California drops statute of limitations on rape cases


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i dont know what statue of limitations means

"a statute prescribing a period of limitation for the bringing of certain kinds of legal action"

The Cosby Bill

it's a statue built to show how limitless the degeneracy is

Justin Trudeau is our great and dynamic leader and I want to eat an ice cream cone in a bathtub with him.

Before, you had 10 years to report that you didn't feel so good about getting drunk and spreading your legs for that one fat guy so that you could sue him and ruin his life.

Now, you can wait 20, 30, 40 years before doing it.

Did Bill ever fuck any interns in California?


Surely it's the same for murder?

Now watch as women file rape charges against California's governor Jerry Brown.

This is great, now all those Hollywood pedophiles can be brought to task

I'm fine with a statue of limitation on rape. If people are waiting over like 20 fucking years to report a rape there probably is little to no evidence and it will probably just turn into a kangaroo court. When you get raped you need to go to the police asap to get dat evidence before it is lost.

What the fuck, commiefornia?

>Getting rid of Statuate of Limitation
>And it totally wasnt cause by just one case.

Fucking hell can Commiefornia just fall off the planet, please? Undine and Gnome work your magic and get rid of that shit hole.

Even worse, after 10, 15, 30 years, no woman is going to have any evidence of rape other than her word.

At worst, man goes to prison for a decade.
At best, he loses family, friends,and job

why does california vote democrat so much? couldn't you guys just go republican once to see how it is?

i thought mexicans and asians were bro-tier conservatives?

>still having sex

Top kek. You deserve everything you get.

They were red until FSA invasion

DO they have anybody that even has a fucking clue the pandora's box they just opened?

>Undine and Gnome work your magic and get rid of that shit hole.

Dunno mate, Salamander seems to have been doing a fine job lately.

ex post facto still applies

Don't have sex. In 20 years she'll still accuse you because she didn't like you back then. Or maybe she did like you and you spurned her.

It used to be that if you raped someone and didn't get found out till 10 years later you'd be fine and couldn't be tried for that crime.

can be charged for raping someone along time ago.

>Monster girl references

user, I...

This, unfortunately.
Society does not give a shit about the damaga that a false rape accusation causes.
And false accusations are no longer singular cases.

A supreme court justice once said, "hard cases make bad laws". This is exactly the type'of shit he was talking about.

What does it matter if you had sex or not? The accusation alone, even without any evidence at all will decimate any social standing you have even causing you to lose your job in some instances.

wow that sounds pretty messed up. does that apply to murder? surely they aren't removing statute of limitations for rape but keeping it for a much worse crime?

i don't think it will be that simple, they will probably require a polygraph

He is Governor Jerry Brown
His aura smiles and never frowns

>thinks that will protect you

It means that after certain period of time they can't be prosecuted, accused of a certain crime (In this case rape).

So if your teacher penis inspect'd you, he won't be prosecuted and you can't press charges if like 30 years or so passed.

Now if you accussed Hitler or Meme Luther
King of raping you, you can press charges and he can be prosecuted.

Do they still have a statute of limitations for murder?

This. Some virgin will end up in prison for being a rapist

Hollywood is kill

>have sexual relations with a woman in college
>she sues you for rape 45 years later after you've become a successful investment banker with a family, because she wants a slice of the pie

Polygraphs aren't admissable

> If people are waiting over like 20 fucking years to report a rape there probably is little to no evidence and it will probably just turn into a kangaroo court.
This is almost exactly what's going to happen.

The only time limitations should not exist is if there's direct video evidence of something happening. If there was a rape in an elevator, which had a security camera, and then for some reason it wasn't found until 20 years later, then yeah THAT should count, because actual hard evidence.

But "it was a drunk night and i said yes but i regret it now 40 years later after my rapist won the lottery for 4.1 million dollars and i want my blood money" haha fuck no you lost your chance when the last bit of DNA evidence got washed off.

>what is ex post facto
>what is due process
>what is proof beyond a reasonable doubt


This will likely cut down on rape accusations. You always see these cunts come out with the claims after the statue of limitations has expired because that way they don't need to try and prove anything in court and yet still get to claim to be a victim. Remove the time window and they'll never come out with these claims, as then they'd need to go through the judicial process and possibly end up being charged with wasting police time or some similar charge.

If I recall correctly, murder has a 50-year statute of limitations.

Commiefornia now has no statute of limitations for rape whatsoever.

Really makes my fuckin' neurons fire.

>>what is ex post facto
>>what is due process
>>what is proof beyond a reasonable doubt
things that (((democracy))) made invalid, goy

that's not good all the crazy women out there in CA
Cali-anons good luck
Prison out there is horrible
keep your head down and do your time
no more school zones for you after

Statute of limitations has nothing to do with burden of proof, idiot.

>Proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
Are you fucking kidding me? Did you come from the last millennium shitlord? Even the Nazis couldn't get away with hurting people's feelings so why should literal rapists?

Thank god I live in new york. Say what you want about the east coast jews but within the jurisdiction of their own residency they give zero leeway to these hoes.

We don't even have common law marriage here.

>rape case
>proof beyond a reasonable doubt required

Pick one and only one goyim.

With literally what evidence?
Bringing frivolous cases is grounds for disbarment.

Saying "thoughts" or "what do you guys think" is not pol. The whole point of the format is you can't stop us from saying what we think, you do not presume to give us permission to discuss like a Zhid at a kaffeeklatsch. What's worse is this is the tell of most one-posts.

That said, they are effectively legalizing child prostitution while enabling a future woman to sue a man over something that might have happened a century ago. This is predictably consistent with the leftist doctrines of "tabula rasa" and "the law is whatever we say it is." This is the opposite of order, it's how China and the Spanish speaking world dysfunction. What is true American superiority? It is the flowering of English common law tradition. What is that? What it's not is it's not whatever seems like it might be a good idea at the moment.

finally white cis male privilege is ending

Remember to SJWs and feminazis, rape is worse than murder or war.

Statute George
It's a time frame for suing someone if they've fucked with you. So you can come back ten years later and sue over split milk.

>fuck a girl in college
>she fails out
>never hear about it again
>graduate, get a good job, start making money and buy nice shit
>get arrested for """rape""" 20 years ago
Any girl can leech success off of anybody they fuck ever.

The future is looking great.

Murder and treason have no statute of limitations.

It's getting fucking bad here, esse.

So am I good if I kill the girl after raping her and manage to keep it hidden for 50 years?

>it was already nieh impossible to prove a rape case older than 2 years but god damn. Imagine trying to prove someone raped someone else in 2006. with no DNA evidence and only loose evidence tying someone to the scene of the crime.

They imported ignorant brown people by the tens of millions and give them everything they want in exchange for their votes.

That's the thing, rape is probably the thing where a statute of limitations is most relevant.

Initially the point of a statute of limitations was this:
If someone says you committed a crime 20 years ago, it's likely that due to the long period of time that passed, you could have lost exculpatory evidence in the meantime that you WOULD have had if so much time hadn't passed, and COULD have produced to the court, to prove your innocence.

In a sense: not only would some proof of wrongdoing have disappeared, but proof of alibi would also have disappeared. Also, the people that could have stepped forward and said "no, I did it, not him" if the case had been brought immediately would likely be dead by the time statute of limitations expired.

Commiefornia is literally sweeping all of these reasonable, astute reasons why statutes of limitations exist under the rug to please muh feminist solipsism and muh misandry.


For comparison, how is it regulated for murder and manslaughter there?
In Germany only murder never prescribes. (This has to do with the 3rd Reich)

>get raped
>collect semen sample, drug test results, evidence of bruises, witness testimony
>rapist goes to jail


>get """raped"""
>wait 20 years, present no evidence
>"lol no." -legal system

t. lawfag

This doesn't mean shit

Rapes are very sensitive types of cases. If you don't report it immediately, and more importantly allow the police and doctors to examine the victim and scene of the crime, then there's shit anyone can do about it 10 years later if there's no evidence.

Idiot. you don't need evidence to go to court of this shit.
You'll just be a virgin and a door mat. Sucks to be you faggot.

Yeah, I was wondering about ex post facto.

But what about her feelings of being raped? They are clearly proof enough.

I have a feeling it's the cases against Bill Cosby that are moving this forward; that fucking midget attorney Gloria Allred put Jerry Brown in office, and kept him there. She represents dozens of victims of Bill Cosby.

So, hundreds of millions of dollars are at play, for just one man's past rapes.

>Remember to SJWs and feminazis, rape is worse than murder or war.
I'm not SJW or feminazi, in fact quite the opposite. I think rape is worse than simple murder. A murder victim suffers and then ceases to exist. A rape victim is basically a (surviving)torture victim. They suffer for the entire rest of their lives. Granted, someone can get creative with their murder method and make it as bad as or worse than a rape.

>tfw Japan bombed Hawaii instead of California

silly slants can't do anything right it seems

Good luck getting away with murder for 50 whole years.

Besides irrevocably ruin the man's reputation, you mean?


You people are fucking idiots.

The Social Security Administration passed a law that erased their "statute of limitations" as to how far back in time they could go to claw back any "overpayments".

It's now limitless. Well, 1776.

Correct. Custody/alimony laws are completely rigged in women's favor but rape laws are not as loose as MRAs purport.

California goes full banana republic

Spoken like a true rapist.

What did they mean by this?

I assure you that if you are arrested for rape, incarcerated until you make bail, are put on trial for rape, and acquitted, your life will be ruined.

You guys are fucking idiots
t rocket scientist

lol coming from a shitskin. you can tell when it's an american shitskin posting on Cred Forums

Maybe in London, clearly not in Rotherham

Lots of speculation. Rob Reiner? Tom Cruise? Charlie Sheen? All of the above?

There was a saying in Hollywood that "everyone has had the Coreys". (Corey Haim and Corey Feldman)

Your ex-girlfriend can now sue you for rape if you become wealthy in 10 years after you break up.

because a woman's word>>>>>>>>>>>>>any evidence or your word

It's not unheard of for government entities to be given special treatment over the citizens. Just look at the IRS.


The US government actually claims it's legitimate to put people on the sex offender registry for merely being held in jail on sex offense charges, without an actual conviction.

>California ends burden of requiring evidence in rape cases

Irrelevant to the legal conclusion here.
I agree there should be more consequences for false accusations.
But IRL courts are not like college/uni kangaroo courts where a girl and her friend can lie and get you expelled

It doesn't matter.
Getting accused of rape and arrested for it, even if you don't get charged, puts it on your record forever unless you have an army of lawyers on retainer and petition to expunge, and can provide for yourself for the 6-10 months you won't be able to find work due to having a rape arrest on record.

Women just gained a tool to destroy any man with zero evidence.

>Besides irrevocably ruin the man's reputation, you mean?

Please. You don't know anybody ever accused of rape. If you did you'd know people, men and women, stand up for their friends pretty much no matter what they've been accused of, with people, men and women, against the accuser. You think they just go to trial with no fucking evidence? You're stupid, panicked, afraid and friendless.

Yup. Forgot about that little ditty too.

Famous quote: "Where do I go to get my reputation back?"

Being enriched isn't a crime. Just because the fascists in the police decide to get involved in the matter of people having sex in their own homes doesn't mean that a crime actually happened. For a crime to happen someone has to report it as a crime and we clearly know that no reasonable person would report mutually consenting or paid sexual labour.

>t. shitskin

The statute of limitations not having existed in the first place would be one thing, but removing it now is like sending out a big reminder "hey you can fuck over that guy you fucked over a decade ago".

We have a client in jail, can't make bond, whose wife accused him of rape without any physical evidence whatsoever.

During a divorce.

How would they arrest, hold and try me without evidence? We aren't anywhere near that yet. Stop being terrified of women, they are harmless.

A girl and her friend can get you incarcerated.

how can you even prove a rape occurred outside of photo-graphical or semen samples?

when are they gonna punish the women who commit false rape accusations as severely as rape?

So, how does this work? I'd assume the rape has to happen in Cali? Then no time limit, yeah? But what if the accused moved to a state that still has a limit. Will Cali send bounty hunters after you?

Bill Cosby is worth 350 million dollars. He won't serve so much as one day of probation

They would go to your house, ask you your name, put handcuffs on you, and put you into their car.

Then they would take you to jail, process you in, and give you a phone call.

You could then arrange bail, or not, and wait for a judge to hold an arraignment hearing. You would then be held or released as the judge sees fit, and given a date certain to be before him facing those charges.

Happens a thousand times a day.

"This is the local news at 6.
Today, poster 90902707 was accused of raping neighborhood sweetheart Jane Doe when she was in high-school with him 20 years ago."

is in a holding cell awaiting trial."

Congratulations, you're now never getting a job until you've had that expunged from your record.

pretty sure the prohibition of ex post facto means that this only applies from here on out. see stogner v california

basically, if you raped someone 11 years ago you still good. but if you rape someone now, they can getcha in the future

You can't escape the law, brah. You just gotta stop raping.

If you (((raped))) somebody in the last decade you are also now fucked forever. That covers the average sexually active Cred Forums poster.


Enjoy your fantasy world

With what evidence?
>get wrongfully arrested
>call in sick to work, post bail
>retain coworker and beat all charges
>counter sue her for libel
>play golf

I had this happen 2 to 3 times, but my xboxlive/playstation online dates proved my virginity.

I think the rumor is Sheen is the one Haim was confused about being in love with. And Haim died of pneumonia, not an overdose like most think (PRO-TIP: people with HIV get things like pneumonia more easily than people without HIV. Guess who has HIV?).

I don't know who's rumored to be the one who allegedly raped Haim first, though. The insinuation is it's someone powerful and a family man that people wouldn't expect.

Went through a nasty divorce with my ex when I was in the Marines. She kicked it off with a false DV charge. I spent 2 nights in jail per NC law. 10,000 dollars and 3 months later the DA dismissed the DV charge she hit me with a "marital rape" charge. That was another 6 months of hell before it was dismissed. Pretty much lost everything.

I became suicidal after the rape thing and ended up in a psyc ward for 3 months.

Its taken me years to recover.

Tldr: A woman can say anything and people will believe it and the justice system will fuck you raw.

Damn dude you really blew him out of the water, how do I become a master debater like you

Goodnight sweet prince


Now I am more and more convinced someone needs to drop several megaton nukes in the San Andreas fault to push Commiefornia into the Pacific.

>Current year
>Not just listening and believing

>Boohoo, your penis entered my physical space

Don't make this rape turn into a murder, bitch.

The justice system works, it's just expensive

She does that to you and your response is to kill yourself?

Their testimony.

I'm starting to think people on Cred Forums are 12 years old.

>believing legal conclusions you read on an Argentinian sky diving image board.

And what law school did you go to?

That's strange, that must have happened in a "fantasy world".

Shit's fucked, even war crimes have a statute of limitations.

Imagine chilling in your retirement home when WHAM, you get prosecuted for a "rape" from 50 years ago because the bitch decided after the fact that she didn't like it and/or needs money fast.

>W-what my ex has said meanie things to me in court

Man the fuck up you pussified welfare queens doing homo games in the mud with your friends

Did I say I was an attorney? No? Then why are you asking for my cv?

Curiously, the USA does not send 1 Marine out to fight its battles.

Unless you've been in a situation like that you dont understand. You start believing that maybe you are an abusive rapist and you just want the pain to end. I didnt care about vengance, just an end to the suffering.

There has to be a point where we all need to move on. No reason for us all to waste our time on someone's 10 year old baggage

Argumentative! I move to strike.

>not murdering her ass and becoming a hitman after everything is lost

If you're not then you have no basis on which to dismiss my claims


Rape IS terrible, however, one can certainly bounce back from it. Death is final.

What kind of devil dog doesn't care about vengeance? I've never been in that situation, but if my life were ruined like that I wouldn't go out by myself.

>implying an army of feminazis wouldn't make you into a martyr after disbarment and force the government to declare a national holiday in your honor for having the courage and strength to bring charges on a rape car despite 0 evidence cause "muh listen and believe"

I believe you.

Moral of the story: play vidya, don't get put in the slammer because of a cunt.

and so many more.

including my very own older brother who got accused of a false rape back when he was in high school. the girl was obsessed with my brother and one day confronted him about her feelings. my brother told her he didn't feel the same way back and later in the evening when he got home police showed up to our house and arrested him. it took the girls mother, who was flabbergasted as much as my mother because she new my brother too to finally get to the truth out of her. she admitted to police she made it up because she was upset my brother didn't like her back. this was during the late 90's in NV.

It's not retroactive, so the effects of dropping the statue of limitations won't even be seen for another 10+ years.


Californians should suffer.

I didn't know juries were pulled exclusively from women's studies departments

Good luck keeping a girl to shut up about her dicked vagina for 50 years.

If you have sex with bitches on campus, you are going to have a bad time. Always live off campus for this reason.

>Death is final.
That was part of my point. Something final is something that ends. Physical abuse in general is bad enough, but abuse through something as intimate and personal as sex? That's a lifetime of mental torture.

Maybe I am only seeing things from a male perspective though. Females are so prone to Stockholm Syndrome that maybe rape isn't as traumatic for them.

women are ruining the world, what else is new?

>my xboxlive/playstation online dates proved my virginity


What other demographic is unemployed and wants all men sent to prison?

There has never been a statute of limitations on murder.

It was men that were dumb enough to let women have political power

19th Amendment was a mistake

Raping a minor was already exempted from statute of limitations

I'm in my last year of law school.

The facts could easily line up to get someone arrested if two women conspired well. Here's a good scenario for you.

>You're at a party (people can id that you were there)
>Girl 1 acts or gets drunk and claims she's going to bed.
>Girl 1 has sex with someone in the bedroom. (Corroborated by rape kit)
>Girl 1 says you raped her.
>Girl 2 says she saw you leave her room and you were adjusting your clothes.

Police officer can arrest you on suspicion of sexual battery. However, getting you convicted on these facts would be near impossible.

You could then sue both of those girls if they had money, but not the police department.

t. I go to a t-35 law school.

Because prisoners make great slave labor forces

Carter Power will soon go away
I will be Fuhrer one day
I will command all of you
Your kids will meditate in school

needless to say my parents transferred my brother to a neighboring high school because of the stigma my brother was receiving. of course word made back about how my brother got arrested for "rape."

this isn't a joke. false rape allegations leave damning stigma and worse is how these women get off scot free.

south park had an episode last season that showcased the PC bro's getting women to sign consent forms. it sounds ridiculous, but its gotten to a point where it actually should happen.

You're either a woman or a faggot if you think that. Only someone with an incredibly gynocentric world view would think that. Doesn't matter if you don't identify as an SJW.

Lol, idk how ur mind works, m8.
You'd rather die than be raped?

It wasnt ruined. It took lots of work and money, but the Marines medically discharged me after the psyc ward. I eventually got the arrest expunged from my record and a college degree. Now im a CPA.

Surely he'll win the case?

They won't be a virgin for long, though.

Unlike men females don't tend to get butt raped. Vagoo rape is kind of like a man being stradled by Rosie O'Donnell. It's not as bad as murder.

How could they even prove you raped someone if you did it 30+ years ago?
Oh wait, that's not how rape trials work...

One kitten looks like mom, one looks like dad, third is nigger.



>any year
>basing your sexual life on some jew nigger caliphate in burger land.

>worse is how these women get off scot free.
You unfortunately can't change this part. If they get in trouble for lying they will simply never admit the truth leaving the man screwed.

It isn't about the amount of suffering that a person might go through, if you are really traumatized by being raped or tortured you can still kill yourself or live on drugs 24/7, being killed takes alway everything, it should always be considered the worst crime, its the only one that you can never amend in any way.

This doesn't matter at my state school. If you are both students, she can bring a civil action against you under Title 9 through the school.

Or just don't tell them ur name

Except your whole argument falls apart when the threat of death is used to make the victim comply with the rape. If, as you say, rape was worse then murder it would stand to reason that every woman would rather fight and die then be raped. That is not the case, therefore murder is objectively worse then rape.

Except for when she tells the police your address or id's your house.

Or if any of you have mutual friends, or she finds you on Facebook.

>implying earth and water elementals didn't exist before your pathetic kusoge

The woman in that pic is a ridiculous actor.

which is absolute insanity.

the man in the end doesn't have to get sentenced. just the allegations alone are enough to destroy a life. allegations don't even have to be from an official source. police don't have to get involved. just common gossip is enough.

i understand the notion of not wanting to cause deterrence to women who have truly BEEN raped, but its terribly abused.

my brother dealt with the trauma of getting arrested but the school stigma was far worse. the arrest ended when she came forward and admitted her guilt. the school lasted till he transferred.

But what about systematic racism that says our legal system is inherently out to target blacks specifically? What are the liberals going to cry about now? What about Brock Turner or whatever that faggots name was? He was only given a slap on the wrist because he's white, shouldn't that mean Cosby should receive the death penalty?

Does this mean I can finally charge the Muslim man who raped me in LA back in 2007?

>i'm a white woman fyi

>Italy talking shit about any Military

I'm just curious as to whether or not you would switch to the DA's side if things started to swing in their favor?

>the arrest ended when she came forward and admitted her guilt. the school lasted till he transferred

Imagine if she never came forward because she would get arrested. The problem is that punishing people for recanting false accusations just makes them stop recanting. As much as they deserve punishment you can't do it.

Rape, as well as false rape allegations, are a crime. Your argument makes no sense whatsoever. People do bad things (false reports), so we should let other people do bad things (rape) ?
Ofcourse the statute of limitations prevents people with poor recollection of the event from mounting a case. But that problem is solved by a jury, who can use the facts of the case being 30-40 years ago to chose *not* to convict. But you should still atleast be able to accuse.


>he trusts his freedom to approximately 12 commoners listening to the State's attorney.

I suggest you look up the charge "perjury" and the tort "libel."

Millions have. Do you think a defender goes into court with no argument, evidence, or strategy?

If it happens when you were 5 years old and understand it when you're 20, something should be done about it.



not even asking for the arrest of the false accuser. but at least something as simple as an restraining order. as i mentioned, she was obsessed with my brother. prior to this my brother was already complaining how she would always randomly appear where he was. even after school. my parents asked for one but the police refused after she admitted. they in a way felt bad for her according to my parents and stated well she "apologized" was "distraught." they didn't think my brother wasn't?...

even the school refused any help to keep her away from my brother. she was the reason why everyone else at school thought my brother raped her because she quickly told people. the mother was very helpful with my parents but what else could the mother do? she couldn't watch her while she was at school.

Millions have gotten wronged too I'm sure. You shouldn't be concerned about your counsel not being prepared because they would face disaplin from the state Bar. You should worry about how stupid a jury can be.

Thoughts? I think half the people on /pol need to hide their IP address. Immediately.


>She trusts her freedom to approximately 12 commoners listening to the State's attorney.

That logic works both ways. If you seriously think that men shouldn't be controlled by law, then maybe you should push that idea. But don't try and rewrite reality to make rapists (who are all over the fucking place, rats) protected from their crimes. And if you do, then you understand that anyone who is accused of rape and the victim has actual friends or family, that "rapist" will be in danger no matter if he is guilty or not.

It's means bitches can now say "oh btw I was raped lol" years and years after the fact

california is the cancer of america.

Lawyer here


What is your solution then? Rape is a huge problem that needs to be addressed without the victim being shamed. We aren't in the fucking middle east dude; we aren't animals. We can figure out how to take rape as serious as any other Capital crime like Murder, Torture, Child Abuse, etc...

It's not the fact that you can't punish them, it's that it's counter productive.

If you punish people for recanting the charges it discourages the very thing the accused wants. If you can find outside evidence of lying I'm all for it but punishing them for recanting just means more charges are followed to the end, more innocent men have the stigma around them and more innocent men go to jail and stay there.

it also means now that any pertinent witnesses and evidence proving or disputing will be practically impossible to find, meaning the whole matter of the case rests on the accusers word

You could do that anyway assuming its true

I don't know how you made any of those inferences. Also understand that criminals, no matter how deplorable, have rights under the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th amendments in this discussion.

Its fine as long as false accusations result in automatic purging of it on records, and the person who made the false accusations getting arrested as a deterrent for doing it in the first place.

the problem with public outcry over rape-cases i that the public doesn't know the exact details nor is really involved and is therefore in no position to take a stance on wether the alledged rapist is guilty or not.

sure brocks turners sentence seems really light but we do not know the exact circumstances surrounding his case. once and if they ever get released then we, the public, are allowed to be upset and cry 'muh racism'.

Deterrence is an acceptable justification in Common law.

When did I say anything about a jury or even a trial?

All I'm saying is that if you decided to file charges with 0 evidence and get disbarred the Left will treat you like a martyr for "listening and believing" cause according to the left, all a woman should need to do is tell someone they were raped, and not be forced to provide evidence or testify cause that would force her to relive her experience and would be like "being raped all over again".

Do these people not understand why the statue is there in the first place?

Its so that a single mistake can't haunt you forever, what was rape informally 20 years ago isn't what is informally rape now.

Its 10 years because witnesses forget, evidence degrades. tape gets dusty and detectives retire.

This will not put rapists behind bars, this will just be used by snobby kids to blackmail their elderly fathers.

I never proffered a, "solution" to the rape problem. I'm offering everyone view of some flaws of the legal system.

Also, the Massachusetts rule where niggers can legally run from cops now has a jury instruction I can issue to jurors "whether the person is 'african american' enough to qualify for this affirmative defense." Race should not decide law. I'm so pissed. That means they must be a certain blood % nigger or they don't qualify OR they must have been born in AFRICA regardless of their skin color.

Wtf are you going on about? Rape is taken seriously in our society and even if it wasn't you don't make things better by destroying due process.

>wait 20 years to report a rape
>no evidence of the truthfulness remains
>man gets convicted of rape in a kangaroo court with zero evidence
>the SocJus Courts probably won't even tell you what you're charged with, accused by or guilty of

Kafka was a prophet.

Thank you based Brazilian defender of rights.

>ITT: White males who believe niggers should not be sent to jail for rape if its not immediately reported.

I for one am glad.

Are your criminal affirmative defenses given the preponderance standard in MA?

Either they are or aren't. The fact that DNA test is determinative of whether or not they are guilty is absurd.

>Rape is a huge problem that needs to be addressed without the victim being shamed.

If you actually wanted to address the problem of rape you'd stop importing 3rd worlders, teach women how to take personal responsibility for their own safety and encourage them to stop getting themselves into so many situations where they will likely get raped.

90% of rapes are committed by people the victim knows. If white women understood that Jamal isn't going to listen when she says "no" like Bobby does then maybe they wouldn't relax around blacks as much and they'd never get raped in the first place.

>A murder victim suffers and then ceases to exist. A rape victim is basically a (surviving)torture victim. They suffer for the entire rest of their lives.
So killing a woman after you've raped her is a lesser crime than just raping her?

All criminal defenses are given that procedural lense, but this one was framed as a DNA conclusive one. Just to clarify.

>had qt 15 year old spanish gf with big boobs and butt
>took her virgnity in the back of my car while she screamed "No! No! Please don't!"
>we stayed together for about a year after that
>now I'm 23
>about to start a family with a nice beautiful aryan girl
>mfw I live in California
>mfw my ex probably tells everyone I raped her to save face

The Statue of Liberty is otherwise known as the Statue of Limitations. These people are patriots and don't want to see her get raped, metaphorically.

Commiefornia here. This type of thing is coming to a community near you soon. Fuck this gay earth.

How in the name of fuck can you prove a rape happened after that length of time? This is the most retarded thing I've read all day.

99,9% of rape claims made by women are false.

That is absurd. This was promulgated through the judiciary? That's about the most activist nonsense I've heard in a while.

He drugged me and forced me to give him head. Disgusting. I felt ashamed afterwards.

He's now an actor and indie film director in LA and SanFran. Stage name is Rawi Malick.

>have sex with some random jackoff from tinder
>wait 40 years
>that random jackoff is now a billionaire running for some political office
>either get a million dollar hush money pay out and/or ruin a man's life in search of 15 mins of fame
Totally no problem here


Even more retarded is the fact some one can wait until you strike it rich and say that back in 1983 when you went to school with her you raped her.

What's this fat bitch crying about? Not like she has to worry about getting raped. Don't tell me she accused Cosby of raping her? Guarantee he has higher standards than that.

Don't any of you all understand?

They are just pushing the pornography agenda.

What's the best way to capture consent than on camera?

Fucking fantastic if you ask me, now I have a reason to set up a security camera in my room aimed at my bed.

It's not voyeurism, nope, it's protection, a rape condom for men, if you must.

Dunno how accurate the 90% figure is but the rest makes sense to me.

Yup, the Supreme Judicial court in Mass did that. I hate activist judges and I hate political correctness used in judicial opinions because its always wrong and always detrimental to our precedent.

lol your brain on /pol

Statue of limitations doesn't start until you turn 18.

>have a one night stand with someone like 30 years ago
>suddenly poor ass cunt out of nowhere charges you of rape

And before I get ousted for being sexist.

The rape condom for women would be:
- Being a NEET.
- Staying in the kitchen.
- Not using the Internet.

Any questions?

This. Wtf could possibly be accomplished when there is undoubtedly no viable evidence? Other then using the opportunity to ruin someones reputation and have a drawn out, expensive court case.

On a non memeing not we should teach women that if some shit like that happens GO TO THE FUCKING POLICE ASAP so they have evidence and can lock the dude up

also, lol at OPs pic. I don't think anyone is raping her. kek.

And the award for faggiest post of the day goes to (You). You don't cease to exist because you got fucked against your will. Wipe the cum dripping down your leg, file a police report, and grow up and move on with your fucking life. If you let your rapist control and consume your entire life and future, they win.

Don't claim to be a non-SJW when you obviously think just like one. You need to stop appropriating our culture you shitlord.

Zipp bop! Bippity bop! What do you lahk to play?

I lack'an old game cahld rape da' kiddies.

So the nig nogging contributed to this mess? Shocking

>climb corporate ladder and get rich by middle age
>some chick you slept with in college claims you raped her in order to try and get money out of you

Wow this kind of shit totally won't be abused

women are never punished in false rape accusations

The only reason you'd be holding a rape accusation for decades is because it wasn't "rape" at all

Also its completely impossible to prove anything like that years after the fact

If you saw how this shit was prosecuted in Court, these SJW's would be screaming.

and another star was born in the sky, right next to my sides

Its okay, this only applies to rapes going forward from 2017

Pedowood BTFO

The kikes will get kiked

So there's still time?

child prostitution is legalized in pedowood shitlord. All they have to do is convince the jury that the victim, as a child actor, fits the definition of a child prostitute. Can't do it huh? Tough luck, pal.

Rape is a two way street.

Everyone's gonna get punished, this is GLORIOUS.

Here I am, celebate, watching all these horn dogs (guys and girls) have to prioritize their life because they honestly 100% believed that sex was all that mattered.

I must be dreaming.

One day all I'll need to do is raise an eyebrow and every women I make eye contact with will have the most earth shattering, seizure-inducing orgasm they'll ever have.

dont be a manwhore just like you probably dont like regular whores

I believe so.


Burger speaks the truth. If it really is traumatizing, get on meds, talk to a counselor and move on.

don't remind me of that bullshit
holy fuck, fuck the liberal supreme court

>tfw spic master race living in LA
>thinking this bullshit law even applies to me
This is literally only geared towards white males in California. Hispanic girls don't even believe rape is real.


Just another reason to nuke that state.

>be in a relationship with some chick when you're in your early 20s
>become "just friends" at her request after four months
>be kind of relieved because you didn't see a future in the relationship anyway and thought she was a little odd but didn't know how to break it off without creating a mess
>live your life
>a lot of years pass
>get hit with a rape accusation in your late 40s
>your mind runs through all possible scenarios and nothing makes sense even remotely
>find out the chick you dated 25 years ago and who you barely even remember is now a complete lunatic
>is this real life
>be forced through the whole process
>apparently this is real life
>expert psychologist states the woman's mental health deteriorated because of the trauma stemming from the alleged rape
>her description of the rape is very detailed
>everyone treats you as a rapist
>you protest in vain
>dude, just get it off your chest and admit you raped her, it will be a great relief to you to finally come to terms with what you did
>b-b-but I didn't do anything!
>dude, you're a real low-life
>b-but I didn't do it!
>get convicted of rape
Here's a skittle for you. Let's hope it's not poisoned!

Too bad it's impossible to prosecute cases that old with no physical evidence. There is no point to this decision.

It prevents people from accusing you of shit that happened 20 years ago.

Cases that old are frequently unsolvable because property, witnesses, and staff have changed so much it's not worth the man hours to pursue.

A woman would never lie about being raped by Jeff 30 years ago, you insensitive pig. Why is this poor rape victim so tormented and breaks down when she describes what Jeff did to her? Protip: Jeff raped her and ruined her life. Jeff belongs in prison. Jeff deserves to be raped with sharp metal objects. Jeff deserves to be castrated. Jeff deserves to be tortured. Jeff must die.

By the way, here's an example of a rapist getting away scot-free despite brutally raping a woman at a railway station:

Fucking Finland being a cuck again

Now we can arrest people and throw them in prison on hearsay alone!

"Rape investment" will now be a thing in California:

>sleep with all your nerdy friends in university
>20 years later accuse the rich ones of rape
>long term rape investment paid off

California needs to be nuked.

>marriage rates already in free fall
>millennials are supposedly having less sex than any other generation
>commercial market VR launches to an install base of 50 million young men next month
>androids and empathetic AI are around the corner

and now...

>women can claim rape 3 decades after the fact

These cunts really are pushing themselves into complete obsolescence. This could also end up destroying the dating site industry, as it provides proof that you met up with a woman, so then she can make up whatever kind of bullshit she wants after the fact.

The sanctioned degeneracy is approaching its zenith.

The cunts are completely out of control and burning this country to the ground.

Commiefornians are fleeing their shithole and cluelessly spreading their garbage to the rest of the states.

You couldn't pay me to involve myself with a woman now or even reveal my name to one unless it's absolutely necessary.

Take over Cali, Paco. It would be an improvement.

Statute, not statue.

>>millennials are supposedly having less sex than any other generation

That statistic is so misleading its not even funny.

Millenial MEN are having less sex than ever.

Why the fuck do you think?

Its because 20% of men are fucking all the women.

Millenial men are the ones being incels.

>women can claim rape 3 decades after the fact

Just wait laddy. In 10-15 years there will be mass suicides in women, mass killing sprees in men and widespread alcoholism.

It's horse shit because without forensic evidence, what proof is there other than 12 male hating feminazis in the jury?

>millenial MEN
The article didn't say that. It was all millenials.

What movie is this from?

Man, i can't believe we're actually living in this era :/

>Went through a nasty divorce with my ex when I was in the Marines. She kicked it off with a false DV charge. I spent 2 nights in jail per NC law. 10,000 dollars and 3 months later the DA dismissed the DV charge she hit me with a "marital rape" charge. That was another 6 months of hell before it was dismissed. Pretty much lost everything.

we've all been there, devil dog.

Blood diamond, my dear millenial.

Considered /rhodesiacore/ for the Afrikaanerfags here.

wait so california says theres no statute of limitations of 1 rape case but also has decided children can be prostitutes...

Can Bill Clinton be tried there?

Thats the fucking point mate.

Its a misleading statistic, because it implies that both men and women millenials are having less sex which is absolutely untrue, when you look at HPV rates among women under 20.

Women are having more sex than ever.

Men are having less sex than ever.

This is because Tinder/clubs/facebook allow the most attractive/successful/powerful men to have the pick of the litter.

This isnt my opinion, this is fact.

Defense lawyer will love this.

In either case, I'm not touching women with a 50 foot pole.

Thank fuck im not a californian

dosent mass have a law that niggers are legally obligated to run from the cops now because they're niggers?

So elijah wood and corey feldman can now come out publicly about the child predator faggot Hollywood actors and power brokers.


You fucked someone literally screaming that they don't want you to fuck them. That IS rape idiot.

california is so progressive. Banning guns, removing the statute of limitations, legalizing pedophilia.

Wow such amazing people. Truly ahead of the rest and a role model for the rest of the states.

No need. Just follow the rules.

Play their game and be smart about it.

>university consent laws say you need written consent before sex

Get it.

Dont fuck women in your workplace.

Dont piss off any women by treating them like sluts (which they are).

Dont use your real name in a ONS.

Dont use your real name on facebook.

Insist on sleeping over at her's during a ONS and leave right after finishing without the slightest trace of your existence (name, address etc).

Be smart about it.

Even just a trial ruins the life of the accused, and you're acting like false accusations are no big deal.

Wait, legalizing pedos?

I thought those were just crazy conspiracy theories

Implying the modern tale of getting laid isn't the story of Icarus where rape charges is the sun.

>has decided children can be prostitutes

None of that shit matters if a crazy cunt has your number.

Not even pre-nups hold up in court if the woman signed them "under duress."

You're a chump for playing the womens' game and risking your life for a stinky wet nagging hole. If women didn't have a vag, you would stay a mile away from them. Just get a fleshlight.


You could've charged him in 2007 you stupid whore, you didn't because it wasn't rape.

Because no-one got burned by false rape accusations before.

I dont.

Here in Austria laws arent as fucked as in the US, since this still a relatively traditional country.

I personally stay away from women, since I despise them. Im just giving you advice from my own experience living in the US.

Do what you like. Its your life. Some day when youre 50, you will look back and wish you had lived a little.

As I said, just be smart about it.

>Dont stick your dick in crazy

"ADAM! You raped me!!"

I never asked for this. The year is 2027. It is a time of great innovation and technological advancement. It is also a time of rape accusation and female hysteria.

Good for California tbqhwy family

This can't be completely awful, right?
What about cases when authorities have DNA evidence and they can't find the guy who actually did rape someone 10+ years ago and he gets to walk free?

>This is great, now all those Hollywood pedophiles can be brought to task






You mustn't let them get away with it.

You can't let Dan get away.

Bunch of young fags fucks an old fag for money, why would you care?

Dan "greasy but cheesy" Schneider

Because the goal is to start a rape prosecution well past the point of gaining any possible evidence so when you make false rape claims against rich celebrities you won't get in trouble for making it and get free attention, sympathy and money.

>silencing accusers with the best lawyers money can buy
>why you fuggin' care?

>i was totally wrong about you and your buddies perforating my anus when i was a child
>it must have been some other people in hollywood

Women get punished all the time for it. It's just that when they get off scott free it makes the news.

>living with her father
And now I'm certain this was Cred Forums posting

There is no statue of limitation on murder.