I'm a member of National Action

I'm a member of National Action.

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Do you guys ever talk to any groups in the US?

I'm not sure.
We are very praised by American groups, and we support trump a lot.

Do you like popcorn?

Sweet and Salty?

How long did it take for the movement to get where it is?

Salty is the only way for the white man

A few years.
I joined not that long ago.

are you guys as autistic as you seem?

We just have protests and help homeless people.

Never heard of you guys, what are you all about?

Your logo looks like a cross between Marilyn Manson's and the Avenger's.
Is that on purpose?

1 What are your guys opinions on Poles and Romanians? I don't mean gypsies
2 Do you often catch pedos like in that video of yours?
3 Do the bobbies generally side with you or lefties?

do antifa fags attack you often

Do you have a stash of weapons?

National Socialism user.
We are the new Blackshirts.
It's a mix of the SA symbol and the British Union Of Fascists Flash.

what a joke of a party

Your logo looks too similar to the Metallica M logo.

1: Bros, have helped us many times.
2: Yes, we track down Muslim pedos.
3: They side with no one.
Yes, faggots hate us.

No Satan, we're not violent, although we want revolution.
Fuck off Juden, we're a Nationalist Group.

how many members do you have and is it growing?

We may have met once or twice, were you ever in the BNP? They were fun times.

do you attack back?

I have a few questions:

Where do you see NA in 10 years? What do you see as the end goal of national action?

I've heard you guys aren't retarded, and try to recruite college kids. This is a great idea, but what's with the nazi aesthetic? When I watch your rallies, they remind me of skin head rallies in the US, i.e., the most cringey, least effect events on the planet.

Your logo sucks because its too difficult to draw and is just unappealing, its a fucking squiggle.

I dont have any other criticisms of the movement but the symbol irks me.

Would you say that NatSoc is at odds with our brand of patriotism in the states?

Is your group exclusively for white and if not how do you sell it to non whites who might have an interest of NatSoc?

This is true. always thought the same thing, myself

Thanks for your what you do. keep fighting the good fight

It's huge.
It's all across the country and is growing everyday.
Yep, they never turn up in big numbers.
We've won many marches.
Nothing but growth and, we use the Nazi symbolism because that's what we are, and we are proud of it.

you have and will literally acomplish nothing. Even BNP is more respectable. You are just a bunch of edgy teens. Your flag btw looks more like something antifa would wave and not a real nationalist

I was really impressed by Nick Griffin. I feel this should be the the way fascism is presented. NA is playing into stereotypes. Also, why don't BNP and UKIP become bros?

Its based on past nationalist groups..

t. Cuckstav Meetmywifesson

how much does MI6 pay?

What do you think of 'Western Spring'?

Serious question, I know 'max musson' reasonably well, and he always struck me as a very sincere and intelligent man, but I think he is far too optimistic.

How are Chris, Alex and Tommy doing?

>Edgy teens.
What does Sweden have to offer?

do you hate blacks im black can i still join i want to im a natsoc?


I've met Nick Griffin quite a number of times. UKIP are basically cucks, the BNP are real nationalists.

UKIP did a good job of making brexit reality, to their credit, but they are not Cred Forums types at all

Doing well, haven't seen them in a while.

Alphabet agency?

This cancer needs to stop.

Plebbit, go back.

We want them out.

What music do you like?

Right now you guys look and dress like terrorists from videos I've seen on YouTube standing on streets with a microphone.

As much as I like National Socialism and Mosley, I just don't see you guys persuading anybody on anything because you seem unapproachable and unfriendly, like thugs who get into fights.

Of course there will be fights, that's why Hitler had his stormtroopers, but do you guys have a charismatic political leader or are you just soldiers without a leader?

I want to support a political party, not an activist. Activism and radicalism doesn't accomplish anything, you need to work through the system.

Sorry for the tl;dr and multiple questions

short version

Do you have a leader?
Are you a political party or just activists?

I'm sorry user, I didn't think an shortened form of language was so triggering
.I love Choir music.

Some kikes can be quite gorgeous

No, we don't.
We are activists.

When will you release more videos of you guys beating up "Asian" Pedophiles?


I always thought Alex a bit sneaky. Tommy and Chris were good lads. Benji was a bit autistic.

It's why I stopped being with them. I offered the chance to house share and make a little group in a City here, but they never bothered.

How many antifascists and communists have you killed today?

This gave me the edgy teen vibe. Thing is, you're not nazis, you're British. Say what you will, but it's a spit in the face to those who fought and died in WWII, regardless of your opinion on your nation's decision.

I'm fine with them so long as they aren't socially or mentally awkward.

>You're not Nazis, you're British.
You don't understand national socialism.

>National Socialism
come on now.

Aren't you that wannabe hitler youth group?

nothing our far right is a bunch off faggots too

We don't kill, we humiliate.

How's mark doing? Haven't spoken to him since BNP days.

We used to talk online a bit, then once met at a conference without even realising we were people who spoke to each other online lol.

Wassup brother

I'm talking about Mosley.

We're a youth group, as in young men.

Is that Mark up by yorkshire?

18-20 years old?

Say what you want about leftie scum, the black bloc thing they do actually works pretty well. Don't see why you shouldn't borrow it.

how hard is it to protest and organize with all the british hate speech laws and such ? also has any of your members been put in jail because of the draconian british anti free speech laws ?


>nationalist groups now having anime tee shirts
has Cred Forums gone to far ?

We tend to ignore them.
We are as radical as possible.
Hitler salutes, Nazi Symbolism, yet a stable argument.

Mark from East London, he might be in Yorkshire now, but I haven't spoke to him since 2013, I think he had a gf from yorkshire so maybe

Is there anything like that in germany

I had to join London.
They don't have a region near me.

>National Socialist
Come on now.

Back to your shed, Sven

No, you don't understand national socialism. One can be a national socialist and not a nazi. You don't need to Sieg Heil and dress up like storm troopers to hold to a National Socialist ideology.

No, unfortunately.
We go to Germany every once in a while.

Mosley said so.
Look it up.

9/10 i wish they would anschluss my netherlands

Probably not the same mark then.

In the very far shot that you were ever in the StormFront chatroom from about 5 years ago, I was 'DesmondLinus'

See this is the exacting standards i expect from Germans. Nothing wrong with that. Genocide sugar!

I'm saying Mosley wasn't a nazi. Mosley was pretty sensible.


Got any way of proving it user?

Is there any plans for Newcastle again any time soon? Will they be made public?

>anime T-shirts
Anime is degeneracy.

Of course Mosley is National Socialist

My mistake

Don't know.
London Region.
Hopefully yes.

"If you love our country you are national, and if you love our people you are a socialist."

Clearly he expressed love for the NSDAP here.

Would you let a half-iranian non muslim person join your group? The European half being of course, English.


I must admit, I don't like this idea either.


Based. I can't stand the manchildness of anime, it's not healthy at all

They should, as Iranians are white, but prolly not.

What cities do you go to

The war itself was a huge spit in europes face.

You probably think euros are thankful for not speaking german now.

Better than arabic, you should have stayed out of european matters, everyone dead in ww2 died for nothing.

Tell Ben he's doing God's work.

I haven't talked to him since the autists at TRS banned him.

What about homos?

We have regions across the country.
We've gone to Liverpool, Glasgow, London...
Across the land.

I'm no weeaboo either, but a big part of the nationalist movement globally (not NA exclusive) consists of anime fags for some reason.

How big does antifa have to get to become a threat? Here there are only maybe a couple hundred in the whole country, pretty much a non-issue.

how many niggers are in my store?

>tfw no based nationalist groups in America

Why are all American nationalist groups nigger tier criminal organizations.


How many are you? Is national socialism dieing?

Well, you weren't in the war faggot, so you should mind your own business. It's not about corny cuckservative memes (le all of Europe would be speaking German), it's about reality: millions of your people, English young men, died at the hands of Nazis. That's enough to not adopt their aesthetic.

When are y'all going to release the White Jihad documentary?


Antifa is a threat to us, they stick to us like magnets.

We laugh at their attempts at stoping us.

Autistiche Aktion
Nutzliche Idioten

When I used to hang around with NA.

No Germanbro.
It's rising.

>wasn't in the war

60 years of nonstop brainwashing, and the assassination of prominent American Nat Soc leaders.

Idk user. I was looking for one in my state the other day. Sadly, there's nothing but skinheads and KKK nonsense.

>Willingly signing up for a obvious government trap
>Implying you arent a government agent and totally not trying to identify the people here

Do you guys ever think of helping to support private enterprise or businesses. If the high street is owned by corporations they will do what they want with us all without caring.

You have Trump. Count yourself lucky.

Do you have a job? If so what?

I've been tempted by the NA but I'd get fired and my professional reputation destroyed if anyone found out

do you acknowledge that it's an infiltrated organisation, and that all nationalist/patriot movements are inevitably infilitrated by intelligence agencies?
does that ever bother you?
do you actually take any measures to prevent infiltration?

That's too bad. We're not all mincing degenerates, you're missing out on some good lads.

>Japan=nationalistic homogeneous culture
>anime=entertainment not created by the Jews
Hmm I wonder what the allure is?

NA is a fucking joke, I hope you realise soon.
t. ex-NA member

You are literally Retarded.
I get Autism, Autistic people can be forgiven.
But you, have Mental Retardation.

The problem in NA and EU is not disappearance of race but of religion. There is little bond/community among people, even of the same race. It's silly to make race into a religion. The white chavs near where I live tend to be more rude to me than anyone else; I NEVER get shit from Pakis, only young white boys who think they're clever. WHY? Because they are godless heathens with no respect whatsoever, who listen to garbage music and worship gangsters and footballers. Even though they are the same race as me, I have no real bond with them at all. Do you think we should try to unite based on the fact that we are the same race, and build a little cult around the "white race"? The death of the "white race" (I put it in quotes because nobody recognised "white race" as a category until relatively recently) does not concern me so much - we sold out our heritage for sex, drugs, rock & roll. What makes you think we're so superior?

They were neutral, then occupied without a fight.

I'm a photographer.

> maybe a couple hundred in the whole country

so are the fucking right wingers... what's your

And I laugh at your attemps to use your native language's grammar.

>butthurt ex member gets bullied out
>"WAHHHH They're a joke!"

I get the reference but still it just bothers me

Too late to change it tho, excuse my autism

Reminder that skinheads and the KKK are jewish tricks to discredit legitimate white nationalists by association

In large terms, in case (((they))) are lurking, how do you keep yourselves free from undercover police and/or Antifags?

Not ever involved with NA personally, but I was involved with the BNP, and am friendly with quite a few people in Western Spring.

It astounds me how we have about 4-5 people in this thread alone that have probably met

KKK was grand.
Now they just have barbecues.

t. GCHQ agent trying to identify and/or infiltrate "evil right wing fringe groups"

I left because being part of a far-right organisation would have harmed my chances to serve in the military.

We don't.
We're not that cucked.

They fought longer than France...
"The 62 days of fighting made Norway the nation that withstood a German invasion for the second longest period of time, after the Soviet Union."

I have a mixed race mate who loves NA, said he'd go to a demo but doesn't want to get filled in. What do you think of minorities who support NA?

Uhh cool you want a fucking medal? Fuck off faggot no one cares.

Completely legit reason.

They're okay I guess.
Nazis had black volenteers, why not?

This. Post-1960s they've been essentially irrelevant, beyond being a tool for left to push their anti-white agenda, but they did some good things. I'd prolly be a Knight if it were 1890.

Don't you have a home country to take back from corrupt globalists??

I'm sympathetic to the white nationalism aspect of your group but I can't get onboard with National Socialism, can a white nationalist with more capitalist views join your ranks?

>we want revolution
I hope you don't mean that literally since that's inherently anti fascist.

And the fact that America is an idea, not a nation.

Like, freelance?

Do you worry about getting found out?

Do you have friends / a gf and if so do they know?

>I've been tempted by the NA but I'd get fired and my professional reputation destroyed if anyone found out
This is why I'm not a member of NA, but a close outside supporter. I have friends in NA, I like what they're doing, I support their cause and have even been to a couple meets - but I can't get involved because of my professional life and family.

National Socialism isn't necessarily socialism.
You can come aboard.

What's the structure like? What sort of stuff do you do outside of marches and stuff?

t. uni student thinking of joining

Depends. By antifa standards Dacian Ciolos would be a racistnazifascist for not approving the gay marriage law

Hm, what do you think of Russians?

girl on the left looks like a tranny.

u wot faggot?


Cool, do you have any activists around Manchester?

Of course.
My friends are from NA or other groups.

I do have a girlfriend, she's nationalistic.
Life is swell.

you had to be a noble to be a knight. No shart is of noble descent.

Yeah, far-right groups here carry a certain stigma and being public with your support for them can shut off a lot of the public sector.

When's the Orthodox Church gonna have a Holy War?
Go on the website, go on regions, you can find out.

We've floated the idea of going to EDL/NWI type things but he's tanned with a big afro so it's probably not worth the aggro. He's well into it though, openly tells people he's a national socialist.

What does NA think of football violence? Degenerate or ripe for recruitment?

>Not once has a single "national socialist" replied to any people asking or questioning undercover antifa cucks or alphabet agents
>Socialism to begin with

rly makes u think :^)

Hows zack davies doing?

We don't do that.
Look at Skinheads, they weren't even racists, they were just looking for Violence.


no I just like weapons

Are you/Do you know Alex Davies? I knew Alex in school Sixth form back in Swansea. We used to discuss politics and Ron Paul around 2012.

What is he like now? He got kicked out of Warwick right?

We're already in a Holy War. patriarch Kiril declared one against mudterds.

Rings a bell.
He has dark hair, right?
I can't really remember..


what about some types of East Asians then?


BUmp diss.

I remember this one faggot who loved NA and was always seen wearing their merch outside, he was clearly a faggot tho so no one ever stepped up to him on it cus of the aggro of picking on a faggot for thinking differently
Made me and the lads kek tho
football violence used to be carried out by all sorts, from doctors to dole-loving-louts
Government put a stop to a potential passtime.

>He got kicked out of Warwick right?
Is there a real danger that you'll be found out?

I've thought about joining but this is the main thing holding me back.

Shit kids larping.
You need to join a paramilitary and chop up muslims ala Shankill road butchers.
Politics will solve nothing actions speak louder than words.

> You don't need to Sieg Heil and dress up like storm troopers
Yes you do. Or people don't know your a national socialist. The symbolism is linked now because they want nationalism to be linked to Nazis. Are you going to go around convincing everybody about national socialism without anyone paying attention anyway?

NA are grand but National socialism is stupid. You are at the behest of your crony government slaveholders.
It is too easily subverted without permission.

National libertarianism/ distributism on the other hand distributes economic power (not money/benefits, power) and thus political leverage directly into the hands of the populace who then literally "own" the country.

Has your association with NA hurt your career? I would support you guys, but I'm making pretty decent money and don't want to risk it.

What do you think of mixed race couples?
In general is it worse to mix with a nigger and less bad to mix with say, an asian?

That sounds absolutely awesome. However you need to make double sure that your leadership doesn't get bought out.

Thats what happened back in germany in the 30s and its the reason it went down the road it did. True NS became a facade NS that was working with the international bankers.

You need to make sure your leadership is sealed from manipulation, and infiltration. Those are the top tier methods (((they))) use to dismantle groups or get them under their thumb.

And remember they have black tech now, they can literally strap somebody in a chair and start reprogramming their brain (ever since the 70s actually).


It has hurt some, but people call me "user" because I wear a mask.

not him, but my opinion is that mixing with an asian is no better than a nigger, why would it be?

You're either against race mixing as a whole, for self preservation, or you're doing it selectively based on 'muh intelligence' at which point you may as well with an intelligent black

m8 c'mon off to the chambers with you

So how do you guys feel about knowing that shitskins will take over your country no matter how hard you resist?

Yeah dark hair and Welsh; from Swansea.He's one of the original founding members with Benjamin Raymond.

Yeah I knew him really well at school. He would know me if you mentioned my name.

A year ago I saw a news report about National Action protest in Bath and said aloud to myself 'HOLY SHIT IT'S ALEX'.

how does it feel knowing that piss skins already took over your country centuries ago

When did you first come to Cred Forums and why?

>why would it be
Because Asians are high IQ and civilized? How is this even a question? This is why I don't take purists seriously.

Aint no chinks here mate, answer the question.

A bit of an Old Fag here.
To do this day I don't know how I came here.

look in the mirror

> That's enough to not adopt their aesthetic.
Nah. The only reason you don't adopt another aesthetic is because it dismisses the more genuine rooted aesthetic and creates a less legitimate aesthetic around your claims. Essentially you follow what your granddaddy did because of continuity. This applies to all elements from interiors and architecture to paintings and even practices (taking off your hat as a funeral procession goes by, offering people a drink when they enter your home etc).

They have the Nordic Resistance Movement who are pretty bad ass, there's a tonne of videos of them knocking commies the fuck out.

Infact the Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently killed an antifa drug addict that attacked them.

I really like them desu, their whole revolutionary pan-Scandinavian attitude is really cool, they also have remote training camps. Does NA have training camps? I know you have Sigurd who are associates but not a part of you.

Do you have an opinion on the New British Union? cheers.

in what way?

It's Swedish


Except they would just be inviting people into
> "evil right wing fringe groups"
Which is a possible tactic but do you mean to imply it is a "shell" group. A purgatory. A distraction. OR do you mean the whole outfit is a group trying to push into a broader movement?

> WHY? Because they are godless heathens with no respect whatsoever, who listen to garbage music and worship gangsters and footballers.
Wonder who pushed that onto them... YOU are a godless heathen with no balls to talk to them or direct them onto a "better path." You/your religion-group will be pushed over by other tribal groups who move in, as has happened for the last 60 years.

Holy fuck

I saw a teenage girl with a sticker of that logo on her laptop.


Oh please, NRM havent taken power yet, spreading propaganda isnt the only thing they do. They killed a commie recently, they're not just LARPers.

Dont be a perfectionist or a gun stroker do activism dude, and if not then atleast dont shit on fellow nationalists who do activism.

Noice lad.

How do you feel about local politics?

Do you accept Jews?

Finnish NRM killed a commie and it was an accident (Being finnish pan-scandinavian is pretty cucked btw)

based owen spreading his wisdom on housing places and the secret state to the youngins.

Remember to sage!
KYS anti White trash

Reminder that (((Neo Nazis))) are literally helping kikes paint White identity and survival as crazy, and evil. Keep on telling yourself that being noticed in the press means you're winning.

Loser faggots.

> with a big afro
Commie aesthetics. Africans don't have "Afro's"...or "high tops". Purely an invention of subversive groups from America during the cold war/Che period.

Watching your country be taken over and spending your time attacking the few people who are trying to stop it is cucking m8.

If you cant join because of your job and livelihood I understand and totally respect that, but if thats the case then dont spend your time insulting other nationalists.

Remember no enemies to the right.

Way to miss the point, you fucking idiot

NA aren't to my right, they're to my dumbfuck

You guys are helping the enemy by acting like clowns, you're tools. Normal White people have to know that NA=/=White identity.

Read 'Fascism, 100 questions asked and answered.'

he explicitly says that his fascist movement is equivalent politically to nazi germany and is national socialist

Im not going to argue. Do your homework, the info is there.

>Stopp the cuckening
They aren't doing jack shit. Their organization is shit.
It would be better of if NRM got disbanded so that a more serious nationalist party/movement could come

>t. SD cuck

I'm coming from Northern Ireland soon to Liverpool for UNI, how does one go about joining?

Ok lets have a thought experiment.

Lets say you suddenly control the NRM, how would you change it to achieve your goals?

They dont have guns or ammunition and I doubt you can just overthrow a modern European nation without having anyone intervene, Sweden isnt Cuba in the 50's.

>your either a cuckservative or a white trash stormnigger

do you accept Jesus is a Jew?

No, you missed my point. I'm arguing that your position is stupid and unrealistic. That a purist state cannot be achieved, and we have to address each scenario as practical people with reasonable ends in mind. Now, I'll ask you, what's worse for a nation: a child bread from a nigger and a white, or a nigger and an Asian?

He wasn't.


Jesus was of the tribe of Benjamin, not Judah. It is the tribe of Judah, who are the Jews - Jew is a shortened form of Judean.

Id start with giving the movement a better image and kick out the degenerates.
Would have the ideology go from Natsoc-cancer to something more similar to Julius Evolas writing combined with ethnopluralism.
but i'm not sure if i'm a good organizer myself i would probably hand over that to someone with competence unlike the current NRM

confirmed controlled opposition
fuck off kike

Read 'Fascism, 100 questions asked and answered.'

he explicitly says that his fascist movement is equivalent politically to nazi germany and is national socialist

Im not going to argue. Do your homework, the info is there.

Sorry, *whats worse, a child born to a nigger and a white or an Asian and a white?

You must new at JIDF. Learn to ID.

Why can't you use more of the BUF athestetic instead? Something normies don't associate with "genocide"? All the skulls and shit are far too edgy teenager and just project a negative image.

Nigger and white ofcourse.

Newfag anti-white atheist (likely Jew) detected

Exactly. That was my simple point. Saying "it doesn't matter because either way the baby is not white" is childish and overly-idealistic.

>more similar to Julius Evolas writing combined with ethnopluralism.
This is LARPing. Julius Evola will never reach the people, all successful movements have been rooted in their position of the world, they werent trying to recreate the past. We will never get the past back, all successful movements must work towards a new future instead.

Whats wrong with their current image? I thought they were well disciplined, I havent seen them attacking or intimidating innocent regular people.

>10 posts by this ID

You have already outed yourself as a kike why are you even trying? Also are you seriously commenting on someone's looks while being a jew? Are you for real?

To be fair most of our nations were forced to live under islam.

My country lost identity and forgot it's slavic roots which is why we are so cucked today. Also most of our churches support migrants

Christianity* shit i mixed two semitic religions

If you are doing nothing illegal infiltration is not an issue.

>guess who was sent in to report on right wing German party in the 1920s and ended up joining it and leading it to the greatest victory ever seen?

>We will never get the past back, all successful movements must work towards a new future instead.
If thats the chase they should really stop calling
themself natsocs. Thats political sucide
>I thought they were well disciplined
they really aren't. many of them are former criminals too btw.

How many members do you have?
Do you have any sponsors?

National socialist is a political suicide even in my country which is 10 times less cucked than UK.

My country is mostly right wing and hates migrants but even those people draw a line at Hitler and swastikas.

Any natsoc movement is bound to have less than 200 members

>they really aren't. many of them are former criminals too btw

That makes 90% of the poster here - posting 'racist' or anti jew comments is illegal in most jew controlled western nations

>only the merrifats are allowed free speech

I dont mean ideological characterization, just because the NMR call themselves NatSoc doesnt make them the same as the Nazis does it? Obviously not, you can call yourself whatever silly thing you want so long as its firmly rooted in your time and your place it can succeed. I think all nationalists need to take the idea of "victory or death" to the absolute extreme, like Che did (although he was a commie scumbag, he was successful), because we arent just risking losing our lives. Our entire culture, our entire race is going to die and with it everything we've built.

>they really aren't. many of them are former criminals too btw.
thats to be expected of any movements vanguard. People with normal jobs and a normal family have too much to risk to go and join a tiny organization and arent capable of investing enough to make it grow.

>like Che did (although he was a commie scumbag, he was successful)

He was fucking useless and a pin up boy for lefty faggots and attention whores

this nigger was the real deal


> you can call yourself whatever silly thing you want so long as its firmly rooted in your time and your place it can succeed.

You really cant succeed if the brand of nationalism you are trying to sell is not appealing. The logo the name and everything else is very important.

These are young men sieg heiling and not attracting any middle aged men who have the funds and wisdom.

Do you guys hate Jews or do you let them into your ranks?

Honestly NatSoc makes sense other than the racial purity autism and the Jew hate.

Ever gotten your boots dirty with an Antifa faggot's head? I'm in TradYouth and I've seen near-race riots take place.

>real deal
>didnt succeed at all
It doesnt really matter, I was just commenting on the idea of having the "victory or death" for nationalists.

NRM dont go around sieg heiling, I have never seen them do it, and they do have large numbers. At their most recent rally they have 200 uniformed members and 300 supporters which outnumbered their opposition.

In the Cuban revolution Fidel only had a few thousand men, a minority of whom actually met combat.

>Your logo sucks because its too difficult to draw

What kind of logic is that? I can't draw the fucking Coca Cola logo either but I'm sure that almost every human on this planet can identify it.

A successful political logo must be easy to identify, easy to recreate and must show its motives at the first sight. The swastika, celtic cross and red star all achieve this.

Its a minor criticism desu.

>>didnt succeed at all

His ideas actually worked

Do you recognize the Jewish problem is the greatest problem?

Is NA religious or is it a serious pilitical movement?

Please explain Im not familiar with the guy. What did he achieve?

He's gone isn't he...

Western Spring is good, but its not teenaged like NA.

Max is right in that the only way the west will survive is if we network with each other. The murrican idea of living alone in the woods with some guns is 100% fail

>skinheads and the KKK are jewish tricks

bullshit Achmed - all whites have a role to play in the survival of the race.

I got no questions but I do have praise, yall have balls, and your doing gods work, while to me it seems a bit unorthodox at times, it doesnt matter in the end because your doing something for us whites which is great
keep it up

Jew hate makes the most sense you dirty kike

Why must it be easy to recreate though?

He basically re wrote the methods of communist - or nazi for that matter - revolutionary warfare, Marighella's idea was urban warfare to achieve revolutionary victory.

Commies such a pretty boy Che tried to start revolutions in the countryside and failed dismally.

Marighella's ideas outline methods that are applicable to any revolutionary ideology

For propaganda and grass-roots purposes.

You want your symbolism everywhere you can put it, you want your enemies to feel as if you're everywhere.

>Commies such a pretty boy Che tried to start revolutions in the countryside and failed dismally.

But Brazil is not communist, while Cuba is. He may have been smart, but he still ended up dying before victory.

Although thanks for bringing him to my attention ill look him up.

Have you ever met Max?

Feels surreal how many of us are here in the same thread, and probably broswe Cred Forums daily (and call each other cunts in every other thread probably, lol)

He is intelligent, and has bold ideas, but he is too ambitious. Although he has been very successful in his personal life, so maybe his head got a bit too big.

Forgot to take trip off from some other thread, I hate appearing like a tripfag

Not met him but posted on his site and would consider 'joining' as it were

I am a balt. I voted BNP in local elections. Sadly they only got like 3% of the vote

Well I wouldn't want to put you off, and you could meet some good people.

What do you think of Nick Griffin?

>But Brazil is not communist, while Cuba is

Cuba is the exception and it went commie in the 50s before the idea of urban revolutionary war

Who are Brits supposed to vote for now that Farage fucked off? BNP?

He seemed good - in the fact he put his money were his mouth was. He was number one target for the jew/left who would have burnt him alive if they could.

His QT show was cringy but I think he underestimated how dangerous the left is. It really is past the stage of traditional British politics, its more like the situation in NI. I think he didn't recognise that

Britain First

I like your jewtube channel, have you ever met any of the Swedes from Motstands?

UKIP still you fucking moron

Farage is still an MEP (Member of the European Parliament), and he's still a UKIP member

Just because he's no longer leader doesn't mean we don't vote for them you dumb fuck

I guess I can't expect much intelligence from someone descended from criminals

Ukip is a joke. Both Farage and Boris Johnson have fucked you guys over so hard.

No they haven't, we wanted to keep poor fuckers like you out, and that's exactly what we're going to do.

BritainFirst is literally antiwhite chav party. Muh I grew up london, I am stupid chav. I am disadvantaged, give me muh program money and gibsmedats because privileged (=working) white people dont want anything to do with antisocial cunt like me.

That 'joke' has led to the biggest political change in the UK for 50 years and could well end up crashing the entire EU project.

>not too bad m8

desperate jew detected


and BNP isn't?

You will still legally import tens of thousands of shitskins.

Also do you really think i care about slavs living abroad?

What political change? Farage dropped out and Boris became a total traitor.

Even if Brexit happens it will change nothing but i doubt that it will even go through

Two main guys behind brexit flip flopped

Paying taxes that go to funding shitskin babies and open borders activists

Oy vey paying tax and acting civilised = being a jew
Ive been found out!

BNP is natsoc

Mosley argues that fascism and national socialism are the same movement, simply different national manifestations of the same idea. And we know that national socialism and fascism were profoundly different in many aspects. So obviously Oswald Mosley's "national socialism" is different from Hitlerism. But all national socialists I've met have been Hitlerists no matter what nation they hail from.

Way to out yourself as knowing nothing about British politics.

hi mark

>not larpers doomed to stay forever in the lunatic fringes of politics

Last I heard was Farage's call to retire and the implication the party was to be disbanded as a result. Is there a good chance they'll lead British nationalists in the next election, or was he a single issue Brexit party after all?

If One Nation was suddenly not on the ballot after internal strife or achieving some major goal, there'd be a huge political vacuum and uncertainty in the next election. A possible split between Australia First and UPF, votes heading back to the big two parties, who knows.

Fortitude was supposed to win this year, but the Electoral Commission fucked them over.

I really wish Mark would kill himself already, there's no room for pedophiles in the Fourth Reich.


arent UKIP a bunch of cuckservatives?


You know nothing about who runs your country. You will NEVER win democratic ellections as long as the same people are in power.

I bet you even think that Trump will save America even though he is a kike bootlicker.


I can guarantee you that if you show up at their meetings you'll be identified by LE plants and put on a list.

Check out Identity Evropa

>Thursday 10 April 2008
As far as I know BNP is still antisemitic as fuck and jews hate it.

You're not a bunch of loutish degenerates, are you?
Is being associated with your group a good way to meet traditionally minded nationalist qt grils?


>You're not a bunch of loutish degenerates

You can get away with a comment like that if your are 50 and a Freemason

Painting yourself as beta there m8

Think about it. They are basically openly neo nazi and have speeches about how they will "gas the traitors" and how they "fight for Adolf Hitler"

Do you really wish to be in a group that has no future?

Well fuck me. BNP is now a jew lover party. Gas them.

>Do you really wish to be in a group that has no future?

isnt that kinda the point

They all are. To get in politics you need to be on good terms with them.

Your only hope is an actual revolution that would be pretty bloody

Sometimes you have to go to the extreme - these guys are young Sparta

Does Soros fund you faggots in order to create division?

A knighthood is not a title of nobility, Britcuck.

t. Earl of Slaines.