Just watched this. I know, I'm late. How can this be nominated for an Oscar?

Just watched this. I know, I'm late. How can this be nominated for an Oscar?

It has innocent blacks suffering at the hand of evil whites.

it has black people in it and white people are the bad guys
that is always a 100% oscar tier choice no matter what

My favorite movie of 2017.

The idea of any privileged white wanting to become a nigger is the funniest part of the movie.

It comments on the absurdity of white liberal pandering to black people and the patronising nature of black fetishization and how disingenuous and sinister it all is. The Academy picked it to be ironic.

because oscars means nothing in current year

It wasn't great but it sure as shit was better than The Post and possibly Darkest Hour/Lady Bird.


what about Phantom Thread? is DDL gonna make it?

>this nigger propaganda was voted a top 10 movie, of all time, by critics on RT

And you want to pretend society hasn't fully embraced degeneracy and deserves to burn?

You've become a parody of yourself

It's getting nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. It is so sad to think it might actually win one of these.

Three Billboards
Gary Oldman
Del Taco
>Original Screenplay
Three Billboards


It's not terrible, but it's certainly not original whatsoever. There's no social commentary, it's just social stereotype being thrown into a film. There's nothing to write about technical-wise either. It's literally just because it's black and critics haven't watch a lot of films in the past year. And if I want to watch a body-swapping story, Landis Dirk Gently is far superior.

maybe they will throw it to him just because he retired

It was a good movie but good god it's not THAT good. Hollywood is a fucking joke. Oscars are fucking shit.

Still havent seen it. Has anyone seen it? Should I watch it? Plot doesn't sound very interesting to be honest but it's PTA/DDL

Trump's victory ensured that the next four years would be filled with mass virtue signalling.

Look at how joyous libtards are about Black Panther. It's fucking hilarious.

Obviously to "validate" the theory that whenever a black person goes missing it's because white people are harvesting their "superior" organs. (black high student who was found rolled up in some gym mats missing his organs according to CNN) and (Kanneka Jenkins got drunk & froze to death in a walk freezer after a hotel party)

Rich whites really want to role play as black servants. Makes total sense. It's not like they could steal white bodies to blend in easier or anything.

It's great and all but too bad the movie is still shit. Not entertaining in the slightest

trump's victory ensured that the next four years would be filled with mass bitching about some pc culture pandemic

look at how joyous neckbeards are over black panther's high rt score. it's fucking hilarious.

What I hate about this is that even if it's clearly what the movie does, if you listen to Jordan Peele he seems completely unaware of it just like he wanted to make a movie about the evil white people

It’s actually very common among democrats

>who are rachel dolezal and shaun king ?

its time white boy. this is the century of africa

It enjoyable and thought provoking. Not the best but definitely award worthy.
People are just so scared to talk about race lest they be considered racist. That’s why it’s a horror film.

We are all racist. What’s important is the conversation. As long as it is done with intelligence and doesn’t lead to name calling. Sadly most people are incapable of this.

Who the fuck cares what the Oscars have to say anyway?

I cant believe the main nigger was nominated for best actor, fucking oscars and their forced diversity nominations bullshit, stupid kikes.

Fucking well put, user.


I really hope this flick wins every oscar so we could just forget about this jewish award for once

Now how in the fuck would he be completely unaware of it when he wrote and directed it?


>another Cred Forums b8 thread

The same way Deckard is not a replicant according to the viewers

Ahahah sucks to be you cracka!

I thought A Cure For Wellness was a much better movie with a similar concept. I watched them both on the same day Get Out first and then Wellness and I was almost bored to sleep by the "twist" in Get Out. It is so heavily foreshadowed and there isn't any tension in the whole film, with Wellness I honestly didn't know what to expect for the first 30 minutes or so. Just my thoughts.

that depends on which version you watch tho

Made by a black guy and a jewish guy. Is anti-white.

Not even Cred Forums. There's no other explanation. It's not even a mediocre movie, it's a mediocre HORROR movie.

>whine about Cred Forums
>use a Cred Forumskino image

the ironing is palindrome

Hollywood was trying to disprove the #Oscarssowhite bullshit so they took a moderately decent movie with a black director and gave it awards

I've watched interviews with him. I thought the "pandering liberal" angle was obvious, but it appears he wasn't even thinking of that.His angle was "even rich white liberals are evil".

It's really quite strange.

This, the movie is actually about the kind of racism almost never adressed in the media cause liberals do it.
It’s the fetishization of black people by white liberals, who hate being white because of their guilt and supposedly weak bodies and think black people are powerful primitive angels oppressed by society.

im appropriating pol culture and theres nothing you can do about it

It was a solid 7/10 movie but not exactly Oscar worthy

That's basically just a distilled soundbyte version of the central concept though.
That is, there are twisted motivations even behind those who outwardly support blacks.

Including up to 10 best pic nominees was a mistake, and they STILL won't give Nolan a trophy.

Hollywood love when director rub its nose in the dirt in a non threatening way.

>oh brilliant, a movie to show that we’re not progressive enough even tho we thought we were the beacon of progressiveness of society, brilliant jordan, here’s your oscar, really made me think

anyone else think the chick is a total horseface? look at her jaw

Nolan is a pretentious hack

Literally just words, why don't you use some valid criticisms instead.
Point is he's made hit after hit, films that are distinctly his, heck the whole reason I bring him up is the expansion to 10 best pic nominees was due to the prevailing notion TDK got snubbed.

>The Academy picked it to be ironic.
Genuinely don't think the majority of Hollywood/Academy is that self-aware

I almost rate his Batmans below Schumacher's.
His pretense to inscribe himself in the epic genre fell incredibly flat like that scene with the cops charging Bane's army.
He cannot direct fight scenes for shit, the fight scenes in TDKR looked like some recent Steven Seagal shit.
Inception was the most pretentious thing I've seen since the Matrix 2.
Interstellar had a few interesting pictures being a high-budget space movie but Nolan, again, pasted a corny yet pretentious message on it.
Making a hit doesn't make a point for an oscar nomination or we'd have only capeshit and Jumanji

cause its a good film? Also super fucking cool that a horror movie might win!

You just go about using this word "pretentious" over and over again but the way you use it means nothing.

The point is making unique, experimental films that are commercially viable is a MASSIVE achievement, and to do so one after the other and not be rewarded shows the academys bias.

he can't write characters and dialogue properly. Fuck him

I hate how the white family is racist because they are culturally different from the nigger, who is a stranger in their house, and they try to act differently to make him feel comfortable. It's so conceited, the nog and the woman. And then the tone is all over the place, like the It movie. I laughed at every attempt of horror. Shit movie

Why do you care what holloywood people think about movies? Why does that make you sad when you could spend that time watching more good movies. Academy awards are a joke.

It's black, not saying it's a bad movie but the only reason it's getting an Oscar is white people yt pitying blacky as usual and the viewership for the awards shows will drop again.

"White people" going through sudden guilt and then smugly congratulating it and themselves for spreading some message to each other.

Honestly as an Asian living in Asia this thing was met with a mostly "it was alright" response my mother who I'd say is pretty left for an Asian said "I guess white people would like it more"

its a racebaiting version of the Skeleton key

I'm a black guy. Watched this with my friends

I think the movie is well-shot and there is *1* good performance (the black servant lady), but overall this movie is a joke that fails as a comedy, a horror film, and especially as some kind of commentary on race relations.

shut the fuck up nigger you are not welcomed here. this movie was shit and so is your skin

There's nothing experimental in Nolan's movie unless you're into experimental wanking techniques.
Only 13yo would find Inception "experimental" while it's just a pricey rehash of lower budget films.

I enjoyed it, but yeah incredibly overrated. The fact it is being nominated for multiple oscars is mind boggling. Academy Awards are no better than the Golden Globes at this point.

Well it seems we agree on quite a bit

The whole concept of TDK trilogy was untested waters.
We've acquiesced to his style but a film like Dunkirk is highly experimental.

Inception had a rotating set which has never been done before ever in any movie.

Not to mention Nolan and Zimmer have basically redefined the action thriller for the 2010s

never indeed...

If Crash and American Beauty got Best Picture Oscars, why not... whatever this movie is?

By the way, does anyone remember what picture won last year? It wasn't La La Land.

Was it the Happyness movie? Or the one with Will Smith living homeless with a kid.... but not in space?

wait a minute, you are saying that American Beauty is in the same level as Get Out? dude

Are you saying that in defense of American Beauty.... or Get Out?

1. American Beauty is an amazing movie. It's great on every level.

2. Crash was hilariously over the top pandering

This is like Crash. Except it won't win because it's a horror film and they'll probably give it to Three Billboards instead.

It Moonlight.

La La Land accidentally won but they then they realized their mistake.

I think Moonlight might be the most forgettable win in modern Oscar history. At least since the mid 70's.

there's plenty of things you can discuss about American Beauty, Sam Mendes is a great director, plus Kevin Spacey

Get Out is just forgettable

Good one!

American Beauty is probably the worst movie ever to win an Oscar- a monument to smug white Americans contemplating their own deepness and complexity (acting French, in other words). The whole plastic bag thing pretty much screamed French-wannabe, didn't it.

I am glad you enjoyed Crash, though. It is pretty much as you described it! : )

Thank you!


How Did This Get Made was doing Freejack and I was like oh its just Get Out but stealing people from the past

A cure for wellness put to me to sleep


He's talking about a podcast called "How Did This Get Made" with that ugly Greek guy from Brooklyn Nine Nine. They do bad movie podcast episodes. Recently did the shitty movie Freejack which is about rich assholes stealing the bodies of dead people to live forever. It barely has anything to do with Get Out other than the body stealing trope.

>being able to interpret retard this fluently

I never had daddy issues.... so Kevin Spacey never appealed to me.

k then

>Wind River has to be nominated instead of Black out bate
>Hawkeye deserved at least nomination for actor

I just happened to listen to that episode a few days ago so I knew what he was saying even though he made it about as clear as mud.

>another thread of dick sucking a mediocre flick


>shit taste
Checks out

ghost writer

What does this movie do so right that people love it so much? I'm not saying you're wrong, I think I need to watch it again maybe, but I'm just not seeing what was so incredible. Can some anons explained what they really enjoyed about it.

the least rare pepe

That's not Spotlight


>I feel uncomfortable around so many wypipo muh nigga

Umm isn't this racist?