Is Cred Forums wrong?

Soo... just back visiting the parents after 3 years of living across the country.
My dad tells me you guys have brainwashed me to believe that Hillary Clinton is bad.
He says there is literally nothing wrong with her as a politician or a person and the only reason I don't like her is because I fell for republican propaganda.

is it true? Is it all just lies and propaganda Cred Forums?

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>republican propaganda
Hmmm, I don't think most of us are Republicans.

>everyone who doesn't like Hillary is brainwashed because my dad says so

Kill yourself you fucking pussy, I've never heard something so spineless and idiotic. I actually really hope you off yourself.

The entire MSM is in the bag, hard for Hillary.

People who get their news only from TV have a very distorted perception of reality.

It is disgusting.

he also sent me some reading material and a you-tube video.

ok. but is it all the anti-Hillary activity lies and propaganda?

Hes an old school old man that is hopelessly liberal

beat your dad up and tell him your mom cheated on him

its for the sake of argument you fucking retard.

bait obviously, but I assure you there is just as much hate for Hillary coming from her left as there is coming from her right

Cred Forums has easily as much shillary, your dad needs to lurk more

but why? Is the only reason because she a powerful woman that's fighting for equal rights?

I'm asking because I would love some substantial evidence of her pathological lying and warmongering

I absolutley hate the cunt and think she is largely responsible for prolonging the syria war and causing much much more casualties than necessary and she gets her power by saying whatever people want to hear like; police and white men are bad.

Yes your father is correct

she's a very intelligent and caring woman, She was inspired by the life story of her mother to dedicate herself to public service. She studied political science and is the only candidate actually living in a fact-based world

You should vote for her if you think America is already great, you should vote for Trump if you think America should be more like Russia

I'm an anarcho-capitalist from Finland and even I can see how awful Hillary is through my autism.

Your parents are the ones who are brainwashed.

bad bait, played your cards too soon


>He says there is literally nothing wrong with her as a politician or a person
except ya know the deleted emails either showing her incompetence or her intentionally hiding something

if your dad watches TV then he's just old and dumb.

I'm sorry.

He will be happier after the election is over.

McCain proved himself to be a cunt when he was giving Georgie reach arounds in 2004

Hilllary should never try to play the war veteran card. Shes not fucking fooling anyone

Ya blew it

>Husband is an alcoholic sex fiend
>Can't pour a beer
>Can't give a blowjob
No wonder the marriage failed

he doesn't watch tv. He spends his days working on a computer and listening to NPR.

I'm being serious. That is, after all, the implied reasoning behind the brainwashing

>believe your father
>believe Cred Forums
>believe anything anyone can tell ?
think of your own asshole

From day one the media has been incredibly biased against Trump, he's not great but the propaganda against him has been obvious

You know, I'm willing to say that Donald Trump is a shithead and what he said is awful, but this ad is striaght pathos manipulation.

Look at the /cfg/ google doc and pick whatever the fuck you want out of the 410 page document.

>listening to NPR.

Tell him to check his privileged way of life.

>You're brainwashed.
ad infinitum



>You should vote for her if you think America is already great,

I would just like accountability for all people in america, not just me and people like me.
I'm kind of sick and tired of having to be responsible, to work, pay taxes, insurance and healthcare, so I owe more money at the end of the year than I have because ap[apparently, black people are too busying selling drugs and collecting welfare to pay taxes or fix their communities and prefer to through tantrums in the streets and illegals get a free pas on fucking everything..

I dont believe Trump would make it better desu. Hes like the burn it down president. Like someone about to throw the deck of cards across the room and rob the casino. and I'm kind of Ok with that


>accusing republicans in propaganda
Tell your father that he's stupid piece of shit, brainwashed by actual propaganda.

Go back and watch Obama's 2008 primary campaign for the most digestable (for leftist trash) evisceration of Killery possible.

More like if you like the way things have been going for the past few years, like the increase in political correctness, like the divisions that have been arising between everybody as a result of it, like the way the current political establishment manipulates everything. If you want any kind of change good or bad Trump is the answer, if you want more of the same shit then Hillary is the answer.

yo daddy aint shit. so you aint shit either bitch

Or the Dnc emails which resulted in top doc officials to abdicate office because of apparent collusion to corporate HRC over Sanders.

>nothing to see here.

where the fuck did you people with your cringy amateur shitposting come from?

I am technically republican because third parties are for fags and the party in my town puts on some nice steak dinners


Hillary is seriously a fuckup though, and the democrat party as a whole is literally insane. Their special brand of insanity has leaked heavily into mainstream media which is why the term "shillary" even exists. There is an overwhelming democrat-pro-hillary bias of literal propaganda behind her.
>for a good lel,

She's also had her email scandal which has been proven than her emails were stored on unsecured accounts and servers, even transferred to gmail for an amount of time. Most of the emails have been deleted with extremely suspicious activity such as her IT guy's asking reddit how to edit e-mails on July 24th, 2014 - the day after the Benghazi investigation committee subpoenaed Hillary to retain and hand over all her emails which was dragged out to over a year later when most of them ended up being deleted. If you watch /any/ of the commitee hearings about this, you'll notice a fact-pattern almost instantly with how the democrats on the committee act towards this whole scandal - often expressing the opinion that "she did nothing wrong" despite lying to investigators, the FBI, the congressional committee, the american people - and if the committees had more democrats than republicans then there wouldn't even be investigations as they'd have the majority vote to prevent any further interest. It's reasonable to have questions on how or why or what was investigated, yet the democrats consistently just pat the FBI on the back, thank them for the service, and leave it at that - with a biased favor for their candidate over laws

Basically, Trump is the one being unfairly treated by major media networks. Hillary is doing her best to cover up her lies

Who the fuck pours a beer like that, can this old lady do anything right?

Everything with a political or ideological intention is propaganda. stop being so naive this is a war of the minds. Trump must win at all costs.

Tell him he's brainwashed by mainstream media.

This, I dont think people understand that this is more about a societal change rather than a presidential one.

Because you made a few posts, I'm willing to engage. Hillary has made a mess of everything she touched.
Travelgate one of her earliest scandals
She was found guilty, and fined.

She "lost" six billion dollars as SoS.

Clinton foundation rips off Haiti and aid patients

I could do this all day, but the point is, she's crooked and has gotten rich selling her political influence. When she was Secretary of state, Bill Clinton's speaking fee went up to hide her peddling influence. She's sworn to go to war with Iran and Russia if elected. None of this is propaganda, I'm happy to provide sources.

I don't know how anyone could find her trust worthy. Her experience is lying to the public to line her own pockets. I won't vote for Trump, but I have to vote against Clinton. That means voting for Trump because he's the only one who can beat her.

We aren't getting paid and they are getting paid. I think that should cause some pause for thought.

Which is propaganda and which is free thinkers refusing the trash when they see it? Remember we were hating Hillary before even the republican establishment was willing to attack her. The only reason your relatives have those opinions is because their opinions come from straight unfiltered propaganda ironically...

>Shills Everywhere

Just go back to sleep

A vote for Hillary is a vote George Soros.

But, whatever, shills gonna shill.

tfw i like NPR because they play classical music but hate when they cuck super hard

>is Cred Forums wrong

Have you learned nothing from coming here?

Cred Forums is always right. We are a self correcting anti jewish propaganda machine that uses evidence and reason to redpill and control politics.

You can try to censor us, but we'll just leak into another website, outlet etc.

This right here. Hillary would not be paying shills to raid Internet forums if she was actually winning

Oh man, spurdo pics are 10x funnier whenever its a finn posting them

>that image
Hillary clearly doesn't know how to pour beer. That's like 5 fingers of head, way over kill. How is she supposed to be president of our country when she can't even handle beverages?

fathers like this are why we need trump

If hilary didn't fuck up so much she would have been a shoe in to be the next president. The fact that trump has a good chance of beating her in the election just shows you how much of an idiot she really is.

This more than anything.

If he's so deplorable and she's so qualified, experienced, yadayadawhatevskies comrade, then why is this election so close?

It looks like your dad limits himself to dailykos and maybe tv? Slip him some links to a nice transitory source every now and then. Keep this up for a year or so, gradually warming him up to the source of your choice. Make sure to crack relevant jokes every now and then as humor is a very powerful weapon.

I'm not even republican and I hate the crooked bitch.

The democrats have their party convinced that Putin is running every aspect of the Trump campaign and everything bad about them is a Russian, KGB lie.

>can't pour beer correctly
What a bitch.

Did he give a specific reason or counter-argument? It doesn't sound like it. Actually this sounds more like a throwaway premise to fish for replies. You only posted this thread to try and prove people wrong and I'm certain you will feign objectivity or neutrality throughout it.

didn't come here to prove anyone wrong.

I think the game is fixed and we're goiong to have the government manipulating society conditions by playing minorities like puppets and its going to continue that way until the elites in power have absolute control and everything of worth in the country

what beer?

fuck me sideways american beer confirmed shit by kek



I don't drink beer, but I know for a fact that she poured it wrong.


Tell your father I don't go down to where he works and slap the broom out of his hands.

And your dad fell for democrat propaganda. They're fucking politicians, neither of them are good people but Trump is probably not as bad as Hillary.



>those tabs







I know its your dad but you can't be fucking serious. You can even watch speeches and debates when Obama ran vs her if hes so fucking cucked for the left. He called her out on her bullshit constantly and you can see her using the same retarded strategy vs Obama that she uses vs Trump.

she's shady but what politician isn't?

literally nothing happened with benghazi or her emails.

Does your dad have a fulltime job in the private sector?



Most politicians aren't arming groups to destabilize entire countries.


>People STILL fall for the "Clinton would be a bad president' memes
>People STILL fall for the Trump meme.


Well he does live in England

Neither is wrong, both candidates are unfit as fuck to be president, especially one that cant handle classified information, which would take away your security clearance any day. Good luck being a president handling top secret information without a security clearance.

> "I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times ... and I don't mind apologizing over and over again. I can't erase what happened." (Robert Byrd, 2005)


She pushes for stuff like this along with Obama against the advice of any general with a brain.

Be sure to show him who writes for the dailykos and ask if he's been brainwashed too.

She armed ISIS. I'm not going to make any moral judgement, you can come to whatever conclusion you want.

90% of the shit was either retroactively classified or not a threat to national security if disclosed.

I have an idea.

How about we stop playing with the middle east like it's a game of risk?

Look up:
>Email scandals
>Clinton Foundation Fraud
>Iran weapons deal
>US supporting ISIS attacks in Syria
>George Soros funding Clinton, Terrorists, BLM
>Destruction of evidence in Fed senate investigations
>Partner Obama giving Internet away to foreign powers (ICANN)
>Clinton Supporters attacking Trump Supporters on the streets, beating them.
>Flash-mob attacks on police
>Clinton supporting false claims of police shooting blacks.

That's the short list. Hopefully that'll give you enough to decide for yourselves. Oh, and don't believe the "It's all lies! Trump's a "racist/sexist/insane/ bullshit because it's just bullshit.

>90% of the shit was either retroactively classified or not a threat to national security if disclosed.

what about the other 10%?

>yfw she had material so classified even she wasn't supposed to see it, but there it was

>BLM: Klan with a tan.



Oh, really? Then why is FBI head James Comey and head of DoJ covering HRCs ass, granting immunity to her cohorts? Go watch Trey Gowdy rip them to shreds with truth and see for yourself. IF YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO DO IT.

>Protip: Bet you don't.

Exactly, but I'm sure it's tough for our treasonous leaders to ignore the lure of millions of Saudi $s.

Maybe it goes back to when Comey cleared Bill over the Marc Rich pardon.

>wait, you misread my comment
>probably improper use of >

>triggered by that disgraceful beer tapping

>kekked hard at your addons
>then i saw the tabs

>is Cred Forums wrong?
>Cred Forums - Politically Incorrect
Yanks are this dense