Brit/pol/ - The OP is a Slav Edition

>Liam Fox signals Britain will leave the single market in 'hard Brexit'

>Liam Fox interview: the EU is ripping out Europe's social fabric

>Planning for Brexit could cost the Government £65 million a year

>Ken Clarke launches scathing Brexit attack on May

>Chris Law becomes third SNP MP to be investigated by police over financial dealings

>UK Govt Report: Employers Must Islamise Because Muslims Least Likely To Have a Job

>Italian PM Matteo Renzi warns UK over EU rights

>Queston Time on at 22:45 with Priti Patel and Steven Woolfe on the panel

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malvinas argentinas


is trainman on tonight?


God save our gracious Nige


Ken Clarke is such a faggot.

when will the biased BBC report on tory election fraud?


How do you pronounce 'H' is it 'Haitch' or 'aitch'?


Yes, Choo Choo has escaped the Hoboken train pile up and will be sat on a sofa acting smug.

It's pronounced 'aitch'



>yfw americans will never understand john curtice memes




I'm in crisis.

The chocolate malted milk biscuits from Waitrose are just too nice, I've just eaten the whole packet why do they make such comfy biscuits they taste absolutely beautiful.

I am going to become a fat fuck I've got another unopened packet someone send help.


I just want a gf lads.

Is it really too much to ask?

Why do much uglier guys manage to get gfs and I'm left to rot away alone? Genuinely considering suicide Tbh. Not just because of this problem but because my life just sucks in general, and the fact that we all get old and miserable and then die anyway so what's the point.

Everyone you love or care about will die one day. Life is cruel.


When are the next by-elections?

Really hoping we get DAMP RAG on again so he can guide through the myriad of possibilities from them.

cheer up dickhead

What's the most redpilled degree?

I'd say history or economics

Swebrit here, decided to look for what jobs we need in the UK.

>Nuclear Medicine Scientist
>Ballet Dancer
>Forensic Psychiatry
>Maths/Science Teachers

What the fuck are we doing, lads?

Let's post things Argentina will never have:
>a good economy
>the falklands

Try getting up and rolling the dice, you don't play the game being stationary.


we have britain friend, we couldn't as for more.

I uploaded this recording of Jonathan Bowden reading Beowulf since I couldn't find it anywhere on Youtube

btw, thanks to the based user who seeded the New Right torrent for me a couple weeks ago.

When are the Yanks going to stop fucking about and roll out the F-35? We probably could have made our own carrier-borne fighter in half the time and with half the budget.

How did we go from the forefront of jet design to having to club our resources together with other countries to produce military jets capable of keeping up with everyone else.

An apprenticeship

>red pilled

Not in any educational institution.

Fuck, I'm exactly the same. Kissless virgin.

Where in the country are you from? Move to Essex. Guarentee you'll get some puss.

God save the queen.

Nigel's upper lip makes me moist.

i've kissed a girl but she almost certainly didn't want me to. d-does it still count?

Correct answer


You probably can't get one because you're a miserable depressive cunt. Try cheering up.

Which came first, the bankers or the bonuses?


Lads, I've started up a youtube channel that has a British military focus, I might make a few silly military meme videos here and there, but on the whole it will be mostly serious.

What kind of content would you like to see? I'm looking at doing "F-35 Lightning II: Busting Myths" style of videos for British defence related topics, would that be something that would appeal to you lads?

If anyone hasn't seen them before:

One of my videos:

F-35 is already rolling out, we currently own four that are based in the US for testing and training.

(follow up post will have stats)

I'm from glorious East Yorkshire.

Pleb why?

>Shagging southern girls
I'd rather die tbqh

Exporting the best and brightest since we refuse to pay a decent wage

Bro you should hang out with me then I'm visiting England over the summer

>tfw already loved and lost and just as depressed as ever

Put the biscuits aside and watch QT with us.

It's remarkable to me how many of you enjoy listening to this faux intellectual's ramblings that seem to be recorded in the 90's in a Sports hall somewhere in Leeds.

Go and watch Alpha M on YouTube, then get /fit/, groom yourself, and make sure you dress nicely etc. You'd be surprised the difference it makes.

Also make sure your clothes fit properly and shit. Go and do some acting too if you're anxious

>tfw was exactly like you, now i get girls begging me for their company.

You'll make it mate. You just need to commit to yourself before you're ready to commit to others.

Typical normie tier shit, just fuck off. I'm miserable because I was dealt a shitty hand in life.

I was /fit/. Didn't help. Women naturally don't like me. They're surprisingly good at sniffing out weakness/weirdness.


I think i see the problem.

Once you get past the accent they're alright. They know what they're doing, at least.

>Northern poofs

Is he really a faux intellectual or are you just stroking yourself off?

>tfw did a level history a couple of years ago, got taught how mussolini was not that bad is and often misunderstood, that cecil rhodes was good, that the british empire was a force of good that should have survived longer and that it was the fucking yanks who wanted to control the world so much they threatened to destroy their closest ally against the soviet union

>Bonking Northern Orcs


Just try moving more, do more things. Being stationary is the worst thing you can possibly do, believe me, i've gone through a really shite period where I was near-constantly thinking about ending it all for the better part of five years. I managed to get out of that by forcing myself to do more. It's a pain, it's uncomfortable, but it works.

Yours truly.

- A kiss-less virgin

Rotherham is not in East Yorkshire tbqh lad.

>You will never save a qt Rotherham lass from a Paki rape gang
Feels bad though.

Wales. Zero chance of ever moving out

See above desu

I guess. I've not even held hands.

No, I'd rather not shag out of my race but I say one thing and do the other.

I do move alot. I spent today doing housework for my grandmother. But there is no escaping the void which the normalcunts are totally unaware of as they spend their days with their significant others.

Fuck I just want to end it all Tbh. Just end my fucking suffering.

>tfw wotsit gollums everywhere

Chin up mate.

I have fucked knees, kidneys, poorly performing liver and heart arrhythmias.

Yes we all die, but so strap your bollocks back on and put on a brave face.

I'm not going to give in, and neither should you.

Lets have some Dunkirk spirit.

Rotherham polluted your entire county. Just cause TOWIE was based in Chelmsford doesn't mean that those in Colchester get a pass.

Lived in essex, went to uni in Wales. We give you guys shit but you're alright. It's not too tough to get into the England unless you're from anywhere but South Wales.

I held hands before.

How did you end up kissing her then?

>tfw did a level history
>'taught' about the holocaust
>'taught' about russian revolution
>'taught' about tudor rebellions
>get to pick my own subject for a 3000 word essay
>choose the history of steam technology, constantly rail on about the benefits of capitalism and how it inspires innovation
>get a C in my essay
>get an A overall

>F-35 is already rolling out

I'm still not convinced by it, didn't it get shit on by the Rafale in air combat trials or was that the F-22?


>have a look at what alpha m is
>he's a perky gelled-up numale with a voice like a girl

my idea of what's masculine is so out of whack with the current year

I mean go outside the house. Where you have a chance to bump into people and engage in conversation.

Why not just start going to church? It'll give you something to do and helping out in your parish with things will give you purpose.

We're not the same county though lad. Picture related. Yorkshire is not a single county.

That paper makes me kek so hard every time I see it.

>How did you end up kissing her then?

>Greater Manchester

>not too tough to get into the England unless you're from anywhere but South Wales.

I know. Need to learn to drive first.

I dunno what you mean lad, at the current moment, the total number of flying hours for the F-35 is aprox 70,000 hours. They're declared that they've got IOC (initial operational capability) for two services.

>my idea of what's masculine is so out of whack with the current year

What's your idea of masculine m8?

Better that than a neckbeard autist

>tfw had a gf from may-july
>basically just before and after the referendum
>always out and about with a qt
>we leave the eu
>greatest few months of my life tbqh
>she ends things and leaves a sour taste
>been pretty depressed ever since
>despite this I still can't help but smile each time I remember we voted Leave

Que sera, sera.

>A level History

Same here lad except i did:
>(((Russian))) Revolution
>English Civil war
>Germany 1850 - 1991
>Essay was on the causes of the end of the cold war


pls go beta M

>100 days of brexit
not bad actually

>why i fight on
its comical as if sperging out on QT is "fighting" lol

I never actually thought it was a real newspaper until I saw it in a store. I saw the cover of the first one here and I thought it was a well done parody.
What a time to be alive.

>Essay was on the causes of the end of the cold war


It is nation wide you fool.

>yorkshire is not a single county

Tfw conflicting thoughts of suicide and thoughts of joining the forces and becoming confident and independent

>Tory election fraud
>even mattering

Unbroken centennial tory reich soon

>(((Russian))) Revolution

why didn't (((they))) just give Alexander II a chance to emancipate the serfs democratically?

A girl smiled at me today when I passed her a book, that was nice

I'm trying to avoid being associated with the Pakistani-filled West Riding desu.

Brexit soon please, Ms May!

Who is Wojak supposed to be in that pic

You're right. It's so hard though.

>mfw nobody brought up the price of freddos as a legitimate talking point for brexit.

Couldn't we have argued the case?

You have no proof it happens in essex. All our fucking kids have sex for money. It's not an abnormal thing for us (which is sad, but true...)


Not my name Famalamadingdong

A fashy goy

Who /tifa/ here?

Son, what you need is a waifu.

Join the forces, you'll have a better run. Hell, it's what i'm trying to do.

I loved that show. I wonder if it is anywhere to be seen anymore. Or maybe they showed it only once.


>No million Freddo march to end the prohibitive pricing.

Read the article, Essex police have said it has been happening in Essex.

The brexit won't really happen. Either your politicians will stall forever or they'll pull out only nominally and enact laws to keep you functionally a member for things like economics and immigration. There's no getting off of Merkel's wild ride.



>Do A level history
>coursework comes up
>whole class chooses suffragette movement
>Pick the 1832 great reform act and talk about classic liberalism, the USA and French revolutions and Wellington's time in office.
>Get A* class collectively don't do better than a C

Any investors on?

What do I throw my money at now that I've maxed out my s&s ISA?

>P2P lending
>save up for property
>copy trading


>t. the country that voted obama and will vote shillary

Refuse to believe it. Even the kissless virgins are prozzies in essex.

No but seriously, it's a serious issue for sure. How do we fix the Rotherham effect, lads?

Take a look at the news m8, we're headed straight for Hard Brexit™

I live in Essex. Colchester to be exact. This is first I'm hearing about it

>Not Aerith

not saying I'm Billy Big Balls or anything but definitely not 'teenage girl with a bit of stubble'


INB4 some knob-head runs it aground off the cost of the Isle Of Man and everyone laughs at us

It will m8, if they don't do it then it will completely undermine democracy in this country forever.

Top lad. Went to the Sixth Form there. Was good times.

Why settle for a slice of the cake when you can take it all?

Deport the Pakis, try to wheel back slag culture.

>How do we fix the Rotherham effect, lads?

Impossible while the turkeys vote for christmas.

>Hard Brexit is all the relevant people are talking about
We WTO soon senpai


Ah, just someone I know did an essay on that. Mine was on the Franco Prussian war.

I don't think I could thanks to taking medication lel


Lads, name a worse comedian
>inb4 bug-eyed bearded poo

No, Rhys


Been working with some QT in labs, depressed thinking I probably won't talk to her much again

Russell Anything


>Why settle for a slice of the cake when you can take it all?

>now there is no cake left because the people who took the whole cake had no experience or knowledge of how to correctly look after a cake

>name a good comedian
>pro tip: you can't

>muh dead flower girl

how can anything, ever, even compete?

I don't know what I'm on about really, I just wish we could get the days of Hawker and De Havilland back. In the 50's air forces from all around the world came to see what jet fighters/bombers our engineers were churning out now it's just another dying industry.

Videos are very nice by the way, given you a cheeky subscribe.

Depends what sort of medication/how long you've been taking it for/what condition you have

the thumbnail is just enough to make you want to kill yourself

Yep. Not justifying their actions, just explaining their (flawed) logic at the time.

>Implying any crisp can compete with the might of the Brannigans beef and mustard

>muh childhood friend

I don't get the hate towards poles lads. They're some of the most hardworking, respectful people I've ever worked with.

Jack Whitehall

Frankie Boyle, everyone loved him for being edgy, but then they realised he's the safe kind of edgy that goes after soft targets and pulls out of saying anything genuinely risque. and his tours are just all of his mock the week jokes minus the panel show

Why so much anti Scottish propaganda on here?

Well lads, it finally happened, I have /fallen/ in love with a girl.

Met her two nights ago at an open mic at uni, she has the voice of an angel and it's actually cute quirky (instead of tries to be quirky for attention)

Here's the down side, she has a boyfriend

Should I just end it all now lads?

Good luck if you do join the army or something lads. Can't recommend it right now because peacetime. Fingers crossed another war pops up and we're dragged in again. It's getting boring


I'm thinking of fucking an escort if I finish uni a virgin

someone hasn't tried pipers

>tfw you live in the north and have the best crisps

Bretty good but still McCoy's wins

>tfw 105 days of Taxation without Representation

With tits. The important thing is tits.

Don't do it desu
Save yourself for the right girl

How do we bring back proper Anglo culture to America?

>falling for the gf meme

Biggest example of exchanging short term pleasure for long term pain there is.


>The OP is a Slav Edition

>Do they sell these in 6-Packs anywhere or is it just a Southern thing?

God I hate that man.

I don't think he wants AIDS.

>don't let a reforming tsar carry on his thing
>get a reactionary tsar that destroys any hope of emancipation
>things start getting pretty JUST
>improves slightly with the introduction of the dumas and stolypins land reforms
>stolypin kill
>Cyкa Блять


Don't think I could do that Tbh. Seems weird, exposing yourself to a whore like that. I just want intimacy. We all should at least have intimacy.


This cunt

>saying something political that the audience agrees with counts as comedy now

You seen how small the steering wheel is lad?

I know what you mean, but we've taken on a massive share of the F-35 project. We're getting the best of everything, in numbers that we wouldn't be able to get on our own.

Every reason to be hype t;bh lad

Cheers for the sub!

If we do leave the EU it'll be more of an insentive to spend money on the armed forces/expand them.

And it's decent pay with a large amount of free time compared to other jobs.

Oh, and that nice discount card giving you discounts on most things in the country you can buy.

Kidnap for love

That's not gonna happen user

I know. Just a thought. It is terrifying

True, fuck Frankie Boyle. Can't quite pinpoint when, but he turned political and practically turned unfunny overnight. Scottish referendum maybe?

>rich middle class cunt : the "comedy"

Honestly I'm reaching a point where I don't even want sex, just someone to be close to.

Thats kinda what I felt like, itt's just sad, I never can seem to find girls that I find interesting and I finally met her and she's taken, why is life so cruel???

Don't become "a friend" but don't cut all contact

>met a girl from my course today because I wasn't sure where to go and recognised her from last year
>we talk a little and pair up in the lab
>3 hour lab with cute girl

It was just what I needed desu, small 'victories' like that make me feel like I'm not as far away from a gf as I think, you just need to find the person

If we do leave the EU it'll be more of an incentive to spend more money on/expand the armed forces.

And the pay's good.
And you get a tonne of free time compared to most jobs.
And you get better than average friends for life.
And you get an id card you can use to get discounts on pretty much anything in the country.

>Russell Howard will die in your lifetime

Restoration of Historic Shires now!

>Libertarian Steffan crying about taxes

She has French words written onto her guitar, you think if I kidnapped her and took her to Paris she'd mind???

I have something similar
>Have political geography seminar class (abroad)
>This was before half of the Arab Spring (Syria etc.)
>Debate is on governmental systems
>I argue that some strongman run countries are actually better than a 'democracy'
>Class visibly shocked, lecturer is surprised and asked me why I say this
>Explain because people have not lived under these systems/culture is not adapted and lack of resources and that a power vacuuum develops after they are not toppled (no transition)
>From that day on the class probably thinks I am extreme or something
>mfw a few years later the Syrian civil war happens

Girls at uni tend to sleep about quite a bit, you can probably fuck her on the side but they are also shit at breakups meaning she won't want to split from her bf. Best advice is just wait it out or pretend you on't know she has a bf and approach her as such.

What was her name again?

I'm not into Asian girls even if they have tits. In Advent Children Aerith at least looked mixed if not white.

>I know that feel

What do grills smell like?

>implying any of us will live to half the ages of our parents and grandparents

Saving yourself for the right girl means that you're in control of your virginity instead of it controlling you

McCoys S&V

Cheeks are literally salivating in preparation of a snack that will never come because it's just a picture on the internet, th-thanks user

tl;dr pavlovs dog

Stew at least puts an effort in, on top of being self aware as a Guardian reading snob.

It was way before that, I think it was around the time he left Mock the Week

Russell "Look Both Ways" Howard

Definitely do cut all contact. Otherwise you're going to be miserable forever.

You should have gotten yourself a girlfriend when you were 14. After that age all the decent ones are taken.

Nice. Usually.


>If we do leave the EU it'll be more of an insentive to spend money on the armed forces/expand them.

Nah, not really mate. The EU does fuck all with the military. Even if it does happen, it's a long shot that the current government will lean that £££ we give to Brussels to the armed forces. The military is skint as it is right now, and even still we're putting out some of the best infantry troops in the world. It's decent pay for ARMY, RM RAF and RN have literal shit annual pay. I can't speak behalf of them, but Army pay is decent. However don't expect a phenomenal pension when you leave. If you want a bigger bonus, join a regiment which is based outside of the homeland and with a trade or something.

Also I've never used the discount card for nothing other than KFC.

Just go outside, join a local club or something.
Burnt stuff I presume.

I was sat next to one on the bus earlier and she smelled like perfume desu.


If they don't smell like perfume then they'll carry the scent of neurosis

I'm hardly deliberately saving it though, if a girl wanted to fuck me I'd do it. I'd just be fooling myself

Right now I'm gonna get through uni, try driving lessons and get a bit more muscular


it's on it's way

don't you just LOVE Russel Howard lads

Yeah I guess, she helps run the open mic and I really love open mic regardless of grils, so I guess I'll just hang out with other acts

To late for pretending, I've seen her with her boyfriend, I think she a pure cutie, she wasn't even drinking alcohol, just water

nice, it's the shampoo they use I think

Бoжe Цapя хpaни!

Fuck off fingolia, no one asked you

Oh yeah the perfume can make me choke sometimes. Dunno how girls do it


Yes user. But only if you spend your time together watching new wave French cinema.

She will fall in love eventually.

But I want to keep going to open mic, I guess I'll just keep some distance between the two of us, still I am super sad about it

I hope it does work out lad, do you think we will get full delivery of the F-35 for when Queen enters service?

Tuition fees to go up by another £500.

I liked the smell desu. I think they would have to have a lot on to cause choking.

Do you perform at open mic?

That's a pretty big advantage in finding a gf desu


>And the pay's good.
It's okay. Nothing spectacular. Better than RM RN and RAF.
>And you get a tonne of free time compared to most jobs.
No, no you fucking don't. Don't expect that much freetime when you join. Sure, it's okay after final parade and during Fridays, but don't convince yourself you have free time. You're limited to two/three weeks yearly leave.

>And you get better than average friends for life.
Can't argue with that, it's true. Good mates, some have left and are now in civie street, and I still talk to them often. Christ, I had to get my ex plt 2ic to pickup my 10 year old brother from school because I was on stag in the guardhouse.

>And you get an id card you can use to get discounts on pretty much anything in the country.
I've already told you how good that is.

>we owe you this much for slavery
>minus healthcare
>and education
>you owe us this much for slavery

>tfw when your relatively redpilled friend has turned into Russell Howard in recent years

It's a strange feel, and it has just made me hate people like that even more. I see my friend in them. I see him laughing at them with his ugly teeth.

McCoy's Salt and Malt Vinegar are too vinegary for me
And if you ask for salt or vinegar at a chip shop they fucking drown your shit. Fuck that I don't want soggy putrid chips

I know thats a joke but I'd chop off my arm if it meant that I could spend an hour watching pretentious arty black and white french movies while holding hands with her

>le brit bonger makes le gun joke xDD

Every time someone in the UK asks something along the lines of "why do Americans obsess over/love guns? Just get rid of them" I immediately believe them to be fucking retards with an IQ of -5.


>Less than £23,000

Lucky for some....

you really don't know what kind of person she is don't waste your life pining after a potential whore.


I love how much tuition fees send UK lefties off the fucking rails.

The same people who're so quick to cherry pick the US when it comes to discussion of gun control or the private sector in healthcare seem to forget their favourite boogieman when it comes to this issue.

Maybe it's because the US dominates the rest of the world when it comes to the best unis.

Sorry about the double post mate, it said the first one aborted or some shite, didn't realise it appeared.

Out of curiosity, what battalion/regiment were you in?

>Featured Article
>"The New Test"
>"Why some fear it could mean a world without Down's syndrome"

Do not be a beta orbitter

Do not be one


I am a guitar fag, not much a singer as I have a deeper than normal singing voice so it's hard to find songs that match my tenor, but I've been learning No buses by Arctic monkeys so I have something I could perform

Reminder that the left literally wants worse quality of life for people in the name of equality.

long may she reign

What does she look like desu?

There's a lot of qts on my course but I'm too shy to ever talk to anyone

can anyone expalin to me why we chose to put two Superstructures on the new carriers?

>DESU i think classic superstructure wouldve done just fine

Business idea: allow more Chinese to come to UK unis (one to one ratio with British students)

Chuck another 9,000 on the Chinese fees and scrap tuition fees for brits

There's no end of supply of people that would be willing to pay this

user serious chat: Organise french new wave film night and invite her (and others) along.

I guess I have kind made her perfect in my head, maybe if I learnt she smoked or something I could give up, but it's one of those moments where you just meet someone and you know

>tfw never even been friends with a girl
>tfw never orbited

>you should give me reparations for something I didn't go through

That's unfair on Frankie desu. He said in his book that one of the main reasons why he left Mock the Week was because they kept not putting his most risque jokes into the final edit. So whenever he made jokes about the Queen's fanny they wouldn't get in, but something about Kerry Katona would.

The fee rise is one big meme.

>Around 45% of university graduates will not earn enough to repay their student loans, the government now believes.
>If the figure reaches 48.6% experts calculate that the government will lose more money than it gained by increasing fees in England to £9,000 a year.

Go Sox

2para laddie. 6 years in 1 rotation in Herrick 19 as acting detail reserve for COLD guards para plt


would of worked ten years ago but chinese university's are beginning to git gud

will there be much point in watching QT tonight?

I am just tired as fuck desu been working 8:45 to 9.


It's also really fucking telling that the strongest advocates for comprehensives never fucking went to one themselves.

>within the boundaries of the politically acceptable
No the fuck it's not.

>mfw I was one of these when I was a teenager

wish I could go back in time and slap myself desu

How broken is our society that this happens to anybody. Let alone untold thousands.


I will try my best, I'd only she her at open mic, so as long as I have doing something else I don't have to engage with her

She's a cutie angle, she has long her and big eyes and sort reminds me of a cuter version of cassy for skins personality wise

What were you like before you joined mate?

>this is just a thing that is taken as normal among an entire generation

divide and conquer mein goy

Who else here wants police uniform to return to this?

Your official QT / TW thread is now up:

The Chinese who come here are the middle class who do it for prestige reasons mostly anyway because it helps them in China since prestige and face-saving is such a big part of their culture and how you succeed there.

> tfw repaid my student loan.

Seriously if these graduates are making such shit money then why should we pay for their education?

I know fuck all French cinema, where do I even start????

>tfw friends with girls
>tfw only at primary school
>tfw none stop drama and bitching
best stay out of it lad

They never made his tour DVDs either, also his jokes about the queens old fanny made plenty of reruns on dave.

QT and Newsnight on at the same time?

I've personally not been in the army, hoping to join 2 Yorks however.

Most of my knowledge is given from ex-army blokes that run a college course I attend.

Only if we bring back the death penalty and gun ownership.

well i have nothing else to do unitl QT starts

Yeah. Feels a bit bad man. But then I see couples arguing and their "responsibilities" and it just makes me wilt. So I'm stuck.

This is how my mate is too, he was all libdem2010 but now that he's graduated and gotten a job in his field he's mad at the freeloaders who did media studies.

Hundreds of millions of men have died like this in history - most not knowing there were others in the same situation.

Bout De Souffle (Breathless) is one of my favourites and one women (read: not girls who can't stay off their phone) adore.

But really look up Jean-Luc Godard and the wiki article.

Don't try to be an expert or pretend to be because it will backfire. Literally say you're getting into them (hell let people suggest films).

Eating a Freddo with a cup of tea.


>Been an all-round shut in for 8 years or so, watching anime, collecting figurines, playing vidya - quite happy on my own, not bothered about other people
>Reasonably cute cashier starts noticing me whenever I go down to tesco
>Keeps asking me if I'll go out for walks with her, I agree because I don't have anything better to do
>I put her on the spot one day and ask if she's actually looking for a relationship, she says yes
>We've been together for 3 years now and we're getting married next year
>I've got pretty much the most perfect partner I could have asked for and I had to do literally nothing for it

>child abuse inquiry on newsnight
So what's going on with this? The head lawyer was trying to reduce its scope? Who paid him off?

Pretty much a normie. Liked in primary and secondary by a lot but I wouldn't go out at all after school, preferred to stay at home and play vidya. Failed GCSE's but I didn't really care that much about it because I'm going career army path. Only way I'll get to civie street is if I lose a leg\arm and even then I'll be sitting on a hefty pension and compensation.

Good stuff mate you'll enjoy it believe me. phase 1 will be a hard slog, but it's meant to, so don't worry about it and don't think too much about it if you do end up joining and you have second thoughts about it during your phase 1 and 2.

What do when BBC iplayer stops?

Sadly not. Sometime around 2022 or 2023 we'll have two operational squadrons of F-35s.

IIRC, as it currently stand we will be letting the yanks fly off the QE for practise for the lads.

There's several:
>It allows for more space below deck
>Notable is two elevators in the backs of the islands connected directly to the system, so it can delivery munitions, entirely robotically, to the flight deck without coming up through the deck itself, they use the islands, and is one of the less well known reasons behind the two island design
>allows for improved funnel layout

And this:

What makes you think this is true?

Godard? More like blowhard.

Who /WoolfePack/ tonight?

What a fucking DISGRACE.

Question Time edition when we reach bump limit

All of us.

Because history is littered with unfortunate sons.

To be fair the scope is fucking huge.

By the time it is published half the data will be out of date and a good portion of the individuals responsible for fucking up (south yorkshire police, rotherham council, etc...) will be retired/dementia'd/

Ty user, I might just do this, even if its not for my one true love quest, but just because I am a pretentious wanker that likes things that other people don't

>So what's going on with this?

Nothing desu, it's going to go round in circles until they can quietly wind it down.

Cheers mate, I've heard that the first six weeks are the worst. Hopefully i'll be able to make it through them.

Stop watching BBC for one

Pork markets in Beijing?

Modern ''''''''''''''''''''Art''''''''''''''''''''

Having a cup of tea with no Freddo.


Nice to hear stories like yours

>man rushes to save the world- world's banks

Its pretty difficult to be friends with girls, its guaranteed at some point sexual relationships will come into it. They never leave relationships of the books and if they get a bf they'll treat you like an orbiter even if you were friends since childhood. You can only be friends with women aged 30+, any younger and they are just too immature and inconstant to be able to commit to a friendship. Plenty guys out there like that too though.

'The third man' isn't French, but it's quite old and pretty /comfy/

Really? I had a pretty based A-Level teacher.

>Learnt about French Republics and Based Napoleon.
>Learnt about based Bismark.
>Learnt about causes of World Wars.
>Learnt about based Llyod George.

Its only at Uni that they ramped up the cuckolding shit.

I want to do this now.

You can tell by the way the user writes they are very intellectual...

This is the ONE thing that pisses me off about Brit/pol/ , Present WAY more than anywhere else on Cred Forums : Condescending, Pretentious up their own arse twats.
Banter is one thing. This is not it.
Because it is based on an assumed superiority of stature and opinion.

They need putting to the wall lads.
For the good of the union and its reputation.

Fucking RELAX

And never, never pick CompSci or IT at uni

this is the most right wing panel i have ever seen

>Based Napoleon

Someone make a new Brit/pol/ thread



Jesus Christ I'm jealous

I guess. I just want one girl to like me


3 threads.
nice one lads

>inb4 a yank says "a fucking ramp"

Alright mate, just wondering before you went into the paras did you do much training? Going for 63 signals, its reserve but part of uksf. Any tips for what to prepare for? Got a 10:15 mile and a half run and 12:30 with a 15kg bergen.

Wanna bet it's probably funded by the EU?

plz top making new threads
This is one

Who else would lick her armpit?

I mean I would obviously