Why Hate Speech Legislation is Needed in the U.S

I understand burgers love their freedom of speech since they fought the British for it but can you justify freedom of speech when people are saying this? I am disgusted as a gay man I am literally shaking right now. These people are allowed to say whatever the fuck they want just because they have a piece of paper that says they can even though they are racist and homophobic. Is this not evidence the U.N needs a worldwide hate speech law?


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Shut up fag

>I am literally shaking right now.
Gets me every fucking time.

That's hateful! Fuck off.

Fuck off and die, maple Google. I'm sorry you get lumped in with idiots like OP.

This isn't a joke. I feel I may get psychological harm because of how I felt when I heard their message.

Anyone can say anything they want as long as it is not direct call to violence like "beat that man". America is a better place because of this.

Fuck off, Leaf.

>I am literally shaking right now

Too obvious Canada, try to be a bit more subtle with your trolling next time

You're trying to hard leaf, you'll never be as good as 'Strayan shitposting

So I'm an idiot because I deserve human dignity?

Why is every leaf such a god damn pussy?

No it isn't. If you watched the video you'd realize that freedom of speech is NOT a good thing. It was needed during Feudalism but not today. When America was Feudalist people needed freedom of speech to speak out against the King and stuff today we have democracy and don't need it

That's offensive.

>not wanting your rights violated

lets get these guys some thumbs up

unfortunately, your post is hate speech. your IP has been recorded, and police are on their way.

WRONG! For it to be hate speech is must attack a visible minority

The westboro church? The scum of the earth?

>my right to not be sad

anything that the SJWs and leftists hate are pretty alright in my book

their triggering of the cucks is pretty funny you must admit

deal with it fag, we have to watch you make out with your bf
just be glad we're not throwing you off roofs.

Yeah thats why i dont want hate speech because my right to free speech


Too bad she had a kid ;_;

fuck you, leaf - hate is the most powerful emotion on earth. don't let people express it with their words, and you'll soon see them express it via violence. which one would YOU rather have, faggot?

It's called right to dignity

No it isn't! They said that gays are abominations and im gay

Because making out isn't hateful. Yeah so what if I kiss my boyfriend in public a lot it's a chance for other gays to get horny without having to search it up online getting embarrassed.


I fully support your right to freedom of speech but you don't have a right to say hateful thing

Niether! We can all love eachother.

>No it isn't! They said that gays are abominations and im gay

>me me me me me me me me me me

you're basically a child

Cry more.

Fags could all die tomorrow and it'd have no significant impact on the world. Fuck gay people and fuck faggots.

>Too obvious Canada, try to be a bit more subtle with your trolling next time

Some want to make trolling illegal also

If you're even 1% serious, you certainly came to the wrong place to play the butthurt SJW role looking for sympathy.


>understanding free speech
once you label some aspect as something you are illegal to say there is no stopping it, pretty much everything is hateful or can be twisted to be seen as hateful and next thing you know you can't say anything, landslides happen and they start with a pebble

>implying Nigger in chief isn't a king at this point

adam and eve, not adam and steve!
gays ruin religion.

>literally shaking right now

Op will die from cancer.

It's not about me it's about the whole LGBT community

I wouldn't have to if we actually banned that offensive church

Pretty much all cool people, inventers, scientists since gays are smarter. In fact Keynes was gay Turing was gay many people were gay.

But the alt-right is sympathetic with gays since Milo is gay.

God hates you, when you die God will laugh

I have no problem with that. LGBT people aren't the only ones facing hate if something slightly hateful is banned that's ok.

He just got BTFO by Congress when he tried to veto a bill allowing Americans to sue Saudis

True Christians support LGBT

I'm gay and I want westbooro to continue so fuck yes

So what makes a bunch of butthurt fags worth banning anything?

I agree completely. When me and my two boyfriends go out we get called all kinds of things. Like LGTBQ+ Americans us polyamourous Americans need protection too. I know it's reddit but if you want to hear some of the terrible things we go through you guys should visit.

You are retarded.

God hates retards.

Die in a retarded fire.

>literally targeted by God to die.

Fuck off faggot.

You're not a true gay person

I'm not even going to respond to you. That was just so disgusting I'm not even going to begin. First off the Bible says being gay is ok as it never talks about it second God wanted forgiveness

U.N says it's a human right dumbfuck

Leaf niggers need to be gassed.

>I am disgusted as a gay man
kys now faggot/

The US says free speech is a human right.

Thanks for the support man. I'll check it out I like reading these stories because I know there are others out there facing the same struggle as me. I'd also love to suck your dick man

>with reasonable limits
BTFO homophobic rat

You're disgusting that's not funny since 40% of gays attempt suicide.

>human right
Are you aware of fact that all 'human rights' are nothing but a feeble consensus of various MoFA's, that is generally used for shaming people that do not comply to what certain people are trying to force?

Who says your limits are reasonable?

Are you ignorant? Yes you are

Human rights are what PREVENTS the government from fucking us. Don't pretend like they are used by the establishment against us.

go back to NK socialist leaf

The courts.

Stop being a faggot and you won't get triggered. This is a Christian board, you should know that by now leaf.

>Human rights are what PREVENTS the government from fucking us.
>pep talk between few diplomats stops Military Industrial Complex of USA from making us all slaves.
Ever heard of frogs in a pot?

Must be why we have those hate speech laws.


Exactly and that's good!

No I haven't

>stop being a faggot
How? How can I just stop being a faggot.

>I am disgusted as a gay man I am

I stand with hate speech, because censorship is worse.

Hate Speech IS Free Speech. Love Speech does not need special protection. If you make peaceful dissent impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.

Top kek
The good thing about faggots is that they don't breed.

Because he's not a sniveling embodiment of everything those of us on the right hate. You on the other hand are just a dripping simpleton spouting off about how you think it should be illegal to hurt your feelings. Here in our country, you don't have the right to not be offended. However, you don't even live here, so again I say FUCK OFF FAGGOT.


I would laugh if that wasn't Fred Phelps

>That JFK quote about revolution
Fun fact the guy you are quoting (John F Kennedy) loved the idea of hate speech and donated to the ADL


If you make the most vile statements illegal, they will not be said. This will make the second most vile statements look like the most vile, and these will go to. This cycle will continue until relatively harmless speech is censored as well.

>I deserve
You don't deserve anything, you entitled piece of shit

Actually thanks to science two gay men will soon be able to give birth artificially. The day that happens will be the happiest day of my life.


Frogs, when cooked, will try to hop out.
You know, they're thrown into boiling water alive, pain, death 'n shit.

So how do you cook a frog?
You put it in warm water.
And degree by degree, slowly, you raise the heat.
Frog doesn't notice that, because it relies on outside energy to remain warm, so warmer the water gets, the warmer gets the frog.

It is getting accustomed to it's own doom.
Sooner or later happy frogs sit in water too hoot for them, dying from overheating.

If you're a smart boy, you can figure out what I've meant

>Because he's not a sniveling embodiment of everything those of us on the right hate
He talks and acts like us. I hate him because of his offensiveness but he acts pretty gay

>Here in our country, you don't have the right to not be offended. However, you don't even live here, so again I say FUCK OFF FAGGOT.
It still affects me because I go on the internet and read this shit

Nice bait faggot. Gas yourself on spot

>fags believe this

Then make anything potentially vile banned.

I think it's hilarious, and I'm married to a man.

You need stronger signalling, because this shit ain't working.

I deserve rights because i am a human


yeah that about sums it up

how does it feel to be so weak mere words hurt you?

40% "say they" attempted suicide.

You are a windbag leaf stuck blowing through the breeze.

You have no direction, you merely float where you're told.

You deserve nothing until you stop perpetuating yourself as a victim.

I am gay and I recognize that stopping mean words for appearing on paper is not as important as freedom of speech

Then go away and don't read what we say.

>i deserve rights! im human too!
>lol fuck your rights to free speech tho

Let me try to understand your point.

People won't realize freedom of speech is taken away with them if slowly more and more things are criminalized under the hate speech act until one day they will wake up to a world where everything slightly controversial is illegal?

I understand your point, but don't agree

It's true though. Some say that gay men will actually be able to have uteruses implanted in us in which we can give birth. I'd volunteer to be a test subject for that so it could possibly be in 5 years.

Hiroyuki can you PLEASE hurry with the Canaban?

It's getting embarassing

You're not a true gay you're just saying you are so it seems like you have a more important opinion on the subject

Words hurt anyone they just pretend they don't. In fact words hurt alphas the most? Why do you think in caveman tribe if you talked shit to the alpha you were ripped apart? Because words hurt

Why would you lie about that?

So the end game of gay men is to become ugly women?

Then you are a traitor to LGBT, enjoy it scumbag

I have a right to read it

I believe in freedom of speech I don't believe in freedom of hate speech.

well user have you read the bible?
God does indeed hate fags
you ever thought for a second
that these people tell you this
cause they don't want you to go to hell?
fgt :D

>I understand your point, but don't agree

You think so?
Look no further than gaming industry.
You will see similar mechanism happening right in front of us.

>no true scotsman

Just sad, leaf.

Ugly is all subjective. I think men are hot as hell I think women are icky (not sexist just an opinion). So I'd think a man that can give birth is hot while a women that can is ugly.

America was never feudalistic.

Do you believe in God?

If so, understand that all of the texts state explicitly that you are an abomination. So the signs this guy has are correct.

If not, you are getting upset because someone's imaginary friend hates you.

No, faggot. It's not evidence that we need globalist-imposed hate speech laws. It's evidence that overly coddled faggots need to grow some thicker skin.

If mere words can cause damage to your psyche, then you deserve it.

That guy's dead.

He's not saying anything anymore.

God loves all people. And no the Westboro Church doesn't want me not to go to hell. They said "gays you are going to hell and there is NOTHING you can do about it" meaning even If I wanted to change I couldn't. Also how can I stop being gay? Answer: I can't

Gaming industry is a perfect example of my point. Hate speech worked at preventing men from harassing women.

If you cared about dignity you would not have your face shoved to the ground while someone shoves things in your ass hole. Your behaviors are not dignified, you deserve no dignity.

Maybe you should grow the fuck up.

Fuck off canadian. Take your communist bullshit somewhere else. The constitution protects hate speech. Now suck my dick

Just don't give a damn.


It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely.

You unconstitutional fuck wit.

Because ignoring them is totally out of the question, right? Fucking faggot.

More Muslims are coming to Canada



If I say I find gays icky, but not like hate speech, does it make it not hate speech?

>America was never feudalistic
I mean like the 1700s not the 1950s obviously

>do you believe in god
fuck no.

>If so, understand that all of the texts state explicitly that you are an abomination. So the signs this guy has are correct.
Text states that it is an abomination for a man to lie with mankind as womenkind. So first off no men who fuck men aren't abominations, the act of doing it is. Also I am gay and have never fucked another man so even if the Bible is true I still haven't sinned yet in that department. Dick sucking is as far as I've gone.

>If not, you are getting upset because someone's imaginary friend hates you.
It's still offensive.

I have every right to tell you to fuck off andngo pound sand. You faggit leafs are no better than a colony with a colony mindset. Fuck off.

Don't you understand, you fucking faggot? There are forced at play that wasn't nothing more than to reinstitute feudalism.

every fucking leaf needs to be burned

That's why I'm a powertop bby.

>Hate speech worked at preventing men from harassing women.
It didn't.
Instead it allowed few developers of disputable skills to bath in cash from virtue signalling gamers.

Also I didn't said that same thing is happening here, but that similar mechanism is used here.
I'll give you a hint.

Why should we suffer because you can't resist saying something offensive? Ever considered we are human too?

Words can damage anyone dumbfuck. Even alphas get hurt by words, why do you think alphas in tribes always beaten those who talked back to them?

You wish

I've never had sex with a man I've only sucked dicks and gotten mine sucked

Yeah it was written by STRAIGHT MEN

Awseome iam going to order me some god hates fags shirts.

Shut the fuck up about this. If you're choked about being offended on the internet, then do something that doesn't involve going on the Internet! I don't get mad at the aquarium when they have sharks. I don't petition for the removal of sharks, I just don't go to that exhibit.

No one is saying you don't have the right to read things that upset your fickle fag emotions. We're just saying it's nobody's problem/fault but yours if it makes you sad.

I see this dickheads all the time. I live 30 minuets away from them. They are easy to laugh at or ignore



First off constitutional was written by straight men.

Second Noam Chomsky said hate speech laws are constitutional since first amendment says the government just can't stop you from saying something, but says nothing about preventing the government from imprisoning you after you say it.


ISIS aren't Muslims tho

It's not hate speech when I say it it's just an opinion. Saying gays are icky isn't an opinion it's hate

You're honestly taking this a little too seriously.

Hey man, it's just my opinion that gays are icky. Like pickles. I just don't like them.

81%, yes EIGHTY ONE! percent of Aljazeera viewers support Islamic State (ISIS).
This Poll was conducted, by Muslims, on a Muslim owned network and the original poll was in Arabic.
Here is the poll: aljazeera.net/votes/pages?voteid=5270

>First off the Bible says being gay is ok as it never talks about it second God wanted forgiveness

you forgot the part where fags got killed with a stone

Leafs like you are the reason the rest of this board hates us. Go back to fucking reddit, you goddamn frostback.

0/10 nice bait saged

God does not love all people and i can prove it with the bible(this is gonna hurt)

And after these, Adam also, whom thou madest lord of all thy creatures: of him come we all, and the people also whom thou hast chosen.
All this have I spoken before thee, O Lord, because thou madest the world for our sakes

As for the other people, which also come of Adam, thou hast said that they are NOTHING, but be like unto SPITTLE: and hast likened the abundance of them unto a drop that falleth from a vessel.

and if your homosexual and you know its wrong but don't want to change that makes you a reprobate
now shuffle through that dusty bible you got and see what happens to reprobates

You talking to me? Well shut up

If there was a king it was feudalism it even had lord mannor shit

Sims? What happened there?

You can't! Holland has laws against that!

It's your fault tho for saying them

You live near the Westboro Church?

Oh i remember this faggot leaf
He once almost reached 100 posts of pure gold shitposting but ended on 98 and thread was archived.

Let me continue
Faggots are degenerates and will go to hell for it.

>literally shaking right now

kys numale

Frog in pot being used on massive scale, with result close to what I expect to happen with PC culture.

>a fucking leaf
I get that we own you by default and the queen would happily give you to us in writing if we asked, but watching a few YouTube channels does not make your SJW ass a political analyst.

I'm an emotional person what can i say

That's not an opinion

I wouldn't be suprised if the poll was written by right wing nuts

"he who is without sin cast the first stone"

That's a fake quote.

Not only do I support our current freedom of speech, but I think it needs to be broadened more.

People should be able to say what ever hateful shit they want,whether it's racist, homophobic, sexist... Whatever. Honesty is important. By allowing honesty we can know who people really are.

The only thing I am against, and always will be is Shit like defamation

What thread was that?

>imlpying thats not good

No, you're an idiot because you think pretty countries should change laws, in a place you don't live, for your FEELINGS.
You haven't made one point that wasn't Muh fee fees.
You are a tumblr grade turbo idiot for that.

I beg your pardon?

That's stopping you from saying something smart one. See the definition of "Prohibiting"

Secondly, Gnome Chompsky's opinion on the subject does not matter because he is not a Constitutional Scholar/Lawyer.

>Also how can I stop being gay? Answer: I can't

You can stop doing homo shit that would make you not gay, yeez cut of your dick and balls if needed fag.

Jesus was a man , dont you think he wanted to fuck some pussy ? yes but he was stronger then that, he overcame that desire because jesus is not a animal or a faggot

Boy I'd like to give you a good buttfucking, and make you fall in love with me like only a devious fag can do. I'd keep it up for a little while too...really get you emotionally committed to me.
Then one night after you've cooked me dinner like a subservient homo, I'd flip the table over and pronounce myself in league with the Westboro Baptist Church and break your fickle heart by screaming all the church dogma in your ears while you cower in the corner brokenhearted.

in the new testament you can repent from faggotry but you cant do it anymore

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind(*homosexuals*),

10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.


You're again mixing the rather simple method with it's usage in shaping people's views on issues like boundaries of hate speech.
Another hint is Battlefield

Repeat: America was NEVER feudalistic.

Let me get this straight. You get on your knees and put people's dicks in your mouth and fuck them with your face until they cum in your throat.

And you think you are dignified.

The texts also say sucking dick is an abomination it's called sodomy.

You get what you earn in life faggot. You don't earn respect by gargling cum. Fuck off.

>gay man
Why am I not surprised?

Neck yourself fag

>all love each other
You do realize love is completely meaningless if you love everyone, it just becomes a question of how much you love people and you ever you love the least is "hate"

You know, it's actually quite easy to ignore them. Just assume they're all retards and be on your way. No need to give a crap about them.

the fuck it is
that's straight out of a kjv 1611
shows how much you fucking know
i wouldn't expect you to know shit about the book that condemns you though

>"he who is without sin cast the first stone"

>He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. 8And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. 9And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. 10When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? 11She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more

>go, and sin no more

Nice mis quoting the bible

OP is emotional attention seeking fag who craves (you)'s of Cred Forums.
Ignore him and he will slice wrists.
Go back to You are not worthy of Cred Forums
spread you bait other places

The one where we should be kind and not oppress gays in school.


Shit idea

I think they should change laws because it still affects me. Hate in America will flow quickly into Canada. For example I am offended by the Westboro Baptist Church even tho it is in Tennessee

Hate isn't opinion it is pure hate

>Secondly, Gnome Chompsky's opinion on the subject does not matter because he is not a Constitutional Scholar/Lawyer.
Then your opinion doesn't matter either, case closed

I don't really do much "homo shit" I make out with my boyfriend in long lines and sometimes suck his dick but nothing more.

>havent killed yourself yet
seriously, i hope you get your neck snapped

>Don't you think we should ban freedom of speech for people who preach their religion's based and true morality?

No. Fuck yourself leaf fag.

Nah, it's just too much fun.

I actually started to like you when I read that, I got horny, I got a boner, I thought you'd be someone I'd love in real life. Then I read the rest and I almost cried, not because what you said but because it was by someone I thought I'd love.

It's more like disgust, really. It isn't close to strong enough to be hate.
I would love to hear you detail the line between hate and opinion, though.

Yes, i live near the WBC. Well, about 30 minutes from them.

They're a bunch of idiots that nobody, including you should take seriously.

Even my gay friend laughs at them.

Plz be my ai gf

WRONG! Sodomy is when you have anal sex nothing against sucking dick. Also you say "gargling cum" as if to demean me for being gay. But I can do the same to you

You don't get respect my sticking your dick in a vagina dumbass, how is that respectful?

See I made straight sex sound disgusting

We aren't afraid to come out.

Read Fromm idiot

>all retards
You know retards deserve more respect than that right

I don't give a fuck the Bible is stupid as fuck anyways.

You're right. How about leftists? :)

>I don't give a fuck the Bible is stupid as fuck anyways.
Wow, you sure are a bigot for hating people's beliefs. You should be in prison for your hate speech.

See how that works?

That never refuted what i said

How did you make straight sex sound disgusting? Sticking your dick in a vagina is natural.
Getting a big black cock up your poop chute is unnatural and disgusting desu.

Your argument is invalid.

You have to repent and stop sinning or at least try your best not to sin , fags just thinks that they can have homosex and jesus will just forgive them. But that is not the reason why they are fags , being a fag is a struggle and they have to fight it and not give in , everyone is tested on a diffrent way

>haha check out this bait thread

I look down

>37 posts by this ID


Checks out

I just get a woody.

Then I wouldn't die I'd just be paralyzed and I wouldn't have a problem with that since my boyfriend could still suck my dick

>true morality
They are the eviliest people

If you are against gays it's not disgust it's hatred

Glad you hate them, do you make fun of them

(((Literally shaking)))
Fuck off you faggot jew leaf

>Wahhhh I don't like people saying what they want because it might hurt my precious feelings

i am leftist

Hatred is not a belief

You're disgusting also again I don't have anal sex I just suck them and make out with my boyfirend in public.

My feelings are more important than your hate.

Suppressing speech is not the same as fixing the problems behind speech.

Actually wrong again because I cited law, not a persons opinion. Try again.

No, fags are evil, and their very existence is threatening our way of life, for example freedom of speech is being threatened by YOU, a faggot. Think again leaf!

Do you think jesus would save you again from getting stoned if you had buttsex again right there on the spot , just when he said you should sin no more

A faggot AND A LEAF?

Please go literally shake somewhere else

Our need for Freedom of Speech is ABSOLUTE.

You can't legislate MANNERS, which is what we have lacking in the US right now. You can thank the Yanks for that.

I can see that.

>So I'm an idiot because I deserve human dignity?
No you're an idiot because you think your dignity can be protected with legislation. Stand up for your own dignity, miserable faggot.

Putting a penis in your mouth as a man is degrading and lowers your status as a man.
Degenerate filth.

It sounds like you just want people to like you.

>Noam Chomsky
He's a philosopher he knows everything

Supressing hate speech is different than free speech

You're disgusting you being hateful is threatening my way of life.

Jesus forgives and loves all so yes

That's why the world hates the U.S

lol oh now the bible is stupid
it shows you what kind of sin you are in
and how to change it
but since you don't like what it says about you
it all of a sudden becomes stupid
oh well
enjoy this life while it last friendo
the next one may not be to your liking

It's hard when 99% of the population hates your guts

It's beautiful if you don't look at it through a narrow mind.

Don't be so thin-skinned, faggot. WBC are dicks for sure. They're a pack of worthless deviants living on lawsuit money, but they're helping the gay agenda more than they're hurting it. You should be thrilled that they're allowed to say shitty things about you.

Confirmed you've never read the Bible.

you sicken me and are disgusting and what do you mean my next life?

Me expressing my feelings on the morality of your disgusting way of life doesn't threaten your way of life. Your way of life is your choice, I'm not saying anyone should punish you for being a disgusting faggot, I'm simply saying you're a disgusting faggot desu.

>99% of the population hates faggots

One can dream

Last post with a bible quote for this disgusting leaf animal

>16And moreover I saw under the sun the place of judgment, that wickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there. 17I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work. 18I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts. 19For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. 20All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again. 21Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?

Christ only forgives the repentant.

it does the heart good to see someone with some understanding
Godspeed sir

All fags should be executed. Also if youre gay youre an Islamaphobe

It's not thrilling if you are gay

That affects me tho because it hurts my feelings. You're disgusting and don't deserve to say what you want to say

People are more right-wing than you think

Just ask for forgiveness after you die.


No you made straight sex sound Thule the biologically and anatomically predetermined method of reproduction in a sexually dimorphic species. Stop gargling cum faggot.

Who gives a fuck about your feelings? The government's job is to protect your body not your feelings, faggot.

my freedom of speech is more important than your feelings, pussy

jesus christ Cred Forums, this guy is trolling.

>i think females are icky, it's my opinion, but if you think gays are, it's hate speech

or all that bullshit about how feelings are more important than freedom.
he's shitposting

>People are more right-wing than you think

I guess first-hand exposure to gay "culture" has that effect on people.

I'm a faggot and don't care what some moralfag says about it. If they want to hold up some dumb signs let them.

I don't understand straight people. How do you not find dicks the hottest thing ever.

And my feelings. Why do you think harassment is illegal?

I support your freedom of speech just not freedom of hate.

This is good. Inoffensive speech required no protection. The 1st is meant to defend unpopular speech.

>implying gay culture isn't more tolerant and advanced than 99% of primitive superstituts culture considering it's based on science.

>allowed to say whatever the fuck they want

so how exactly does this affect you again?

grow a fucking backbone you pussy

ok, i bait
>That affects me tho because it hurts my feelings. You're disgusting and don't deserve to say what you want to say

what if you're the disgusting one and don't deserve to say what you want to say---> you're statesmemt about freedom offends me

How about you stop being a pussy and grow up. Even alpha males get their feelings hurt why do you think Trump threatens to sue people who insult him?


Freedom of speech is ALWAYS justified, fellow leaf.

who are you to decide the bundaries of free speech?

what a dumb faggot.
it's ok being hurt, but then get over it. and if you can't at least don't try to impose you worldview to the rest of the world and change the costitution.

Kill yourself fag.

Out of all places you could show how butt-hurt you are why the fuck would you do it here? I'm a fag to but you need to calm the fuck down and go back to tumblr.

you know
the life after this one
after Christ returns and judgement is handed out
but you prob don't believe in that either

i really hope you wise up leaf bro
the life style your in is wrong
and its clouding your judgement
maybe pick up that dusty kjv bible i know you got somewhere in your house
and see what is required of you
cause this is not a joke brohan
we are all living out revelations as we speak
and most ppl are only concerned with what they are wearing or who they are fucking
don't get caught up in the the bullshit the world is pushing on you


Do you not have stick's and stones in leaf land

Harassment doesn't mean telling a faggot what you think of them is harassment. Harassment would be if I sought you out day after day to tell you the truth about your disgusting existence and threaten your person over it. The governments not meant to protect people's feelings... ok maybe in leaf country it is. I guess faggots have free reign in Canada. Your problem is that nobody in your own country is allowed to tell you how it is. You're disgusting.

What hurts my feelings but im not the only one other minorities too since im white

No, wrong a third time, he is a Linguist. Big difference.

Because this place loves Milo a gay man

I actually wouldn't mind hell. If other gays went down there I would love it since I like kinky shit and there would prolly be demons and stuff.

>I am literally shaking right now.
Like a leaf.

You're disgusting an offensive.

Then how come he writes economic books.

jump off a bridge, leaf

You're a faggot... YOU'RE disgusting and offensive.
See, if freedom of speech were allowed in your pathetic country you'd be used to hearing it by now and be a man. Instead you're just a bitch.


canada has freedom of speech just not freedom of hate

i don't care about that jewish/greek faggot but many here hates him; anyway, did you actually heard what that faggot say? he hates victim colture, censorship and political correcteness

hell is not a party
if you go
your gonna have a bad time

wrong. no matter how many you are. freedom is sacred

Get this through you thick head you faggot.
We don't like milo, milo is our useful idiot

Whats next telling people they cant tell you to choke on a dick online.

Choke on a dick, leaf.


Why what is stopping me from having sex? Is it true that you are thirsty in hell? Well I could drink cum

>52 posts and rising
pic related, you sound just like the writer for the article Nige is reading

Hate speech = free speech.


When was the last time anyone ever killed someone for being gay in the west that wasn't a muslim
Go live in a arab country

>Because this place loves Milo a gay man
that's in cripplechan, not 4chins
you're in the wrong board in the wrong chan faggot

alright you obviously think this is a joke
im out
everyone have a nice day

i wish you couldn't say that

That makes him a pseudo economist and pseudo philosopher. He is trying to express an opinion that he believes is correct.

Thomas Sowell and Paul Krugman are accredited and recognized sources of economics.

>literally shaking
kek go kill yourself OP

No i like Harper too since he tried to pass stronger hate laws

What is that picture of?

No one cares about your feelings. If there wasn't Freedom of Speech or "Anti-Hate speech" laws i'd still be an ignorant Muslim. Free speech is here to stay.

for the love of god why are you such a pussy. Probably because your genes messed up when you were being conceived.

so you think trump is an alpha and came here becuase of milo but you like that canadian cuck and love the filthy communist old faggot chomsky? wtf?


>paul krugman
Corporate shill

>thomas Sowell

They are pseudo economists

If you oppose unconditional free speech, you're degenerate beyond repair and you need to be gassed.

user, are you sayin that you're are an redpilled arab ex muslim?

because your whiny ass cant handle that something is said you dont like, doesnt mean it should be forbidden. if someone screams "god hates fags" scream even louder back "not as much as he hates you faggot". if we ban one version of speech, where do we stop? banning anything minorly offending? even productive criticism? pointing out what the government did was illegal? oh, we have that already. forgot about snowden.

grow a pair of balls you sissy

There's the Germany we know and love.

I don't like Trump. However I admit he is an alpha

I don't like Milo, but you guys do so im pointing out you are hypocrite

That's the problem

GOD you're such a faggot. Holy shit

>the whole world is about me, and if im happy, hahahaa fuck the truth about gay parents being worse than straight parents, fuch the fact that secularism leads to massive amounts of death in an ever decreasing violence trend.

Fuck you cunt, go kill yourself, the world would not miss a sad pathetic faggot like you. Or you can grow some fucking balls and have enough skin to take a dis and grow the fuck up. The fact that you gave a shit enough to come here and pander your garbage emotions is proof of your own weakness and need for self affirmation from other people.

Stupid weak willed faggot.

>>/lbgt/ time to go back fag

>True Christians support LGBT

You weak willed self centered pussy! Holy fuck hahahahahahahhaa

>You actually believe this

>as a gay man
Opinion discarded

Nothing wrong with being racist, wanting to save/continue ones race. Ofc fags cannot understand this.

No I dont think he fears you, he hates you.

consider the following:
you said that thomas sowell is an idiot. wait,he's black! that's hate speech! you can't say is an idiot. now you have to say he's a good economist or shut up.
here's an example of hate speech law


That's hateful

>I don't like Milo, but you guys do so im pointing out you are hypocrite
Kill yourself OP seriously, do us all a favor and just do it. We wont think worse of you.

>58 posts by this ID
Wew leaf.
That's really too much, even for your kind.

None of this would be considered hate speech under our laws you retard.

>but can you justify freedom of speech when people are saying this?

Yes. Words can't hurt you faggot. Anyone against free speech is a fucking pussy.

again: most of us dont like milo

You have no right to not be called a faggot. Kill yourself.

but you have to be gassed.i don't you to die becuase i hate, i want you to die because your cancer

>having a PhD from an accredited college and recognized by a board of PhDs over a dissertation makes you a "pseudo" in a field that you are recognized as an expert in

You are now playing nigger tier levels of stupidity. I'd reference Gnome Chompsky if I was referencing Linguistics, outside of that his opinion carries absolutely no weight. I'd reference Thomas Sowell or Paul Krugman in the field of Economics but would not reference them in Linguisitcs, so why in the fuck would you reference Gnome Chompsky in a field that he has no expertise in? Gnome Chompsky does not hold a degree in economics or philosophy.

You're a disgusting sexist scum

Fuck off back to your primitive racist african country

Then he's disgusting

Ben Carson is also an idiot not because they are black.


I love how you're so fucking triggered, im saving this thread, liberal salt is the best salt.

I am not a nice man but let me tell you faggot. If you dont get wise about the world, you'll live a dream like life and fuck over everyone around you.

But granted you want to "abolish the church" it seems like you have no intention of ever caring about others, except superficially. In reality it is all about you. Except unlike us, who atleast uncover the shit by moving past filthy pronouns. You HAVE to hide behind the pretense that a positive word somehow makes you a bigger or better person. Instead of that (You) are the person who determines your identity.

You are a faggot OP. and the worst kind of faggot. A GAY faggot.
Kill yourself.

>Ben Carson is also an idiot not because they are black.

Sorry, but that's racist.

Please don't bring such hate speech in here.

Canada is literally the worst country on Earth.

Kek, at least they aren't disgusting fags who suck shit off of other mens dicks.

>Fuck off back to your primitive racist african country
>i am racist

LMFAOOO you fail by your own standards of hate speech you fucking hypocritical nigger. LOL KEEP THE TEARS ROLLING FAG. I LOVE THIS SHIT

Because it really is a slippery slope. Saying "You can't say God hates fags" is a few jumps away from insisting that we can't say "I disagree with the government."




Trinidad and Tobago are fucking Caribbean. What you said makes you stupid racist piece of shit, better call the thought police.

Then why was Keegstra fired and fined dumbass

>getting a PHD from a university
>before unviversities were left-wing
You are reaching bigot levels of stupidity.


>fag calling others disgusting
Its [current year] after all.

>thread that goes against pol views
>60 posts by this ID

Perfect recipe for shit

Lets read some stuff instead

In the beginning the Creator made them male and female. For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh (Matt 19:4, 5).

Leviticus 18:22 – “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.”

Leviticus 20:13 – “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

>"Sjws" cooperating with government and businesses while right-wing nuts go into political deadlock

>Words can damage anyone dumbfuck.
Anyone who relies on "muh feels" too much.

Your posts make me sick you rotten freak. Please tell me you have cancer.

Problem is, fag boy, anyone can get offended over anything and no matter what you say, eventually, someone's feelings will get hurt.

>I hurt your feelings because I call you a faggot
>You hurt my feelings by telling me I can't say faggot
>Who's right?
>Free speech

So eat it

They don't have cancer, but most of us are sure you have AIDS.

If you don't like it don't come here faggot end of story. You don't have to fucking censor people

yo asshole, you didn't understand what i said. you just insulted a guy saying to go back to his primitive african tribe. now, i'm all over it. we hate speech laws even if you din't like that guy or ben carson because of what they think amd not becuase they're black, you're still incarcerated becuase of muh equality

>62 posts by this ID
You are a retarded niggerfaggot dude.

What the fuck is going on in here?

Ze doesn't understand it. That's the problem with sjws they always want to poke holes into things they hate.

>the scum of the Earth

So people protesting is more disgusting than these freaks doing this publicly?

You pathetic gay nigger. It makes you feel sick because deep inside you know its true. You know all the fake shit your friends tell you is only because they are following some bullshit philosophy invented by a jew to make you pawns to its authoritarian structure. You are devout members of the secular church of SJW identity politics. Your WHOLE identity is "i am a gay man" you dont even have a face or a sense of individualism.

Why? Becuase you chose not to have one. You chose to let others opinions determine how you should feel about yourself. You chose to look at the word faggot and feel upset about it instead of realizing that assholes exist in the world. And the best way to overcome them is to just not give a fuck.

You chose to be a weak useless faggot. I am willing to bet you are a jew as well. Got some of that ashkenazi anxiety in you. I can feel it you little jew bitch.

Your yelps give me more joy than seeing DB fall.


>sjw faggot wants to censor
Nothing new user expect for maybe that he's a leaf.

You're quite a tenacious troll OP. Who is paying you to do this?

Then ban homophobia and racism

It's not censorship it's stopping the flow of hate

It's just a Popsicle you freak. I make out with my boyfriend in public it's fine I've had people call me a freak and I've had people give me thumbs up.

>bigot levels of stupidity
LMAO what a dumb faggot

Hate will stop when it stops. This is why people hate fags as much as they do

A dick popsicle you faggot. Are you blind? Or have your delusions gripped your life so much you can't tell whats what anymore?

Go shake somewhere else then. Nobody cares about your feelings, we are not faggots here. Maybe you should overthink the choices you have made in life if it bothers you this much.

Just because it offends you doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to say it. Everyone is different. If you dont keep free speech completely free it will continue to be infringed upon. Look at the cucked city of London where the mayor is spending $2m on an online anti "hate" speech task force...

Gr8 b8, now gtfo faggot.


answer me faggot, or get the fuck put of here

I think the fag finally left

He's making another thread.


I agree with the mayor

I'm checking the catalog now looking for Canadian OP's whose typing style matches the OP ID in this thread. I'll let you know when I find it.

The only thing that isn't shit in murica is their free speech , I envy them for it
In germany you have Meinungsfreiheit but that just basically means you can say what you want as long it doesn't concern anybody

Because after his conviction was overturned by the Albertan Supreme Court on account of not actually breaking the law the ZOG went into work reinterpreting the law in the Federal Supreme Court and convicted him again.

Go to get another tatoo and paint your hair, when you finish go to Tumblr and search for Steven Universe fanart like the liberal cuck faggot that you are.