What is this?

What is this?

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A human being.

It's what you'll have one day unless you kys right now.

old person neck

It's a trumpkle.

They cost a small loan of $14 million from your daddy.

Kek liberals keep raising the amount he took out just like the Jews, 4m goymin? Can't forget about the 6m, you mean 14 million Jews! Oy vey

>orange gobbler

the god emperor will have my head

A ballsack



Old age.

Better hope those are trips of mercy. EHHH he can take a joke.

Quaid red pill the normies Quaaaaaiiiidd


and a real hero

The madman's eaten so much pussy, his neck grew one.

It happens.

Trump confirmed for Strigoi

what did he mean by this?

Neck vagina

>presumes liberal or conservative

both candidates are cunts and liars
I give zero shits for your politics

The winner of the election

A dolap, you nigger.

An old fat person's neck.

a gobble gobble

You realise Donald is 70 years old?

or va-china.
also checkered.

>le both sides r dumb XDDD I am le enlightened :D my ego and desire to feel superior to others takes precedence over having any sort of principles or convictions of my own and I throw away my vote every four years just so I can write smug Facebook posts about how cool and alternative I am

It's his vocal sac.

your pussy hurting?

Your future President of the United States of America.

It's a portal to the Trumpverse

Trump is a roastie

It appears to be a photo of the next president of the United States, Donald Trump.

He doesn't he cover it up?

eye of sauron
he's getting stronger


Wasn't he the good guy?