The North and South have a do over

The North and South have a do over.

How fucked are you?

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My life for Dixie

Where does California sit in this?

South reporting btw

super fucked, have friends in the south, will have to travel and fight

It would kinda suck living in a war state.

But on the plus side, soldiers got 7 shots of booze in their daily rations. Everyone was drunk as fuck in that war.

> Dixie rises again and destroys Globalism.

Feels good man.

Not at all. Will return to my Itawamban home.

Not even a little bit. Might need to go rescue my little bro in St. Louis first, though.


I live in Pennsyltucky. We will fight with our fellow southern brothers.

faggot nu-male yankees wouldn't stand a chance. First we purge the sub-human coloreds, then the liberals, then we claim all of the States and build that fucking wall

>you can see the mexicans crawling up texas

I'm a yankee but I would fight for Dixie.

not sure if i'd be okay fighting for the yanks

>born in the Shenandoah valley Virginia
>stuck in New Jersey

I must get out from behind enemy lines.

No you'll be part of the CSA spy network, just like Booth. Just travel to Montreal to receive your monthly stipend of gold.

>South wins
>blacks put into internment camps
>Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, and west Penn become part of ~Pax Magnolia~
>Boswash burns and the banking vipers routed out

Live in da UP of michigan, we just say fuckit and join Canada

This triggers the dixiecuck

The north would get utterly btfo. The military is in the south, and yanks would cry at the sight of a gun

ficki ficki

>Keeping blacks around

It's like you learned NOTHING!

The north has the vast majority of nukes. Lol @ anyone who thinks the south would rise again.

I don't have a problem with Sherman.
Would have done the same thing to Pennsylvania myself.

North, I don't want to fight for the North.


Daily reminder that yankees lost their homeland to the foreign hordes

No wonder they sometimes started burning by themself

If i had to pick a side i would pick the uncucked one
Imagining a pickup full of rednecks running over a gook prius with limp wristed brainwashed cucks inside makes me a happy man

>7 shots of booze
>drunk as fuck

t. 3 beer queer

Tommy cooker

Dis thread is turning into a complete BlITZ

The South doesn't need to rise again - we only have to remain standing as the rest of the Nation falls.

East TN reporting. Cucked city bois form numale land would not stand a chance.

I'm guessing the soldiers drank all 7 shots in 1 nightly sitting, and some bought shots from other soldiers that didn't drink. 1 shot = 1 beer in terms of alcohol quantity. So they're drinking at least 7 beers worth of alcohol a night, probably more, they would be drunk as fuck.

Daily reminder that Britain supported the south.

Pennsylvania here, can confirm. Switching sides to the Confederacy.

what is texas

and then they betrayed the south. Brits = yanks

This, it hinges on how the west is involved in this



North Carolina reporting.
Get the fuck outta my state.
Also does this mean open season on foreigners?

I live 10 miles south of Mason Dixon Line.

DESU i'd bunker down, call my friend who is a gun nut and see if he can arm me

Oh, Union for sure.
Don't be an idiot.

Future Los Angeles Mounted Rifles volunteer reporting in.


Still controlled by Texans

i was surprised at how white western NC was, it was very nice, would go back.

nah man the bush family runs texas, they are yanks

Central Valley cuts off LAs water

I certainly would think so, fellow Tarheel.

The south would be fucked. California alone has a bigger economy than the entire south (excluding Texas)

Can't wait to get invaded by both sides after declaring Neutrality again.

Round 2 we march from Philly to Boston and burn man, woman, and faggot pronoun with flamethrowers.

>Western Washington
I'm fucked.

I'd be back home in Bunnell with my lip full of cope killing me some limp wristed faggots from the north in a heartbeat. F350 with straight stacks blowing black smoke all over their lilly white liberal asses.

Better than the Irish Italians and Jews that run the northeast

Border war with Kansas never ended anyway. Sitting ready in Missouri in honor of Gen. Jo Shelby

Service economy goes to shit in a civil war

>landlocked inbred moth land

This time, nigger Osama and his asscrack goons wont stand a chance

whole lot a black people in the south. causin' all sorts a trouble with the war effort and whatnot

Maybe Texas will follow Sam Houston's advice this time and go independent again rather than getting involved with some pissing contest between Yankees and Southerners

Esse quam videri my brother.

It's an alright place if I do say so myself. We got the usual problem with teenagers thinking its boring and that they'd rather move somewhere exciting like Jew York city or Commiefornia but nobody really gives a shit about them.

Except 7 shots wouldn't regularly get the average adult male "drunk as fuck," especially with the tolerance that's built up from drinking that much every day, as you allege

To arms in Dixie!

>being so intimidated by the Russian Navy that you were too scared to join
wew lad

Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad!

I'm on the wrong side of the fence.

Well I'm white so just fine.

Oh, you mean the actual battles.

Not fucked at all.
Threads on Cred Forums would finnaly be decent. Solid happening.

If a new North/South civil war scenario occurred it would be over within a month. It'd be fun watching kike enabling faggots fighting disgraceful drunks with subhuman IQs, though.


>fighting in a war that wont benefit you

>US Government uses nuclear weapons on major city

Jeeze, I wonder where that would lead...

>Russians and China nuke the U.S. in retaliation
>Missile crew refuses to carry out the order/launches their missiles against Washington DC instead
>Support for the Confederacy proliferates overnight
>Half the US Army defects within a week
>Niggers who previously were unsupportive of Southern independence all enlist to avenge their brothas who got vaporized
>Confederacy has a free hand to retaliate with their own WMDs/massacring every Northerner they get their hands on
>Southern cities are spread out geographically whereas Northern ones are clumped together, resulting in Confederate retaliation being far more devastating despite fewer weapons
>US is left a pariah in the world's eyes

i live in virginia, people don't consider us southern anymore because of nova

Well, we can lead the Copperhead insurgency.

>Russia and China nuke America for nuking America
You know I expect Americans to be stupid but there's something really "special" about southerners.

>grew up in Kentucky
>learned to play banjo
>dixie first song I Iearned to play

Feelsgoodman, would give my life for dixie

I'd fight for the CSA

fuck no, you idiot cunt

>twice the strength of the confederates
>still wind up taking more losses

Northerners confirmed for having nigger-tier martial prowess: only capable of fighting in swarms. Just like insects.

They would nuke them for nuking one of their allies
Just like the policy that we have now

In the name of Jefferson Davis we declare our allegiance!

I'm fine because we were just a territory when the civil war happened. We'd probably split off and team up with Dixie just to get back at the Union for gaying everything up over the years and laying claim to our rightful clay.

Even though Dixie is pretty much responsible for the nigger problem, it could be temporarily overlooked for the sake of ganging up on the Federal Jew.

>massive stockpiles of weapons, equipment, chemicals (incl those banned by international law) and radioactive materials.
Pretty sure we're all fucked.
>see dat der crick, Bobby? Tree day wander up, dump dis ere in.


Daily reminder this is what the map would look like if just that happened today.

Thats what you think fags

California Uber Alles

We have so much military here, so many people from the south, so many gun owners who would love nothing more than to sweep the streets and push the cucks into the ocean

Live up north, I'd fight for the south

comfy Kentuckian here


I'm in az I'd probably be part of Mexico again in all honesty

Would fight for the South.

The rest of AZ wouldn't let you.

Considering how obese the south is, that's a considerable feat.

So Cal Rebels. Anything above L.A is union fags.

Never thought I'd say this but I'd fight for the south in a heart beat. I'm done defending and helping niggers. I can only deny how truly awful they are for so long before I just have accept niggers don't belong here.

I'm for dixie even though I live in Alaska kek.

Alaska is wrong on that. Anchorage is blue and the rest of the state is red. Who the fuck made this? MATSU would never go red because of Anchorage.

Mexico saved the Union by holding the line by fighting the french

>all these people talking about fighting for the South
I realize it's edgy Cred Forums racism tradition, but you guys also realize that most of the South today is more liberal cucked than any of the North, right?

Fuck that. Let's conquer both.

>begins the Holy Australian Empire

Californian here,

The state economy is in the shitter. The only thing holding it up is Hollywood and Silicon Valley, both of which are vastly overvalued and are largely useless in a war economy (Silicon Valley largely serves the civilian sector, is reliant on foreign imports/labor, and it would take years to retool it to making military-grade electronics).

Also, the social division between Norcal and Socal are would likely turn into a civil war unto itself.

>well, I'm pacing up shop gonna head out west
>where womyn come eqipped with scripts and fake chests

>Major Nuclear Power nukes it's own people.

If you ever wanted a Casus belli for getting rid of your greatest vote, that would be it.

There's also considering the fact that the strikes would expand to foreign targets as well, so pre-emptive strike would justifiable.

Live in the north but will fight for the south

New Hampshire reporting.
Join up, get 'captured' by the Dixies, exchange training tactics, base location, garrison sizes, equipment and continued 'captures' in exchange for a plot of land in Louisiana. It's a simple arrangement, and I have no qualms about razing DC, so long as my homefront isn't razed.

only the preppers would survive wartime out there

you guys buy so much energy from elsewhere it's crazy

As long as you don't live near Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, you'll probably be fine.

Agreed. No liberals here in the Bay Area own guns besides the gang bangers. We could secure the Bay within 6 months.

Confederate here I will volunteer to be a confederate suicide bomber


I imagine the water shortage and starvation would be the single largest cause of death in a besieged California. The overwhelming majority of cities are not water self-sufficient (they rely on reservoirs from out of state, which could be easily cut off with a bit of sabotage).

That's the spirit.

Now drive a truck loaded with fertilizer into your local Federal Building.

Nathan my man how is it going haven't seen ya in a some of the south threads it was all up to me to explain to people why giving black people a few states was retarded

Where is michigan in this pic?

704 reporting in. Yankees go home!

But what about the Central? Can the Central rise again aswell?