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Dying white mans art, I'll start

Cursive writing

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>I used to have horrible handwriting
>So much that my English teacher told me that my works should look more presentable by making my handwriting legible
>Next day
>Start writing in cursive just to piss her off
Five years later
>Still writing in cursive
>mfw Not white

Sütterlin. It's the German version of cursive writing which has been replaced after WW2.

But Roman letters are White/European based?

Explain why cursive, which is suspiciously similar to Arabic and Hindi (Evil nigger tier) a lamentable loss.


quality hand drawn animation


marble sculpting

>Cursive writing
You mean calligraphy.

Which is taught in primary schools

Sütterlin is already some 19th century reformist bastard between old German cursive and Antiqua/Latin cursive though. I usually write in Kurrentschrift.

>all those identical jaggies
Sütterlin was a mistake.

Should have kept it. It looks closer to the Arabic you write now

you fucked up

Not in America anymore. People who are in their 30s today would probably have gotten about 2 days' worth of instruction in cursive (my experience anyway), but people younger than me tend to have to learn it on their own or from their parents.


Pick one abo



Fuck Cursive
Teacher in 4th and 5th grade:
>You're going to need cursive to get out into the working world
My boss:
>write it in print I don't want to fucking read this shit.

Shooting a gun, riding a horse, changing a tire

Cursive is worthless in the digital age


I'm 32 and I've been told I have beautiful handwriting for a dude.

I write in cursive

fag, I only write in Fraktur

Music composition

This is fucking terrible, don't ever post """art""" again


>posts weeaboo garbage
you should be perma banned