What exactly was the moral of this story?

What exactly was the moral of this story?

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mummy is cute

Don't accidentally resurrect ancient mummies

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was Tom Cruise gay in this film? Why would he choose that blonde slut over mummy?

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There are few.
1. What's better? Stealing and selling ancient artifacts or leting ISIS permanently destroy them? Which one is lesser evil?
2. "Sometimes you need a monster to defeat a monster" as said at the end of movie.
3. Shitty movie sells better when you got hot mummy. And when you put her in bondage, you get twice more buzz.
4. Only Marvel got a pass at Universe building movies. Green screen superheros fighting aliens and quipping in most inappropriate moments are good, but if someone else does it, it's bad.
5. No matter how much effort you put in movie, if it got bad wrintg people gonna ignore all the hard work.
It's no worse than Marvel or DC movies, they went way too harsh on it.

Pretty good flick. Enjoyed the creepy parts at the church where the mummy starts sucking the life out of the first responders and turning them into zombie slaves. Felt like a good adventure movie.

I don't really get ending. Cruise killed her or what? Why they placed her corpse back to coffin instead or destroying it permanently? Burning or something.

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Yea. Church parts were great. Also that ending in crypt. Lot of gothic horror feeling, reminds me of these 50s Hammer productions.

I guess I'm one of these contrarians.
Honestly loved this movie. In age of CGI filled blockbusters, it comes up with old school way. It's been a while.
Scene with mummy walking down the streets of London feels really strange, especially when you are strolling through these streets every day.

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>implying that this movie didn't have shit loads of bad CGI

Don't try and create an expanded universe without some sort of plan.



Gib brown pucci

I only noticed CGI in 3 cases
>London storm
>animating animals (rats, birds, spiders etc)
>animating fast moving vehicles (plane falling down, underground train)
Everything else is top-notch. Ahmanet and zombies are perfectly rotten, with missing parts and shits, mercury in that tomb is pretty shiny and looks just like real thing.
Which CGI you didn't like?

Her tomb was really creative and cool, too.

I think they clearly had a plan.
Marvel started with standalone Ironman, later build up the universe.
Mummy already starts with having universe on mind. When (if) they continue this, on longer run it gonna make more sense and have better connection.

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Posted this in Tom Cruise thread, but gonna re-post here too, coz it's related.
I really enjoyed Tom Cruise "out of place" character here. He was an anti-hero, jerk and asshole. It made his character feel very real, unlike another charming hero Hollywood push for.
Also that constant "wtf is going on" feeling made a lot of sense. How would you react having strange visions of an unknown lady, talking to you in an unknown language? Or waking up in bodybag after horrific plane crash?
I'm sure you would be like "what the fuck?" and Cruise was just like that.

Brendan was acting like hero who seems to know everything, copy of Indiana Jones. Cruise gave more "natural", schocked performance of guy who got no idea what's going on, but somehow got into these strange events.
I guess that's why they hated it. People just want a cartoonish hero, not a normal guy.

>mummy is ressurected
>only wanted unconditional love
>promises unlimited power to protagonist
>protagonist kills her in favour to some nobody he just met

Who the fuck wrote this shit

That you can't cast Tom Cruise for a character that isn't on screen every fucking minute.

>A cool supernatural action blockbuster without pushing bullshit political agenda
>typical cast, handsome hero and 2 sexy ladies, no ugly potatoes like in SW.
>providing actual new story without pandering to nostalgia trends

>"Let us put her in a tomb/prison far from our lands so no one will ever find her."
>"Also, we should add a quick release mechanism in case someone wants to release her."

don't forget she was protecting him too. Saved him from plane crash and cared about him when Prodigium guys wanted to kill him. Passionate, protective, caring, powerful, supernatural - literally perfect waifu.

Don't try to turn cheesy monster movies into capeshit.

user, do you know what happens if you submerge something in mercury?
Take a look here. Cannonball floats in mercury.
Chain mechanism was probably to hold it down. Maybe it was hooked on bottom too, and once Cruise shot the chain, bottom lock has been released.

did she even do anything wrong? what was her evil plan? to take over modern day egypt? they could probably do with a regime change to someone who isn't beholden to a corrupt political party

>I think they clearly had a plan.
Making League of Extraordinary Gentleman again was a terrible plan. It's also not really fair to draw comparisons to Marvel because they have several crossover storylines already laid out for them in the comics that they could draw inspiration from. It's also doesn't feel too forced when a crossover does occur in the Marvel films because that shit happens in comics all the time (so it's accepted more easily).

Van Helsing would've been a better base to start from.

I appreciate your attempt user. But there is nothing in the film to support your claim.

I think they say it in movie, that it was supposed to keep something inside. Can't really remember.
Movie is flawed, agree, but looking for extra things just to criticize them, when they are actually correct is bit too much.

Checked. Blonde bitch says the chains are to hold it down. So this 1 small thing makes sense.

She wanted to sacrifice him and let a death god inhabit his corpse. There was no good end in letting her have her way.




>..this is Bane..

What's ya think? Is there chance for Dark Universe rollin? If I remember right, 1999 Mummy had also very bad critical response, but making 400m was enough to spawn sequels.
2017 one is 3rd highest grossing non-Mission Impossible Tom Cruise movie, and since last decade, his movies do 70% box office overseas.

its been cancelled already

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OpI think they put too much to drop it now.
Movie underperformed in USA but made solid numbers around the world.
They released few games related to it too. Also both websites are still up. Dark Universe one and that virtual 360 degree trip to Prodigium.
Tom Cruise is up to continue, despite bad reviews also Sofia said she "may" reappear too - Ahmanet gave her international fame. Javier is still interested in Frankenstein role.
Bill Condon gathered crew and is ready to go with Bride of Frankenstein.
Invisible Man is changing writer.

They put too much to drop it now.
Didn't give up after Van Helsing flop, Dracula Untold flop so why giving up now, when movie hit magic 400m.

>virtual 360 degree trip to Prodigium.
huh? link pls

It's part of VR bonus. Click small google icon in bottom left corner if you got VR set.

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>What exactly was the moral of this story?
Cruise says a bit in one of bonus features.
He wanted to play "a man with no soul". An empty character, he has never done this before. Always was a spy, hero or whatever, in "Mummy" wanted a change.

Didn't know about this. Makes sense.

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