Where are you planning to immigrate to and how has Cred Forums affected your decision?

Where are you planning to immigrate to and how has Cred Forums affected your decision?

I live in the USA and come from a well off family dude. I can live in a pure white area with 30 guns in my closet. I don't need to move to your handout middle eastern enclave. "usa pls more gibs" fuck off israel you're self sufficient jesus

living the dream

>come from a well off family
In that case it doesn't really matter where you live, did you ever think about that?!

I'm planning to immigrate to Israel.

Cred Forums has convinced me to bring my refugee friends.

I'm from Murica and plan on staying here to watch her burn!!!

If I win the Lottery, I'm moving to Boerne, TX.

It's miles and miles away from me, but the worst crime is losing your chewing gum.

>look it up.

I like Australia. Had a poo in loo born in Australia as a gf even.

>drinking the bottled jew

Only two places I'd consider moving to are Czech Republic or Switzerland, since those are the only other first world countries that don't ban guns. But the EU control of CR means it's not great for personal liberties and Switzerland is expensive as fuck.

I'll be staying here as long the status quo holds.

Poland, Finland or Iceland. One of those -lands.

>giant mammaries
>focuses on water bottle

The South Island where there are less chinks, open lands, and fibre optics now.

>Leave the country I love because somebody on Cred Forums fed me some memes about slightly higher pay in some foreign shithole where they don't even have kettles

No thank you


>Being attracted to gross women with no self-respect

I am not telling you so you can follow and ruin it too with your kikery.

eastern europe/baltic states seem pretty legit the women are a+ they all hate communism shits cheap as hell i just have to flesh out my online business to exploit the power of usd

The "water bottle" is shopped, you fucking hillbilly.

Israel, and I plan on crashing it with no survivors.

Nowhere, I am where I belong. fuck you kike.

Why would I leave?

It's not like anywhere else fares any better.

>Buying cheap land and 5 bedroom house in mexico for $200k
>Enjoy cheap medicare
>Old people moving in to baja california

fuck this shit. Pesos have been devalued on purpose for reasons like this. And theres a loophole that allows US citizens to buy land in mexico.

Oh shit


>Boerne was named in honor of a Jewish-German author and publicist
>Boerne was named in honor of a Jewish
>a Jewish

Find somewhere else, it was tainted before it was born.

>the south will rise again!

I wouldn't immigrate but if I won the lottery I would build a Modernized Roman-style villa in the french countryside.

A nice pair of tits is a nice pair of tits.

Why would someone shoop in a water bottle? Wait, let me guess: the Jews want us to drink more bottled water for their nefarious scheme to keep people hydrated. Fucking monsters.

RoK/Japan/HK if I leave the country, Texas otherwise, As ambivalent as I am towards LA county I can still make decent money but California remains terrible and I need to go somewhere with lower taxes like TX or somewhere I can live more comfortably even if the cost of living is only marginally lower (like East Asia) but isn't an entire state controlled by degenerate politicians. In any event I can't leave until I have enough shekels in the bank account. Texas bonus: way more respect towards the Bill of Rights, at least Rok/Japan/Hong Kong has (really) low violent crime overall and even then it's not like I'll ever the chance of facing some 230 lb thug with PCP flowing in their veins. I'd just move to Northern California if it still wasn't a part of California. I should also note I'm only considering leaving the country because I doubt we'll see a fair election this November.

I want to go to England but I won't ever do it. Too much going on here for me to just pack up and leave.

Pretty much same plan as this user kek.

You know 1/2 of the American West has Mexican names ?

>San Francisco
>Las Vegas
>Los Angeles

>no rivers named "Trent" here.


Ouse Valley Viaduct?
Ayyyy East Sussex breh checkin iiinnnn

Am I the only one seeing the Jew conspiracy on pol, lately seeing lots of threads which just smells of kikes trying to convince people to move to Israel. We ain't falling for it you dirty mongrels

I'd probably move to the countryside in Sweden or Finland, granted if I ever learn the language. It seems like the trouble is only concentrated in the cities.

>seeing the Jew conspiracy on pol
Shut it down!

never leaving england 2bh. If I had to move somewhere though I would probably go to Norway.

Actually, you dumb goy, the jews want you to drink the xenoestrogens they put in the bottled water.

America or some German speaking country in Europe.

If i was to emigrate to America i would choose a whitest state and when i finish my university i will find a decent paying job that will allow me to move to the suburbs. That's literally my dream for life. Having a wife and 3-4 kids in some quiet suburb.

If i can't emigrate to America then i will probably move to Austria, Germany or Switzerland.

You faggots tend to overblow all issues so it didn't affect me that much at all. I did become redpilled when it comes to race.

I'll probably stay in the UK, although I'm currently living in London and I want to buy a house somewhere more rural and stop being reliant on welfare to pay the rent.

Maybe I like having man titties. Ever think of that?
MTGTOW 4lyfe.

Nowhere i love my country but i am probably moving to alaska

I'm gonna immigrate in between dem titties

Nowhere, ever.
Learning how to fight.
Next step is to get a gun (yeah possible legally here too).
I won't go alone...


because WTF I hate the west now

At least you can own guns mate

When the full effect of spending hits home and the housing market tanks?

Got the fancy towel out for that photo hummm?

Been thinking about it a lot for the last ~7 months and I think I Canada would suit me well. Just having trouble finding out if my university degree will be deemed acceptable over there.

from the thumbnail i thought that was hillary.

Learn Chinese and sell real estate, much better return on investment.

I would like to move to England.

>mfw i have lived in texas all my life and I didn't know where boerne, tx was so I looked it up. >kendall county, don't know where that is either.
>mfw it's only 150 miles away

No, it still matters. Nobody wants to be well off in South Africa when they can be well off in a first world country.


Some place in Europe (north, cold, isolated - close to 3 families max). Do some shit for some decades and die in peace.

What is this meme that I keep seeing?

I'll take google image search for $200 Alex.

Lurk moar.

I plan on moving to France one day. I know it's an Islamic caliphate, but I still have hope that it can save itself. One day France will be free again, mark my words.

I did and I just got her name. Even if I added meme I only get images without explanations

I would like somewhere a little further south, with cheaper property. Czech republic, austria, Slovenia and parts of north America sound nice. Time distance in Australia is to much though. You could never call anyone

England is kind of a dump with low pay outside of London and high costs of living everywhere. Fuck owning a terrace



Nowhere. I feel like Poland might be one of the comfiest states in Europe. Sadly, we can't build a wall to keep it all for ourselves. Sad!

To USA illegaly obviously
Cred Forums told me to follow my sterotypes because i will always be a dirty shirskin

I'd like to settle down in the Faeroe Islands someday.