>Deutsche Bank concerns just went to '11' as Bloomberg reports a number of funds that clear derivatives trades with Deutsche Bank AG have withdrawn some excess cash and positions held at the lender, a sign of counterparties’ mounting concerns about doing business with Europe’s largest investment bank.

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inb4 bailout

gonna need another source besides ZH please not trying to be a dick here.

warning to all nord-bros

Nordea is in the receiving end of DB risk matrix

if you have any funny sounding financial packages with Nordea, you might want to look it up

>that volume spike






This time it's really happening. And there are no brakes on this train.

The talks about DB bankruptcy stated few years ago.


Does this mean Europe is collapsing?


It was at 10.4 yesterday so it rose?



Like fissures on a dam. Small crack, biggers cracks, always connecting, then WROOOOOOM!

They had the subprime crisis. We'll have the subhuman crisis.

If there won't be any rescue plan for DB then whole modern monetary system is collapsing.


that was on the german exchange, this was on the nyse

Good times are coming.

>This time it's really happening.

This should be the official subtitle for all stock market happening threads.

No, this means Germans will take few hundred billions from Slovaks and Lithuanians and other Euro countries and pour it into their bank to save it. Just like with Greece

Every day you make this. Could today be the day you're right?

Then expect enormous riots across the continent and fall of the EU.

Ok im stock illiterate. Whats the difference in stock exchanges in germany and the US? Arent they both showing the same thing?

Whats the stock name on the NYSE?

We'll see tomorrow Japan. Your stock market opens first.

If we're going to have a big move it'll probably be on monday because usually the normal investors sell on the weekend after bad news rather than immediately

you wont do shit
pay up bitch

Thanks satan

I was here for all the shemitah shit and the supposed chinese crash.

I... I dont think i can let Cred Forums get my hopes up again

Is it really happening senpai??



>Germany's market crashes
>Britain pulls out of the EU
>Sweden having to support every fucking country by itself

We lads, why hyped here?

on nyse i think its just Deustche Bank (DB) and no theyre not the same i think DB has a lot of different subsidiary stocks and only one is the actual company stock on the german exchange

isnt sweden already runnint out of monies because of rapefugee handouts?






WSJ from 5 minutes ago...

Somethin's fishy...

Go get one then.

Im sick of fags requesting knowledge and sitting around like a turd on a log waiting for others to being you info.

Do it yourself you lazy fat nigger

Oh yeah Sweden was getting ready to implement Right-Wing Deaths Squads because it was so close to going broke, last I heard.

It's about to GIT GUD.

lol no, abolutely no chance of happening

Luckilly this will only touch cunts using Euro


What am I looking for?

we just need to nuke a city so we can create jobs by rebuilding it

666 nice

Bailout is better then a Bail In.

Both are bad news for the German tax payer

Under 10 and it's mass evacuation .


Why would you buy crashing bank?

But you would reduce aggregate demand by destroying consumers.

No. You idiot the burden of proof is on YOU if you mine from shitty sources. How absolutely sophomoric lmao

Post sources, idiot! or else i cant report on it!

Kraut thought it was over before it was over.

>make thread crying wolf about something they have absolutely no knowledge in to gain (you)s .

Op is of the faggot nomenclature.

I was getting all disappointed when it seemed to recover yesterday but I'm tightening my butt rn is this finally it?

Please be forced to do another bailout, it will be the end of the EU.

Why is DB crashing though? How did they fuck it up?

Better sell that shit and cut your losses before the stock really goes into freefall.

"it's actually happening this time" baissing neet says for seventh time this week

It closed at $11.65 just the other day. $11.51 now

You're right we'll have to be more drastic

Kan du utdype?

Weimar Republic 2.0 here we come.



Monday is national holiday, german reunification. Looks like on monday there will be a happening of the opposite, splitting europe into a huge race war if this continues.

Glad it's a holiday so I can devote the entire day killing mudslimes. 1 Year later, this day (oct 3rd) will be known as "unification day" for all of europe and their native populations.

Is there any other bank to look out for?

He believes in his country.

It's obvious that Merkel won't help them under any circumstances, since another tax payer funded rescue would mean the end of her leadership.

Changed my euros pounds feels good

The End

For what purpose

Pretty coincidental that DB has been zombie walking for about a year now

Now all of a sudden once Congress and the Senate overides Obamas 9/11 suing the saudis bill it all of a sudden crashes now.

Guess king nigger decided to pull the plug on DB to give the middle finger to congress/senate

>No. You idiot the burden of proof is on YOU if you mine from shitty sources. How absolutely sophomoric lmao

fine. ignore a possible happpening. when you go to the supermarket in a few days and its empty dont complain to us

US (I think, not too informed myself) banks started demanding billions of dollars from Germany for debts or some shit, and Germany refused.

Jej. Oopsy-daisy.

Sure DB will go bankrupt but don't underestimate the cucked nature of the German people who will happily fork over a $100 billion to recapitalize the bank


Are you actually retarded?

Putting DB into perspective, it is now trading at -91.81% from May 2007.

Is that bad though? Clinton is going to win and she'll have to deal with a recession. Plus, it's finally the HAPPENING we wanted.

You've missed my point and have just shown yourself to be ill informed . It hasn't collapsed yet its not even sub 9 dollars yet, you are freaking out about nothing.

Vennligst utdyp.

to make a nice fat profit

Notmuch is happening as usual

Will this be the event that triggers the European civil war? Are we even ready?

inb4 absolutely nothing happens

Might just be the beginning. Worries about DB have been brewing for quite a while.

'One prank that went too far'

She will.
She can't allow it to die.

Oh boy here we go for the next financial crisis.

Nah not really.

Are ready to start stalking?
Im ready :3
Crossbows, guns, ammo, food supply and a sweet ass spot in the middle of nowhere to live. Ill be lucky to see anyone ever during the happening

No one wants to live in the bumfuck desert 100 miles into no mans land

Spent my whole life doing desert survival to do this shit

even if i go crazy from isolation ill be okay

what about you my fellow burger?

Nothing will happen.

Almost -7% just today.

9600 jobs to go commerzbank

No, she won't directly. But she made a deal with Erdogan already, check

I want to believe

>Now all of a sudden once Congress and the Senate overides Obamas 9/11 suing the saudis bill it all of a sudden crashes now.

think about this; if citizens were allowed to sue the Saudi government for their funding extremism leading to the deaths of Americans, what would stop foreign citizens from suing the US government for our killing of civilians?


It's fucking happening

vet ikke hvor legit dette er, så det er derfor jeg sier "burde ta en titt" og ikke "selg selg selg"

men denne grafen har sirkulert her inne en stund

det var også om DB i i dag.

This is good for bitcoin.

You must have deposit insurance in the EU? R-r-right?

>what would stop foreign citizens from suing the US government for our killing of civilians?

Please yes

Get with the times, plebstar.

It would cause global collapse

thats what we want user

why arent you excited

>mom keep the money in USD I'm telling you the euro is...

Well. I tried.

assuming you are correct, is this a reason to intentionally avoid educating yourself?

like finding a reliable source on your own?

Why are financiers suck clickbait merchants? Every graph about market prices is always scaled so it looks the market has completely collapsed, then you open it up and realise it's barely a 5% change

The keks are real.

Again the burden of proof is on the initial posit not the person asking the question . Learn to Socratic.

Listed as DB on NYSE. There is no difference between that and whatever it is listed as on other exchanges around the world. Only difference is currency its quoted in.

Kek, German trading.


Doesn't matter how she does it.
The point is that the bank will be fine.

No break on this train. Never was.


dibs on clay

So if DB goes bankrupt, should I go ahead and buy something expensive to sink my money into something that'll actually have value?

I have just about enough for a down payment on a house.

>what would stop foreign citizens from suing the US government for our killing of civilians?

Why would I be worried? America has done nothing wrong.

>buying cuckbux instead of glorious trumpfreedom dollars

get gassed cuck, prepare to prep your shitskin overlords

Should've bought dollars. Pound is freefalling too.

People with no experience just don't realize that banks may be too big to fail but the stockholders can get wiped out

>clickbait merchants
You clearly have no comprehension of what such moves in markets indicate.

To put it another way, go watch Stictly Come Dancing like a good retarded goy, faggot. These graphs aren't for uneducated people.

>buying a dead body so you can reanimate it later and it will work for you

If DB causes Lehman bro's times 10 buddy im ready to sink 40000 dollars into food batteries lighters and guns the next day

We dont bounce back from this one
this is a bubble that makes world wars happen



12.32 are you fucking high
we have almost been into single digit land, lad





Maybe his talking about Swiss pounds, they are safe harbor as USD.

Banker on Bloomberg just admitted it. "Banking is a confidence game".
They're so desperate they're starting to spill spaghetti everywhere.

>asking if white people are ready for war

Hey France.

Are the markets closed yet?

yeah because that would totally not play in the hands of the globalists trying to create a new world order


Germany is

DB sub in merica is still going on.
We can watch that for predictions for tomorrows massive crash

Is that even allowed?

no one is ready

Read my name you fucker

Paul Krugman is a crack smoking retard. Whenever he gets drilled on being wrong 95% of the time on air with his various predictions, he gets all wide eyed and crazed, can't stare at the camera or the person speaking to him. Total crackhead, smokes crack at home and makes economic predictions he repeats that are rarely in touch with reality. Goes talks about it and gets ridiculed. He was laughably right one time and it made front page headlines.

will it happen

is this going to cause civil war in europe

>Brexit means that Germany will be the financial hub of Europe



once again, is this a valid reason to avoid educating yourself?
if i see a story/news article thats interesting but i dont trust the source, i google it. its not hard. if you genuinely dont care about a very real possible happening, the you are correct. OP is at fault and he should have provided a better source. but if you actually give a shit, take some initiative and find your own reliable source. nobody is trying to convince you personally that shit is going down. this is more of a "to whom it may concern..." waring

Buy high, sell low

It's going to drop 14% from open by close.

can somebody explain this deutche bank issue in 10 words or less? why is the entire bank going to the shitter all of a sudden? new gfc?


i would have slugged that faggot in the gut

He's right, it now depends on how Tokyo stock exchange will open. But I bet there will be slaughterhouse (all right, except Asia, cause they have green color for falling stocks, kek).


Where can I find a link to watch this?

It's nothing.

I set a 300k nok short on markets for tomorrow so it's not like I have a stake against your scenario. I want you to be right but you jinxed it.

The problem is Cred Forums is going nuts about this and at least when it comes to finance, it's always wrong.

You fuckers have 85 IQs and you don't even manage to be right half the time on something as simple as market direction. A coin flip is superior to Cred Forums's small reactive minds.

Been tracking this since the middle of the year for months now. Check the archives, it'll be the derriviatives that will end this, next stop is the Italian banks ,Monte dei Paschi di Siena is one to watch. We wont see nothing major happening yet on the scale of 2008 until 2017 Q1 or Q3 though, so get shorting on every bank connected to this thew trading world needs to catch up with this derivative fraud mishap.

Ask me anything, i did the math and have a ton of research and graphs

Clearly you don't know how empiricism works. IF the initial source is bad the whole posit is incredulous, I don't need to look anything up because im not asking for myself i'm asking out the assumption that you can mine from a trusted source. If your source isn't trusted why the hell would i trust your predication to bloviate. I don't need you to tell me to look up stuff myself that is obviously moot.


Did Brexit cause this?

Or was it merely the spark?

Or was it unrelated.

Clickbait merchant spotted

Do you do it because nobody cares about your profession at all until you fuck it up?

If both my parents work here how fucked am I? Still in college currently.


When will things get so bad that ">this" will happen across Europe?

It just gets better guys:

Just how much of DB did you pick up for 12.32, you stupid stupid mutha fucka!


I have a 125 IQ and if you go onto twitter, you'll see that people are actually talking about this. This is the first time notable people have been talking about it.

>Germany efficiency

Will it be worse than '08?

DB has not been in a good way for a long time now. A year at least.

Is it time?

I'll have you know I'm IQ 180 and am in the navy seals

No idea, but I'll buy a one-way plane ticket the day it happens.

Hope the bank crashes to nothingness like the Wiemar republic.


rly makes u think

Its much more than that , you'll notice the Kraut CEO and Chairman cleared off some time ago...

Our GDP is only 46 billion USD
And how would they execute that anyways?

Going down 5% four days in a row is equivalent to an 18.5% total loss. If the starting market cap is $20 billion, it's not $18.3 billion. That's nearly $2 billion gone in less than a week. When it happens every week for many weeks, you eventually end up with

Search for "Nikkei stock" or "live chart" on Google. I use a software from my broker.

ok. point taken. you are correct. but let me ask you this.

does the possibility of a worldwide financial collapse worry you?

yes or no

It's been a house of cards for very long. It was bound to happen sooner or later but I guess if the boat gets rocked it sorts of sets off a chain reaction.

>Will it be worse than '08? have no idea kid

Despite Europe's bank debt stacking up , DBK (Deutsche Bank) are being propped up by major derivative exposure amounting to 72 Trillion and keeps climbing .The derivatives are more than Germany's total GDP. Although the majority is saved by their Net , this Net is at the expense of the various counter parties. If any fail to back up then the trigger is fired and things wont be pretty.

Moving on, another issue going on here are an increase in CDS's reaching nominal peaks in 2015/16, they're still not as high yet but they've been growing internally throughout the year.
The picture attached shows DBK's CDS against JP Morgan. There's also a CDS increase on the major Italian Bank 'Monte dei Paschi ' , I'm sure there are more on the linked banks I've named below.

A bailout shouldn't happen due to new EU rules in place since 2008 on bank bailout strategies. An option against the taxpayer lays open but who's to say the government wont do both or the former, I don't now.
Check the archive for other posts , i've done a couple contributions. I'd like to say that if you're a trader, start shorting the banks now. Here's a short list so far:

Morgan Stanley
JP Morgan
Goldman Sachs
Standard Chartered

I can get an image of more up next post. Just short the fuck out of them and watch Quarterly reports throughout the year. There shouldn't be any great rebound , nobodies kidding anybody aboiut this and DBK telling everyone "Everything's okay" will be bullshit.

Here;s a chart of DBK Credit Default Swaps

I withdrew most of my deposits a few days ago, already.
Will try to change all my Lastschrift mandates in the next weeks and GTFO of this shitty bank.

I hope it crashes without survivors and pulls the whole world economy in a big slump. At this point the West will only wake up to the mess it's in when there are critical financial woes.

At least since March 2014 DB has been projectile diarrheaing and hemorrhaging.


>in 10 words or less

no money

It's not all of a sudden.

so its their own fault? nothing systemical?

We have a surprising number of very intelligent people here their voices are just drowned out by shitposters and morons in most threads



Absolutely not. This means a possible clean slate , hard times but a clean slate . I want see how humans coexist on an even playing field, not seen for decades. Do we falter and die out or does something new come out of it . We will see soon I guess.

I'm 36, broke, poor, and barely employed. How will this affect me?

bro, it will be worse that 1929

I dunno they seem to be doing great on CDS

Swiss Franc. And yes. The USD, or the CHF would be a wise investment. Can hedge the position in Czech Koruna or Danish Krones.

And of course, "pet rocks".

Fuck off w/ your burden of proof

Cred Forums is proof, you nigger

And LIBOR manipulation scandal, silver prices manipulation scandal, selling RMBS in 2005-2007, Russian mafia money laundering scandal and few more "incidents" over last 10 years. Legal cost of those scandals exceed DB's capital.

Yea but that have that new labor force, all them migrants coming in to germany looking to work hard and then some, that'll turn the German economy right around, you'll see!

Money printing to dilute the value of the currency. There isn't anything you can do to avoid it and they can skim off 2 or 3% of your entire economy every year

>Absolutely not
fair enough. dont bother looking up your own source.

but i advise you to buy a gun if you dont have one already. a gun and a nice water filter

So another financial meltdown? And I just put 1650 NOK in my DNB account. Should have waited, but I am expecting a bill soon. Thanks for the heads up. :^)

this? no way. either germany helps them or other banks will pick up the business. if it wasn't anything systematical that caused this it's going to be fine for now

Your vacation will continue

If DB crashes and burns will the euros on my bank turn into an equivalent of Zimbabwe funbucks?

If so, i'll need to stock up on emergency rations and buy gold or something while i still can.


What's your broker, why aren't you shorting bank zachodni

Hahah nice one pleb

Since August 2014 MPS is down @-96.10% relative. It's a spectre, the only question is when the powers that be let Europe collapse.

The second it hits really, EU will be first hit. Germany, Italy, Southern EU states and England. Like dominoes since all the banks are connected in this specific spider way, everything's connected and all the banks have been tossing these repackaged loans around. Monte Dei is the worst.

I don't know, by theory it should be. It depends on if the Gov. will go against their own laws on bank bailing or take it out on the tax payer, this is about how hard they fall. The debt is in trillions, everything should just fall like dominoes until it reaches the US. Just check the CDS's and tell your friends, start shorting.

Follow this post for more information:

Crashing this Reich with no survivors


DNB er ikke utsatt, så vidt jeg forstår..?

I'm hoping to go on vacation to Greece next year, I hope this means it'll be 2e per $1 next year! CAN'T WAIT!

It's like you stopped reading the rest of my retort. That's your chronic mistake . Good day to you.

LOL credit default swaps you want them to cost a small number! But nice bait!

>Check the archive for other posts , i've done a couple contributions. I'd like to say that if you're a trader, start shorting the banks now. Here's a short list so far:

Hey guys, don't worry, Merkel took in a bunch of muslim migrants and what not, the Saudis and Qatar will bail Germany out, you'll see. Soros is also working big on this project, it'll turn out roses brothers. Screen cap this, I'm a profit.

its every bodies fault. and nobody's fault. economics can be very convoluted

Kek speak in captchas too?

kek where does happening-hedge get all of this data from I can't find it anywhere else

cash i banken er nok ikke farlig.

jeg snakker om finanspakker og annet snacks som vi husker fra 08 krisa

nordea var en av de som fikk en smell.

Om den så var, tror dere virkelig at en norsk bank går fra alreit til å trylle vekk Ola's 1650 kroner over natten?

Christ, thanks user.
It seems like the bailout would only make things worse though

I'm aware of what 5% means, but my point stands, regardless of how shallow the drop is, they always scale financial graphs to make them look like any drop is a complete market collapse.

Pic related: Dow Jones is collapsing, civil war in America tomorrow confirmed.


>It's like you stopped reading the rest of my retort. That's your chronic mistake . Good day to you.

as a matter of fact, after i read "absoliutely not" i did stop reading. then i responded to yuro post. then i finished reading your post

You don't find nearly all the financial data for free. My university is subscribed to about 1000 different services to get nearly all of it, and some are expensive as shit.


Hello fellow Brit bro

I have been following it for over a year as well. I remember the first shemitah threads

I think this could be it : )

God bless Brexit


there's not enough cash in the world to bail out $72 trillion of derivatives

>implying there's a nationalist who's as charasmatic as hitler out there

nei, dessuten er det da litt det jeg sier, når jeg påpeker at den ikke er utsatt

>its cool guys it's just deflation lol
>nothing is actually going to happen haha
>did you see the new Sweden's Got Talent?

ha! youre right friend. nothing can stop the work ethic of a proud Muslim-European immigrant! Germonie sure is lucky to have such an invaluable resource

I predicted this told you all 9/30

>tfw East India House will be rebuilt in your lifetime

That's not how this works, I'm not exactly sure how this works because it hasn't actually happened before but that's not exactly how it would work probably

What do you recommend buying? An inverse s&p 500? Let's say I have my life savings and want to make it work for me. Should I feel confident in putting 80% of it in an inverse S&P 500 right now?

>the world will be set on fire just in time for a Trump presidency

I'm not an expert but this looks bad.

Yup, European banks summed up.

This. Cred Forums is never right about these things.

DB in the Singles!

What this guy said, I have 140k in an IRA account invested in various shit. Should I liquidate now and just hold the cash and pick up when it crashes, do I BET THE DOWNFALL.

How the fuck can you even bail out DB?

Might be time to buy this etf. It was selling for $1000 5 years ago

You're impartial triangulation shows your ineptitude to a normal conversation and to someone else perspective. You clearly like wasting peoples time . Stop replying.

>shitposters and morons
Looks more like trolls imitating morons for a laugh & lots of delusional hopeless fuckers from every corner of this rock.

Also, unrelated, but how does the collapse of DB impact the US & any of our credit unions?

which live chart are you looking at faggot?

Uhh no Dow falls and we get king nog for a 3rd term

i am fine with this, they still owe us some things

By pulling 72 trillion out of your ass.

Let the zombie banks fail.

Reinstate glass steagall act.

Hang those that caused the collapse

>Enact article 50 right as the banks collapse
leave with your economy intact
>Enact article 50 right as the banks collapse
leave with your economy intact
>Enact article 50 right as the banks collapse
leave with your economy intact

>Ask me anything

Where are the scared people going to put their money? Is this going to help the dollar or even cause a boost in bitcoin?

No problem, spread the news when suitable

Invest in GOLD ETF's and Index's , GOLD will skyrocket on any crash. Buy Gold stocks, Gold coins, Gold anything.
Short the banks and companies linked to the banks, do your DD and find them yourself. Look into Chinese banks too, everything's connected. I wouldn't touch the S&P , touch ETF's in Gold/Silver only.

Not true.

HAHAHAHAHAHA get fucked, suit niggers. Us NEETS will rule the post stock market era.

ofcourse this helps the dollar you fucking kikes whenever anything bad happens the goyim run to America because you surely can't collapse

Holy Kek, please make Germany bail them out. This will kill Germany.

Oy vey, it will be a literal 'nuddah shoa

Eternal anglo

Float well pizza-chan


>Dow Jones has collapsed that bad and rebounded about 5 times this month alone

Trader friend of mine on the floor in New York called to say everything just took a pounding. Wait for the 15 minute update.

I have my savings account in Deutsche Bank. Should I worry?

It'll probably correct the euro and USD, we're talking .80usd or so gets 1e.
Gold ETF sounds sweet, what about one of them 3x velocity gold etfs? 3x the gains bro!

Print a gorillion euros. Problem delayed until the money supply hits the market.
Solving the crisis US style.

He took a risk, timed it well, and succeeded. Good for him, he is the alpha predator, he is the winner supreme. Fortune favors the bold.

the US can print 72 trillion and give it to germonie

its not like it even matters at this point

looks like that Shemitah was right after all

Not sure if it's a troll, but this is a decaying fund which means over the long run it always loses money. It looks like it was $1000 5 years ago because they've done constant reverse stock splits.

What chart are you all using? It just hit 10.20.

Nobody abroad wants to purchase your shitty currency

Scared? People who are invested in DBK (bought stocks) ? If so then they'd be bailing out already, check the market and Stockwits, shits on fire

It may boost bitcoin as its crypto and people when Dollar does shit tend to put money into computer currency since its "more reliable"
By economic theory, dollar should fall dramatically as Gold rises . Refer too my post here:

couldn't hurt to transfer it to another bank.

How on earth did you manage to open a web browser, find this place and type up something resembling English? Are you like the world's tallest mental midget?

Fwiw, I've been in your shoes. Dump now. It's only your pride locking you in. The hardest, most essential skill you have as an investor is taking slightly less money off the table when you make the wrong call.

-10% soon, my dudes

It should be

If they bail out DB, then they have to bailout all the rest of failed banks in the EU. see

>It was selling for $1000 5 years ago

and its selling for 32 now. Thats great performance, huh? buy buy buy

Honestly, to be safe move it over to a credit union before the bank holiday this Monday. Rumors are a bail in, that's why investors are moving their money away

Will this crash the Euro? Should I buy rubles? I have a feeling that it will be smart to do

>shows your ineptitude to a normal conversation
well that makes sense seeing as how i have schizoid personality disorder

This >

secret itk banking chark no goyim allowed

If he starts transferring everyone starts transferring better to keep it there and see what happens

You guys buying silver yet?

You know it takes a week to open a fucking account in this country. I'm fucked aren't i?

What the fuck is going on with italian banks?

Also, BCP was a riot. Exactly one day it exploded, our president at the time withdrew 50 millions from it. Every bigwig got a warning in the week before it exploded. The majority of shareholders did not even know until it was too late and they got fucked
The common people that had their savings in it are burning for eternity and the taxpayer got a new asshole opened to save what little could be saved (aka the big shareholders).

Go for the most traded ones and high volume bringers to stop any wild volatility, things are still uncertain. Someone could pull a scam and fuck everything up causing a boost in the wrong areas. See what happened before 2007 to companies like Lehman, they outright lied to their board and investors. Be cautions etc

you would want to be one of the first wouldn't you?

fuck it it's only 9€ or soemthing worth. pennystock is next step after the 10

Every breath of air should be Chosen only.

Thanks m8. Have some Dancing Nige on me.

>bail in

Ah shit. I remember when they did that to Cyprus. I only have around 50,000 euros in it. Maybe I should lower it.


Deutsche Bank produces nothing of real value. The printed money doesn't need to be exchanged against anything to "solve" the crisis.

I ain't clicking that, someone take a pic

Tumbling down, tumbling down...

It will affect you too, retard.

Europeans are our biggest oil and gas buyers, so we're invited to the ride too.


That funky ass nigga queer jew was right!

new thread

Its really close to going under 10. So yeah, its happening.

Someone save my posts so I don't have to keep typing these out . Share them etc to get people informed

all you can do now is hold on. if the bank doesn't die it will come back and you'll make money

all or nothing

DEUTSCHE BANK is going down, going down, going down!
DEUTSCHE BANK is going down, pull out your money!

>couldn't hurt to transfer it to another bank.

Or at least half of it, can you not just withdraw it all for now? Better safe than sorry.


Fucking jews

You are a buy high sell low Nigger

Investors don't buy and hold this type of thing,, obviously there are lots of fees and expenses but this is way safer than shorting individual stocks

I dunno exactly how this works regarding Yurop but even America can't print unlimited money it gets away with it because literally everyone purchases dollars for trade and invests back into their bonds

And then I said "Usury? What Usury?"
(laugh track)

Yes it's going to crash the dollar too get the new yuan that's opening in the 30th simply switch to chinkas money. This was the master plan for the Jews crash the world economny and switch to china easily no offenders included.

Holy shit, did no one get caught for insider trading?

God save us all then...

The major media have started shouting that the shit's on fire.
So yes.

Praise kek, for a happening is upon us

This. When the change is over a month, then I'll take happeningfags seriously. Like the DB collapse.


Yeah, there wasn't anything really wrong with it and it was because of the other rider if I remember rightly - he shouldn't have been below him in the lane.


Kek pls facilitate the fall of the inbred "Germany"
End it's suffering
And while you're at it take France with it

Deutsche Bank has been collapsing for a year now. When Merkel has to come out and publicly say that she ain't bailing it out you know somethings happening


Just hit 10.15... OH SHIT

.08 points to go hahahahaha!!!! Let it burn!!!!!

The ones that left solid proof were exempt from accusation because they were high up in the government.
The others tried to keep quiet so nothing came out of it.

Our president is on an "extended vacation" outside of Portugal, now that he is not exempt from accusation. Nothing will came out of it though, they're all pals, the juries and the government.

It's 10.08 on my shitty chart

Thank you. I don't have more than 100.000 in my account.

Why does this chart have DBK a whole percentage point higher than all the others? Am I being dumb?

Don't pull out until you're back up. Welcome to trading. Your money won't be liquid for a while.

Jesus, it's the same everywhere it seems. Sorry pal.

yes, but get some cash anyway. It can be that you can't get some money or at least cash for a while.


>implying the Einlagensicherungsfonds is nearly big enough to bail out mere customers, who are literally at the bottom of the food chain
kek, why are Germans so fucking gullible?

Tomorrow is the Black Moon.
Deutsche Bank will die during the Black Moon.
It is not a coincindence! It was planned this way!

Will do. Already paid rent today and that damn ZDF, ARD, DRadio tax.

I also wouldn't trust that Insurance but what other options would there be for him?

Except on the tax side, my family didn't have any problems. We didn't have any money in that shithole.

Now for a worse news. The national bank, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, has failed three or four stress tests in a row. What did the bank do? Put MORE managers and executives, wasting a fortune on them. The result? The problems got worse. But I'm sure those executive are all happily rubbing their hands.
And we have all our savings there. Might bail out at some time in the future.

You also got repeating digits.

Certainly not a (((coincidence)))

And yes: my gf is at Postbank and I told her to transfer her money...

Literally millions of investors. Its one of most read financial publications.

Opening a bank account in Switzerland accounted for in mountain shekels, like any sane German did months ago.
And yes, at least get a few monthly expenses in cash.

Taxpayers foot the bill
Tack it on to the debt

Welcome to the USA, 2008

Also, if CGD fails, everything fails in this country.
The stupid bank branches deal not only with banking itself, but with the pension system, insurances, etc, etc.

what's going to happen to the poor refugees if everything goes to the shit