Red pilled way in seeing ex girlfriend?

Is this a good intro text to set up a meet-up date-thing with your ex girlfriend:

>*taps shoulder*

>May I introduce you to a pretty cool restaurant I discovered on one of your future days off? I think you'll really dig it, whenever you feel up for it :)

My girlfriend broke up with me a month ago.

Since then we saw each other a few times..First one was me apologizing for everything, second one was her and I clarifying the possibility of a future together, and the third was us meeting up at a bar to update about each other.

The second and third time we hugged and kissed and had a fantastic time..The vibes were seriously amazing.

So our third meet up was a couple days ago, and I want to wait two weeks before I see again - I want to her out to a nice rooftop restaurant downtown.

She was just....Fuck...FUCK! FUUUUUUUUUCK she was one in seven billion. We agreed to take it slow, so after a couple weeks I'm thinking of sending her that above text I greentexted. What do you think bros?

How old are you?

Just fucking ask her to go out.

is this b8 or are you a closeted gay

just talk like a normal fucking person

>Want to grab lunch on Tuesday? I found this cool new restaurant and I think you'll like

What is wrong with you? She was your gf. Don't fucking text her. Call her up, say "Hey, let's go out for dinner this Friday". How hard is that?

There is no red-pilled way to get back together with an ex, especially not if she dumped you. She's enjoying getting attention from you and is already fucking some other Chad

Bro you gotta do it like this

>Teleport behind her and pull seat out so she can sit down
>"m'lady, have a seat if you please"
>*tip fedora and moonwalk backwards around the table to your seat*

You'll have her pussy so wet, they'll have to mop the floor after you both leave.

are you literally autistic?

my god man, you're like an addict

Not your blog faggot
I hope it doesn't work out

>this thirsty for someone who dumped you

kill yourself my man

there are so many girls out there wtf are you doing? find a better one

Well I'm 26, she's 21.

I just got off the phone with my dad actually - he went to the store that my ex-girlfriend works out, and they hugged and talked for like 10 minutes!

I'm so fucking excited, but I do need to learn to take things slow

Yeah but think about it bro. Back when men were men..They put the woman first before himself - right?

Why did she break it off OP?

literally one of the most beta texts I've ever read

just call her and ask if she wants to go try a place you found, stop trying to "trick" her into it

Just fucking ask her to go out with you.

Clearly she's still interested.

Why the two of you are playing this stupid game that you "broke up" when you're clearly not is beyond me. I mean, I could see it with her, but you're 26. And a guy.

Lemme guess, she changed her Facebook relationship status to single because she was mad at you and so you took it as you're now broken up.

Let me get this straight. She dumps you, you stay clingy, she gets to fuck other guys while you take her out on dates without sexual reciprocation?

You are feeding some other guys girl you asshat.

>I just got off the phone with my dad actually - he went to the store that my ex-girlfriend works out, and they hugged and talked for like 10 minutes!

keep going OP

>First one was me apologizing for everything

>not still fucking you ex on the reg
found the beta

Well basically:

-we went from 0 to 100 MPH way too quick (moved in too soon, changed our life's goals, planned our wedding, named what our future kids would be, all this embarrassing cringe worthy shit)

-Combination of me doing a slew of rookie first-relationship mistakes combined with me being utterly scatterbrained from the whirlwind of changing life goals, etc.

-her having shit that happened to her when she was a teenager (she still hasn't told me) that she hasn't worked out yet and wants to get cleared out.

But fuck...A break up has got to be one of the top 3 worse things a man can experience, there were times within the past month that I wouldn't have mind if I were to drop dead, and what have you. It's just genuinely worse than losing a family member that's not your mom or dad


Not publicly or whatever, but I guess if you click on her deeper info page or whatever it is.

She said she has zero plans to talk to any guys, and she was relieved when I told her that I'll wait however long it takes for her to be ready to be in a relationship again, and that I have no intent to talk to other girls.

Basically the best case scenario between us is that we're taking a separation to help each other grow, then get back into it when we're ready.

Evidently my parents did the same thing back in the 80s...I just don't know how to slowly creep back into a relationship again with your ex

Just don't get fully attached until you know it's for real again. I'd suggest a fwb or a casual fuck buddy on the side so that you've got consistent poon to keep your brain straight and heart distracted. Don't talk to this person about your ex though, use the internet or guy friends for that.

If you get too attached and she's the sole focus of your heart and dick and she decides she never wants it to be serious again- you're gonna get crushed.