So I hear Milo is leading the Alt-Right against White Supremacy

But I thought he was going to be our Glorious Faggot, and win us converts, and grow our Big Tent Army? Remind me again why anyone was saying that before? What kind of person would have been that fucking stupid?

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So the Alt-Right has yet another civil war, lol.

"My Alt-Right is better than your Alt-Right."

>It is [the Jewish-controlled political press] which attacks anything that might support national independence, cultural values, and economic self-reliance using an absolutely fanatical war of slander. It pounds away with particular hostility at all those honorable characters who will not bend to the Jewish assumption that they should be dominated, or at those whose naturally inspired ability could threaten the Jew.

>In order to be hated by the Jew, it is not necessary to challenge him. The mere suspicion that a man might someday stumble on the idea of opposition, or because of his superior genius, he might add to the strength and greatness of a nation which the Jew finds hostile, is enough for the Jew to act against him.

>The Jew has a reliable instinct in such matters which will always sense the innermost thoughts of those he deals with. His hostility toward anyone who does not share his thoughts, anyone he does not consider a kindred spirit, will flare, and they will be judged as his enemy. Since the Jew is not the victim but the aggressor, he sees his enemy not only in the man who attacks, but also in any man who is capable of resisting him. The methods that he attempts to use to break down such bold, but respectable souls are not the methods one would consider part of honorable battle. His choice of weapons are lying and slander.
- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

I've long known, and tried to enlighten others, that Milo is nothing but a false-flag shill, made to fuck up the emerging new right in USA. Theres more and more proof every day.

White nationalism is not white supremacism. Race realism is not racism.

Stormniggers and normalfags get out.


>What kind of person would have been that fucking stupid?
Most of this board. Myself included.

Although there was a very vocal minority pointing out that we shouldn't trust him because he's a faggot jew. They turned out to be correct.

My only exposure to Milo was the video in which he says that the only group that receives no help / scholarships for college is white males. Because they don't need any help. They will persevere as they have always done and still dominate despite the current discrimination. It's an excellent video in it's own right.

I didn't understand the hate for Milo by the people he seemed to advocate for... until I seen his twitter.


Every other post was about sucking some nigger off or how to sexually satisfy niggers.

tl;dr - At first I thought that jews and faggots could be a part of this movement, now I know better.

This is a Breitbart article. Trumps official news site

Who cares, it's an artificial therm without any actual meaning.


>Holy Crusade

>White nationalism is not white supremacism. Race realism is not racism.
>Stormniggers and normalfags get out.

I think I understand what you are saying. Could you to explain to confirm?

This is from what I understand. Correct me if I'm wrong or missing something. The right wing are okay with hierarchy (Capitalists), if not demand it (Fascists/Monarchists), and the left wing want to level the playing field for all people as much as possible (Social Democrats), if not outright destroy hierarchy (Socialists/Communists). Some right wingers and left wingers will take these ideals further than others on their own side.

That's a really good explanation.

kek Natt was right the Alt-right will implode within a few weeks.

Milo will crush, humiliate and make fun of the white nationalist element. This isn't even a fair fight.


Go away Milo

BUT... Cred Forums loves Milo!

Milio was the beginning of the end for Cred Forums.

First fag acceptance, then tranny fetishizers, and now ironic "un-ironic" satanists and drug users crawling all over Cred Forums.

Good job nigger haters. You've cast your lot in with literal death cults.

>right wing

Remember goys! Defending yourself is nigger tier and makes you non white! Just sit there and die! Shlomo says its OK!

They're storm fags. They aren't alt-right, they're socialist fagots.

I thought you people liked Breitbart.

What do you mean, """you people"""

oh my god can this fucking election cycle be over already

Gamergate should have been enough to show that this kike fag was nothing but an attention whore looking to make internet movements his own, but I guess it wasn't enough

>but Milo brought in many new recruits to the alt-right!

And now look what just happened. Now we have to fight against cultural libertarians who embrace egalitarianism

"Alt-right" or the left wing. Very progressive.

Man the jews played us well. Now the left wing is considered right and far left is only left wing.

>people actually liked milo at any point in time

Also Slavs and Irish are not white!

Lol those non white savages slavniggers not wanting to suck islamic cock.

This swede gets it.

Natt is truly a wise Dane.

The ultimate goal of both nationalists and supremacists is for a homogeneous white nation so stop trying to divide and conquer, you nigger.

>jews are not infiltrating vermin whose goal is to destroy the host, user, that's a conspiracy theorist anti-semitism!

Shut up, nobody likes you.

Natt was right

You're right.

The one good leaf

Fuck off, he's right. Milo let in all the hedonistic "cultural libertarians" into Cred Forums

>My only exposure to Milo was the video in which he says that the only group that receives no help / scholarships for college is white males

Milo started a grant for white males and pocketed the cash.

You aren't white, and you are also slightly less cucked than the west (only because your poor and savage migrants don't want to live there) which is nothing to be proud of. Also denying the holocaust is illegal and will get you 5 years in a Russian gulag.

Pol has always been hedonistic libertarians LARPing as natsoc to let out steam. To think otherwise is hilariously naive, and when you leave your basement on the day of the rope to find yourself alone and mocked, you'll finally figure it out.

>But I thought he was going to be our Glorious Faggot
when did anyone say this?

You see now why Hitler had to remove Strasser? A giant fucking faggot risks turning the movement against itself.

This desu

The best policy is to use their tools against them. Cling to Milo and claim to be "leftist" and then decry PC. Say that you love Milo and hate that the left is killing the white race. Come out in your open support of white nationalism and say "Milo said that it's cool to do it!" and then talk about that.

>Pol has always been hedonistic libertarians LARPing as natsoc to let out steam. To think otherwise is hilariously naive, and when you leave your basement on the day of the rope to find yourself alone and mocked, you'll finally figure it out.

He's a Slovene you retarded fucking leaf.

>Milo fanclub website

>he acts like a massive faggot and he doesn't represent us

Thats some grade-a journalism there.

im convinced that milo being raised catholic is what made him a raging faggot

milo pls go

>raised as a catholic in Britain
>a jew
>from Greece
fucks with my mind a little bit


>(((Shabbat shalom, goyim. I'll be leading your fight against the subversive elements of society. Just trust me you dumb goys.)))

the alt right was never about white supremacy or racism

it was always about anti cuckservatism, pro americanism, and anti sjwism.

then the stormfags latched onto it when Trump gained momentum and we had to suffer with our "alliance"
but no more

the literal racists are dead weight to this movement.
we'll never be taken seriously if we still have them


This is a faggot attention whoring.

>uses stormnigger memes
>tells Stormniggers to get out
The Alt-Right plan is working perfectly!

Fuck Milo. He's a fucking pathological narcissist with delusions of grandeur who wants to seat himself at the head of a decentralized political movement for media attention.

>Also Slavs and Irish are not white!
go away Shlomo

annoying personna

Severely unacknowledged post by Ackmed here

>muh alt-right
nothing else than a buzzword

White nationalism = you want the "white" (as in the classical American nation in this case) to survive and prosper.

White supremacism = Non-whites are sub-human, they should either be gone or be ruled over by white people.

>White nationalism = not wanting to exterminate white people

He's a Kike.
They're all the same.

A nation is not really bound by race though. I don't think we have a word for wanting your race to survive (white supremacism doesn't cover it either).

~the billyIdol of our time.

~cant sing

This. We will destroy 1488ers

I have yet to see anyone challenge milo on the Jewish question. Milo claims the media is to blame for sjw's, he also agrees that Jews run the media, but he has never put them both together. He says white culture is the best but its the Jews who want to destroy it. Deep down I think he knows the Jews are to blame but he dare not say it as that would be his career over.

just ignore him and he'll die out

without attention he's nobody

>making up bomb threats to drum up publicity
He's become everything he fights against. Typical jewry

The Jewish question is just another conspiracy theory that is making a mockery of right wing scene.

Anyone who believes in Jewish conspiracy is spiritually broken and incapable of function like an adult human being.

>the alt right was never about white supremacy or racism

>divide and conquer

He isn't doing much to allay those jewish stereotypes

Go fuck yourself
Your opinion is not welcome

day of the rope for stormcucks

fuck white supremacy, we just want to be left alone. Kill all Marxist terrorists

I warned you.
I warned you faggots this time a full year ago.
Every one of you.

Just saying,

I warned you all, and you memed me into the ground, and now you're paying for it. The ONLY reason why this zionist coat tailer had a platform/paycheck/brand is because he is using an MRM microphone while he talks about sucking cocks and you drank the kool-aid

"All you motherfuckers out there who want to keep your foreskin, right, i'mgonna i'mgonna get i'm- gonna to give these world class blowjobs to the jews instead."
-Milo, literally September of last year

You are really uneducated on the matter

>Hey guys, he might be a Jew but he's pretty based, we can get along with him!
>This shit happens
They're right. Every fucking time, they're right.

Race realism is the dictionary definition of racism, ironically. The current true meaning is more like prejudice on the basis of race, but still.

kek uh huh sure son

>Implying Russia isn't more cucked than Fucking Sweden

Only the worst of Cred Forums has been that.

are you surprised
a faggot being a fag
race war now, gas all the faggots

agreed (the level or retardness on 8ch or TDS will make you go SJW) but still, milo and kikebart are neocon, zionist outlets. clear distinctions are needed.

>A nation is not really bound by race though.
Every cosmopolitan empire throughout history just called to remind you that they always and consistently fall and divide due to racial differences and a desire for self-rule.

>implying stormfags are respected on Cred Forums unironically

Remember these fucking retards?

Who cares. This guy never was the face of anything other than whining faggot.


It's interesting how a guy who the press crowned as a "leader" or at least advocate of a "movement" that they simultaneously crown as evil and hate-filled suddenly finds himself targeted by the "movement" and being used as a tool of division.

It makes me think that the kikes are actively trying to suppress people using their old name, shame, divide tactics. It is quite fun to see them try to destroy the "alt right" using classic tactics in real time.

Leftists are materialists, determinists and value relativists. Material differences are the absolute determinant of all important aspects of life (skin color, wealth, etc.). Individual choice is negligible social determinants are absolute. Tribal or group identity morbidly trumps individual personhood. Society is built of conflict rather than order. Conflict is inherintly good, egalitarianism, bullshit, etc. Also extreme toeration/permissiveness is absolute because all values are relative therefore all values must be destroyed so that we become devoid of spirit purely material beings. Eat, fuck, sleep, collect welfare, repeat. This causes goodness as bad decisions are the result of material circumstances.

Conservatism- we are all free individuals by nature. Government exists to protect individual freedom but being inherently coercive must be restricted as much as possible. Good and evil are real and not the result of material circumstances but a part of human nature. The good is encouraged by properly raising children to have real values and not be depraved narcissists who actually believe relativism makes sense. Ones personality, character, actions etc. are the basis of identity rather than group identification. etc. The constitution is the fundamental basis of all law which holds society together. God or nature is the basis of all values True progress is the more perfect realization of those principals (as opposed to the destruction of individuality and forced material equality envisioned by 'progressives' on the left).

Alt. Right- Basically nationalist populist reaction to rampant leftism and the suppression of conservatism. Where conservatives see culture and judo-christian values as the basis of western society and its success, alt-right tends views the white race as fundamental. Virtually right wing, mirror image of the left (atheist/pagan, anti-constitution, racist, mostly immature kids who fill their sense of self-worthlessness with group identity (white), etc.)

>faggot nigger fucking kike claims to be le "right"
>picks up a few talking points of the right and twists them into some faggotry and marxist kikery
>shill keeps spamming this faggot everywhere
>coincidentally pushed by kike media as "the new right"
>is actually just a far left cuck
>hur durr rights are infighting again

JIDF pls