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t. Alberto Barbosa

Hi Trudeau

Hi Alberto.

just had the video from Molyneux about this in the background and did not listen too carefully, what the fuck is going on?

just what exactly is going to happen and how is this gonna affect us

Obama is giving the internet to the UN, which is allow countries like russia, china and iraq to fuck things up to kill free speech.

One unelected globalist agency will decide what we can or cannot say and look at on the Internet.

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No elected official will run the internet which means they can do what they want with no consequences. What are we going to do complain to the UN?

This, tbqh my negro famalang, smdh. What is going to happen?
I know UN are made up of jews, but wouldn't the blocking of certain pages still be up to each country politicians? Which in case, we did sadly lose all Europe? Maybe also China and other commie countries, hopefully not Russia.

it will just be SJW bureaucrats in the west that will weasel their way into positions of power regarding how the internet should be monitored or regulated that is the main problem

any voice or opinion of dissent against a one world government will be squashed

look at how they rig everything on the internet already: IE youtube thumbs up for really stupid shit, or how reddit censors any voice of dissent against liberal agendas, this will occur over the entire internet.

He can't just hand it over by himself right? Doesn't he need support from the Supreme Court or some shit?

They just shot down his veto 97-1 on the 9/11 victims sueing Saudi Arabia

Congress will veto King Nigger again.

Why the fuck would they do that? What do they have to win in this by giving this much power to their enemies?

How exactly is an organization that creates TLDs going to kill the internet?

Fuck off Wayne. You think we forgot you are actively trying to have this site shut down for "hate speech"

Censorship is a thing here in Europe, I don't give a rats ass if yanks get censored too. They deserve it.

my thoughts exactly

UN cucks will control DNS, which means they will be able to shut down domains.

Obama is a price of fucking shit

>countries like russia, china and iraq to fuck things up to kill free speech
More like allow countries like UK, Germany, and Sweden to fuck up things to kill free speech.

Delete this!

This is why blacks shouldn't be presidents.

The richest 1% of globalists (Soros, Rothschilds) have no real enemies. It's all about controlling thought and eliminating dissent. They already own the entertainment industry and the media. What's left? The wild wild west of the Internet.

Within a year they'll start to revoke domains of successful right-wing blogs under pretext that they're troll hives and the site of origin of suffering wymyns. They'll definitely wait for or instruct the usual HuffPo etc suspects to gin up a story cycle on it a la Anita Zlarkeesian.

Cap me 'cuz I'm right.

Good. Fuck your freeze peaches honestly.

>"There's nothing wrong with being cucked, guys"

Yeah, we know you're right. Unfortunately there isn't a single thing we can do other than a fucking violent revolution.

>a wild Skype appears

you don't understand, it means the censorship will get worse and not only for the USA.
the scale of censorship that we can expect is hilariously huge.

He was right all along

Cred Forums is hosted here, and definitely wouldn't exist if you guys had any say in it, which should be soon, so thanks.

Oh look, it's that Norwegian globalist shill.
You spend your days holed up in your mom's basement while I live life and enjoy nature!

Fuck you Obama

Reminder that Wayne Lambright is an ambitious innovator and an unsurpassed fount of highly varied million dollar ideas that would lead to billion dollar corporations if he had the X-factor of powerful connections. Wayne Lambright sits on a fortune in unsold long term investments despite enduring (with a smile!) economic setbacks due to his political and philantropic goals -- one word domains, cars, you name it -- proving that Wayne Lambright has foresight and discipline perhaps only shadowed by Warren Buffet. Wayne Lambright does home and auto repairs with ease, grows his own vegetables, cooks delicious meals, and he can code pretty much anything. Wayne Lambright's galaxy of intellectual and masculine pursuits effortlessly blended with fine arts paints a portrait of him as a true renaissance man. Wayne Lambright is also a passionate man whose deeply capacity for love and hate, kindness, and genial social interaction completes the painting of the man - a true human. Wayne Lambright is a distinguished Toastmaster and builds geodesic domes because fuck it why not. When Wayne Lambright's not busy with one of his two dozen million dollar business ideas he runs for president from that dome.

maybe, just maybe...

The US relinquishing control of ultimate evil (the internet) will be a sign to God that we are changing our ways.

October 1 will be the crash of civilization and Jesus shall return.

It's best we dump the internet off to the unwashed heathens in the 3rd world.

What's with all these god posts?

>(((ICANN))) censors websites
>patrician technomancers switch to different DNS
>plebes stay locked out and go shitpost on 9gag where they belong
I for one welcome the coming improvement of discussion.

Truth is coming soon.

I'd prepare if I were you.

economic crash coupled with a nuclear exchange is happening within 48 hours.

Godfags trying to fight back against Kek's influence

>There are people who thing god has a chance against kek

Meme magic never dies.

also it will give fair "blame" to someone else when "Russia" "hacks" our election and for some reason gives it to hilary, because they can and "will" do that.
thanks obama

Fuck Obama so hard

>fuck free speech
>"your account has been revoked due to the posting of hate speech"

Hope you won't miss Cred Forums you fucking google



I hope Obama stars in an ISIS beheading video.

Ted Cruz introduced the "Protecting Internet Freedom Act" and is doing ok from what I hear.

Congress can do their job, I think no matter what happens we'll come at them hard. The globalists are in panic mode and this is Obama's last resort, but Congress already disproves for the most part what he's about to do. He's already being sued.

Go ahead and contact your reps and urge them to stop Obama's ICANN transfer:

>Ted Cuck was the only one who care about this

I hope he's not lying and secretly helping Obama on this.

inb4 gov shutdown

This is gonna be like Y2K isn't it? I remember all the planes crashing and society regressing into anarchy as all the computers exploded.

Oh wait, nothing fucking happened.

Nothing will happen, the people who think this will lead to censorship are retards who haven't actually read up on it.

right, because what the "experts" say is always 100% truth and fact

>term almost over
>does whatever he can to fuck over the american people one last time

>currently all .com sites are protected under the US constitution making shutting them down extremely hard until such a site is actively breaking the law
>Globalists want to censor ethnonationalism and want to empower a world governing body to start the creeping government
>They decide to make Obama hand over the internet, a retarded move a president should be making, so they can push their agenda further
>Obama accepts their cock willingly
That's all there is to this. He's literally giving away power because globalists want to go after websites without US law interfering with them.


Well you could just read the agreement yourself.

But then again it's probably written in Hebrew code by the Jew new world order involved in a global conspiracy to confiscate your tendies.

Nice improvement. Have some watermelon!

But Stefan told me it's a very bad thing.

This isn't really a conspiracy though. This is actually set to happen, you should see Obama's UN speech. Chilling.

However, I have the suspicion it won't happen. This stunt has been pulled before but Congress has either shut down or stopped it from happening.

We might have to go to the deep web, or will the UN be able to shut those domains down too?

Maybe we shold make our own Internet kek.

Also the IANA contract expires on Sept. 30. That's why

One day left to get your Kratom before they ban the legal pain killer

One day left to get your Memes before they ban them

really the world is going to shit

Well if it really works, then someone should spread it everywhere

As a system admin, I can tell you, you are wrong. If you have a site they deem bad, they change the Domain to point anywhere but the site. This is a nightmare for SEO among other things.

It does.

Also call this: (202)-224-3121
Put in your ZIP,
then it will give you your 2 Senators and Representative.
Select which one to talk to and it will be transferred to their office.
An intern will answer, tell them your grievances.
Pretty much how that works in a nutshell.

on the isp side yes, icann only has control over root servers. you should know this.


>x factor
>knows what the factor is
More like lambdumb


One black president and he destroys race relations, immpliments a terrible health care system, gives rise to isis, and destroys the internet
Fuck niggers

Worst US President.

Yep. It's so ironic that some people were begging for a black president and he turned out to be the worst one in US history.

B-but... he gave Native Americans an embassy!

The only good thing he ever did was mocking Tim Schafer on twitter and that's it.

and its not important why?

>wanting ICANN under US control when Hillary is prez.

I'd rather have it in the hands of Russia or China desu

>Implying Hellary won't die of aids before Trumps sits on his throne.

>mfw they pull the plug on 4chin on day one

You said we were here forever. YOU FUCKING LIARS.

how are you people even on a computer right now? why are you so retarded?!

even IF Cred Forums's DNS was removed, hiro or another site admin can remove cloudfare from the site and you idiots can connect to it directly via its IP address
im so sick of these fucking threads



SO when this does occur, how many of you who live in urban areas will be out in the streets (not vandalizing businesses) to protest this bullshit? NEETs have no excuse, and when the rest of you get out of work you'd better go too!


Rumour has it King Google is trying to get a spot at the top of the UN after his presidency's up.

>Anonymous (ID: jHJymHtN) 09/29/16(Thu)15:32:25 No.90
read you computer illiterate freaks

Dude chill out you'll cause (you) inflation.

Haha Chunk Uguu is a cow

They worship a man who says this
>So we have to get very, very tough on cyber and cyber warfare. It is — it is a huge problem. I have a son. He’s 10 years old. He has computers. He is so good with these computers, it’s unbelievable. The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough. And maybe it’s hardly doable.

And you're wondering why Cred Forums is computer illiterate?

We must make an emergency plan to exodus into the onion. As a possible fallback. Just in case.

You're probably right. To be honest, I want ICANN to shut down the Cred domain so newfags and 9fags can't join and keep fucking up my board.

like pottery.

>I'm smarter than you nana nana boo boo

>Don't worry, goyim, you can return to Cred Forums when it becomes a literal echo chamber, all because we're removing its user-friendly domain name!

Top jew

It's just that you're freaking out as if websites are going to be shut down. It's just going to be a small inconvenience.

If Cred Forums is undelegated right now, where will you search for that ip?

it'll be better this way because newfags cant join without knowing the IP

looking forward to this

There's so much fucking bullshit out there I had to look at this shit myself and actually read that gay shit.

This is what is happening
>Proposal to Transition the Stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Functions from the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to the Global Multistakeholder Community

What are the IANA functions (the functions being transferred from US gov oversight to international multistakeholder oversight)?
>Domain Names
>IANA manages the DNS Root, the .int and .arpa domains, and an IDN practices resource.

>Number Resources
>IANA coordinates the global pool of IP and AS numbers, providing them to Regional Internet Registries.

>Protocol Assignments
>Internet protocols’ numbering systems are managed by IANA in conjunction with standards bodies.

1. Protocol Assignments: Nothing will change
2. Number Resources: Highly doubt anything bad could happen with this in international control vs US gov control. Something with a tiny, tiny, tiny probability of happening but could potentially happen is the rejection of a some pool of IPs to a region. BUT international oversight would probably be a better thing for freedom and fairness here compared to US gov owned.
3. Domain Names: This is the big issue. Worst case scenario ICANN can pull the plug or set rules and regulations that inhibit the attachment of name to IP. Domains will cp on them get their names taken away, which I guess is a form of censorship. There is a slight possibly that countries in the future could put pressure on the organisation to set country specific rules. It could be possible in the future that racism was a valid reason for a domain being unregistered. I doubt it but it could happen.

But like says, holy shit you people are fucking retarded newfags

Not gonna happen.

Although if you try to connect to Cred Forums's IP, it wont let you because of a Cloudfare issue. But removing it takes like five seconds.

they dont want new people to discover Cred Forums they dont care about us

and without being able to directly link to it , its a problem and people will be living in the dark

mchan content only got better when the domain name was taken away

I imagine it would be the same here

But why? Why transfer anything?

How do you remove it?

>implying keeping newfags and leddit out is a bad thing

oy vey goyim

Downloading porn and Pepes just as fast as I possibly can.

go to your FTP provider, look under cloudfare section, click remove cloudfare

and you're done

This tool will return nothing once cache expires, which will be before you realize what is going on.

a lot of people started out as a liberal idiot leddit but they change

especially teenagers who are only just deciding what they want to be

Oh yeah, i just checked it.
It returns cloudflare IPs.
Here is the real ip:
You cannot connect to it unless you ARE cloudflare.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO SPREAD bomb/username/anonymous5/#

ICANN made the request and you can read their proposal with reasoning on their website

>removing a DNS will cause this

o m g

the ip address will remain the same. removing cloudfare wont remove the IP address or make a new one

You will just have to know it before it happens. Not after.

Have your read it? Can't you explain it? Or is it just more Globalist bullshit couched in flowery language?

Also we would lose https for sure.

>B-but... he gave Native Americans an embassy!
They already had it. It is called The Bureau of Indian Affairs. You may have heard of it.

So the very first thing I notice is that ICANN DID NOT request it.
>the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA) announced its intent to transition the stewardship of key
Internet functions to the global multistakeholder community.1
It came from the Obama controlled Commerce Dept.

Lots of bureaucratic language

You're right. That made me suspicious too.

The executive summary/ summary is the tl;dr

lol you meme illiterate faggot

Now that i think about it, timing is scary suspicious.

>world face potential monetary chaos
>Only source of free communication getting muzzled

It's time. Good luck.

I'm confused. How would other nations be allowed to potentially censor things they don't want us to see? What is the motivation behind this? Does it have anything to do with WikiLeaks? I mean, is this supposed to be some effort to preventing leaks coming out that the US government doesn't want us to see?


This guy is the spitting image of my retarded brother.

And as I read through it I see there is NO explanation as to the WHY, it's all just technical details about how it will be done.
In NUmerica Globalism and global feels justify themselves.

>How would other nations be allowed to potentially censor things they don't want us to see?

they wouldn't

>xdddd it's only just the dns just remember the server IP if you wanna keep browsing
Like normies would ever go through that effort to just browse Cred Forums, which by the way is a key component to meme magic

So you are in favor or just apathetic?

Are you really cucked if it's part of some evil plan? Like having your wife cheat on you with a billionaire then raping him with child support.

Don't tell me. Tell Obizzle.

1 day to icann
1 day to db crashing

what if obongo king nigger wants to kill the internetz so in ww 3 we can't post the habbeningz?

NTIA probably didn't want to bother with it anymore and thought the international multistakeholder route was the best way to go.

Calm down.

They may not but potentially could. It's already common practice to take away a domain name attached to sites that may be hosting illegal porn.

Imagine if the UN decided to make a policy that would take domains away from sites in Europe that were determined to promote hate speech?

Also revocation of all certificates given to non fqdn. Same day.

People are mad about it because without a domain name the meme spewing idiot children won't be able to find their way back here, and they won't be able to use this place for their ridiculous half assed crusades anymore.

holy shit. also shilling hard lately about pepe and the ebil alt right in all major newspapers (including bbc). pure coincidence?

>NTIA probably didn't want to bother with it anymore
What kind of a reason for that(which you just pulled out of your ass)? They are paid to do just that.
There is no good reason, it's just the Globalist camel's nose under the tent.

apathetic because it doesn't matter

they can't

that is a hurdle large enough to stop 99% of traffic.

Won't this lead to Cred Forums getting DDOS'd to hell on a daily basis?

Hey guys. ICANN totally isn't the UN, or even anything similar to a global community regulation agency. They're just like cool ppl. Haven't you ever like used the internet b4?

You want to know why, fucktard? First off, this process was started in 1998. Almost 20 Goddamn years ago. The intention was always to transfer it over. Why now? Because keeping up the contract between the NTIA and ICANN makes other countries suspicious, especially after everything that Snowden revealed.

Back in 2012 all of these technical functions almost fell under the control of the UN's ITU. The US and US allies successfully negotiated us out of that dark future. If Russia or China broach the issue again while said technical functions are still under contract with a US government agency AND after several USmass-spying programs were revealed, do you really think we can still negotiate against an ITU takeover?

The real issue with DNS being tampered with is not access block since you can circumvent that with IP

The real issue is that most (normies) are too illiterate to deal with that, killing a website main influx of traffic also kills the amount of profit a site can make, effectively starving it to death

Don't worry you autists, there are several other autists that will gladly host sites like this for free

One user was saying to make the host file read only do I make the others read only as well? I don't know what I'm doing but if anyone can help that would be pretty great.

Giving away Free U's. Let me tell you something pal, I fought in the gulf war. Don't think for a second I won't take U and ur SMARTASS MOUTH out

One user said to make the host file read only do I make the others read only as well. Computers are not my forte if anyone can help that would be great.

This. It's about extinguishing their enemies in the eyes of the general public by destroying their visibility.

>being a rulecuck

You're either for freeze peach or rulecuckery.

True or not, there is the fear of a loss of freedom of speech. It may be a good thing to remove US control, with HRC beating the war-drum against "Internet hate". The US may be heading down the path toward silencing political dissent.
Can an international body agree on a high standard of free speech? Can we keep Germany, Sweden, China or North Korea from exerting undue influence? Will the globalists grab it?


And remember when we all were killed again in 2012?

And yet ... here you are!

Nahhh they wouldn't do that. Let's just trust them user.

ICANN has been under siege on this for a while now.

I would imagine that the people there are probably already sympathetic to the cuckoldry of "hate speech" censorship and doubt they'll hold now that they're free to embrace their inner cuck.

So are we fucked? is the internet over?
I would ask about how to get on the dark net but Cred Forums isn't helpful


I like this.

Let the fucking normies get bitten by Saudi Arabian princes when they post pro-gay rhetoric on Twitter. Let the Chinese sue people online. Let the darknet rule.

Is TOR cucked or is i2p/freenet the standard now?

Stop talking Cred Forums spouted nonsense. I've explained in previous threads why nothing will change

Texas will not stand for this.

Oh look, tech support is here.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was joined by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, and Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt. The lawsuit was filed in Texas in U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas, Galveston Division. The “Plaintiff States” are seeking declaratory and injunctive relief against the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA); the United States of America; the United States Department of Commerce; the Secretary of Commerce; and the Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information.

>not moving over to the Cred Forums Tox chat
Get a Tox client (qTox is recommended, and add the following ID as a friend:
send "invite" or "invite 0" to get an invite to the group chat

qTox: If you want to route the traffic through Tor, you have to disable UDP packets in the settings and set the SOCKS proxy to or (possibly) Of course, Tor has to be running

>nothing will change
>coming from a country where porn is banned
Sorry, but I like my freedom

>is TOR cucked
you are good as long as you use an exit node in a good juror's diction

Texas attorney general's Twitter page is full of liberals crying about wasted tax money. Why do liberals want the net given away?

>porn is banned
Our ministers were watching porn in the national parliament nigger
Besides I don't think it is banned


How the fuck does shit like this keep happening I remember like 3-4 years ago the same shit was happening and I had to sign a bunch of petitions to make sure this shit didn't happen and the Internet stayed free, I thought this was solved. They're trying to do this AGAIN?! Don't we have fucking people in government to stop or at least counteract this shit for us? THATS WHAT WE PAY FOR KEEP OUR FREEDOM DAMIT! I'm tired of having to keep up on these issues its not my fucking job people get paid to undue this beuracratic nonsense and I do it for free, I have to keep tabs on this shit or else poof gone sorry our job as gov is to internally rape you and there is no one here who does their payed job as a gov worker to prevent treasonous attacks on free speech, but HEY, if YOU want to take time out of your life for FREE to investigate how we in the government snoop around and RAPE you on a daily basis through daily laws and regulations we enact on levels of beuracratic paper you will never have the time to go through and if by then you STILL somehow have a wince of how we are truly raping you and try to somehow start a petition to end our incessant attack on your civil liberties through law, WELL WILL JUST START THAT SHIT UP AGAIN IN LIKE 3 YEARS WHEN ALL YOU DOUCHEBAGS DESPERSE AND DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR PETITION WAS FOR. Oh, want to stay updated on if the Internet still has freedom of speech in the USA? Better get a gov job or a silo cuz we making law abiding actions 300pages thick EVERYDAY that will take a lawyer 17 hours of his day to go through and counteract in court. And that's EVERYDAY. Want to keep tabs on that? Welcome to GOV