Bravo Netflix

i see big things for Sydney Sweeney after Everything Sucks

i also see big things

The series is actually pretty good too

btw i felt the whole lesbian storyline was kinda forced, first we have this bullying scene and then they're lusting for eachother?

Am I supposed to know who these people are?

no, but you could watch it. it's on netflix and it's pretty comfy

Is Netflix, I bet they also have a nigger dating a white girl and I don't even watched it.

yes, they date but they chick is a lesbian and it's in love with this big titted goddess

>i don't even watched it
I doubt you even went to school.

I'm afraid to ask her age

Lucky for you, a ripe for the pickin’ 18 year old

is sudney sweeney the girl on the left? if not, what is her name? she's way better looking

better looking, maybe. but not as squishy.

You're in luck because she is going to be a forced breeding sow in S2 of The Handmaid's Tale.

gross, sand is adhering to her ass.

this is a sign that she at too much mcdonalds and is greasy. fucking fat pig

I mean "not as talented"


>those tight little bodies
>those lightly toned legs
>muh dick
There's no way these females are above the age of 19


Wow this kid is bold, he's performing an actual rape and allowing it to be photographed.

sand only sticks to your ass if you have grease coming out of your pores. shes probably some type of belemic who just pukes it all up after.

nasty ass bitch

inb4 they make her suck an ugly nigger’s dick

Taylor Swift took a man to court for less



Not sure who the one on the left is, but I confirmed Sydney Sweeney is 20

they look like they fuck black guys

>btw i felt the whole lesbian storyline was kinda forced,
It seems like it's trying to be Fucking Amal but way worse. The irl age gap yuri is still nice though.

are you tits-blind? that's all the same girl aka the only reason to watch Everything Sucks