Duterte just said that the US is undermining our currency

Duterte just said that the US is undermining our currency.

I thought we were friends you goddamn kikes!

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>Duterte just said

He's right you know

fuck off leaf!

Escaping to the Philippines is my emergency backup plan, this dumb monkey better not fuck it up for me

That is why china is our new best friend goy
Besides they have a new world bank currency and if clinton gets elected we better side with the chinks of prosperity.

We dont want a another pedo escapee shitting up the country
sorry m9, you better stay there

So I should sell my house there then?

It depends, do you fuck kids?

if yes, please do and kys

No, I only fuck my wife. Why are you so obsessed with fucking kids?

Im not, its just that first-world pedophiles kept on ruining our homeland

look up Peter Scully its fucking terrifying

And its pissing me off to be honest

It's one of their favorite tools to punish countries that step out of line. Witness Russian ruble 2014, Polish zloty after PiS got into power, Turkish lira after Erdogan managed to fight off the CIA coup. You're just the latest on a long list. Rating agency downgrades are sure to follow - they are completely political. Russia has almost no public debt at all and yet many of the large rating agencies still rate all their government bonds as trash.

Depending on the seriousness of the falling out with relations with the US, always expect one or more of the things from this list of CIA/government/banker tricks:
>Constant media war against the country
>Currency manipulation by making it seem unstable with sudden hikes/crashes especially vis-a-vis the dollar and other typical Soros style speculation plays
>Rating agency downgrades
>Busting up companies with large fines on bullshit charges (Deutsche Bank is the latest casualty, after EU convicted Apple for evading taxes)
>Official sanctions
>Military attack if coups don't gain traction

This, my friends, is US diplomacy. Though anyone else I suspect would call it total war by a power that attempts to gain domination over the globe.

Oh shut it, you submissive pawns of China.

Oh I know. Some Fil-Am friends and myself wanted to start hunting pedos. That was a few years back, I guess we could probably get away with it now if we planted drugs on the guys lol

who cares we just pushed China away from your sea territory that you're doing nothing with

you or Japan will never have another Asian country touch you again

so shut up and tell me I'm pretty

We need to take him out. He's a bad guy.


godspeed based Pinoy, keep killing these dealers

Holy shit, do you actually think ever westerner fucks children?

He's aware of that at least. I thought he wasn't.

"I told the Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, 'Mr. Prime Minister, I've always wanted to ask for your help. They might touch the economy, they might do something – I know because that is what they do for countries that are really weak and under their control.' " --Duterte, Vietnam, Sep 29 2016

"They say that the CIA is planning to kill me. Jesus Christ! Up to now, I still can't believe that I'm a president. Give me time to let that sink in first." --Duterte, Vietnam, Sep 29 2016

hes good men, hes kill CIA drugdealers.

he will grant victory or heaven.


>you will never live in a country where the president loves you and wants to protect you at all costs

The western/globalist monetary system is a plague on every who isn't rich.

Dutere seems kind of psychopathic but at least he's cleaning up the situation.

Duterte is fucking insane and not a big proponent of human rights though, so i wouldn't bet on it.

i pity you philippino friends.

Bro Tier Confirmed!

>you will never live in a country where the death penalty is frowned upon, yet the president personally promises to murder you if you do something bad

this is not the way to go about things guys.

Damn. And I was just talking to my wife about investing in filipino corporations.

RIP pinoys

You aren't going to be the strongest race if the US wants to destroy the peso.

Guess we'll buy up land after your market crashes. Maybe we can get enough that we'll be able to sell it for a good price when duturte is assassinated by Clinton during her 2nd term.

The wife has pinoy citizenship so yes we'd be able to buy land.

Truthfully the madman badly overstates his own importance, as strongmen thugs do.

He's just a servile lapdog of China.

Is he biting the hand that feeds?

>He's just a servile lapdog of China.
that would explain his apparent psycho tendencies.

>Maybe we can get enough that we'll be able to sell it for a good price when duturte is assassinated by Clinton during her 2nd term.
same reason why we are trying to suck up to china and Russia.

Were you molested as a child?

Duterte is a tard who thinks his country has enough clout to not get eaten alive on the world stage.

>why we are trying to suck up to china and Russia.
Okay never mind you're not friends any more, you're fucking insane cunts.

Also killing people makes you a cunt.

Some people need to die.

Albert Fish etc.

Child killers and such.

I'd do it.

That or make them labor slaves for the rest of their pathetic lives.

we are heading to narco fucking state.
Everyone here fucking do drugs to the point that we know who are the drug bosses and drug dealers and those who can't get their drugs goes on a killing spree.

And if you heard the news. then your probably think nothing of the 16k arrested now rotting in jail. 700k surrenderies punished to clean the streets while giving them a vocational course to unfuck their shit up.

Most of the killings are from the drug dealers wanting to cut loose ends and stop his drug war that is fucking up drug lags and their bussiness.

Call us cunts but it's necessary evil and for the love of God we are desperate.

>i'd do it
that makes you a wannabe murderer.
neither you nor anyone else has the right to end the life of another human being unless not doing so poses an immediate threat to the life of others and there is no other way to circumvent the situation.

>we are heading to narco fucking state.
Which could be prevented by better laws, a better organized policeforce, and more spending on police instead of other things like making Manila look clean while the rest of the country looks like shit.
But no, mob justice and lynchmobs are so great and modern and western.

>700k surrenderies punished to clean the streets while giving them a vocational course to unfuck their shit up.
That's great
If that and the 16k arrests were the only things that happened i would congratulate you on a job well done.
(assuming of course those 16k were actually bad people and not just thrown into jail after a 2 minute "due process" to inflate the success rate of government policies. hungary had a 50 year period where being thrown into jail could be a sign that you did something very very right..... you know.... during communist occupation)

Which makes me all the more outraged that you're getting into bed with china and russia right when they are preparing for economic and actual war or war by proxies.
I always assumed you guys would be on our side in ww3....

Why be friends with China and not go to war, vs be friends with US and go to war?

>"We can't defeat China, even with the help of America. So we talk."

>"I'm not ready to commit the soldiers of this country just to be massacred, and besides, besides, the battleground is in Palawan. But if we bring the battleground to San Francisco, then that's fine with me."

>"But if we quarrel and you make the Philippines a battleground, oh, no, I'll expel you, including America. You get out." -- Duterte, Sep. 29 2016, Vietnam


>"We can't defeat China, even with the help of America. So we talk."
.... interesting point.