Ask a Google engineer anything

Google staff software engineer. 4 years at the company. I'll answer if I can.

Reported for spamming this board. Fuck off.

How's moot doing?

How badlly does google change the results for hillary clinton

How is being a black engineer?
Is it harder to thrive in the industry?

How many fingers can you fit in your bum?

What do you know about Google's instrumentality in targeting dissidents for removal by the NWO?

How is this spam? I'm honestly curious.

There are more anons at Google than you might think. I thought pol might like an insider's view.


hey Moot
it's been a year, not 4 :^)

How does google get away with it?

Why do your interviews only ask questions about graphs? Is it to filter white men out and only take in Indians?

Why do software developers always call themselves engineers?

>is it true that conspiracy about Google hiding bad clinton stories
>how much do you get paid
>How is moot doing

Not as all as far as I am aware, but I don't work in search so j don't know for sure. SEO is the more likely culprit.

I think we'd prefer it if you hung yourself


This isn't your personal blog OP. Go to leddit to do an ama

When will you lazy fucks fix DFP, it keeps crashing especially when I work with creatives!

How does google feel about
1) the NSA hoovering all your shit without consent
2) the NSA hoovering all your (meta) data with your consent


Assuming this is real-

How accurate does Google actually think its new voter Consumer Surveys are?

Is Cred Forums completely full of shit or sometimes right about stuff?

How long until google takes over the world?

What the fuck is that offshore server bullshit they're pulling?

When do you think they became evil?

'cuz my degree literally says "engineer"

i am officially one

also engineering comes from the Latin ingenium, and certainly software development has a lot of ingenium