McKeesport, Pennsylvania...

>McKeesport, Pennsylvania, police officer Melissa Adamson was fired from her job and resigned from a part-time gig as a police officer in nearby Versailles Tuesday over a racist snap posted to her account, WTAE reported. The post, which also went up Tuesday, shows Adamson in full police uniform. The caption reads, "I'm the law today nigga."

racist white people getting BTFO.

It's funny because she's probably a coalburner to take pictures and talk like that.



>says nigga instead of nigger
>talks like a nigger
>probably loves nigger dick
>women should not be in LE or military roles
>OP is a self hating degenerate nigger loving faggot


>part time police officer

She's my grandmother's neighbor, I can confirm she is not

Thats systemic racism committed against her, if a black person said that it would be """""""""""fine"""""""""""


Every white liberal SJW I know walks around calling each other nigga like straight up fucking retards. It's trashy but not racist.

I know her AMA

How hot is she?

Fucked her?

She can stop and frisk me any time.

That's akin to making a antisemtitc post on facebook. Some things you just can't do or say anymore. It's pretty minor, but in this political climate even saying "nigga" especially as a cop will get you reprimanded.

She should have known better. But she's a dumb woman, so.

How much BBC has she taken?

She's not a liberal sjw

This was a hitjob by the p.d. because she was a "good" cop (good meaning sensible about niggers, understanding crime/law & order)

easy as FUCK first amendment lawsuit

if this were me id be so fucking happy

lot of departments require you to do that (while making minimum wage) until you are brought on full time. other times it's a glorified internship and you don't even get paid.

"Good cop"
"Uses nigga"

everything is raycissss waaaaaaah


Look at dat mascara u no she like da black black ya heard

Trump qt hot

No, not degenerate

None, not a coalburner

It was meant as a joke to a friend, p.d. who did not like her spun this out of control

that's the excuse I would go with as well.

>it's just a prank bro!

That's my point though. If she were racist she would have just called the niggers what they are, niggers.


white women stood by for nearly a decade when it happened to white men so now i dont care that its their turn

Good riddance, I expect police officers to act professionally. I couldnt accept someone with that kind of authority to act in such a childish manner. I feel the same way towards cops with beards or tattoos. I just cant take then seriously

Should have been private if she wants any chance in course. If it was publicly viewable then the PD was well within their right to fire her, especially for wearing a uniform that represents them

Got any nudes ? Of grandma btw.

my major is 80% white women and it's crazy how flagrant they are about ironic use of ebonics. if white men did it as much theyd be called wiggers

No, but I have a Glock you can use to kys

U white knight bruh?
Sounds like they forced her to resign. Common practice with police departments around the country.

t. Police union bro

Not really, i've just been seeing alot of unfair treatment towards the old fashion good guys in law&military, because of (((them))), which have personally effected me, so i try and help out where I can

Why don't white chicks understand black men & women are so racist they view coalburners as subhuman race traitors? I get a desire to be accepted but sheeeeeiiiitttttttttt

t. Air force diamond bro

>if white men did it as much theyd be called wiggers
only by their fellow white trash.

>not racist

>make up on duty
>cutesy selfie in squad car
>slutty snapchat selfie in squad car on duty
>wearing aviators half way down your nose so that it looks like you have them on but making sure that people can still see your eyeliner and mascara
Yea, Id fire her too