Why did Rome suddenly adopt Christianity and tolerate other religions?

Why did Rome suddenly adopt Christianity and tolerate other religions?

What happened to Constantine?

becoming a christian at that time and place was a sensible choice to strenghten his power

nigger that period of adoption lasted longer than the united states exist

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God granted him a vision that following Christ would lead to victory, and it did. The populace by that time was ripe for a religion that fulfilled their hunger for an afterlife and a purpose beyond this life, so they rapidly converted en masse after Christianiy became the state religion.

>tfw people blame Christians for what Catholics did.

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He learned it from his mother. Before Christcucking Rome had many gods, a one god religion cant coexist with this.

What is Christianity in worst Korea or Japan for $500 Alex?

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Yeah, there's a world of difference between true Christians and Catholics. In Rome the closest things to actual Christians just hurled themselves off cliffs.


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>all because of Jews
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Well I guess that the Crusades worth nothing now.

I mean, you realize that Catholics were the ones who stop Muslims taking Europe right? Just look at Spain

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Next you're going to say the Christcucks dont want to force their religion on non believers. All it takes is one regime to topple the balance.

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>le bible is infallible even though it has been proven wrong time and time again, is full of holes, and generally makes no fucking sense
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The patritian class was overwhelmed by the plebian class

Christianity spread among the slave classes, being a slave religion with slave morality.

It was the most reasonable choice at the time seeing how Christianity was growing so rapidly. He needed a stable empire and the Christians proved very hard to submerge.

The Roman Catholic Church invented Islam. Muhammad was a dupe who loved Jesus before his first wife turned him into a little dune messiah. The plan was for him and his goat fucking cousins to take Jerusalem for the Pope. Instead they took it for themselves and started a holy war on Jews. So the plan half worked.

But no, the Crusades didn't even stem the tide of Islam. It was all a show, and a nice diversion by the Church to keep Jews in line until they collaborated on Zionism in the 18th century.

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In no way am I advocating for organized religion, just pointing out that monotheism and animism can coexist. Is it a stable arrangement long-term? Probably not, but it can demonstrably last for generations, as it did in Rome. It's not like everyone instantly converted.

You sure are retarded. Rome was brought down by slow steady economic decline due to the Imperial model being unsustainable without constant successful conquests and the destruction of the Roman social class of 'citizen-soldier-farmer's' thanks to the Latifundia along with a long succession of poor emperors. It was killed because the Huns pushed the Germanic tribes in and it just couldn't deal with that. Even then it took time.

Rome becoming christian is the only reason any of it's institutions survived in some way in the West as the Church took these positions over, at least in France (under the protection of the Merovingians) and Italy.

It could, some emperors just demanded too much. Also if the Romans wanted to keep a pure religion they fucked up long before that.

Catholic just means 'universal'. Before the Orthodox Schism and that one salty German, every christian was either an Arianists or Catholic. Catholics are probably more Christian than you when it comes to how they practice, even with the Second Vatican Council throwing a spanner into things.

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