To anyone considering emigrating to Brazil

To anyone considering emigrating to Brazil.

>>>>>> Don't

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Not to mention we do not need your stupid racial tensions and refugee problems.

nobody is coming to brazil
enjoy your zika

Zika is a meme, not even 0,01% of the population got it, my God please do not come

are you from sc?

Your women are really into scat porn guys.. y tho

nigger lmao nobody gives a fuck about your shitty country

It's bait copypasta

>Emigrate to Brasil.

>implying anyone wants to move to Brazil

Not even a Mexican would want to live in a favela

have archives bra?

For now... wait the Euro islamization and Hillary presidency.


>have archives
Do I need to? It's a used up polish pasta altered to fit Brazilian stereotypes.

Just a warning tripfag
When things get as bad worldwide as they are getting right now, people come to LatAm, we don't want that

pls bro fact checkers are waiting

Nobody wants to live in your 3rd world shithole

so we can start awovement?

>To anyone considering emigrating to Brazil.
Literally nobody wants to move to Brazil, favelaboi.


Not from SC.
What kind of movement? I'm not a white supremacist

yes goy wise decision

Whatever tripfag kill yourself

Saw the olympics, city of god, and CoD-no one wants to move to your shithole.

>considering emigrating to brazil


>not knowing what a tripcode is

I'm not supremacist either puto. Are you a neet?


anyways, why would I spend money to go live in the same conditions I'm currently having right now in here

Hmm I guess you are fine where you are then.
Don't expect shit going down in Mexico anyway, it's only going down in Europe and USA

laziness or choice?

Ooh I live these masochistic Brazilian threads. Whats up monkeybrain?

>To anyone considering emigrating to Brazil.
why would anyone do that? might aswell stay in some central african shithole, what's the difference?

They will have a wall to protect them, hopefully.

Choice, I have enough to waste for a long time
Not much literal Geneva kike central (this is the reason you're a great country)
Don't come. You do not need to know.
Yeah I hope it stabilizes so they do not come here en mass AGAIN

Met a german who did. Not joking. Even married a nigger and changed his name to silva or something.
Sad story.

I put my dick in nice swiss watches once. Hope you don't feel mad medpack.

>he does not know about the German communities kek

I got stolen a swiss watch in crackolandia for being dumb when I went to São Paulo huehue

>implications that Brazil is white
>Implications that Brazilians are educated
>Implications that Brazil is a wealthy country

So why were you all fleeing here 8 years ago?

At least 70% of us can legally get European citizenship and some of of us go there to steal your jobs and women

Not a nice welcome, lad. Why the fuck did you went there?

I went to that Sala VIP thing you know, then I went to the Luz station by feet, I had no idea lol

Guess you're not from rio either. Have you considered put your neetdom abilities for use besides shitposting and lol?

oh, not you again...
>how come you haven't been banned yet?


>not you again
It's not always the same person making it.
Patriotic people tend to make this thread.

I don't know why you think anybody gives a shit about your shitstain of a country.

I would just saturate the job market even more, no real need for this

confirmed for copypasta, tks for heads up bros.

And I hope it stays that way.

I am blonde, blue eyed, reading about this feels very mystical and weird, I am shaking, to know my genetic bonds are unshaken, thousands years of history, I see the visions of my forefathers, through the mountains, on the steppes, fleeing persecution, establishing greatness....we are entering Europe...Rome...East...West.....North..We are meeting...meeting other peoples..brown peoples in the south with squeezed eyes...Settle...Settle in these fine lands...BRAZIL!

We are very skeptical towards blue eyed/blonde hair people BECAUSE OF THAT pagan bullshit.