Why do white People love Dogs?


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Because we care about any living thing..........

Why we give more money to charity than any other race..........

Why we go to Haiti after a natural disaster..........

It's called empathy..........

I guess it's a white thing........

Llook into a dogs eyes..........

You see devotion..........

You see loyalty..........

You see unconditional love

Basically the opposite of black people

Michele said:

"These pig swine demons are trying to justify sodomy. One of the seven deadly sins."

Mahagony said:

I work at a hospital and a white woman entered the ER on a stretcher with a DOG stuck in her VAGINA IT TOOK 3hours to release the two her husband came in hurt and embarrassed aids was created by white peopkr from inbreeding with animals thats why when white peoe SWEAT they smell like aDOG or FARM ANIMAL"

"I Hate Whites" said:

"Only whites abuse animals with sexual perversions. You're a sick people.
I saw a video of this filthy white woman having sex with a dog. Im not sure what's wrong with some of these white people.

Not just white people for the reason listed by the No.90879236.

By the way more developed a country is more CATS people have instead of DOGS.

So OP argument is not valid


White people created dogs, to be our companions.

to fill the hole left by not having children.

Dogs are literally cucking the white race.

because cats are indoors pets, and most developed countries are very cold, it sucks to have a big dog inside your house all the time.

I thought blacks like having dogs too.

Because non-whites hate dogs

Because they're actually loyal.

Dog's are always loyal to their master's. White people vales.

Only the fighting ones

Because they we don't keep niggers anymore.

euros love fucking dogs

eh that's probably because developed nations tend to be more urbanized, so its harder to own a dog.

Why do asians hate dogs?

And they say we are all equal

White people love dogs because it's a 20 000 year wolf bond

a genetic bond

What is having a family and raising your kids to be used to dogs
>family of 4 with 1 dog and 1 cat at all times (have had 1 other dog and 2 other cats)

Whites care more for animals and nature than other races.

Whitey are the only ones who care, just look at what the chinese are doing in Africa. China is getting all the resources of Africa and they build nothing in return, they won't try to "civilize" the nig nogs like the whitey did, they'll get all fucking resources and then return to China. Whitey at least cared about things, they cared about philosophy, about exploration, about science, now that the whitey are going the world will be for the jews and the chinese, people who don't give a fuck for nothing other than to collect more and more money, that's the future now.

>most loyal of the animal

Has this word lost its original meaning?

White men had/have dogs because they are loyal creatures, and were good for hunting.

On the other hand...

>Has this word lost its original meaning?



I cried when Blondi died in Downfall

They love having pitbulls, which is why they have such a shitty reputation despite being sweet dogs. When I worked at the jail half of the inmates had pitbulls at home.

>What is having a family

The thing that fewer and fewer whites are doing. They just get the dog and skip the family. It's part of the genocide.

truly the ubermensch of doggos


Hitler was a vegetarian and fed his dog every night after work

He stole a jack russel terrier from the English during trench warfare, or rather, the dog walked up to him and he took care for it

that's not blondi though, he had two dogs

What a kind and gentle man.

Hitler's dog went down with the Reich

>Asians hate dogs...
Go to tibet and mistreat someones dog.
I dare you.

here's blondi

They also had vast nature preservation programs, and all young children in the Hitler youth learned survival in the German forests, it was beautiful, they were 1 with nature.

Majority > Minority

Chinese cook dogs alive...subhuman bevahiour

It's sad that that breed has gotten so fucked up over the years


I've heard it effectively split into two. One for show with sloped back, and another for work that doesn't have as many problems.


Because we couldn't domesticate niggers.

Also, Trump will win.


Euros bred dogs to be workers and companions.
So of course we treat them as colleagues and friends.
Chinks bred them as status symbol and food.
Of course they treat them like things.
Calling someone subhuman because they eat an animal bred for consumption is retarded.

Because they are cute and loyal af when you imprint on them As a pup

My aussie shep is the most unconditional loving thing
Never barks unless nigs/brown peeps lurking around

Smart post

Different cultures trear different animals differently

In canada they fuck the dogs

Why do niggers hate cats?

What a man we've lost

you can judge a mans true character by the way he treats his stock

Hitler had a good heart and good intentions

he fought and died for you.

Everyone loves dogs
Asian people just love them differently

Culture of a country is a result of the genetic composition of the inhabitants of that country.

If it's their culture to treat dogs for show and boil them, with little empathy, it's definitely a subhuman trait.

Chinks are, generally, very ruthless and emotionless. We are not equal. They have ther advantages and disadvantages, and so do we, but at all cost, we should not mix.

>only whites love dogs


niggers only have pit bulls
asians eat dogs
muslims kill them

And it's the reason we're going out and it needs to change or we die. Back when we had a paternal society logic ruled , more at least , nowadays we don't and pathological altruism , aka liberalism rules.

That's the same with my greyhound staffy shar pei cross.

I don't want to defend chinks.
I'm just saying that the fact that you don't eat a certain animal doesn't make you less subhuman.
There is no difference in eating a pig or a dog.
Your disgust is just a result of your culture telling you what is acceptable and what isn't.

Majority > Minority

In these type of discussions, remember, it's always about the majority, that is what a stereotype is based on

Of course there are blacks asians and muslims who love dogs, just like there are white people who hate dogs, but the majority of non white does not love dogs while the majority of Whites do.

Sure some of it is empathy but the dog obsession is just white tribalism to identify with other whites.

I hate dogs, but not as much as I hate dog owners who think the dogs are human children.

There's a difference

Pigs have a lot of meat, dogs don't.
They are racially selected for hundreds of years for food, unlike dogs.

Eating dogs is closer to sociopathy, since dogs create a closer tie to humans then pigs.

I am against factory meat processing too, pigs should be treated fine and well fed, and have a fine life before they're eaten.

Preferably. the best would be clean, non-meat alternatives that are as healthy, or lab grown, but I don't trust such a system that is not national socialist, for it will be exploited for the profit motive instead of benefiting the health of the citizens and the community

In Europe the dog was a companion on the long nights alone or with small hunting party. They were alarm systems that went off when a dangerous animal or different group of people came near. They were work animals that hauled stuff. They were used as warmth in cold winter nights. They helped catch small prey. Lastly they were loyal to the pack, a dog isn't going to stab you in the back.

Asians bred dogs mostly as a status symbol for the rich, or for food. They don't get the companionship, or loyalty of a dog. Only the Japanese really care for dogs as pets & companions, then again they're most Westernized Asian country.

Africans you rarely see them with dogs because the Wolf isn't very common outside of North Africa. Muslims think dogs are haram, and owning a dog makes you "sinful".

based Joao

Speaks to the character of the races,

15,000 bc: white people "let's befriend & utilize wolves through attrition, we could get a long."

15,000 bc: Asians "we cook you."

Eating dogs isn't a new phenomenom.
In the region where it is an accepted practice it is also done for hundreds of years.
In those regions there is practically no difference in the consumption of a dog or a pig.
Like i said it is only what your culture told you is acceptable.

Most kind of pigs are also very able to make close ties with humans and can held as likely as pets.

Would we live in a culture that had a long tradition on keeping pigs as pets and companions you probably would complain about those pig eating savages while snacking on some fried dog tails.

fuck off nigger


they're loyal beasts.

But what if i can't stand to have an animal needlessly suffer, but can watch "jews being gassed" or thinking about commiting genocide?

I are sad now

We like dogs for the same reason we don't like niggers. Dogs do work for us. They have a role and they fill it well. They take minimal effort to maintain and are loyal to their owner. They lend us their acute senses in return for a little bit of food and some belly rubs. Its a good deal for both parties.

It repeals mohameds like op.

What the fuck is this? Is this some chat log ruled by googles?

My Vietnamese friend fucking ADORES his dog, you're a fucking moron.

Regardless, whites have done the impossible by taming a wild animal in the paleoithic era, a man eating predator no less.

Evidence for white compassion towards animals: 1

Evidence for Asians: 0

There are exceptions. However, whites are the ones who will see dogs as family.

I'd sooner put another human being 6 feet under than let them lay a hand on my doggos.

I'm white and I have sex with dogs.

They're far more intelligent (and smell a lot better) than any shitskin.

>breading dogs for food

They only eat dogs because they have too many of them running around. They are easy to lure, and kill for a cheap meal. Dog meat is disgusting and not very nutritious. If you think breeding a dog for food is anything like cattle or poultry or pork you're retarded.

Dogs were kept for work. It's why they become domesticated. Hunting, sled pulling, herding, etc. They are smart, social, and overall great companions. Their value as livestock is near useless though.

Personally I'm a cat person.

However related to your picture, I read somewhere that the Nazi soldiers had to kill puppies that they took care of for weeks so they didn't have any emotions while killing people.

I don't know if that's true or not, just something I read in an article.. anyone know if this is true or not?

Anyways, Hitler probably liked dogs because they are loyal.

If I had to guess then I'd say they didn't tame wolves with being nice, but by beating the shit out of them until they were subservient

Because Whites have souls.
Dogs are more human than chinks or niggers.

That's rich coming from you Chang.

>t. triggered cumskin sodomite

>3 hrs to end a tie with a human female.

Thats not how dogs work bro. Been breeding huskies for years, they lock with eachother for a max of about 45 mins, average is around 15

A human female doesnt have the proper vaginal anatomy to achieve a proper tie with a canine.

In Canada all the pooinloos have no idea how to react to dogs. They are scared shitless of them and will not touch them. I love to walk around the neighbourhood with my ridgeback. It's always the white guys that appreciate what a majestic creature he is.

Because honestly we'd rather live among dogs who are more loyal, friendly, and productive than niggers

Doggos are mans best friend. Whites are more trusted by animals, but dogs are our greatest ally in the animal kingdom.

That's true

Did you know that we were also forced to kill our new born children with our own hands when they weren't blond and had blue eyes?

That sounds adapted from the story about how Marines are put into the wilderness by themselves for a final week of survival training, having to take care of themselves and a small rabbit; if the rabbit dies, they fail the course, and have to stay another week. Then, at the very end, before the trainee is allowed to be picked up, he has to kill the rabbit he's been caring for a whole week with no one else as a friend by snapping its neck with his bare hands.

At least, that's what it sounds like. Edgy urban myth.

>Discovered a cave somewhere in Europe just a few years ago
>Hadn't been entered in millennia
>Looked at the ground
>Child's footsteps (estimated age of the child was between 7 and 9)
>Right by the child's footsteps were wolf like prints
>They walked together to the end of the cave
>Then came back out again
>Estimated age of 30,000 years

We relied on dogs just as much dogs relied on us. We (humans) conquered the planet and hold dogs in high regard still to this day because of it. Asians get addicted to opium and eat them, niggers are still niggers.

Kek so true. I care much more when dogs die rather than people.

Dogs don't deserve death. They don't try to hurt anyone. People are terrible, people don't care about others. Dogs are the pinnacle of loyalty. Dogs will be there for you no matter what

If you beat a dog enough it becomes useless and utterly timid, & they needed them to hunt with

It isn't like we don't eat a bunch of animals that aren't fit to be held as cattle.

I'm a kraut, my dog is basically a part of my family and i wouldn't would have it any other way.
You don't eat your family.

But knowing that it's actually a big part of my culture to treat dogs like i do doesn't make it impossible to see why different cultures would have another view on these animals.

You can't compare wolves with dogs nigger, they're wild animals

I'm black and love dogs. Definitely not as common to have pet dogs among blacks as it is with whites, though.

"“This soldier, I realized, must have had friends at home and in his regiment; yet he lay there deserted by all except his dog. I looked on, unmoved, at battles which decided the future of nations. Tearless, I had given orders which brought death to thousands. Yet here I was stirred, profoundly stirred, stirred to tears. And by what? By the grief of one dog.

Napoleon Bonaparte, on finding a dog beside the body of his dead master, after a battle. Napoleon was haunted by this scene until his own death.”

Yes it does. After looking around a bit, seems tobe false. Also found this guy talking about it;


So guess it is an old edgy urban myth. I also read that a lot of these stories come up about enemies to make them seem like savages or cruel.

I trust dogs more than humans.

Dogs don't have a hidden agenda.


A pig, wolf, leopard or bull encage it and beat it every time it moves for 3 months and eventually it'll just scamper away when you get near it

Lol no. Two of those are domestic animals, two of them arent. That might work on the pig and the bull, but the other two will continue to act aggressively

Because your hate for Jews is justified.
Animals don't scam humans on such a massive scale as Jews do. All they want to do is eat, sleep, and run around.

because dogs dont make everybody you know's life a living hell

they gib u lobe and respegt :DDD

that webm of a guy beating a dog with a shovel is worst than any human gore i have ever seen, i could not even watch the full webm

I am glad that many dogs have attentive and loving owners. But then I remember that most minorities neglect their dogs like they're an extra chore for them. I've seen this countless times, I wish they would just give their dogs to someone who actually cares.

If that's not nigger-speak, nothing is.

>Bix nood.

So we like dogs.

>Nappy saves the French people from proto-Bolshevik chaos
>Creates the greatest land army the world had ever seen until that point
>Enemies demonize him as a warmongering, genocidal tyrant
>Takes the combined might of all Europe's Monarchies to stop him
>France steadily declines in power from that point on

>Hitler saves Germany from weimar republic
>Creates the greatest land army the world had ever seen until that point
>Enemies demonize him as a warmongering, genocidal tyrant
>Takes the combined might of all Europe and USA to stop him
>Germany steadily declines in power from that point on

Why must great men fly too close to the Sun?

why does the nigger in the painting have green eyes?


Dogs are awesome

Holy fuck nigger lurk moar

Why are they always drawing themselves in a lighter skin tone than they actually are?

Are you than fine northern oil reserve from earlier?

It's just blind dumb masterbatorial horseshit.


>Bred to help humans
>One can guard you, one can help you hunt for food, one can help you sniff things out like truffles
>Eat the rest of the food you don't want
>Will be eternally loyal to you
>Even if used for the things mentioned above, they become friends

White people are smart enough to see this.

You could raise a wolf cub

every single roman looks identical. what a shit artist lmao

Because dogs are useful tools

White people are the greatest most prosperous race that planet earth has EVER seen.

When you see white people doing something, mirror it. Dont question it.

This is why you arent shit right now nor will you ever be


Whites and dogs evolved alongside each other which is probably why both species can vaguely understand eachothers emotions unlike any others.

Like a tool and best friend, all in one.

Cats indoor pets? Yes, if you're a fucking animal cruelty enthusiast.

Ancient europeans supposedly managed to raise wolf cubs or something of the sort
wolf instincts meshed well with human ones because we are both very social and pack/flockish
So we evoöved together and nowadays we have a bit of a natural sympathy for dogs.
Similar in the way that studies show that humans prefer their own kind over others, dogs tend to be more aggressive towards niggers and more friendly towards whites, probably because they think we are completely different.

>I wish they would just give their dogs to someone who actually cares.

Notice too how whites are 99.9% of all people involved in any sort of animal rights/humane treatment organisations. Go walk into a shelter and try to find a pavement ape working there instead of being cared for.

Look at who funds wildlife preserves in Africa and South America. I'll give you a hint, they sure as hell aren't the locals.

Just try to think about all the good we do, altruistic to the point of suicide by today's standards.



White people, being the loyal and intelligent members of the human race, identify with loyal and intelligent non-humans


To tame them you kill the aggressive ones and breed the more passive ones. The Russians did an experiment to domesticate foxes and that's what they did. Wolves probably came to people looking for food since we would have animal carcasses laying around. The ones who attacked humans were killed and the others may have stayed around, chewing on our carcass bones and leftovers. We are both social den-making pack hunters, so it makes sense we could get along.

... Context?

...because for some reason we're not allowed to keep niggers as pets anymore

Rotty trained to take care of autistic kid.

as it says in the name dog consoles autistic kid.

Interesting, wolves followed the successful human hunters and finished the remains. In time wolves just skipped a stepped and joined the hunters.

Rare I learn something new on pol anymore

I know but why is the autist crying?

whites love boiling frogs,lobsters and shit alive as well.

I fucking hate dogs
>they smell fucking horrendous
>you need to walk them twice a day, weather you like it or not, in the worst summer heat or in the frigid cold of winter
>you get to pick up warm crap like a fucking pleb
>walking a dog is not at all pleasurable, since they want to sniff and piss on every goddamn blade of grass
>wake you up with their fucking barking
>preparing dogfood makes me consider becoming a vegetarian
I could go on, you fuckers are deluded

>that false equivalency

Because dogs are smarter than niggers like OP.

You dont fool me you faggot

I don't know.

Start here:


Wtf are you on about?

this. niggers are fucking retarded.

fly free, pupper.

So I guess the dog didn't work out, and she just went to go lunge at cops.

I wonder how the pupper feels.

That chick is dead by the way, suicide by cop.


Post dogs


If you are a dog person, that facial expression is fucking hilarious, that's an animal feeling guilty.



will your doggo protect you from house breaking niggers?

or betray you for a slice of bacon?





is this why you fags love to fuck dogs so much ?

> You will never know happiness this simple and complete

Why even live?

>tactical assault pupper

doggo doesn't like being in jail

His owners probably didn't train him right.

White people co-evolved with dogs for a long time in many northern territories.

>However related to your picture, I read somewhere that the Nazi soldiers had to kill puppies that they took care of for weeks so they didn't have any emotions while killing people.
they also killed jews by putting them in masturbating machines because their ebil nazis never forgot the 6 trillion goy

>when you spot loli.webm

>Why must great men fly too close to the Sun?
Because if they didnt they wouldnt be great

dogs can smell evil, so they bite jews


They're literally lesser us.
But not in the bad way like niggers.
We have the same social structure and behavior, we even hunt in the exact same way

I've never been a "dog person". Therefore I don't own a dog. But I hold nothing against them or anyone who likes them. Because it doesn't have anything to do with me.

Tl;dr mind your own business


You need a dog in your life, stat!

Our original social groups were basically the same as a wolf pack.

Dogs are wolves and fit right in.

Good grief


It's so stupid and ridiculous but I love that fucking movie

Some people keep pigs as pets. Does eating bacon make you subhuman?

GUYS how do I teach my dog not to bite people's hands and feet and to not cry when he is outside?

German Shepard btw


that id. praise k3k

>Whitey turned fireworks into gunpowder
>used that gunpowder to invade China
>get locals addicted on opium so they trade everything cheap

And Brazil isn't white cucko

becase dogs love us

In pre-Zoroastrian Persia; oldest of legends say that the gods created dogs to guard and protect man from the cannibalistic demon peoples.

The Persians(before Islam) loved dogs and would execute anyone mistreating a dog.

In North India they practice a distinct brand of hinduism which elevates dogs to be as equal as cows in some respects.

In some south east asian cultures dogs are seen as the guardians of heaven and man's first friend among the beasts.