my previous post did I indicate that I personally believed their decision to be the best option?

I live in East LA and my name is Daniel Lepe, what the FUCK are you going to do about it faggot?

>expecting niggers to honor American values

so what counts as a "hate speech"?

>hate speech is wrong
>fuck whitey

This is why we think niggers are stupid animals

which daniel lepe bitch there are waaay too many spics to look at in face book

The only "right" a racist deserves in any civilized society is the right to have his head acquainted with the pavement.

Why so you can dox me? Stupid zika nigger, dox all of em

>civil rights intimidation

Id like to buy you dinner at Rosco's House of Chicken and Waffles

I am saving that picture you beautiful bastard

Hey cutie ;)

> our board

This is not your board, newfag. Probably came here during the election because you heard we make jokes about nigs.

Fuck off fat fuck


Your hatred makes you strong.

>doesn't have a tan in September

lol neckbeards

yea that's what i thought bitch ass SPIC, san diego east la living ass pussy ass JOTO LMAO

your momma sells her bean burrito smelling pussy in east los so u can go to san diego right AHAHAHA

I think that if someone would have punched Mr. Gorilla Mask Idiot they would be in violation of the TN law. I think that even if they threatened to punch him it would be a violation. What he did is socially unacceptable but is exactly what the First Amendment is all about, it was political speech. Like it or not.

The Constitution is not there just to protect individuals from government tyranny. It is also there to keep feelz based mob rule from becoming the law of the land.

Gorilla idiot is in the same boat as someone burning a flag at veteran's political rally.

Political speech is not a threat of violence just because it really hurts someone's feelings.


Yea, how did you know?

>32 (You)s on a bait this shit

How user, how?

>Whatever happened to mu free speech?

Colleges are safe spaces for manchildren.

t. Noam Chomsky

>>I bet a Kike invented "Civil Rights Intimidation" laws.
That's the most Orwellian shit I ever heard from the US. He's the one being intimidate from expressing his civil rights (freedom of speech). His alone, unarmed. This should really be taken to the court.

>admitting and getting himself in trouble

What the fuck? I just get store fronts, billboards, and street signs, with the occasional street numbers thrown in every once in a while.

>Cred Forums takes this comment seriously without realizing its satyre

Yeah, he should've pulled some sovereign citizen shit.
>am I being detained?
>am i under arrest?
>am i free to go?

race is just a social construct, faggot. there's no such thing as racism or racists

Dicks out for harambe!

here's another (you) cause there's never enough (you)'s :3

This is what a hero looks like. This is what courage looks like. This is what bravery looks like.

This man does not have a ruined life.
This man does not have a difficult life ahead of him.
This man should not be afraid or worried.

If 1% of us were as brave as him, the problem would be solved overnight. It's our duty to stand up and be there for him. It's our duty to support him, and one another, through these times. This is the only way to defeat them. This is the only way to win.

We cannot sit here laughing and crying about how his life is "ruined." This man is a true hero and a true legend, and his actions will not go unrewarded. And we will make sure of that.

Many more will be following in his footsteps, and before long they will have no other option but to accept our premises.

Some of the replies are satire as well. Poe's law is a funny thing.

I feel like that's what he wanted. It would only further prove they are like animals.

Oh Mexico :3

>Rettke told police he went to the Black Lives Matter event 'in attempt to provoke the protesters'

Intending to incite violence or a riot is illegal.
He diddu sumfin.

>he`s not the hero we need, but the one that we deserve


Rettke has gained his sovereignty. He has gained liberty. He has gained the sweet sense of freedom and power that comes from standing up to bullies and faggots and saying "NO."

I for one will strive to be like him in everything I do. I will strive to crash this fucking system to the fucking ground by doing nothing more than being myself and not backing down to bullies and cops who support the corrupt social justice bullshit.

I really hope others will follow. We can do this. This is justice, when we win.

>peacefully protest a peaceful protest
>get arrested

>niggers=apes joke is boring not funny.

>but hunderds of black protesters and sjws and feminazis who got triggered af and go apeshit are pretty funny for me tho

No, he was protesting BLM for calling for the death and genocide of the white race. He was doing a peaceful protest and expressing his first amendment right to protest racist protestors and genocidal BLM. You're completely wrong.

>civil rights intimidation
how is this illegal
what the fuck

you're a retard. 1st Amendment. "But if ya piss me off, nigga, if you say something I don' like, then imma beat yo ass. So if you say it, ur startin a riot. Nigga"


Dem rayciss cops did the right thing this time I guess.

You being a violent piece of shit doesn't nullify someones first amendment rights.

what a fucking moron.

>Brown eyes



Even though he was in a free speech zone, it looks like he may have actually broken this law.

The law applies to damaged property as well. Funny how no one is going after the many Trump sign vandals


>boohoo look at this horrible man keeping us down we have feelings too you know :(
>guy gets arrested
>blacks completely and utterly chimp out

"civil rights intimidation"? there is such a thing in USA? kek

Why do you think arguing with leftists makes any sense? You should be practicing with a pistol on faraway targets instead of spending time talking to these "friends" of ours who want to rip our lives apart and make it so that we can never find good work.

The only place for such people is in a fucking ditch.

>leftist protestor attacking trump supporter
No problem
>Conservative protestor attacking leftist feelings
Jail time

yes, it comes with civil rights
you guys should try it

>(((public safety)))

Go establish your marxism somewhere else ya fuckin commie CTR shill.


This guy is a hero


haha this, this gorilla faggot deserves to get 100 lbs of bombs dropped on him and his extended family, especially the white kids and daughters. what a disgusting fucking freak for doing this, unbelievable.

I can't believe white people even exist anymore, not kidding.


Until the western world re-thinks "human rights", it's not illegal to be racist. Yes, sure, being racist is bad and stupid and wrong, but that's not the point; I would fight for your right to be it regardless. No one should have the right to infringe on your opinion.

You can see in the picture that it isn't a noose. I don't give a fuck what a tabloid says. I'm not reading some (((click bait advertising)))

It must be hard being a dumb nigger like you

They shouldn't have made him remove his mask, and they should have respected his right to hold his personal property (bag on floor). If they did that, the removal was justified. That kid's a fucking idiot for going out on campus to the lions den like that.

we really live in 1984 when civil rights means that you cant peacefully protest.

well, it's not front page CNN, but it's something


Those top statements are false.

No one`s going to believe me, but I was there when it happened. This is my school.

No. The least respectable BLM idiots are the ones who resort to using their most dramatic and offensive resource, verbal and physical violence. We shouldn't resort to using our most dramatic resource, which is verbal and armed violence. This guy just feeds the fire. There was another video of a guy with a MAGA hat on, and he got his ass beat by just walking at a BLM rally. THAT was courageous, this occurrence just crosses the stupidity line.

Why do American negroes have an accent? I seldom heard American negro who speaks properly


I saw him get arrested

I don't have audio, did he say he was in solidarity with Harambe?

because it's fucking racist to assume he's making fun of blacks just because he's dressed like a monkey.

No one's going to believe me, but I was there when it happened. That was my Grassy Knoll.

Did the officer literally remove his mask? It's hard to see from the video.

This kid just hit the fucking lottery

Get a good lawyer and you'll e suing that police department for defamation and wrongful arrest.

Ohh it will be good for him!

His name was Tristan Rettke, never forget

Pretending for a moment you're not just a retard. The guy got moved because he was deliberately attempting to provoke a riot.

The same shit happens with that church who pickets dead military members and KKK march rallies. The police protect their rights to demonstrate and remove elements that try to start fights.

If he wants to demonstrate his white supremacist views in public space then he can get a permit like every other group.

>wearing a monkey mask is racist
What's next? Ghost costumes?


>Handing people bananas is more inflammatory than holding signs that say "Thank God for dead soldiers" at military funerals

he did call them niggers

I was walking to class and I saw a cop escorting him away from the crowd and onto a bench. I believe that he took off his mask and asked for his name. I didn`t want to linger around, I had to get to class and I don`t like confrontation. I haven`t even seen the video yet. I might even be in it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This guy did something incredibly stupid.

Hate speech is free speech.
If you don't like it you don't have to listen.

What these niggers define as "hate speech" is anything that goes against their pathetic narrative.

It is not nice to call a black person a nigger, but I have the right to do so in this country.


That took enormous balls, but he's made himself completely unemployable.

>Americans telling yuropoors about thought police

nigga you got arrested for "civil rights intimidation" what kind of marxist gobly gook is that?

America took its fatal blow in the 1960s, the civil rights act and the immigration act of 64 are the 2 most nightmarishly destructive pieces of policy ever passed (besides the Fed act in 1913)

have another (you)

Have another (you)

nice quads bro.

Looks like this charge wont stick:

>but "HURR DURR NIGGERS ARE APES" is a 200 year old joke.
And it's still true 200 years later.

Freedom is the right to call people niggers

What a legend.

Technically all humans are apes

>Looks like this charge wont stick:

The cops just needed an excuse to lift him before he started a small scale riot.


Typical chicano dumbass, you forget what country you're in

From one beaner to another learn how to take some bantz you dumb fuck, you're ruining the fun


He's a hero, you're a coward making excuses for the opposition. Maybe if you actually did something brave with your time instead of sitting around whining about the details of the law and trying to figure out if Rettke is going to have his life ruined by your "friends" in the left and throughout this society, then things would actually be going our way.

Instead you sit around making excuses, bitching, trying to figure out if your protest would "get you deep in hot water" and hiding like a lil girl.

This guy has something called "balls" which is what you lack. And you don't have you, you can grow them. They don't just magically appear, you have to foster them.

he should call the aclu

Look up the exceptions to freedom of speech. Hate speech is not one of them. Hate speech rhetoric is a crime, but only under certain circumstances. You're a fucking retard. Kill yourself.

Well it depends for who.

that guys braver than every single civil rights movement activist in modern history

he risked his life and his future to make a counter-demonstration

a true patriot

how is being rude illegal in America?

any face pics of him? he kinda fucked up, his career and education is now ruined

it's a shame


Although, people are saying he admitted to incitement, so there might be something there.

Let that be a lesson to you all, just tell the truth when they ask you why you did it:
>I did it for the lulz

I used to tour with some famous black musicians, one of whom called me "my orange nigger" all the time.
(i'm a pasty white ginger.) Someone asked me about touring with them, and when I got to that part of the story, every one within ear-shot was totally offended hearing me say "nigger." - A bar full of rich white people, me talking quietly to one person, and everybody hears it.


Yes. It's easy enough to find his full name and a clear picture of his face.

Gorilla mask guy is a hero.
The jewtube comments are epicly funny.

>wearing gorilla mask(equating blacks to gorillas)
wtf are you some kind of racist? do you see gorillas and automatically think of blacks?


>Hate speech is not free speech
>You can't call black people niggers it's hate speech
>"Fuck all white people"

Don't talk about hate speech when that's what you're doing.

the ONE peaceful protest that google lives matters manages to muster and this guy fucks it up lmao.

nobody wouldve heard of it otherwise. fuckin a m8

haha shut the fuck up niggers you're nothing without the white man. the white man made you. you'd still be building shit huts that a fucking beaver wouldn't even live in without white people. now dance, monkey

>He has gained the sweet sense of freedom and power that comes from standing up to bullies and faggots and saying "NO."

yeah, and he's getting thrown out of college, will never get hired anywhere decent, and will have to look over his shoulder for a while, will be giving all his money to a (((lawyer))), etc.

I hope he enjoys painting houses for a living.