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so tight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

so fassbender is gay right? why won't he come out?

Fassbender legitimately might be gay

Looks dyel af

I'd spoof in her moot

for what?
i would wreck this little bitch, if i had the chance
stick girl = best girl

fake weights


Fucking hell, she has the same flat and unwomanly body type as those loli's that pedos keep spamming on the board.

This type of girls is most convenient to have sex with. You'd know that, OP, if you weren't a deplorable virgin.

She looks thinner than Gal Gadot

It's WB who should apologize for putting out nothing but shit their entire life

The sooner they get shut down the better

hehe, it's confirmed then

mmm webmas/?

skip the leg day
skip the ass day

you're doing it wrong

WTF I deadlift 5pl8s unironically and yet don't curl that much

>so unrealistic, how can somebody who does a lot of physical activity be in shape?


I hope your memeing, she's curling like 14-16 kg. It's impressive for a girl I guess

I actually never curl ;)

she gotta keep that wrist game strong mate
if you know what i'm sayin ;)

No they fucking wouldn't be. She would be boney as fuck and has literally no padding anywhere. Sex would be fucking terrible, only bonus would probably be stamina but for aesthetics and actual feel? Fuck no. Even decently in shape women can have thin pelvic padding so after awhile you're going to get bruised just because meat doesn't build up in the right spots. She doesn't have an ass so one good possibility is doggy would be better because she doesn't have anything to get in the way of you going deep.




As if female wrist game matters. Women can never match male hand strength. Even with two hands. If they can't get it done with their mouths, their wrists don't matter.

>looks like a little boy

So this is all a massive conspiracy to push pedophilia isn't it?


Women may have weaker upper body but their hips and lower body are much stronger than men, if both are untrained.

Why would assbender end up with this 12 year old boy? All that oil drilling for this?


that's patently untrue

why is that boy wearing a sports bra?

oh I know, female nympho is a lethal weapon. Their bodies can keep going long after we tucker out after fifth or sixth time.

My point is he acted like her doing curls mattered, as if her hands would ever matter when any guy that has ever had a woman try to replicate what a guy can do for himself and be utterly disappointed. It's almost boring. If a woman doesn't know how to use her mouth, the rest is always a disappointment.

woman hip bones are bigger but the actual muscles are not stronger retard

the eternal mick told him to stop race mixing or else he will pay

assassin creed, and the snowman were his warning.

Spoken like someone who only ever fucked fat chicks and needs to justify it by pretending thin girls are shit in bed

I'd hardly argue a hundred pound chick at 5'7 as fat but it's not like I was gauging her bmi. if you want gormless-taut meatsicle women, we'll have to agree to disagree or you can accept you're a faggot like assbender.

For clarification, you're defending a titless, assless critter that probably doesn't even get her period anymore, meaning she can't have kids. That is what you're defending. Someone who isn't technically a woman.

I think you need to re-evaluate broski.

The only thing appealing about this project is everyone else involved. I enjoy that nord director and the other actors but she is just a terrible choice. When are kikes gonna realise women don't care about tomb raider and it's a male power fuck fantasy. Should of got that chick who played Shaw in Person of Interest. Stacked, sexy and exotic looking.

Imagine how good she would have been as Lara

Is that that other saucy minx from vvitch?

>no hips
>no tits
>no nothing

this poor, poor thing


Why bother with that weight if you just cheat on the reps

The perfect twink body

literally not even using her biceps




Why are women liars?

vidya nu-lara wasnt this ripped, why does this one need to be so ripped?

It's like classic tomb raider had big ol tits so theyve cast Angelina Jolie...

the industry is upside down for 3 years now, what happened? how long will everything be so incompetent?

>that form

>she curls more than I do


>12lbs of muscle

>fake weights

why is this allowed

I really wish they’d shove some pillows down her bra and panties to at least give us the illusion of a curvy Lara.

She still looks shit because they picked the wrong actress for the role but I have to admire the fact that she is putting the effort in.

It's the wrong kind of effort. Nobody seriously believes she can take down grown men, that is movie magic.

She needs to get fake tits, fake fucking everything and then I could appreciate her 'effort'


It's shocking how fake everything is.
It's more shocking that there are people who believe this.
Also, Skarsgard
>a beast
It was so obvious that he wanted to call him hot desu

Ew, that's supposed to lara croft?

Fuck off

It's more about her athletic jumping and climbing shit than being a crazy knock-out machine though.
Still the the wrong person for the role but if you told me she rock climbs ancient tombs for fun I'd believe you.

.....Was Weinstein a bisexual?

They're both kikes.

She's a lovely looking lady, I don't know why everybody is being so mean to her. Just imagine if she read all the hurtful comments about her and even her husband!! You're monsters, rethink your lives.

Because feminine beauty is offensive to those without it and this is another in a growing trend of castings targeting these bothersome uggos as if appeasing a vocal minority is a sound business practice.

It isn't. This movie will fucking bomb. Could have at least thrown in an attractive lead to fill some seats. As if a Tomb Raider film is going to succeed on its own merit. It needs tits and ass. Vikander literally has neither.

Who is the queen of workout kino? and why is it Antje? youtube.com/watch?v=6xPN9pS7IKA

daily reminder

>literally no hips

how does this even happen

PT's are such a fucking meme.

>A woman denied her rightful Hollywood career



>Women can never match male hand strength
why the fuck would they need to you want her to yank it off or something ??

how so?

>why the fuck would they need to you want her to yank it off or something ??
Some feminists claim to be our equals so they need to.

Why not just put some plates on the bar instead of tying kettlebells. Also shit form with the sled pushing and chain pulling, rounded back. Not her fault obviously.

DESU I think she looks better than Angelina.

look at this dood

Why is the dude just standing there and not fixing her fucking form?

That's the literal form of those who are lifting more than they can handle, he can't do anything about it. If you notice, she's not lifting it, she's basically swinging it upwards, then once it's up she rotates it. Women.


That trainer doesn't know how to put muscle on a newbie lifter. Fucking kek, she was already underweight and that's the result?

They probably just did that for the cameras. People who dont lift at all are probably gawping at it and not really aware of the poor form.

He would be guilty of mansplaining

>"Tomb Raider"

Those are 100% fake weights. The size of the weights look to be 40lb's. There is barely any bicep flex on either arm.

why are those 3 lbs dumb bells so fucking big?

I doubt it's that amount, even.

No, that is just not true. The difference between upperbody strength between men and women is greater than the difference in lowerbody strength, but men are significantly ahead in both.

Go to bed fastenberg

She is lifting more than she can handle, she literally can't have good form with those weights.

Absolutely not. See she's basically locking her elbow and lifting with whatever tissue she's got on those chicken bones. I used to lift like that when I was 12 and I weighed as much as she does now.

I wonder what weight that is.

I curl 45lbs and it looks maybe 10 lbs bigger but her form sucks and there's no way she could curl 35lb dumbbells.

cheap, they are filled with sand.

>A woman curling 20 pounds with good form is DYEL

lmao. gymlet detected

>good form

> good form

Ask me how I know you've never been in a gym

Considering how tiny she is, I would say pic. 20 maybe, if her tendons are godtier, and just for the video or it would fuck her wrists up.

Rubber-coated iron.

>leveraging the weight

now i hate women even more

you've obviously never been jerked by a woman, it isn't that you want her to yank it off, its that because they're less strong than what your body is used to that you can't enjoy it as much. They can't match what you can do to yourself and are used to. Which is why they need to be good with their mouths because they need to stimulate you in other ways to make up for it. it basically feels like giving yourself a weak handjob if they're not giving you head.

it's quite a rebound from big asses to "transgirl with even less hips than dancers the spammer used to post on Cred Forums"

Seriously sad that they had to pad her up to have at least A cups on the tomb raider poster. There is literally nothing there, wtf. How is that possible? Is it even possible for girls like this to breast feed? I legitimately don’t know

actors always play up for the cameras ("yes, there's no steroids, he just does curls with 30kgs in each hand and eats lots of chicken") but I'd think girls would do less of that except if they're trying to play a retarded feminism thing

>that's a nice ass according to white people
poor gringos brutalized by the narrow-hipped tomboys they call "women"

Considering she did that tranny movie and Ex Machina that was all about "passing", I genuinely think she might be a trans person that Hollywood sneaked in as an experiment

It's not even about the breasts, mena suvari had tiny tits, she still looked feminine even while working out a lot

Considering she's jewish and hardcore feminist, what do you think?

who is this young man?

Eliza is my type of woman


>DESU I'm a homosexual
that's nice user

Am I the only one who actually likes nu-Lara more?

Alicia Vikander has god tier pits. For all my life, I never gave a flying fuck about tits and ass. On the other hand, I'd give anything to take a whiff of those wide sweaty pheromone filled armpits. Lara must have not even had deodorant for most of the movie! She goes from a pampered rich white girl to a perspiring female action hero, yum! Probably has the stamina to fuck all night!

Who else here agrees? I know I'm not the only one

this trainer is trash


Is Vikander a trap? I'm definitely a male - I just checked my penis, and I have wider hips, a bigger ass, and even moobs than her. I could start to transition and look more feminine than her, over night.

pls be in london

Those are clearly fake weights you spastic. Trainers and instawhores use them all the time for photo shoots.

She's slinging those weights like a bowling ball

trying to pass that for a woman is laughable

she has wider shoulders than most men

Why dont "men " quit paying to see female power fantasies. If they did the they'd quit supplanting male oriented entertainment. Stupid nu-male faggots.

i don't agree but i enjoyed your post

she's not THAT masculine (seriously, go work out), that tranny looks more like a teen twink who took hormone blockers to arrest his development


>lara's defining features are her muscles

>that fucking sasha grey tier plump delicious little ass
what a nice little milf teen she is

why are two of his fingers white

Tienes 2 segundos para decir de dónde eres o te demandaré por apropiación cultural

No. She has only Swedish and Finnish ancestry.


Soy Norteamericano, pendejo. Pero mis padres son de Puerto Rico


Peor que chicano
Away with you

my dick

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

there's also sex shots of her jumping on a cock and her tiny little tits bouncing

There's no fucking way this isn't a man.

>Peor que chicano
Go get beheaded güey

Eat clen
Tren hard
Anavar give up

The first rule of Tranny Club is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT TRANNY CLUB

Todo un mememaster
No importa que te creas ya no tienes nada que ver con el país de tus padres
Para bien o para mal

>you will never have a gf that is a milf wifey and a teen babysitter in the same little lady


fucking lol

Puedo viajar libremente a Puerto Rico sin visa o pasaporte. My parents didn't have to give up their nation in order to move to the States.

>404 tits not found

El mulato mugroso....

stfu , faggot

they should have. puerto ricans don't consider themselves americans. on a side note, double nationality is a terrible idea

>el Azteca asqueroso
menos de 2% Africano de acuerdo a 23andme. Stay mad, drywaller

puerto ricans are literal niggers

Like Cubans, there are plenty of white ones.

Retard. My legs are skinnier than a lot of females I see at the gym but I’m still squatting and deadlifting 2x as much as they are most of the time

yes but when you squat you lift with your upper body, you manchild manbaby pissbaby

Once the GDP catches up to Mississippi it'll become a state. The issue used to be linguistic, but the current generation speaks English pretty well, and, like the rest of the world, is culturally in-tune with the States (for better or worse). I don't see a separation ever occurring.

>yes but when you squat you lift with your upper body

Tiny Little Titties General?

He's making fun of your utter shit brokeback form.

kys you latino nigger

There are pictures floating around of him. He doesn't look black

someone post McAdams and MEW


He's incredibly ugly though

and Amy Smart too for a little titty nibbling orgy

what did they mean by this?

Someone post


That doesnt work tho, smaller girls are cuter


literally no hips, no waist, no tits
and her muscles aren't even that good
what am I supposed to like about her?

I'd rather fuck Astolfo.

that's a nice body
slim, toned, curvy
tits are optional when you got dat asssss

Face is kind of attractive, thats it

explain good form to me. What the most efficient way?

You rotate smoothly as you come up, and you have a constant speed you curl it up with your back straight so you're not flinging it about using it like a pendulum to get it up

>12 lbs of muscle

Why do normies think muscle is just as easy to put as fat if you lift. 12 lbs of muscle is fucking insane even for a male on gear

What’s a dishonest film?
Pic I think is related

Just not cheating. You're supposed to squee your biceps and feel it there, not just "lifting the weight"

not using momentum or arching your back backwards to cheat or exploding with your legs. The weight drops slowly and controlled while using your biceps

here she's almost throwing a bowling ball upwards

>all the /fit/ autists itt
lmao i do the same shit, and I grow constantly, I become bigger, I gain muscle mass
just use steroids too and that's it
to lift in 2018 and not use steroids is truly some beta shit
lift for YEARS, literally YEARS and still potentially not reaching your goals or even 70% of it. LMAOing at your life. 'form' autists

>t. erectile dysfunction at 28 and fat at 31

yes you can lift like a retard with bad form if you're on roids, no shit. You can do jumpin jacks on roids and you'll look good

My stage 1 gyno gives me bigger boobs than her. Pathetic.

Sicario isn't dishonest at all. Some critics were triggered by its lack of dishonesty, and by refusing to portray the drug war in a neat ideological package.

lol I am gonna kill myself before 24, what are you talking about, you dumb pleb

why do they keep casting men as Lara?

>lol i got suicidally mood swings, its nothing to do with fucking up my hormones and possibly doing a bad cycle where estrogen spikes and gets me down

seriously, you better not be fucking with that shit flying blind

>Her breasts just keep getting smaller somehow

This casting is just comedy central level wrong. It's like they made a remake of Commando and cast Jesse Eisenberg into Arnie's role.

lol dumb pleb I am too smart to not want to suicide lmao I solved philosophy I am in the top 100 brightest minds currently alive and most likely to ever have lived

name the other 99

tv related:
guy ritchie
scarlett johanson
james mcevoy
tom hardy

im assuming youre just some gay sadbrain ironybro on twitter right?

It's the urban camouflage. They're not actually invisible.

no, nice projections btw and/or pent-up frustration

>all those braindead wannabe bodybuilder tough guys in this thread
It's not "fake" weights, it simply isn't metal so of course they are bigger. They are probably afraid she could hurt herself and sue the shit out of them.

There is no need to curl much more than 16 kg, internet tough guy fatass.

you're literally stealing their schtick then

>dont know them
>literally steal
oh wow you're two digit iq trash

Real talk, is she born as a woman, or is she transsexual? Because her wide-shoulders, narrow-hips body type is EXTREMELY male.

my wife

Nothing wrong with skinny women.

>aside from a few minor details

Is one of those details "everything"?

Fucking gold

well her defining female features can undoubtedly be described as minor

>play Lara Croft
>flat as a fucking window

What did they mean by this ?

Lara Croft is not supposed to have big tits though.

Why the fuck does she need padding? She's not a porcelain doll.

a goblin...

This reads like a cringey pasta. The problem is you, stop with the death grip you autist.

that's brad pitt you fucking fool

If she were actually male she wouldn't be such a fucking sticc, males put on muscle way easier than females

Pitfags are literally worse than footfags

the only lara croft she has going for her is her voice
they'll cgi her tits, right guys

God she's so beautiful

Fucking celebrity trainers i swear to god.

Why do zero of them know anything about training and resort to meme exercises?

not a matter of stick, but hips-shoulders, pecs and low bf

Nigger, from which dimension you come from ?

>a woman putting on 12 lbs of muscle in 3 months when she can't even curl correctly

for a movie it's unrealistic
also, her yacht photos are one of the hottest women bodies i've ever seen
tv is just pleb again.

For what? Sorry you have no tits and I didn't see your movie because of it?


she probably can tho, shit someone does in front of the camera is usually nothing like what they actually do

>oh hi im just here curling weights that dont even allow me decent form
>oh hi hugh jackman here, just curling with 40kgs in each hand. Thats how i do it, lots of chicken and curls

she needs to do SS+GOMAD get a nice THICC ass then we can talk about me giving her some children

>hugh jackman
he's a manlet though, he can curl 20 kg (I doubt he can physically though) and still reach movie form

>Huge Actman

low iq face

>he's a manlet
wolverine is 5'5, huge is 6'2

>"Lara Croft can't have big tits, that's sexist!"
>"Let's make her a skeleton so every women in the audience will feel bad."

>huge is 6'2
yeah right, did google tell you that?

damn im miring that solid v taper


>huge is 6'2
Lol 6'2" is the cutoff for manlet-hood, you're not really tall unless you're over 7'0"

Women are like children. Just put them to do literally any random exercise and they'll do it enthusiastically feeling like they're actually achieving shit.

that's not proper form

>huge is 6'2
when will they learn

Every time I see another trainer having people do this shit, I fucking cringe. Charging a massive amount of money for special meme exercises is why people don’t trust trainers.

is she lifting fucking 60 lb dumbells? what the fuck is with the size of those things

its plastic and supposed to look big


IMPOSSIBLE, the black intervewier already knew the guy was bullshit

goddamn alicia legs look like shit not like an athlete at all, shes looks like one of those meme college girls who just do basic cardio and doenst eat

>supposed to look big
for what purpose? doesnt that just get in your fucking way when you rotate and get it all the way up for max tension


She is clearly doing hammer curls, that is not curling. You can do almost 2x the weight of normal curls with hammer curls.

she probably doesnt use those on her traning, it's just for the day the camera people came

>youtube.com/watch?v=6xPN9pS7IKA [Remove]

lmao whats the point of using kettle balls with bands instead of just weights, this is some meme shit

so you have to buy more bands when they rip a year later and so you have to foccus on them bouncing instead of your form and foccus on your muscles


>Lara Croft is Angelina Jolie
>Lara Croft is Brad Pitt

>Cred Forums in charge of understand female anatomy

b urself

>all the comments talking about height
fucking /fit/ cancerfags

Why wasn't she Lara?

she is in your dreams

Holy shit reading comprehension you faggot?
The guy said that untrained females are stronger in the lower body than men and I think that could very well be true, just because most women never lush themselves they could still outlift a man probably if they're on one level of athleticism

Why is she so dark? I thought she was Swedish

lol dumb retard ofcourse that's not true you gullible trash

Didn't know Vegan Gains starred in Tomb Raider.

Why did Lara have to become some super she-beast anyway? I mean you don't need tits but at least just have a normal body that gets into crazy situations and somehow survives? This woman looks way too fit and scary.

You could easily take a girl like this, tell her the opposite to actually gain weight by eating a lot, then tell her to exercise 2 months and come out way ahead.

It looks like they said for her to exercise 6 months and made her into this cyborg killer who has legit athletic strength but at the cost of everything that makes her pretty.

>Wonder woman
Lmao, I mean is that really the Pinnacle of human beauty and athleticism ?
I am aware that tons of Jewish girls are very beautiful but she is definitely not.

Can you bench 1pl8 yet, Cred Forums?

Why would I? That means only one side of the bar has a plate on it, you dummy. I ain't risking my safety.


Shitty bait
I can bench 2 pl8, but bench is literally my weakest lift, I OHP 1.5 pl8
Squat 3.5, dl 3 (want to avoid snap city )

how much is 1 plate?

>too fit
the word you're looking for is unfeminine, not fit

she looks like a 13yo israeli boy getting ready for his bar mitzvah

what's happening at 1:19?

Will she have a qt asian gf like the games?


All they had to do.was cast Emily Blunt, she perfect for the role.
At least Kelly C wasnt cast


20 kg each side plus 20 kg from the bar. Around 60 kg or 130 lbs

if I can repeatedly lift 21.5 kg with one hand, could I lift 60 kg with two hands?

if by one hand you mean dumbbell brnch oress, yes, easily

You mean you do pecs with 20k dumbbells? Yes, you will be able to do 1 plate with a barbell.

thank god, so it wont be complete embarassment when I go to the gym and start lifting


Once you get to the gym you will realize most people CANT do 1 plate even if its supposed to be beginner level shit. You are already better than half the people there.

literally nobody cares, the only thing people notice is bad form or grunting

yeah and I will be lifting in a country where no gym culture exists and every man is either dyel skeleton or fat.


>this VIDEOGAME has a character with tits
>therefore movie version MUST HAVE TITS too


nah, china

Its wut made the original a success

she's doing full body bicep curls

so do her joints suffer from that?

Fake weights likely as all the blind items have this movies production being a clusterfuck.

pitfags, just as bad as footfags and brapfags

>a dishonest film
You fuckin wot m8

Is that fan made photoshop?

Imagine her thighs wrapped around your kneck forcing you to submit and lick her pussy or youll loose consoiusness hahaha

Can Cred Forums even momentum lift what she can lift?

Bunch of skinny armed fat asses bagging on this girl.

>actually my bideogaym character should not be sexy so we can take her seriously

for 5 reps yes ;)

I thought this was Emilia Clarke at 1st, I was like damn.

they took away the tits just to spite the audience. Blame the jews

4/10 I've seen bigger titties on myself in the mirror.

t pedophile

dude that would be rape

She would have been a better choice honestly

so have we never found out what race this bitch is?

>inb4 swedish


probably is a mutt swedish but boys develop darker outline

She's Dark Swede

how come mods dont want me man

not that bad tbqh

2.25pl8s 3x5 sucka

>Laura Croft being played by a washboard
>Ms. Marvel being played a woman who looks like a child wearing her father's clothes trying to play adult
I shun to think of who they will cast as Black Cat, Catwoman, or Spider Girl.

>speak spanish

What would ironic deadlifting look like?

Gad she's ugly

Man or Woman? You decide!

Because if they knew what they were doing, that means the pampered celebs would have to do actual training and work. This way, both idiots get paid to do nothing.

You realize that by definition doing something efficiently means using as little energy/ muscle as possible and that's the opposite of what you want when lifting

Oh shit I'm sorry.

You could argue that efficiency could also mean achieving the desired result with as little wasted effort as possible. Swinging weights around like an idiot is inefficient because it won't get you the results you want.

That's incorrect.

1. in a way that achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
"it is essential to make sure businesses operate efficiently to maximize profits"
in a well-organized and competent way.
"he worked efficiently to accomplish the tasks set"

She never worked out before, 12 lbs of muscle isn't that hard if that's your first time putting on mass ever, it is only hard if you are already muscular

She looks the exact same

plus you can see the terrible liberal bullshit workouts she's doing in the video, there's no way she gained any significant amount of muscle. Even if she did, it doesn't show up on film.

i fucking wish that were real

qt spic

That's why they eat so much beans.