What the fuck was his problem?

What the fuck was his problem?

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Never been the best at something have you?

Neither has he

>registers high scores as "USA
>just to remind cucks and shitskins we're numero uno
literally /ourguy/

Too alpha.

His name is Billy Mitchell. TWO first names.

Nothing. He's fucking based.

Nintenbaby Manchild who never amounted more than playing Bing Bing Wahoo! and sucking on his mother's tit.

Pacman and he was the best at donkey kong at the time

get OFF my board

Why is youtube recommending me some videos relating to him now? Is he in the news for some reason besides kong?

he had vintage money but couldn't control the internet

now his scores are revealed to have been faked, twin galaxies is disgraced, and all he has is a hot sauce company.

He's a proven cheater.


I couldn't stand how full of himself he was in king of kong. Always with the dramatic sigh before droning incessantly about how great he is at thirty year old games.

the """documentary""" is mostly just bullshit. they just made billy into a villain for the narrative. he's an asshole, but he is good enough at the games he plays to back up his asshole behavior.

Is that Garrett Bobby Ferguson?

He WAS the bast for a very long time.

>now his scores are revealed to have been faked

Some of them. He's posted some of his leaderboard scores playing in front of people, and his 80s record is not under any suspicion.
The ones he posted purely of screen captured video where he played flawlessly precisely long enough to win the record and then stopped, those are the ones people now acknowledge as bullshit.

what's with all these record holders being revealed as cheaters

Because it's 2018 and they can't get away with it anymore.

Wrong. Bill Bastable was the first to achieve a perfect game 11 years before Billy Mitchell. Twin Galaxies has been covering this up and trying to discredit his achievement for years. Also, of every player to every play a perfect Pac-man game, Billy is the slowest. He is no where near the best player and never was.

The documentary was ultimately right though, Billy cheated and Twin Galaxies tried their hardest to discredit Wiebe at every turn.

They're fucking wh*te males, of course they cheated

this guy seems like a spazz who was never good enough to get anywhere near the high scores in those games so he just picks everyone else apart to make himself feel better.

the guy got 800k in the fucking 80s, he's not a shitty player...he's just an asshole with a huge ego.



the documentary was bullshit. steve wasn't even competing against billy's high score at the time, because billy didn't have the high score at the time, it was some chinese guy or something

>cheater because the guy in charge of the high scores knows nothing about video

>not cheating but lying about using an emulator


Because speedrunners are autistic and want to overthrow the old guard/circlejerk.

t. Todd Rogers

>thinking it's an emulator because you don't understand how a VHS gets confused when recording 240p footage from RGB

t. wiebe

Fraud with a mullet and ching chang wife. Ultimate beta.

Speedrunning has exploded in popularity, but they are salty about high schorers because getting high scores at arcade games is infinitely more difficult than memorizing a game and then trying to beat it fast.


Billy "buy my hot sauce" Mitchell

It's actually not, getting a record in a game like SM64 makes old piss easy 2d arcade games with no mechanical depth look like a joke.

have you played donkey kong? it's not easy

he got caught cheating, which everyone has known since 2006

i want billy to get a high score live then piss on a steve wiebe figurine

It's not easy as a new player. But it has a comparatively low skill ceiling, because its there's not that much to learn. The game has like 2 buttons and doesn't require any complex inputs or a high APM.

that's like saying quake 3 is an easy game because you just move around, pick up items, and shoot.

it's not easy, people who have played for years can maybe get 500k on a good day

>that's like saying quake 3 is an easy game because you just move around, pick up items, and shoot.
No it isn't. Quake has a ton of complicated movement tech and uses a full analog range. It's significantly more complex than Donkey Kong, just like SM64.

Timing has to be precise, I wouldn't call that low skill.

Mario 64's real easy. I could do a 0 star run if I practiced, and I've done 16 star runs in the past. But could I make it to the kill screen in Donkey Kong? Hell no.

>I've done 16 star runs in the past.
16 star is by far the easiest category and you're still definitely insanely shit at it.

>muh timing
Timing becomes exponentially more difficult the most complex the inputs for the game are.

Yeah, probably, but I don't think I'm autistic enough to seriously speedrun it.

the point is, at it's core, quake is a simple game. the more you learn about it the more complicated it gets. donkey kong is like that. seriosly go and try and get even 100k, it's fucking hard

He was unironically set up by the Jewish director. Billy Mitchell is
>an American patriate
>a loving dad
>a loyal husband
>a respected champion
>well kempt in his appearance
>a successful business man
>an aficionado in hot sauce
>a tax paying Floridian
>a good Samaritan
>a lifelong Republican
>pro 2A
>an alpha male
>a veteran (unconfirmed)
>an employer of dozens
>kill screen master

>quake is a simple game. the more you learn about it the more complicated it gets.
Right, just like SM64, and the complexity ceiling is significantly higher than Donkey Kong, Just like SM64.
>donkey kong is like that. seriosly go and try and get even 100k, it's fucking hard
I'm sure it's hard, but it's not on the same level as optimizing the speedrun of a frenetic 3d game.
>it's not easy, people who have played for years can maybe get 500k on a good day
The best SM64 runner has achieved three 1:39's and two 47's in like 10,000 hours of gameplay. There have only been 5 or so 1:39's and two 47's in total ever achieved by anyone in history.

and a mame splicer

This, that godddamn kike director was using deception and lies. Billy should have sued that Jew.

Completely irrelevant. Getting a high score on old school arcade games is a test of endurance.

False at every twist and turn, shill.

i dont know anything about sm64 speed running, i do know that donkey kong isn't as easy as people think it is. yea it's some silly arcade game, but i've tried playing it for a bit and you have to be severely autistic and dedicated to get high scores above like 300k.

>implying Billy didn't love the publicity he got from the documentary

The director said he actually tried to make Mitchell look way better in the film than he is in real life.

the director is a lying fruitloop. the whole thing is bs dude, just read this


they have a whole forum dedicated to the amount of bullshit in king of kong. twingalaxies.com/forumdisplay.php/406-The-King-of-Kong-Official-Statement


The absolute state of Americuck education

because these hacks like billie mitchell and THE H U M A N E L E M E N T wanted to have fame but not earn it so they lied about their records set, with no proof provided EXCEPT by a referee who "witnessed" their actions only to be arrested for child rape and conveniently have all the proof disappear with the investigation, but the age of the internet made it so these frauds can be exposed for cheaters.

Watch this, Billy is a cheater and Twin Galaxies had a vested interest in supporting his false claims. He financially supported the organisation.

Todd Rogers was even worse.


It's like a 100m sprint vs a marathon. Both are extremely hard to be the best at, but they require different approaches.

The complexity of inputs is entirely relevant as far as skill ceilings go. Anyone can take adderall and endure a 10 hour bleep bloop session.
>i've tried playing it for a bit
I bet in 100 hours of practice you could probably get well above 300k. Judging a game based on its skill floor (its difficulty for a new player) is naive. The game's skill ceiling is what dictates its depth and longevity.

you're going to need a better source

Very clever man.
Formed a whole hero and villain thing with King of Kong and took one for the team to make money for all involved.
Made the mistake of ignoring Tim Sczerby and fabricating scores/stories in the movie in real time.
Weirdly enough got a pass on all of that until Todd Rogers got busted and it's akin to the #TimesUp mentality of modern media / society.

There is literally no proof he did anything wrong.

Everyone is out to get him. His restraint in the face of this injustice is amazing.

People will be made to APOLOGIZE when the truth comes out.

I used to ship Billy's sauce from the warehouse, and lemme tell ya buddy, he still gets death threats for this movie and it's grade A horseshit. Did you know Seth Gordon filmed Billy taking care of his kids, two back then, for several days? Only to get in good, then stab Bill in the back? That's a secondhand scoop.

>I bet in 100 hours of practice you could probably get well above 300k

to break 300k id say youd have to play it at least 4 hours a day for 6 months. not kidding

It amazes me that there are people who actually care enough about this to make videos, investigations and have endless discussions.

King Of Kong is kino you pleb.

Jealous, envious, pathetic betas (probably anti-American too) are trying to smear him.

they even cited sources dude, just read it.

Is this the greatest fall from grace in history?

>person who clearly in the wrong
>dude he literally did nothing wrong
never fails

Is it just me or does Billy remind you guys of a more cartoonish George Lucas too?


>Billy is a cheater
Boy don't you besmirch Bill's reputation and legacy. He is the best DK player ever, including in goddamn Japan. I've seen him play. You are libelous scum.

Look. It's pretty clear what happened - Billy himself explained it.

The video tapes in question unequestionably feature someone playing a MAME rig.

But who is to say those tapes are actually of Billy Mitchell playing? What has happened, is that someone has swapped the authentic tapes for fakes that feature someone imitating Billy's games, but on MAME. That's the only logical answer here.

He just got caught CHEATING


>What has happened, is that someone has swapped the authentic tapes for fakes that feature someone imitating Billy's games, but on MAME. That's the only logical answer here.

Sure thing Billy.

>But who is to say those tapes are actually of Billy Mitchell playing?
Billy said they were.

It's the American way.

it's even worse than that. someone at funspot deliberately hooked up a mame inside a dk cabinet, knowing full well that billy would set a wr on that very machine, and then be disgraced when internet detectives looked at the footage frame by frame. diabolical!

>speed run
>N64 controller

These are honestly impressive. Also guys finishing Terraria in like 2 hours.

An experienced player can tell right away if he's playing on an emulator or not.

This isn't "your" board, you aspie. King of Kong is a documentary and this a board for television and film, so it belongs here. Fuck off.

why do people shit on the n64 controller? i liked them. the joystick was shitty but dat z button


They hate him so fucking much.

Think about it - they found a glitch in MAME several years ago. But sat on it. Just waiting to reveal it to discredit Billy after he set his high score.

The joystick is actually really precise and SM64 runners love them. The only actual bad thing about them is how they wear down after a while, but you can mitigate that with silicone grease. There are also modern alternatives like the steelstick and enkko.

turns out he was the liar and cheater everyone thought he was

It's fine but it's not great for fast reflexes. That's what led to me breaking my friends thumb during a heated bout of San Fran Rush.

You're a cheat Billy

All I want to know is, was the tape fake?

reminds me of this

>defending that just for men beard and pedo hair

yea of course, it was on obvious splice

Did anyone ever figure out what the fuck was really going on here?

Why does Cred Forums get to spam whatever they want here?

Walter Day has a gay man crush on Billy Mitchell. Billy himself is the star of the entire Twin Galaxies universe. Exposing him / you as a fraud ruins the whole thing.

looks like he's tripping and doesn't want to walk on that rug, that rug would look weird as fuck when tripping out

it's a fucking movie you moron

He's doing the crash bandicoot animations.

The tape is real, but it's the not the actual tape Billy used to get his scores.

It was an innocent mix up at twin galaxies.

he's just hanging brain, man

I'm not Cred Forums. I'm participating in this thread because it's literally Cred Forums, you halfwit.

Billy is a financial backer Walter loves his money man plus Billy is to connected now with it so yeah it will all fall down

here's your (You)

mkultra infiltrating gdq

>The tape is real, but it's the not the actual tape Billy used to get his scores.
>It was an innocent mix up at twin galaxies.
Source: ASS

Is this the closest to a real life Michael Scott we will ever get?


How else do you explain the journalist getting a tape of someone playing a MAME version and not Billy's actual tape of him on an authentic machine, idiot?

>A team of engineers

He's replicating crash bandicoots idling animations.

not even close, what a shit comparison

Keep crying Billy you laughable cheating cunt.

Oh thats easy, it is Billy playing and he's a fucking cheat.

What are you laughing about? These are the best engineers Billy and Twin Galaxies could find. It's proven that it's a smear campaign. Let it go.

>engineers Billy and Twin Galaxies could find.
Yeah, surely no conflict of interest there.

Yeah, Russia has nothing to do with this at all. Nothnig. Nope. It's just a true American hero cheating. Nothing at all to do with foreigners trying to seed division and hatred.

Sure thing Billy

Jesus Billy, just admit it and move on, you still have your bbq sauce or w/e the fuck it is.

>grown ass men playing videogames
it's understandable if you're under 16 and still a virgin, but that's about it

>mfw these 80's gamers never anticipated the level of autism we now have in 2018 blowing out all their fake scores

Technology was a mistake

>grown ass men posting on Cred Forums
it's understandable if you're under 16 and still a virgin, but that's about it

*cut to Billy close-up*

Is this the dumbest fucking "proof" video in history? He'd be more believable if there was no video

What’s wrong with that fags head?

damn, thank fuck I didn't spend my teens in here and I was out partying and fucking pussy.

ITT: ""Villains"" who did nothing wrong

>1988: Ned Troide, Twin Galaxies competitor featured in the "famous" Time Life Photo, helped abduct, beat and gang rape a 24-year old woman, then tied a weight around her neck and threw her body off a bridge over a bay, thinking she'd die. She lived and put him behind bars.

>2002: Steven Krogman, friend of Corcoran's, served a lengthy sentence in prison for sexually assaulting a minor female beginning when she was 12-years old and possession of child pornography. That didn't bother Twin Galaxies' Walter Day and Billy Mitchell, though. They allowed him to be filmed from prison for his part in 2007's "The King of Kong". They were still giving him public awards at events until a couple years ago. Twin Galaxies finally kicked him off their forum a year ago, but only after significant public backlash.

>2007: Another Twin Galaxies centered documentary, "Chasing Ghosts", found Berzerk champion, Ron Bailey, being arrested in 2007 for several charges of sexual molestation on several grade school age boys who claim he assaulted them when he was their coach. Bailey is serving what constitutes a life sentence in prison. That's how bad this case was.

>2009: Lonnie Cancionne, friend of Corcoran's (see the connection yet?) was arrested for chasing naked after women in public and masturbating. Served time.

Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?

Ahahahahahahahaha! Sure you were.

we all were, user

Ha ha! I'm so glad I did that too!

What is this SJW trash?

>Your scores don't count because you're a bad person

yeah, last time I was a virgin the twin towers were still standing. damn time passes, man but Cred Forums is a place for old timers, it's our sanctuary, why are you young phellas spending your time in here?
go out goddammit, party, fuck pussy

>friend of Corcoran's,
But who is this? You never mention it.


: Steven Krogman, friend of Corcoran's, served a lengthy sentence in prison for sexually assaulting a minor female beginning when she was 12-years old and possession of child pornography. That didn't bother Twin Galaxies' Walter Day and Billy Mitchell, though. They allowed him to be filmed from prison for his part in 2007's "The King of Kong". They were still giving him public awards at events until a couple years ago.

This shit makes me sick.

Sorry I copied it from another post. He is the referee who approved Todd Rodgers scores.

But is the hot sauce good?

don't be afraid of the pussy little brother, fuck it
I mean I can understand anyone over 40 like myself spending time in here because we're too old to do anything anymore, but if you're in your teens or twenties why spend your time in here
when there's fresh pussy to fuck?

turns out the "hot sauce" Billy sells is actually red paint with sriracha sauce added to it

the lying and cheating never end, do they Billy
take of the fake beard, too

It speaks volumes about billy Mitchell’s character if he is friends with criminal scum.

he doesn't want to walk in front of the projector

The awards aren't for being a moral, upstanding fedora tipping gentleman. They're for gaming.

Who gives a shit what they do in their spare time?

i honestly want to try billy's hot sauce

that sounded gay but it totally isnt

Precisely. He's like a modern American Jesus.

Huh. I see more than one parrallel there. Don't you?

He's probably high or something, and can't figure out how to move forward without obscuring a projector in some way

Hers your (You)

>Who gives a shit what they do in their spare time?
Pretty much everyone when the accused are child abusing pedophiles and murdering rapists.

Eat shit you little edgelord.

16 is easier then just getting 120?

>too old to do anything anymore
this guy is 100 and running marathons. quit making excuses you fucking pussy.

Why do people even try to have high records in videogames?
It's just videogames, it takes no skill, just repetition.

Speedrunning 16 star is easier than speedrunning 120 star.

yeah, but I partied a lot, also smoked three packs a day for twenty years, it's over for me user, I'm here to see young phellas share their stories of pussyslaying with us, but I get nothing, they're shutins

Kill screen in a bit guys just so you know

I'm gonna let you in on a secret, friend.

Repetition is how skills are developed.

If that's flashing then lock me up.


not anymore, I'm a family man now, I always tell my daughters to stop browsing and go outside and get fucked, because life's too short at 15 I tell them to

I say again I don't know what the big deal was.

That's what happens when you learn to socialize through the net.

It's see, but thanks for ruining it, fuckface.

TG is ruined. No one takes that place seriously any more.

what's going to happen to walter?

>Supreme edgelord calling someone else an edgelord


Whatever the fuck indiscretions some faggot had outside of gaming doesn't negate his achievements IN gaming. You stupid faggot. That's retarded SJW logic. Take it back to tumblr.

didn't he retire years ago

Except all of the footage was not done by him, its proof gathered from multiple sources pointing the cheating out way earlier before even Todd Rodgers was outed.

They'll all fade into obscurity. Younger generations don't care about this shi.

Triggered, seething, edgelord.

>autistic manchild
>revealed to be a cheater
>record in shambles

So when will he announce his transition into "Sally Mitchell".


I'm sorry but cheating your way to a world record is not being the best for a long time.

Unless you mean the best cheater in which case you're right

He's also a convicted child rapist himself, having raped his OWN DAUGHTER for several years from 2000 to 2004.


I wonder if Billy knew the extent of what was going on. This would've been roughly around the time the abuse started

damn they are good lookin

>He is the referee who approved Todd Rodgers scores
you forgot to mention that's he's also in prison (for 30 years) for sexual conduct with a minor

>not fucking them yourself
you gay or something nigga?

Haven't checked /srg/ in months, is he still a thing?

Oh and speaking of fellow convicted pedophile Steven Krogman, here he is pictured with Corcoran's daughter in 2000. What a great bunch of guys.

my wife dont like it

Honestly wouldn't surprise me if Billy knew and used it to blackmail high score rankings out of them.

Jeez, this whole community is nothing but pedos and child rapists.

cheaters gotta cheat

the arrest record says UNKNOWN for Hair Color

>high scorers are pedos and child rapists
>speedrunners are trannies and furfags
all Cred Forumsidya should be avoided desu

what a cute little blonde :3

>dat soyboy youtube voice
>literally comparing mitchell to trump

what a butt-blasted cuck

>Cred Forums
If anything this is /vr/ territory

Billy Mitchell can't even become a fraud right. Todd Rodgers is still the crazy king.

Sounds like another community we know all too well.

He sounds pretty sincere to me.

Yeah. NeoGAF

You're a fucking moron. People like you are why Twin Galaxies got away with this garbage for so long.

Thee people legitimately don't understand how the internet works and think everyone is going to be retarded and believe them.

That account/screenshot isn't him. They just ctrl+v'd Rogers statement from facebook and replaced 'twingalaxies' with 'speedrun.com.

>He sounds pretty sincere
The man owns over 100 spiders and sleeps on the floor of his mom's house. I'd imagine he's pretty sincerely trying to hang onto his one achievement in life.

Is that dr disrespect?

>sleeps on the floor of his mom's house

Just got done wathcing reccomended video

Hey, at least he isn't a child raping pedo like some of the other TG creeps

Chasing Ghosts, which is a fantastic documentary about how pathetic these guys are.

One of his best friends is in jail for raping his daughter, so I'm not so sure about that.

>One of his best friends
How do you know they were friends?


>One of his best friends is in jail for raping his daughter,

did you see the way she was dressed?
talk about asking for it

Because the dude fabricated tons and tons of shit for Todd. All of that is gone now though, like tears in the rain.

>Because the dude fabricated tons and tons of shit for Todd
Source: ASS

>he hasn't seen the video

>he hasn't seen the video
Feel free to post it.


this is the reason why people are even talking about this topic right now


Why are you being so retarded about this? Are you trying to be funny?

and this, specific to todd

That's mostly on Billy, not so much on Todd the God

twin galaxies was always shady as fuck

it just took a long time before anyone really called them on it

People were calling them out on it years ago, hence shit like the coffee stain excuse where they just rounded Todd's score down. It finally blew up because of some back to back autistic videos and thank goodness for that.

>americans want a country of good values
>praise a guy who literally cheated his way to success

Fucking usa is sociopath land

>Pretending to believethat Todd and Billy are innocent just to troll

I like shitposting as much as the next guy, but you're not picking a believable enough stance for it to work.

Cred Forums is really the bottom of the barrel in terms of shitposting.

This is really good. Very damning.

Wtf is up with posters itt maliciously tying Billy to some pizzagate-tier conspiracy ring? He's a good guy and was smeared by a documentary. There's no proof he faked ANY scores. Fuck off dweebs. Billy is the actual champ. Let it go.

Go fuck yourself conartist. You have mental issues dude.

>SM64 runners love them

any serious SM64 runner uses a Hori Mini pad

Why do people waste their time with such stupid, obvious bait like this?

>There's no proof he faked ANY scores

except for, you know, the mountains of proof

>the joystick was shitty
I have two mint N64 sticks, they're fucking god tier when they're not worn down. Modern sticks aren't nearly as satisfying.

The videos have only been posted half a dozen time this thread.

>when he unironically compared himself to helen of troy

>having raped his OWN DAUGHTER for several years

Don't worry Billy I believe you

I don't. Billy cheated any way he could. The facts are their my friend and wishing doesn't make them not so.

>Credibility: 1000

t. walter day

Yeah, the videos made by the same posters itt hunting for views. Billy definitely conspired to fake decades old scores on DKong, yeah sure. This shit belongs on /x/. Reminder that Vince Vaughn even was going to play Billy in a feature film more sympathetic to the true story of Billy being an entreprenure and good guy. He's white he must be muh evil pedo get a fucking life.

>this cuck plays 3d mario

Listen you little asshole, I know Billy personally and he would not cheat. He is the best there is so he would not need to.

Steve Wiebe is a poseur you should look into his scores. Oh right, he never got any real records, the movie was anti-Billy for a narrative. Walter Day didn't create the scores who cares if he's eccentric. The ball don't lie.

Billy is such an obvious liar and a cheat.

t. 400 pound troll virgin Kotaku faggot
Your mom needs you to wash the dinner plates. Go.

I've met walter, I was in his house, there are old newspapers stacked all over the place, he gave me a poster and some hot sauce, and we called billie on the phone, I've also went to billies restaurant in hollywood fl.

>any serious SM64 runner uses a Hori Mini pad
You're fucking retarded, stop spouting mouth diarrhea you don't understand. Every serious SM64 runner uses an OEM controller except cheese.

Mitchel is a total fraud. Can't stand that guy.

>*holds right*
>*does a frame perfect RNG simulator trick with about as much depth and complexity throwing a basketball at a net blindfolded*
heh, what riveting gameplay in 2d mario!!


also, walter was a cool as fuck dude, never met billie but he was nice on the phone.
doesn't mean he didn't cheat though, so whatever.

calm down billy boy

bing! bang! wahoo!!

He was the best before MAME existed

>hurr he was the best at cheating before cheating got easy

ITT: cultural marxists trying to tear down an American legend


Not an argument.

lol stay strong Billy

I think you need to update your information user, I don't know what you have to gain standing up for some faggot but he's been totally discredited.


Based Billy Mitchell banging arcade jailbait and working the video game marks into a seething shoot!


Imagine being this autistic.

Imagine hanging onto a 'high score' thats completely bogus and then spending your twilight years trying desperately to defend yourself on a nepalese dumpling frying forum, just imagine how pathetic that would be

What have you done with your life?

This guy is confusing the difference between how mame looks and how an actual arcade board looks with the difference between how filming a crt looks and how filming an lcd/capturing the video directly looks. When the the arcade example 'loads from the side' it's an artifact resulting from the camera and crt's refresh rates being out of sync. It could be that in Billy's first video the refresh rates are just in sync. And his second video is captured directly so of course it's not going to display this type of artifact.

exactly, poor pathetic Billy, at least he's got hotsauce right?...r-right...please?

>literally Peter Dinklage in Pixels

so basically he doesnt know what he's talking about

>Adam Sandler knew all along and hid this in the movie


No he does, sorry Billy its all over

post it in his comments i want to see how the idiot responds

The guy who made the video has nothing to do with the people involved in the investigation. It's just some youtube clickbaiter badly summarizing it.

Goddamn Billy its all all over, Its All Over Billy, please allow this to sink in.

you either die a hero or live long enough to get shitposted to hell and back

do you mean like in that tape where you can't see anything properly on the right hand side?

delet this

actually i think it was left but yeah

>1988: Ned Troide, Twin Galaxies competitor featured in the "famous" Time Life Photo, helped abduct, beat and gang rape a 24-year old woman, then tied a weight around her neck and threw her body off a bridge over a bay, thinking she'd die. She lived and put him behind bars.
That is



this should be a documentary

more like because the old guard circlejerk never expected people to take videogames this autistically seriously

listen i had to play the donkey kong arcade section in DK64 like 100 times to get that fucking coin so i consider myself a Donkey Kong expert at this point.

>never expected people to take videogames this autistically seriously
this tbqh, they really only imagined 2 cases

Case 1: Someone who had resources found that they had cheated, but it's just viderogamez, kids shit. Fuck that I have to find Watergate 2

Case 2: Some autistic cunt comes along and finds the evidence, but no one belives them because the prestige of Twin Galaxies would be sufficient to allow the majority of fans to ignore the autisem

But they never imagined case 3:

Case 3: Very far down the line, Video game records become serious business to the point that entire groups volunteer their time simply to ensure the purity of the record boards to the point that they want only the most autistic, focused individuals.

Oh get fucked. Not only is Billy one of the fucking best if not still the fucking best; he plays such a good fucking villain. Any dipshit who watched King of Kong and didn't realize that Billy was going along with it and giving it his all to make a good documentary needs to sit and fucking think.

Stop posting Billy, it's over.

God bless Billy though. He played such a great fucking villain, problem was that it was kind of on the same level of M. Bison in the 94 Street Fighter movie. I dunno if he knew he was hamming it up, but it's priceless. Billy deserves nothing but respect from anyone who ever wanted to make a name for themselves in video games.

Stop posting Billy, it's over.


Billy was a fucking alpha...Steve Wiebe was an autistic faggot.

>dedicating your life to a shallow, outdated video game that nobody plays anymore
how pathetic can one man become

I..w-what? What point are you trying to make?

this, literally can't watch this guy videos without feeling nauseated at his autism

>it takes no skill, just repetition
t. never developed a single skill in his life

He is the chad of 80s gaming

Billy IDF out in force today

it was player's choice

Name ONE pro gamer who isn't a pedophile child rapist. That's what I thought. Games are for children and manchildren child rapists. Cinema is for adults and auteurs.

His fan boys are worse.

King of Kong is a documentary you pleb

Owned by Warner Bros and everything

look it up

What was the previous post?
I mus know!

I suspected a lot of it was editing and taking him out of context to portray him as the villain for the movie.

The only time I ever play video games is with my GF.

It's relaxing to wind down and talk to one another after a long day. Comfy as fuck.

Wut now?

Based. Im nearly 50 and this is a great comment. We'd film ourselves playing Death Race on one of the first camcorders as they were called, it looked a damn sight different on video. I don't know what a MAME is but someone of Billy Mitchell's disposition, who I have followed religiously since the 80s here in Arizona, is not going to know either. People are saying he faked his scores but you are young bucks, people my age and Billy's can't and won't fake games, we don't know how. It's like trying to fake a chat room on Facebook to us. Pure Greek.


>t. Billy Mitchell

Literally the epitome of just pretending to be retarded.

If you watch the comparison, you can see that the the versions load differently like the guy said. It's not a matter of missed frames. There are frames on the arcade version that don't exists on the MAME version.

Only way to redeem himself is to do it again, officially with everything legit.

PROVE IT!! But we all know that will never happen.

the movie was edited in such a way that he came off as more of a douche than he is in reality.

how dumb are you?

I wonder if that Vince Vaugn/Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson film will finally go ahead now - there's even room for Ken Jeong thanks the the mini sequel.

Billy stop being a cuck and try to beat the score.

pff beating it 5 times was enough

You're a better liar than Todd, Billy. I'll give you that.

it's just two guys. who are connected no less

The board was actually for DK Jr, and the guy just took it out and put it back in. aka this


I really hope Billy kills himself soon. He could throw himself into one of the hot sauce production vats.

repetition is exactly how you develop any skill tho

I swear to god 90% of the gaming world is toxic. That includes players, developers, steamers, pros, everyone.

You're talking out of your ass. All those classic arcade games are just as solved as current console games, if not more.

He had a lot of evidence piling up lately but this is the straw that broke the camel's back.

Couldn’t have a proper mullet