Global warming milestone as scientists warn Earth has passed carbon tipping point

>hurr climate change is a hoax

Congratulations you dumb fucks, now the Earth is certainly fucked. Enjoy the next 50 years while they last. What do you have to say for yourselves now?

>inb4 I was only pretending to be stupid

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Carbon dioxide does not affect the climate.

Good, it's fucked and can't be reversed. No point in caring about it any more.

im sooooo scared.

Anthropogenic global warming has become the defacto religious cult of Cultural Marxists.
It is psuedoscience and should be laughed at and then ignored.

Komm susser tod

Because all tipping points in science occur on dubs.

Oh wait, that's meme magic, not science.


Kek. People actually believe this shit?

kys literally

Kek won't let us die


>Scientific commnunity unanimously agrees that that climate change is man-made and tied to carbon emission.
>but Cred Forums says

Shit's literally hitting the fan, what more does it take you mouth-breathing retard?


Ok so you realize that if we listened, and climate alarmists are right, we'd still be doomed right? We'd have bought another 10-20 years max meanwhile we are in economic depression and china grows even more easily with cheaper fossile fuels since we leave it to them.

We'd literally have to do WW3 if the climate alarmists are correct.

who gives a fuck you dumb faggot the banks are about to collapse, world war 3 is going to kick off and in 100 years there will be conspiricy theories about the mythical Cred Forums posters who summoned an ancient god of chaos to meme magick a reptilian presidential candidate to death

> tfw to intelligent to believe in global warming

Feels good emitting CO2 from my ass

>(((scientists))) warn

Climatology chose $$$ from leftist governments over scientific integrity.
Their data is fraudulent and their claims are junk.

I was reading the news while taking a dump this morning. Climatologists are now saying hydroelectric dams and power plants are producing 2% of the worlds carbon and greenhouse gasses.

>spinning turbines powered by flowing water cause global warming.

Well what the fuck do you want now?

>50 years from now
>massive desertification
>billions dead
>most wilflife extinct
>severe droughts throughout most of the world
>technological regression
>record high temperatures
>ongoing wars between large nations for resources
>only the super rich live comfortable lives
>Cred Forums is still in denial about climate change

What you were led to believe is false. The climate is getting colder, not warmer. And all climate change is natural in origin.

>waa waa we#re all gonna die!

Friendly reminder that the icecaps were supposed to be completely meldted by 2010.
Right now we have the biggest Ice-groth in Antarctica in our records:

They predicted the end literally hundreds of times. It never came.

Sounds like some good science fiction. You should write a screenplay.

Greenhouse gases
as in water vapor you moron

YES, water Vapor is a greenhouse gas. That's what this feedback loop everyone is freaking out about is all about. Guess what else produces water vapor and makes up 70% of the surface on this planet.

>Global warming

The only successful meme the left has ever produced.

Any day now

Have you paid your carbon tax yet, goy?

>you were led to believe is false
>climate is getting colder
>Where I live it always snows in the winters
>snows have stopped for the past 5 years
>b-but Cred Forums says

Climate change is china hoax.
Holy fuck, I suddenly feel a urge to delete my Trump folder. Fuck that buffoon seriously.
We fucked though, luckily US supposedly has tech to modify weather, maybe even climate.

By all means lets ban waterfalls and evaporation then.

Whats next? solar panels are heated up by the sun and reflect some of the light back into the atmosphere causing increased warming!

The blades spinning on wind farms cause micro compression of the air which in turn vaporizes water in the humidity!

This is the idiocy of man-made global warming hoax.

oh no we better get out our wallets

This "scientific community has a consensus on climate change" is nothing but a meme.
There are plenty of scietists who have very differnt theories but are completely ignored.
Some of them are even quoted as "climate change alarmists" against their will.

Also, these scientists are proved to have data falsified to support their claims:

>spamming the same buzzword greentext

Kill yourself

Feel free to add your latest Doom & Gloom predictions to the list Chicken Little:


I, for my part, will not miss a single polar bear or penguin

If we've passed said tipping point why are we still bothering to "prevent" it?

Shit, you're totally right bro. I guess the only thing left to do is to vote for our politicians to increase our taxes by 300% so they can give themselves higher salari.... uh, I mean, fight this horrible menace.

That's cool an all OP but it's been proven the globaliasts have been messing with records.

You're welcome; Now we can talk about real issues.


because the news came out today?

Or you could, you know... not be a retard.

Go argue with the satellites if you don't like the data:

Literally every few years it's the same story
>If we don't take action this year then we're beyond any reasonable way to correct this

>implying tipping point wasn't already passed by 1990
>implying climate change is all man-made
>implying the Earth is static and changeless
>implying you even know when the last ice age ended
>implying you know a goddamned thing
We're not as fucked as you think, and we're not as fine as we'd like. Money and lives will be lost, and people will adapt as they have for as long as we've walked upright.

Everyone knows that sudden radicalization of the alt right is causing global warming. Science backs this up.

>tfw the power of memes greatly transcends that of weather

even shitty small time memers like early native americans could meme up some rain, my meme powers alone can easily succeed them


Wasn't half the world supposed to be under water by now?

>Or you could, you know... not be a retard.

Great argument bro. You've totally recruited me to your religious cul.... uh, I mean, you've shown me the truth behind man-made climate change.

Yeah, and now we've crossed it. Too late to do anything now. So have fun.

Thing is, I've watched Bill Nye brow beat everyone about this to death on talk panels for years now. And I seriously don't think he rides public transport in his city, or around the cities he's being asked to speak in.

I was forced to watch Al Gore's 05 climate movie for college, and know what I saw? A man chauffeured around in a private jet, have a motorcade of 5+ cars surrounding him when he went somewhere to speak, drive alone back to the multi-million dollar family ranch that no doubt has central air conditioning. While being told we're all the bad guys. Or more specifically, corporations are the bad guys.

I want everyone who is staunchly advocating that shit is as bad as it is, to fucking lead by example and stop pointing the finger at us.

>Enjoy the next 50 years while they last

I'll be dead in 50 years so why should I give a fuck?

We could always take the nuclear exchange option and meme ourselves into a nuclear winter to cool the earth back down again.

the polar bear population is bigger now than ever tho

this is a meme

climate getting warmer isn't a meme, but producing less fossil fuel energy and then buying it from china&russia who don't give a fuck about environmental regulations is about as smart as picking apples from a tree in your back yard and then going to the store and buying apples for $$$

This, this, this, Fucking this and this again, forever, fuck this shis, why should we care?


>completely ignoreing the point
>not replying to the very valid source that I gave
>probably hasn't even read it
>still has the addacity to claim that we're the ones who have our heads in the sand

Kill yourself.

Wow, it's fucking nothing.
I mean, manmade climate change is real, but what's the point of this fucking apocalyptic article?
It's a numerical value not a tipping point or some shit.
Are we just supposed to just witness CO2's dubs here?

Well it would help a lot if you stopped pretending to be one.
>strawmanning (at this point I genuinely believe you are just pretending to be retarded)
>doesn't bring anything to discussion

You are just looping the same record. Stop posting seriously.

What cult?

What is there to argue about anymore? Least you could do is admit you were wrong all along, cause, you know... you were.

where are the proofs

Blame the left, they are the ones who fought against nuclear power

Post yfw you realise that Earth has already gone through periods of climate change in the past, and this whole global warming meme is (((them))) attempting to take our money for some silly ass carbon-free products

Am I just to intelligent for this global warming shit or are people just to stupid too realise this?

me two

>one article

How about you read the headlines anywhere. It's literally EVERYWHERE. Literally google the latest headlines and you'll see like 50 articles talking about this shit.

What is it going to take to make you understand that you've been brainwashed with politically motivated psuedoscientific bullshit?

Then why have I heard this 10 times since the 1990s?

>The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

You people are like the Seventh Day Adventists. You predict the end of the world literally every single year and when you get irrefutably blown the complete fuck out, you just triple down on your total retardation instead of admitting you just like sucking nigger cocks.


That I agree with.

>too stupid to realize that the inter-glaciation periods lasted for much longer and this sudden change in carbon levels is OUR fault
>still thinks it's about money

>implying they won't just ignore this

Just because you're about to drive into a wall, doesn't mean it won't help you to hit the brakes.

It's about softening the landing and minimizing the length of the heating period.

I was already doing that before

>Congratulations you dumb fucks
This right here is why nothing will change, this attitude.

Everyone who goes on and on about the environment tells everyone else that they must do something, they don't do anything themselves.
ie Leo at his Oscar speech talking about protecting the environment while he flys everywhere in a jet and has wasteful parties all the fucking time.

Unless you ride a bike everywhere (or at the very minimum use public transport) and stop using electricity (get of the fucking net for a start), you should shut the fuck up


truly this coincidence of numbers proves that kek is watching me


ib4 ice age

>implying 97%

>small group of grad students do a study
>out of 15000 studies, 4300 are chosen as they claim to be enviro science
>77 have a position on climate change
>75/77 agree it's man-made
>1 says it's not
>1 says IDK




Yea but that doesn't mean we're not experiencing a climate optimum, whether it is man-made or not. And it will have consequences.

I gave up in trying to argue common sense in thsi subject a long time ago.
It is happening and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it because retards are allowed to vote.

Democracy was a mistake.

lol who fuckin cares whitey will be living the high life in the northern hemisphere while everyone died in the south

they will try to migrate here, lmfao, not gonna fly when we are in a recession, militray/technocrats will make sure of it

>too stupid to realize that the inter-glaciation periods lasted for much longer and this sudden change in carbon levels is OUR fault
>OUR fault
>boo hoo i am overcome with guilt how DARE i have nice things
>to solve inevitable climate change we MUST take nice things away from rich nations boooo hoooo
Okay, but you haven't explained why exactly we should pointlessly fight against climate change instead of adapting to it? Hard mode: you explanation can't include meaningless buzzwords or appeal to guilt.

The left had plenty of time to invest in nuclear power instead of meme-tier shit like solar and wind. We could have had light-water nuclear reactors powering entire countries by now and research paving the way for LFTR reactors.

Blame the left.

>he doesn't know about money

You are just embarrasing yourself at this point. Please stop for your own sake.

>World climate can change as fast as 50 years
Dumb Spaniard.

>Think muh future think your children
>Do you want them to grow up in this disaster?
>You're a science denier! You deserve to be put in jail!

>We should not let our country be flooded by third world migrants because the future will be very shitty for our children.

The only thing you not so closeted Maoists can agree on is that your opposition should be persecuted.

Gotta love Cred Forums
>the banks are collapsing
>DOOMSDAY, why didn't you stop it

>implying WW3 would break out cause of nobodies like India and Pakistan
>implying the elite would ACTUALLY let total economic meltdown happen
>three weeks from now, everything will still be the same

But you know, the only ACTUAL doomsday
>Pshhh, global warming, fucking tinfoil, it's hoax.
>Doomsdayer, get outta here
>muh carbon tax
>good, now we can talk about """"REAL"""" news
>You're worried about Climate change when WW3 is about to happen??!

You people are a special kind of retard

Now show a graph going back to the 50's.

>Yet the assertion that 97% of scientists believe that climate change is a man-made, urgent problem is a fiction. The so-called consensus comes from a handful of surveys and abstract-counting exercises that have been contradicted by more reliable research.

>One frequently cited source for the consensus is a 2004 opinion essay published in Science magazine by Naomi Oreskes, a science historian now at Harvard. She claimed to have examined abstracts of 928 articles published in scientific journals between 1993 and 2003, and found that 75% supported the view that human activities are responsible for most of the observed warming over the previous 50 years while none directly dissented.

>Ms. Oreskes's definition of consensus covered "man-made" but left out "dangerous"—and scores of articles by prominent scientists such as Richard Lindzen, John Christy, Sherwood Idso and Patrick Michaels, who question the consensus, were excluded. The methodology is also flawed. A study published earlier this year in Nature noted that abstracts of academic papers often contain claims that aren't substantiated in the papers

>The survey was silent on whether the human impact is large enough to constitute a problem. Nor did it include solar scientists, space scientists, cosmologists, physicists, meteorologists or astronomers, who are the scientists most likely to be aware of natural causes of climate change.

>The "97 percent" figure in the Zimmerman/Doran survey represents the views of only 79 respondents who listed climate science as an area of expertise and said they published more than half of their recent peer-reviewed papers on climate change. Seventy-nine scientists—of the 3,146 who responded to the survey—does not a consensus make.

Thanks for playing, Pablo.

The problem isn't just power generation. It's just industrialization in general. This was never sustainable.

I just hope that when it all comes tumbling down, the current elites don't get to climb back onto the ash heap and keep ruling. They need to all die and we can follow a true aristocratic class like the old days.

its a
>you can't speak out about issues because you're not actively fighting it every day of your life

3/4 already is

>Our future
>our children

>implying we won't live to be over 200 thanks to SCIENCE
>implying any of us are having kids

We'll get to live longer than anyone, cept the world will be shitty thanks to idiots like you.

Not our fault, and none of the politicians who peddle this load of bull shit offered solutions, so... cry more, loser.

Science is not a democracy, that consensus is also faked. Nice try Paco

If we already crossed the point of no return ... why should we stop now?

That's like, for example, Hitler stopping at 10k jews


It's rare to see your type of leafs around here.
Keep up the good work and thanks for that article.

Please let this happen. Praise kek.

are they the same ones who predicted polar bears would be extinct? or the ones who predicted we would be in an ice age right now?

can you actually debunk a single graph or statistic that's been posted in the thread?

this snarky shit isn't gonna win anyone over

Not crying, just trying to get this stupid board to admit they were wrong about their stupid conspiracy theory. It's all fucked anyway, least I can have is the satisfaction of telling these morons I was right and they were wrong.

This is the triggering bullshit.

I use alternative/renuable stuff, don't burn plastics, litter, do my best in every regard to not be wasteful. I don't drink coffee or processed food, and shit that has to ship halfway across the world. And not just because I don't want to be wasteful, but because I'm conscious of all this shit, and was raised that way. But I would definitely be described as alt-right because I want national boarders and basic sovereignty, lawful order, etc...

But the people who criticize me fly private jets that burn more fossil fuel in a trip that I could in a few decades with my truck or bike, and their carbon footprint is huge. They virtue signal because of the Al Gore memes, they give a fuck about NOTHING.

The left can criticize all they like, but they are the architects of this meme, that conservatives outright hate science. If you mock and demonize people, they tend to hate everything you (((stand))) for. And that's what the left has done with our ecological and environmental responsibilities. They made it a game, and went to pool parties to spread drought awareness. Fucking cucks.

Don't bother with this man, Cred Forums is filled with literal retards that, at best, have a middle school education

Scientific consensus is there, majority of citizens also believe in it. Cred Forums is fighting a losing battle.

That's why you see all these Cred Forums comments on Facebook getting likes, as they know they're being decimated, like Trump was on Monday, and need to show they're still here

Protip to the angry right-wingers here, a bunch of posts on Cred Forums and Facebook never changed the world.

Post yfw the Jews and Arabs that own the Oil companies are making a shit tonne because "Muh warming's happened before."

Except the only moron who's been debunked close to a hundred times here is you. Keep crying, nigger. You're retarded and you will always be retarded, regardless of the climate.

Oh no, is it time to shoot your head now? Why wait for the Earth apocalypse?

Yes, and I have in previous threads. But you idiots just backpedal, and what that's proven wrong, you just stop replying and disappear, Rinse-repeat next thread. I've learned better than to ACTUALLY try and debate with you morons at this point. Now I just bait you with shit like this cause I know it triggers most of the board.

What do you global warming faggots want to do about it?

Oh right you want a global government that controls the means of production so we can keep the carbon emissions below a specific level.


Well it doesn't matter now, does it?

Good. If the feminists an faggots and spics and camelfuckers want to rule this planet, I say let them rule over a swamped, polluted, poisoned and radioactive husk. Let their "victory" be as Pyrrhic as possible.
The fire rises.

I have
>actual evidence you can actually test for yourself, literally go outside you neckbeard
you have
>but muh graphs

You sound like the bible-thumping morons.

A lot of these people are being ironic you stupid mother fucker. They just want an economy that isn't cucked by librul faggots and China, but I wouldn't expect a leaf to understand that dignity.

Most definitely not gonna happen you people are delusional. Earth has been far warmer than it is now many times throughout human history we will be fine. At worst some coastal and riverine areas will need to be evacuated which will be destabilizing but won't be the end of the world.

Well... maybe I'll have Mars... or Venus. You idiots can stay in this fireball with the feminists and the sand-niggers.

> tfw i dont give a fuck about animal extinction because new ones will evolve

Would be nice having frogs becoming bipedal and Pepe is memed into existence


The people rich enough to artificially affect the climate powerfully enough to fight climate change isn't going to spend it on working class Americans, let alone Estonia.
The political and banking aristocracy will live peacefully in the end.

>No fucking y axis



I also have an IQ above 80, which is not something you can say. Keep crying, bitch nigger.

i hope at least SOMETHING happens for all of our troubles.

>being ironic

No, I don't think that when people here tout that Global Warming is a hoax, that Christianity is legit, that the holocaust was a lie, or that the earth is flat, that those people are being """""ironic""""". I believe those people are simply being retarded.

Just about the only thing I agree with this board on is that Trump should be president. It was the gateway that got me into seeing what this place is ACTUALLY like, otherwise I'd have never come here.

>new ones will evolve.
Gotta lay off dem Pokeymans Malaysia.

are you implying 80 is low for you. Jesus you must only be something like 100 IQ.

Stay dumb slav nigger

My undergrad was chemistry. Two months of my labs was on spectroscopy and the IR forcing aspect of greenhouse gas global warming theory.

It's a crock of shit. There is literally no empirical evidence that atmospheric composition is affecting the global temperature, and no model basing temperature to CO2 has proven to be predicatively valid. All we know is that the CO2 greenhouse effect is real, we have no idea what its magnitude is or if it's even remotely relevant to global energy balance.

>I also have an IQ above 80,
ONLY 80?

Well, that sure explains a lot. You're right user, that's not something I can say.

let's say you are right and the world is going to end
what's wrong with this?
if the marxists continue with their politics there won't be any white people left in 50years
and if there ain't any white people no more I think earth should be destroyed
so what i guess what i am sayin is this:

It's not my fault I have to drive 45 minutes to work for Mr. Shekelstein. What do you want me to do? Vote for Mrs. Shekelberg so I can believe I made a difference when I didn't do shit?

Now the question is, is this a blessing or a curse?

Oh, but you should probably know that CFC's fucking up the ozone is 100% real. Please don't use them.

Why is science such a joke these days? Why are these people getting payed to act like retards and pretend any of this shit matters?

>they don't even understand basic implications inherit in the English language

Goddamn, niggers truly are subhuman. I swear to god, I hope climate change is real, just so you disgusting oxygen thieves can die already.

Only Americans believe it's a hoax, one of the reasons why they have a reputation for being thick is because they debate if it's talk in the current year when scientists have agreed for ages

*If it's real

>The real issue that is of concern to me is the growing divergence between the the observed global temperature anomalies and what was predicted by climate models. Even if 2014 is somehow unambiguously the warmest year on record, this won’t do much to alleviate the growing discrepancy between climate model predictions and the observations

global warmists are like communists and darwinists

You're already being cucked by China kek. And show me the ironic posting majority you speak of or just stop talking out of your ass.

There are people posting scientific images that supposedly "debunk" climate change for christ sakes. Try harder next time

No, I understand the basic implications. 80 sure seems to be a lot to you user. Don't worry user, I'm sure it must have been quite an accomplishment for you, we'll be nice.

Those with money to fund science only to so to meet their own agenda.
You think Bill Gates would spend millions of dollars to save people through science, no: he creates zika virus mosquitoes to damage people's brain and push for vaccines.

This post will put you in second place at the shitpost Olympics.

I believe in man-made global warming. But what the fuck do you want me to do about it?

Even if the Western World fucked themselves over you still got another 6 billion people in the rest of the world who would give zero fucks, Brazil is destroying the Amazon with no fucks given, India and China are populating and polluting with no end in sight, Africa is increasingly becoming a problem.

I'll jump on your bandwagon once you propose an idea that doesn't just fuck us over.


This is actually true. Most Europeans I've met don't deny that Climate Change is a thing, in fact, over here it's almost absurd to even debate the issue when the evidence is plain as day. The inbred retards in Eastern Europe not withstanding ofc.

However, back when I lived in America, I actually remember this being a "hot topic." Crazy.

Don't forget we also need to all go vegan and stop eating beef and breeding cows so their methane farts can't contribute to global warming.

Oh and also lets give billions of dollars to the government to give money to scientists and themselves and say they're solving the issue.

>this is what climate change hoaxers actually believe

>propose an idea that doesn't fuck us over

Go full nuclear, research fusion, build more solar panels, mandatory electric cars, fund space travel

So it's too late to fix right? Then fuck off and quit bugging me about it.

Sure, after you admit you were wrong Cred Forums

The earth was much hotter 100,000 years ago, it was even hotter 75,000,000 years ago and life still carried on.

Gee I wonder what caused the earth to cool off 15,000 years ago, or 65,000,000. This planet has been rocked by a dozen mass extinction events, you'll live and so will most of everything else.

>Go full nuclear

The same environmentalists that are anti-global warming are also anti-nuclear because of disasters like in Japan.

>research fusion

This is what private companies are already doing. The government does not research things on its own.

>build more solar panels

Yeah this has been proven to drastically reduce dependence on coal. (not)

>mandatory electric cars

Are we also going to make going to work optional when we can't make long trips due to inefficient cars?

>fund space travel



Let it burn.

>Not crying, just trying to get this stupid board to admit they were wrong about their stupid conspiracy theory.

Why would we do that when this is conclusive proof we were right and you guys were wrong? That's the thing, nobody fucking believes in it except the plebbish masses on the left. Certainly, Obama, DiCaprio, any other spokesman you could name, etc. etc. never make the mistake of saying they believe man is the primary contributor to global warming.

They just say man is A contributor.

If any of you mongoloids believed in this BS, your spokesmen would advocate for what would actually be necessary -- returning billions of people to a horse-and-buggy type existence, if not outright mass genocide.

But you subhumans don't. You lack courage, because you know you're just pulling people's legs. "Reduce the growth of carbon emissions by 1% with this bill!" type bullshit was never going to do anything.

I despise you gullible buffoons.

Call me back in 50 years.

Yeah motherfucker, LIFE, as in, NOT HUMAN life.


The interglaciary periods have lasted longer than this cycle.

Reminder voting for Trump = DEATH OF THE PLANET AND THE HUMAN RACE

>Go full nuclear
That doesn't solve our dependence on many petrol based products

>research fusion
The only viable solution, we don't even know if it is possible

>build more solar panels
Fun fact, solar panels require petrol to be built. This also fucks me over and doesn't help when you have other countries choosing the cheaper alternative

>mandatory electric cars
Kek, Globally? Good luck.

>fund space travel
Sure, to leave this planet once it's fucked.

as in 50 AD

>not knowing humans were around 15k, 100k, etc. years ago


>when the evidence is plain as day

Except it is not, indoctrination and social pressure does not equate to "plain as day".

You seem to only look at data that supports your views and ignore those that contradics it.

>The same environmentalists that are anti-global warming are also anti-nuclear because of disasters like in Japan.
Yeah, I know. Fuck them. They're drooling retards.

Environmentalists are just as stupid as denialists. More harm than good.

Full nuclear, no buts.

>his is what private companies are already doing. The government does not research things on its own.
Government can still fund it, see NASA, though I know they already are, but more money and resource can be put into it.

>Yeah this has been proven to drastically reduce dependence on coal. (not)
Combunation of Nuclear and Solar is the way to stop emissions, which is what you wanna do.

>Are we also going to make going to work optional when we can't make long trips due to inefficient cars?
Considering working from home is already possible with most careers, I don't see why this isn't viable to lower commute. Electric car, or work from home. Most people simply drive to work to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours. Service jobs are the only ones where it's understandable.


Again what do you euro faggots want to do about it?

Why do americans always act like smartasses when discussing scientific dilemmas and blatantly reject any and all opinions that differs from their own shitty, misinformed, stupid, autistic, borderline handicapped point of view?

>nobody believes
No, everyone believes, except this contrarian board, because everyone else ACTUALLY leaves their basement to get air every once in a while. Shocking, I know.

>implying democrats have done jack shit

I love how you think hot weather can kill humans, people have been living just fine in the deserts for thousands of years in 130+ degrees fahrenheit or 55+ celsius for you europoors.

We don't always have the patience to discuss your goofy ass debunked conspiracy theories that you cling to so you can pretend to be relevant.

>homo sapiens were around 100k years ago.

Need to go back to school I see.

I always see this "most scientists agree climate change is man made" meme but ive yet to see a study quoting these scientists or the studies those scientists base their beliefs off of

Mandela effect confirmed

The earth has passed the tipping point about 4 times now, by my count.


You wanna stop Emissions. Who cares if panels and other products use petrol. The amount of emissions would be greatly reduces if all of our energy came from nuclear and solar, and yes, that includes ALL transportation.

we've been at a tipping point for the past 50 years you faggot.

>No, everyone believes, except this contrarian board,

Again, why should I believe in it when your precious spokesmen don't? Why should Cred Forums be more a believer in your hoax than, say, Obummer or whatever other spokesman you care to name? Since the spokesmen for your hoax don't believe in it, why should I?

You can tell this nonsense is fake easily.

1. They never claim that man is the primary contributor to global warming.
2. They never advocate solutions that would work if it was real.

So, I apologize for not believing in your faith based worldview.

>goofy ass debunked conspiracy theories

for example?

>he thinks it'll be just at 130+
>he thinks sandniggers live "just fine" in the desert

Please sir, may I have another?

>Government can still fund it, see NASA, though I know they already are, but more money and resource can be put into it.

Why do I trust the government enough to fund things when literally all of our 'green initiative money' goes to PEOPLE not RESEARCH and we have literally nothing to show for the collective hundreds of billions of dollars our western governments have spent on the issue?

>Combunation of Nuclear and Solar is the way to stop emissions, which is what you wanna do.

Yeah if solar was more efficient and didn't heavily rely on coal.

>Considering working from home is already possible with most careers

In what world do you live in?

No, you.

>conspiracy theories
you mean like the one you're touting?
>muh carbon tax
>the jews

Nobody thinks its a hoax fucking faggot. It is a question of if we can do anything to curb it, it has been happening since the beginning of time.

Because as it stands most "green" energies emit more CO2 being assembled and built than they help conserve throughout their lives.

I will be dead by then.

>In what world do you live in?
A world where most people work desk jobs, and many are allowed to work from home?

Unheard of in Murrika, I know. Crazy init?

>Anthropogenic global warming has become the defacto religious cult of Cultural Marxists.
>It is psuedoscience and should be laughed at and then ignored.
Almanacs predict the weather FOR A WHOLE YEAR. How? They study the sun.
Compared to Earth, the Sun is enormous! It contains 99.86% of all of the mass of the entire Solar System. The Sun is 864,400 miles (1,391,000 kilometers) across. This is about 109 times the diameter of Earth. The Sun weighs about 333,000 times as much as Earth. It is so large that about 1,300,000 planet Earths can fit inside of it. Earth is about the size of an average sunspot!

Except Nuclear doesn't.

>Carbon dioxide is bad meme

End yourself, faggot. More carbon dioxide means more and bigger plants for all you cocksucking vegan cunts

The idea that man is the primary contributor to global warming. NASA could find 500+ scientific groups that believe man contributes to global warming to some unspecified degree, but only a single digit number of groups that think man is the primary contributor.

And considering it would require the death of billions of people, or at least forcing them to live like the amish to do a dent, and instead politicians go "oh we should reduce carbon emission growth by 1%!" you can tell nobody believes in this shit. Its all about control.

Another bit of proof that nobody believes in this shit is that they never actually state that man is the primary contributor, they just imply it. Because they know its BS.

OP is a faggot.

You didn't know about carbon tax? Embarrassing...

Hell even if the Ice caps melt and the oceans rise all this will do is give bigger oceans for mankind to conquer with more fearsome storms to ride through, weve passed the day where we used wooden ships to sail the seas and have moved into metal ones that use the same process as the sun itself to power these vessels.

We will move on from land herding of livestock and fully embrace afn aquatic farm, because this expanded ocean wont be empty for very long.

There isn't enough nuclear fission fuel on this planet to last us long, especially considering our ever increasing requirement for energy. There is also the problem that it is more expensive than fossil fuels. Lets not mention the contaminated water that must be buried underground.

Fusion is the only way.

>31 replies from this id

Jesus I have never seen a shill try so hard and still only have mediocre energy

It's a hoax when they use scare tactics like "In 10 years we won't have the polar ice caps and the world will become a giant desert"

Fact: none of the projections for CO2/Methane waste and their relation to atmospheric temperatures have even been close to true. They keep having to roll back and make excuses for why the world isn't a desert already like they said it would be in 2010.

>A world where most people work desk jobs, and many are allowed to work from home?

Not even close to true. If you create a product, or contribute something of value to others (from food service to technological research) you cannot work from home.

Yeah, call center employees and other equally useless non-production jobs can be done from home, but that's a tiny portion of ANY country's workers.

You're seriously delusional if you think even 'a lot' of people could work from home.

Talk about progressive. Lets limit people's ability to travel for the sake of your feelings about climate change.


Any other oldfags remember the global ice age that was sure to kill everyone back in like 1975? Kek

>but only a single digit number of groups that think man is the primary contributor.
>therefore evidence
>death of billions of people to reduce carbon footprint
>its all about da control!!!!

Jesus christ the stupidity of your post is mind boggling.

right so we better pass on all our tax money to al gore and then he will use it to make the world good again! After all we only have 50 more years!

Yeah I've never heard that one before.
See the trick is to say it will happen when it is outside their lifetime. That way they get their money and they are already dead before anyone can say otherwise.

Our political leaders are always so benevolent.

Alright, we just gonna keep burning cow farts instead? Methane isn't always going to be cheap. It'll go the way of helium if we keep it up.

Yeah I remember scare tactics to force the people into believing that giving the government more power is good for humanity.

And what do we have to show for the hundreds of billions our government has 'spent' on climate change?

Well...not much but at least our politicians and climate change researchers™ are well paid.

I'll start believing the bullshit when climatologists start lighting themselves on fire in protest.

>Scientific commnunity unanimously agrees that that they love government grants that puts food on their tables

>climate change is global warming lololo
No it isn't, global warming is a myth whilst climate change is real.

NASA could only cite a single digit number of groups out of their 500+ citation list. Its pretty sad.

Let me guess, you're one of the mongoloids who thinks "if we reduce carbon emission growth by 1% over 10 years we can saves da earf?"

Nobody fucking believes in your religion, give up.

I hate how the core issue behind climate change is always ignored.

The population.

No energy policy, no power efficiency, no magic new tech will ever keep up with the increased demand from the growth of the population.

And conversely, nothing would be able to reduce the energy needs as much as stabilizing or even reducing global population.

The west has somehow managed the feat of balancing its population... And yet the global consensus is that we REQUIRE population growth so we import individuals from populations that haven't stabilized.

But why? We NEED to be stable or slowly shrinking. Japan is doing it RIGHT.

The issue is all those shitholes that are being increasingly destructive by having uncontrolled population increase.

Imagine, as time passes, that the population of Pakistan, India, China starts having the energy demands of the population of the USA?

Why would they do that? Our government giving them a cut of our hundreds of billions of dollars that our government spends each year on climate change.

It's up to the useful idio- I mean peasan- I mean people to protest for change.

why are we so scared?
can't we just nuke ourselves a couple dozen times?

it'll bring temperature down a degree or so

We all know the real solution to Climate Change, and it's to have less white babies.



Why publish an article like this in a country that is already at neutral growth or slightly above? Why not in a country with unbound growth?


CO2 has been much higher in earth's past
>muh point of no return
Literally based on false assumptions that CO2 doesn't leech into space at rates corresponding to concentration

it's like a smoker with lung cancer telling himself everything is fine. so dumb.

He says it's affluent countries that are the problem, near the beginning, with nothing to back it up.

>Why publish an article
but for this, well, look at the author

We will take Antarctica and begin a new-new world exodus. The game is not even close to over when there's an entire continent as yet unsettled.

> * when its politically convenient for us

There is also wind power and tidal power! My state just shut its only coal burning station and is now using renewables!

Inb4 a coal burning station is where Abbos root whitey

It's very likely that we will never leave this solar system.

Futurist like to believe we can colonize other planets but I doubt that's going to happen.

We are stuck on earth whether you like it or not and we will all die here no matter what.

The sad fact is, it's very likely that no matter what we do, humanity is already doomed.

Kinda wish that England thing did happen.
It's better than what did happen.

Why hasn't anyone stopped him? The Predictor gets another 5 victims this day.

I really doubt humanity will experience a technological extinction. Those adamanese niggers have been on that island for thousands of years and survived the black plague, the industrial revolution, colonization, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and modern climate fluctuations totally unscathed.

>B-but Dr. Shekelberg's graph show's it's getting hotter really fast!
>goes back ~200 years
I got ridiculed by a teacher in hs for pointing that out, because "obviously the scientists know what they are doing, and which data is relevant"

fucking skypes

ITT: people think that the climate never changes and that the surface of the earth isn't the same state of contstant flux that the inside and outside the atmosphere are constantly experiencing

Ok and Cred Forums supports nuclear energy fucktard. So the issue is over. We've done all we can and switched to nuclear. You will never stop the energy trade and when China fully industrializes it's over. Think about Africa or India or any of these places. Eventually coal will become cheap enough for them to use.

>Point of no return

In that case, who cares how much pollution we make? We're fucked no matter what so we might as well just save money and not give a shit about pollution.

>He says it's affluent countries that are the problem, near the beginning, with nothing to back it up.

Even if his premise is right, following his logic, then we can expect nothing but utter destruction as that MASSIVE third world population catches up on the per-capita emissions of the first world.

And his solution is more third world babies?

And doesn't he realize those third world babies adopted into the first world will "pollute" just as much as first world babies would have?

Sorry fag, I have real problems to worry about.

Vid related.

>Implying we have not been in a cycle of C02 working its way out of the system and into the ground for 100 million years.

>Implying carbon is not the source of all life on earth.

>Implying that plants aren't growing faster now than 20 years ago.

How about you kill yourself you fucking sheep.

>Enjoy the next 50 years while they last

this is what happens when beaners try to understand science.

IIP: faggot denier fag

Daily reminder there is no empirical evidence that carbon dioxide is forcing the recent warming
Daily reminder computer models that demonstrably cant even predict future trends are not science


it's something like 3-7% of the community that believes that humans are the biggest contributing factor to climate change you god damn fucking troglodyte

The incalculable amount of variables which factor into climate are impossible for us to comprehend much less measure, disseminate and discern each influence with every other corresponding variable affected. It is closer to chaos than picking out a handful of environmental flags and stating such a blanket explanation as fact.

Even the simplest of processes become near chaotic when examined in ever increasingly smaller scale much less planetary. Improvements in data collection with disregard to localized environmental and topographic variables (changed or underreported), coupled with the sheer amount of data collected for comparison antiquates previous data in scope and methodology.

Climatology is political party, which explains the wildly unreasonable reaction to qualified dissension in peer review, refusal of data sharing and dismissal of the need for reproduction when errors and falsifications are present. If it had remained in the scientific realm, it would still be called Meteorology. That every climatologist concurs, what they were taught and are now teaching is fact, means nothing. Experimenter bias can be attributed to much more than a salary in the prestige of fronting humanity saving research in our dire final hour, receiving awards and accolades and earning a prominent place in the regulatory behemoth established to counter the contrived results before they show no fruition. It might just focus data gathering at predetermined locations of concentrated production of the conformational data required.

Daily reminder that posting graphs that you don't understand doesn't reinforce your point.

The embedded politics are on display when all importance is placed on halting progress and limiting freedoms instead of countering the perceived effects through their own means of collection, disposal, or production of whatever they imagine will balance things out.

If man's influence on climate change was correctly represented as a hypothesis, it would not currently be the basis for the regulatory systems being devised, causing apoplectic opposition to the devastating economic ramifications and repression of civil liberties. Then research with the removal of politics being of foremost prominence in the exclusion of experimental bias would ensure the integrity of the studies and true consensus can be found.

Will this in time help niggers to stop stealing all the white mans air? If so im all for it.

I can grow pineapples instead of Brussels sprouts in my back garden, winner.

I don't understand why your type thinks the rest of the little people can do anything about it.
Major companies in developed nations have been under stricter and stricter pollution control laws since the 70s and we have come a long way.
We should be attacking nations like India, China and Brazil to clean their act - the stipulations and control measures are already in place for many other countries

Again, shoving harsh words at the little people would barely change anything even if it changed our minds 100%. Industrial companies pollute much, much more than the people.

The Bible spoke of increasing natural disasters during the end times. I'm not surprised.

>hurr climate change is a hoax
We already past the point of where carbon exponentially raises temperature

This is why 95% of computer model using this assumption have been several degrees off.

That and we are still leaving a mini ice age

Daily reminder that implying that one doesn't understand a graph with nothing to back it up doesn't reinforce your point.

If the Predictor's never been wrong then statistically we're due a mistake

>Muh magic global warming number

>No, I don't think that when people here tout that Global Warming is a hoax, that Christianity is legit, that the holocaust was a lie, or that the earth is flat, that those people are being """""ironic""""". I believe those people are simply being retarded

Then you are as unintelligent as ppl ITT are saying. Actually, both of you

I came here only to say this. Earth's been trying to kill us for millennia and now we've grown strong enough to fight back, it wants us to go easy on it? I say tough shit pal.

Mine it all.

You have no idea who youre talking to.

Daily reminder that not making arguments does not make an argument

What is the proof that human activity and the associated increase in co2 are driving climate change?

Hard mode: correlation does not equal causation

Harder mode: explain the pause in warming between 1998 and 2013

God mode: explain why clouds are irrelevant to global temperature

For shits and giggles: why do climate alarmists rely on blatantly fraudulent stuff like the hockey stick and why is "consensus" even relevant? Name another discipline that places consensus over empirical evidence.

>50 years from now
>desertification almost eradicated thanks to increased CO2 triggering increased growth in plant life
>billions fed thanks to higher yield crops

Climate change is good. The real redpill is that Russia benefits most from an increase in global temperature. It will unlock thousands of miles of frozen natural resources, transforming Russia into THE agricultural powerhouse.

>Name another discipline that places consensus over empirical evidence


evil laugh

At the present course of pollution output, accelerate industry and car fossil fuel output. It would take a few thousand years until something serious actually happens.

hush, it makes them happy to feel like they are the arbiters of information and no one else is qualified, or even capable of understanding.

Seriously, what is even remotely difficult to understand about that graph?

Russia is currently offering 2.5 acres of free land in Siberia tax free for five years.

Earth isn't fucked, it's fine.

Now, the parasitic growths on it? The sentient STDs?

Now them niggas are real fucked.

Guys, even if you don't believe in climate change, can't you just err on the side of caution, JUST IN CASE? Like, literally the fate of your offspring and the entire planet hangs in the balance if you are wrong? What are you going to tell your grand children who are killing each other for resources, just "whelp, looks like I was wrong, sorry kiddos!"

Even if it is 100% confirmed a hoax, it's probably a good idea to try and keep the atmosphere clean.

Alright, we're passed the tipping point

No point in doing anything now


Give Kek some extra praise tonight :)

Claiming that global warming being a hoax means that climate change is a hoax is a liberal sophist's game.

Climate change is real, it isn't caused by global warming. If it were caused by global warming it would be China's sole fault, they have produced over 70% of the carbon emissions in our atmosphere.

>“One of the great commandments of science is, 'Mistrust arguments from authority'. (Scientists, being primates, and thus given to dominance hierarchies, of course do not always follow this commandment.)”


Considering that anyone who is skeptical of anthropogenic climate change is automatically deemed an idiot I'd say Sagan's wisdom and the countless before him that echoed the same thoughts on the topic have fallen on deaf ears in favor of the leftist cult of conformity.

Carbon is literally the building block of all life. Calling it a "pollutant" is ludicrous

Not burning gasoline would put hundreds of millions into poverty overnight. Probably billions would die as our productivity drops and we're unable to sustain the economy and feed everybody.

Seriously, please address

God Emperor said it's a hoax created by the Chinese.

Do you disagree? Go back to Rebdit you CTR shill.

Oxygen is also poisonous. Too much of something is bad, that's typical.

There also shouldn't be a drastic change over night, but I'm tired of republitards fighting ALL forms of environmentalism tooth and nail because "I WONT BELEIEVE IN GLOBAL WARMING UNTIL ITS TOO LATE. I'M GONNA DRIVE MY SUV IN CIRCLES ALL DAY JUST TO MAKE YOU MAD!!!

Fuck off, degenerate shill. Russian Academy of Sciences conducted a research for Putin when he was offered to sign Kyoto Protocols. They found out it's a total sham.

This. Just enjoy the ride boys.

No goy! your wrong! The sun has no influence on climate! Only filthy go- uh, I mean humans and their filthy co2 influences climate! The earth had a stable temperature until you go- guys started burning cheap, efficient fuel. Pay your carbon taxes to repent! It's the only way!

for you

I love how whenever I post in a "muh anthropogenic warming" thread I get one smug reply and no attempt to debate the science. Please, anyone who buys this shit and wants us to be worried, EXPLAIN WHY YOUR MODELS CANT MAKE ACCURATE PREDICTIONS

*spoiler alert* Computer models are not science.

The climate happening will ensure massive shit skin die off. The return of a hostile world and a hard life will bring the white man back to his former strength.

>implying the death of Florida is a bad thing

Le appeal to authority meme

Good one faggot.

lol this is why no one takes Cred Forums seriously

I don't care. I will never care.

I just don't understand why I would care.

It's amazing how common this flawed line of thinking is.

Humans have certainly caused some warming in the planet and we should definitely make a large push towards having almost only renewable source over time however most warming is probably not caused by humans, and is mostly cyclical. The only proof you need for that is chart which pays attention to the fact that humans havw existed before the industrial revolution. Global warming exists in the sense that we have at least slightly warmed the planet but we are probably not the main reasons for the planet warming.

I'll be dead before the shit really hits the fan
In other words:
>I don't give a fuck

Literally the exact same logic as religion, with the whole pascal's wager.

sometimes Cred Forums is a bunch of retarded idiots



It's OK, global cooling will save us all.

Global warming may or may not be real, but I really couldn't give a fuck less. The only things that are going to be dying are the wimpy fleshbased biological life like humans, anything short of nuking the core a few hundred times is not going to permanently damage the planet, shit's gonna be fine.

Climate change is bad, but not an existential threat.
I swear, you alarmists are just as bad as deniers.
Carbon dioxide emissions should be decentivized, but nothing crazy (like some alarmists suggest, 50% reduction in emissions, fucking insane). If you do something like that, you will certainly have an economic existential crisis.

>Molyneux BTFOs climate hoaxers

Nice digits.
Reminder that the green movement was (((subverted))) long ago. Shit like banning CFC's was a good move, but nobody talks about reducing pollution, or not using potentially harmful chemicals, or whatever. It's all "climate change" hysteria now.

>What are you going to tell your grand children who are killing each other for resources,
because this isn't happening now?

I formally apologice for the retarded faggot with the spain flag.

There is a big brainwash machine since forever here due to franco 40 year killings and rapage on spain, so usually people here tend to avoid anything related to being conservative. That with shitty education system makes for good goys.

Not that i like franco, but people tend to get emotional when some dwarf with nu male voice manages to impose a 40 year iron fist regimen kiling millions just because. I think its understandable.

If its irrevocable will they all now shit up about it?

>Global Warming is a hoax, that Christianity is legit, that the holocaust was a lie
I unironically believe global warming is a hoax, think Christianity is legit and think the Holocaust is a lie.

Love your country m8, desu I think Spain was partially saved from a lot of the current bullshit the technologically advanced western europs are suffering because it was in a political time capsule for so long. Your people are still very much attached to the land, which will make the country resilient to demographic dilution.

There are worse things than being a NEET on your family's farm.

No, because now whites must pay reparations to everybody for ruining the world.

True, but nowadays younglings want to be "cool" and "up to date" and they are even more edgy than europe standard. They are not attached to the land at all.

By younglings im talking to lower than 30 years old. I would say even lower than 35

Cool always wanted to be mad Max irl

>Inb4 a coal burning station is where Abbos root whitey
No, it's where peaceful Syrian refugees sudo rm -rf your daughter's virginity

That joke didn't succeed in making you seem smart or funny, try again!

Whilst the explosive growth is in Third World Countries. Fucking Left Wing morons.

Surely, but you are nowhere close to the proportion of the population being that way that others are. A buddy of mine who basically grew up here is from Spain, virtually all of his extended family still lives within a 50 mile radius of their family's ancestral holdings, and he himself has an allotment of land an animals that are already ordained to him, even though he's an american.

I'm sure its tempting to become an uprooted metropolitan goy, but the land-ownership rates in Spain are still very nice as European nations go. Without the economic engine to drive the young away from what little capital they hold through inheritance you will probably see many in your generation 'resign' themselves to retirement within the proximity of their families.

This is often the pattern for whites in America who come from parts of the country where most families derive from similar property arrangements.

Your political anachronisms and economic backwardness are byproducts of a traditional lifestyle. As long as you can strike the balance and not get fully GREEK'd in the next century you guys should be alright.

Based Fischer. Why didnt we listen?

What is this shit? It's criminal fraud into the many trillions all totaled.

Correct. Both the holocaust and climate change have been very expensive.

I could say the exact same thing about your comment, but I really don't give a shit.

We're probably due to enter a mini ice age starting 2020 anyway, and if it happens it'll cool the Earth by several degrees.

This shit happened all the time in the past.

Now, am I saying we should keep burning coal and oil forever like retards? Obviously not.

But we shouldn't meme ourselves into destroying the environment to mine massive amounts of rare earth to make stupidly inefficient wind turbines, either.

The clear winning solution is natural gas for the next 20 years, nuclear fission for the next 100, and then either fusion or, if fusion proves unfeasible, solar satellites in lunar orbit relaying the energy to the Moon via microwaves/lasers, and then back to Earth via extremely high power narrow beam lasers on the near side of the Moon itself.

You only need a few receiver stations on each continent to distribute the power to the rest of the grid.

>inb4 muh birds

If birds aren't smart enough to keep the fuck away from a red hot glowing stream of hellfire they can get fucked.

>why not put the satellites directly on the Moon?

The moon rotates around the Earth very slowly, so you'd have to build a ring of panels all around the equator. I'd wager launching them into moon orbit is easier than trying to build such a massive structure over rough terrain.

Then you only need one power collector/repeater every few hundred thousand squared km to relay the power back to the main transmitter array which sends it to Earth.

Obviously that requires manufacturing facilities on the Moon though, since the fuel needed to launch those satellites from earth would contain more energy than what the satellites would produce.

If you make them on the moon, conversely, you could even conceivably launch them into orbit with electromagnetic cannons and they would only need a tiny amount of fuel for orbital corrections.

>tfw this will never happen within our lifetimes

if only the hippie movement hadn't hijacked the enviromental movement we could have had a chance.

The world won't listen, we are fucked, game over, no rematch. I will try to enjoy the remaining years we have, we can HOPE for 15 more good years, after that we are in the free fall and in high risk of the clathrate gun firing

>And doesn't he realize those third world babies adopted into the first world will "pollute" just as much as first world babies would have?


caring for the environment and long-term thinking is a White thing

the savages need to be held on the lowest possible economic level, preferably at 1800 AD population sizes

The chinese still don't care about muh global warming.

>What do you have to say for yourselves now?

Let's see, scientists have been predicting global meltdown and we haven't seen one.

Now they're predicting a global meltdown and we don't see one....

Why would I say something different?

well, in that context you are right.

Talking about the future, i dont know. i see two possible outcomings.

a) libtards fused with anarchists, anticapitalists and communists seize power due to political malfunction as people economical capacity goes down due to retarded cuckservatives (the ruling party, PP, is literally named PEPE and its as dumb as the fucking meme)

b) shit hit the fan at full force, faster than can be goyed up. Then things can be kept under control because the situation granted a change in the narrative or made it unable to mask it anymore. It can be anything from allahu snakbaring to economic crash.

If things keep going like right now, our future is grim.

I have hope tho.

Capitalism was a mistake.
>Unleash immense economic forces driven by an insatiable hunger for endless accumulation, able to strip the world of resources, inflict irreversible environmental damage, and cause other contingent maladies
>All effective power handed over to a ruling class which obeys no rational law other than the perpetuation of these forces
>No significant reguatory mechanism to intervene in the system for the sake of sustainability because of this

I never understood the whole tipping point crap. We've past the tipping point like 3 times this decade and really someone will create some hyper efficient crop before we all die that fixes the imbalance.

It's like they pretend science doesn't exist

How convenient.

They think after a certain point it just becomes a chain reaction because the warmer it gets the more water vapour we have therfore it gets even hotter. They fail to take into account that more water vapour=moreclouds

It's all okay because we can go to Mars. Just sign on the dotted line and put yourself in debt to live just a little longer.

As someone who spent 4 years in a top end lab, I can tell you with a straight face I've lost all faith in research and the modern scientific method.

By the way, that guy barely scratches 60% of the issues.

who cares

i have a gas guzzling pickup that gets 14mpg, a diesel pickup that gets 18mpg, and a Mustang that gets 21mpg

suck my cock, we will all be dead when shit goes down, so who cares?

yes i speed by cops all the time, they can't do shit

Evolution is a natural process. Humans evolved. So even if the earth become uninhabitable, it would still be from natural causes.

As someone who's banking on nanobot based immortality in the next 20 years I care